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What a disgrace you are @MayorofLondon .. Extending ULEZ to as far out as my area, means more people dragged into paying £ each time they enter it. All at a time of hardship and a cost of living crisis. As if this helps the Environment in any way, it’s just a £ making con..

Sadiq khan blames the government for the cost of living crisis, yet has today chosen to further impoverish thousands of working class londoners who are already on the brink by expanding the ulez charge. What a knob, vote him out.

Right now, Outer London is smothered in toxic air. This polluted air penetrates our lungs and damages our health. By expanding the ULEZ, 5 million more people in Greater London will be able to breathe cleaner air. We must make London greener & healthier for all..

Sadiq khan has consistently claimed that many Londoners are facing poverty - yet when he had the chance to do something about it - he decided to charge them £80 per week ULEZ zone. This man has never taken an ounce of responsibility he can’t keep getting away with it.

Surely the @GOVUK can step in and stop @SadiqKhan ‘s ULEZ scheme…there’s got to be some way of forcing him to backtrack. This will punish the least well off terribly. The majority of those surveyed were against. Doesn’t affect me at all,before people claim I’m doing for myself..

There is currently no evidence that links ULEZ to improving air quality in London, to extend it without this evidence, against a TFL survey which shows 68% are against, is an utter disgrace from @MayorofLondon This costs the taxpayers hundreds of millions to implement..

This is what overwhelming opposition looks like. Retweet if you think Sadiq Khan should listen to the overwhelming majority of Londoners, and U-turn on his ULEZ expansion. #ULEZ #TheULEZScandal.

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The official result is in: around 60% oppose the ULEZ expansion. This increases to 68% when you exclude organised responses. Sadiq Khan must now respond by scrapping the expansion and opening the process to public scrutiny. #TheULEZScandal.

Cleaner air is coming to outer London. Today I’m announcing that we’re expanding the #ULEZ London-wide in a move that will bring cleaner air to *5 million* more Londoners. Here’s why ⬇️.

Around 4,000 Londoners die prematurely because of long-term exposure to air pollution. The ULEZ expansion will be a game-changer, allowing 5 million more people to breathe cleaner air..


BREAKING: Hundreds of thousands more drivers face a daily fee of £ for using London’s roads after mayor Sadiq Khan announced he will expand the ULEZ pollution charge zone to cover the whole of London..

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Like/loathe it living in #ulez area with non compliant car like me really makes you think before you drive. Hardly ever get in the car now, use buses more saving on parking/diesel so I guess that proves it works….

@MayorofLondon Yet you do nothing but expand ULEZ zone to make more money! You should resign you abject failure.

We cannot lose sight of the overarching goal. A city where the air is clean, for all Londoners. Once we have it, we will never believe we lived without it..

Sky News
Sky News

The new ULEZ zone will be 18 times larger than its current area.

@MayorofLondon If this wasn’t about money, you could just ban vehicles from entering your enlarged ULEZ - not charge them, just ban them. This is clearly a revenue gathering exercise..

3 people killed in London this weekend, what is @MayorofLondon Khan doing extending #ULEZ zones. What has he done to our capital city .....

Lawrence Fix Slams Sadiq Khan @MayorofLondon over ULEZ and his sheer ignorance.

Perhaps instead of spending £240m on ULEZ cameras @MayorofLondon⁩ should deal with highly polluting busses. Even his own impact assessment says the #ULEZ will make little difference. #TheULEZscandal.

‘This scheme is another unwelcome hit on working people’-Jon Cruddas MP hits out at ULEZ expansion..

@MayorofLondon If only you’d bought in the ULEZ zone expansion faster maybe they’d still be alive 💁🏼‍♂️.

Disgusting & completely out of touch. 60-70% of people & businesses opposed this. This is nothing but a money-making scheme & will cripple tradespeople when already facing ridiculous inflation & taxes. Oh & the air is choking who? See: #ULEZ #sadiqkhan.

😡LABOUR BRING ULEZ CHARGE TO HILLINGDON😡 Despite overwhelming opposition in Hillingdon and across London we’ve been let down by Mayor Khan who has ensured that residents in outer London will have to pay £ per day or buy a new vehicle..

If Khan gets his way, tens of thousands of decent people will be priced out of living near their work..

So the ULEZ zones aren’t working that well then. Well when you prioritise revenue over the planet it’s only gonna displace your emissions, not reduce them..

Rosamund is the lone exception, there in full force at the launch event. Ella’s surviving siblings spoke & performed beautifully to mark the significance of this milestone: the ULEZ expansion brings the home Ella grew up in near the south circular into the ULEZ for the first time.

Mayor Wrecking Ball Khanage seems to be hell-bent on destroying London! No wonder he has to be driven in an armoured car -- by contrast Boris used to ride a bike! ULEZ expansion will cost hundreds of thousands of drivers £ a day via @MailOnline.

Wouldn’t have happened if we had the extended ULEZ zone ay @MayorofLondon Fucking tit.

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Are you taking note psychologists? Absolutely fascinating to see this unfold. Would love to understand more about the thought process leading to the different stages of whataboutery. #ULEZ.

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Sadiq Khan plans London toll roads as electric car use rises The sooner we get rid of this ignorant @MayorofLondon the better. Evil Khan never stops, already plotting his next raid on pockets. İf you thought it would stop at ULEZ think again 🤙#NeverLabour.

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