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⚡️Truss: Sanctions against Russia should only be lifted after troops leave Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin must face a defeat that prevents further aggression, UK’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said on May 12. “Putin is humiliating himself on the world stage,” she said..

Damn UK from 0 last year to a second placer, plus multiple 12 points from the jury. #Eurovision.

@elirafreedom Los 12 fueron para Ucraina, la mayoría de 10 a nosotros. De no ser por el cuento de la pena habríamos ganado el festival porque solo hemos quedado a 7 puntos de UK. Y si tenemos más 10 que ellos en el televoto es obvio que, de no estar Ucraina, los 12 hubieran sido nuestros 🤦‍♀️.

@ohsnapitsash_x0 You should do better research about Depp and the case before you jump into this line of defense. Depp lost the UK trial and was found guilty on at least 12 counts of abuse. #istandwithamberheard.

Going live on twitch today at 12 o’clock Uk time. playing Minecraft on my brother’s smp 🍓🐮🌸.

I’m unsurprised but I can’t be mad, it’s a bop of a song #Eurovision (Biggest plot twist was France giving the UK 12 points though, batshit that UK actually came that high).

Wow. What a turnaround. Bottom of the leaderboard to second in 12 months. Not a winner, but certainly a victory for the UK. Well done Sam Ryder and team, and congratulations Ukraine. #Eurovision.

@maitlis Points awarded by each country is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+10+12=57 for jury & public, or 114 in total. So overall points awarded should be 114×40=4,560. So, anyone keeping a tally would have worked out that neither Sweden nor the UK could beat Ukraine at the end..

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Y lo bonito que sería ver Slomo ahí en la final? Encima que hemos quedado después de UK por 7 puntos, say thanks to Italy que nos debían los 12 y ni uno, no vuelvo a comer pizza hasta que se me pase I swear.

@MrMichaelSpicer surely a tweet based upon France giving the UK 12 points in Eurovision, this is Fran e we are talking about, France!.

@__Clipper No sé yo. España recibió bastantes más votos que UK del público. Si no hubiese habido posible politiqueo, sospecho que hubiese recibido más 12 puntos, basado en la proporción. Yo creo que hubiese ganado..

@compdemon А що вони? (Не бачила все голосування, наче 12 балів UK).

@WBC241 Naszych wszyscy mają głę Nikt nie dał 12. Ukraina nas olała wybrali UK.

Dronfield, UK 🕒 3h | 🌙 Clear Wind: Calm Gust: m/s Temperature: °C Humidity: 79 % Pressure: hPa Rain: mm #Weathercloud.

@loneliest_here Firstly, HE was the one who abused her - the UK trial corroborated 12/14 of her allegations of assault and JD was denied appeal twice. What he is committing right now is known as DARVO - please research as it’s a well known tactic employed by abusers..

03:02 Last UK Earthquake Thu, 12 May 2022 03:57:24 ; Location: MAREHAM-LE-FEN,LINCS ; Lat/long: , ; Magnitude:.

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【JPN】 11:00 【AUS】12:00 【UK】 2:00 【FRA】【ESP】【ITA】【BEL】【GER】【SWE】3:00 【NED】4:00 【CAN】【VIR】22:00【USA】【MEX】21:00 【ESA】20:00.


@JerryinCA @foxygames_uk Wow I really thought Aloy’s character had developed much more this time. A real natural progression and I loved the story. Still my fav games and can’t wait for more 12/10 from me 😆.

@Dominos_UK - how frequently do you update your address database? Don’t you sync with Royal Mail postcodes. Your system does not recognise an UK address which was built 12 months ago! Can you please update it..

06:02 Last UK Earthquake Thu, 12 May 2022 03:57:24 ; Location: MAREHAM-LE-FEN,LINCS ; Lat/long: , ; Magnitude:.

@Whistledowner @danwootton It wasn’t the French voters that gave UK 12 points. It was their panel of judges.

@GretaCzyta @Marysia__P Ukraina, Obywatele Ukrainy dali Polsce 12 punktów, a jury dało 12 punktów UK. Podzielili punkty pomiędzy państwa Europy, które im najwięcej pomagają..

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06:00, Dry, , 86pct, ,NE, , Max/Min Temp ,.

Creo que soy de los pocos eurofans que está feliz con la final: Rep. Checa, Rumanía, Portugal, Finlandia, Italia, Noruega, Grecia, Suecia, UK, Serbia, Estonia, y +, ESPAÑA Y EL CHANELAZO, Laura Pausini, Mika, Maneskin, los 12 a 🇪🇦.... yo me he quedado muy feliz con eso.

@IainKewley Last week UK had similar growth patterns for 4, 5, and Going to be interesting to see which one.

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