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100% organic sweatshirts with no print with the quality you expect in vibrant colours Khaki Pink Navy #ukgiftam.

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Traveller Notebook with Adventures Stencil set. Cork fabric covered journal with hand stitched pages and choice of Bookmark or Page sized stencil by @CraftingSpratt. Buy together and save. πŸ’› #UKGiftAM.

Sorry guys all at #UKGiftAM, need to duck out and help a chum. Have a great Sunday πŸ˜€.

Ahhhh thank you! You’ve made my Sunday 😊 have a great day xx #UKGiftAM.

@houdiniem @UKGiftHour I am scheduling posts for next week and trying to admin πŸ’› #UKGiftAM too. I have some catching up to do. πŸ˜†.

@UKGiftHour sorry morning, multi tasking - admin and rugby has totally distracted me #ukgifthour #UKGiftAM.

Bags for scrabble fans. Unique gift personalised with your choice of letters #ukgiftam.

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@UKGiftHour I must also mention that you can get 10% of my jewellery until the end of September 2019 using code TWITTER10. Applies to jewellery only. And 6 lucky people will find a necklace and earrings set for under Β£5 too. Go hunting at #UKGiftAM #ukgifthour.

@CandlesKite @UKGiftHour Oh now I haven’t thought of that! I do make hanging chandeliers too 😊 #UKGiftAM #UKGiftHour.

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Thank you everyone for the lovely retweets and comments - have a wonderfully sunny afternoon all :) #ukgiftam #ukgifthour.

Doh! Would help if the picture was of US quarters🀣 #fail #ukgiftam.

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@HelenCulyer73 Just saw order! Thank you 😻😻 can’t wait to see Buttercup enjoying it ❀️ #UKGiftAM.

Pre-order this beautiful Autumn Lap Blanket before October and save 10%. The colour is decided by the top temperature taken at 12pm each day during July, August and September. πŸ’› #UKGiftAM.

A whopping Β£50 off these beautiful handcrafted four gemstone cross earrings #ukgiftam #crafturday.

@meltemplespa Oh my days that is awesome. Pokemon and Pups. What is not to love. πŸ’› #UKGiftAM.

@AdventureAcces They are playing Pokémon GO and are hopping about, staying with friends but staying local. I keep getting sent mysterious pics of the dog in various environments - they seem to be having fun. 🎁 #ukgifthour #ukgiftam.

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What a lovely initiative. Can you help knit Bobby Buddies? #knitting #UKGiftAM.

@Busylifeandme Thank you 😊 just need to work out how to get furniture back in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #UKGiftAM.

Get 20% off your order by joining the Adventure Accessories members-only club. Benefits include exclusive discounts, coupons, news, offers and a private resource library. Join the other VIPs today. πŸ’› #UKGiftAM.

@meltemplespa My swivelling recliner lol πŸ˜‚ #UKGiftAM #UKGiftHour.

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@TwystedRoots I am going to try that at the supermarket. These 24 bottles of gin are a bit pricey - halfies? I have a loyalty card, you 🎁 #ukgiftam.

@BooksBySueDay Hope it will be a day of precious memories, Sue. Big hugs. These photos are awesome xx #ukgifthour #ukgiftam.

Something else to give you a bit more encouragement and confidence #UKGiftAM.

@fistfulofspice Do you mean content for mailing lists or where target mailing lists, may I ask (before an RT) #UKGiftAM.

Paracord bracelets, dog collars and key chains. 425 parachute cord adventure accessories. Can be made in your favourite team, charity or regiment colours. πŸ’› #UKGiftAM.

100% organic sweatshirts with no print with the quality you expect in vibrant colours Khaki Pink Navy #ukgiftam.

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