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The book-Skills rather than just Degrees authored by @ProfIsaPantami being presented by FCT Minister, ES/NUC, ES/NBTE, DG/NHIA, EVC/NCC, Other CEOs, & over 20 Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities..

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Without a research integrity regulator, a “disaster [is] waiting to happen” in UK academia, a funder has warned. (£) @rachelmageeUK.

Xaverian Creative Arts Careers Fair 1st December Opening talk by UA93, stalls with Ward Hall foyer 9 universities + industry professionals. No need to book just turn up + plan your future!.

@ros_hutchinson @kevinhollinrake That’s not going to help universities pay their staff better..

@elonmusk I think we are starting to see a shift. More and more are waking up and not walking over the cliff and pushing back. We also have to do something about our colleges and universities. Some are poisoning there minds with garbage..

I wrote for @CapX back in August on th importance of our universities.

“To be able to play against other universities from all around the world is going to be such an amazing experience,” Amy Orphanides told The Greek Herald..

@mrjamesob @lbc the funding universities will loose from the ban on foreign students, to research and develop better renewable technologies???.

@toryboypierce Most of these are overseas students, without whom many universities would cease to exist. So your sad little dog whistle tweet says more about your own racism than actual knowledge..

@dog_234 Thanks. Planning to apply to University of Malaya but no official cut-off scores for bmat. Kinda worried. Hope you get admitted into the universities you want too!.

Foreign students coming to the UK are a major source of inward investment into towns and cities spread right across the country. It also raises the status of our universities internationally. Clamping down on numbers just to hit some arbitrary target is absurdly stupid..

The team from Uganda Martyrs Nkozi have just given us an up thrust in Luganda news competitions. Up next, we have a rambunctious rubbing of shoulders amongst different universities in the English anchorage competitions. #MediaExpoUg #MCIMobileNewsroom.

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@GBNEWS Of that 500,000 the majority are on temporary visas for work or education, so do you want to stop education visas when our universities rely on income from foreign students or stop work visas during a workforce shortage? Please stop being alarmist drama queens.

Sunak closes down British universities - I think that’s a brilliant idea. #opportunities.

Talk about a way to kill the already struggling UK universities smh.

Will @UKLabour fall in behind the Tories in their destructive appetite to reduce the number of foreign students attending UK universities? Will Starmer et al sacrifice their young voters to appease elderly racists? It seems an interesting line in the sand..

@whizzer616 Looks like it, but they have to standardise teaching across all universities that offer the PA course..

@data_can_hub is a UK-wide partnership, working with data custodians in universities, charities, industry, and NHS organisations to make high-quality health data more accessible for cancer researchers, clinicians and other health professionals. - @HDR_UK.

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Universities are still the second most toxic place, phupho ka ghar remains the first..

@rupasubramanya Only when we get Ontario universities to drop these ridiculous mask and vaccine mandates, we will enter the realm of sanity..

@jfwduffield Any thoughts on the research on immigration coming from universities? I have an example of its dishonest nature..

@crimlawuk No that’s a myth they aren’t all coming here to train as doctors or other highly skilled jobs that we are in need of filling the same way that most British people’s degrees are pretty worthless in the real world since universities started offering hobby degrees.

@SkyNews And he wants to make this country welcoming? Those students keep our universities solvent, and they generally go home when their visas expire..

I just posted The time of those who graduated from good (!) universities to run the country should be over. on Reddit.

When it comes to the educational sector, The delta state government is unmatched, Delta state remains the only state in Nigeria with 4 state universities all funded by the state government and not even one goes on strike #Okowadoings #AtikuOkowa.

This is an open secret at many universities. Grade inflation for domestic students is also real and consciously orchestrated..

@mrkosii @SkyNews It’s the sham courses in dubious colleges these people are attached to. Not our mainstream universities..

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