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Looks like Currys just paid a fuck tonne of bots to reply up to £960 to have this shitty ad tweet trend

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⚘Are We All Asleep● ?⚘ ⚘▀▄▀▄▀▄⚘▄▀▄▀▄▀⚘ ()

Up to £960 a month can be saved by shoppers using local stores

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Sir Norman Wrassle ()

Save up to £960 by only joining Tripe Club once, rather than 97 times!

Dr Philip Lee ()

Save up to £960 over 5 years by just wearing wet clothes until your body heat dries them. If you TRULY cared about climate change you know you must.

Ben Pro Max ()

Save up to £960 over 5 years with this simple method that DOCTORS HATE

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Fantastic Bloody Deals!!! ()

Save up to £960 by investing over 3 on either aluminium foil or leopards. Hurry! This will end Thursday next Tuesday week for an hour. You choose! Foil or Leopard. The choice is yours! Limited stock must go!

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Seid Goro ()

#StormDennis has been accused of fly-tipping up to £960. A pensioner made the complaint

Oleso ()

@curryspcworld using bots to get Up to £960 trending😂 Never a good idea - have we not learnt? Championing #RealSocial since Jan 2019.

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Corinrose ()

@curryspcworld Save up to £960 over 5 years + the price I would be paying for the new tumble dryer I was going to buy because my daughter broke the door on the one I have this week!ha!

Martin compson ()

@curryspcworld Up to 960 quid but so much time n sweat as well not having to put stuff on radiators

@AmandaK ()

Save Up to £960 over 5 years and save the environment. I just use a clothes horse and the window open. I am your messiah.

Piers Clarkson ()

Up to £960 , save FiveTimesMore than that!!! With Zero Carbon

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Paul C Hinshelwood ()

Twitter post claiming if you buy an airer or pully to dry your clothes you will save up to £960

Kathy Lars ()

@Evie_Either_Or Makes me laugh because I could sell a piece of paper. Saying save up to £960 as I was going to market it at £961

SMDH 🇳🇱🇳🇵🇲🇽🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇺🇸🇳🇿 ()

You can save up to £960 by buying a whole swag of second hand bikes form Coney Hall Cycle Works. In Bromley, London.

Ricky Wright ()

@curryspcworld Up to £960 on energy bill but as I currently use launderette I think overall savings could potentially be much, much more 👍🏻 @spencer7710

Chloe Summers ()

@curryspcworld Up to £960 and a million arguments of where we can hang the washing to dry 🙄😂

Steinkrug Publications ()

@bbcTVLicense @curryspcworld Yep, today even, drying nicely with #StormDennis saving me up to £960

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FlatStats ()

@curryspcworld Save nothing because you would upsell a shitty 5 year extended warranty for Up to £960

Spyros Theodoritsis ()

Trending topics merge: Up to £960 could be the #ManchesterCity budget for the next two years.

Elaine Marren ()

@curryspcworld Up to £960 in 5years wow what a saving. That’s enough for a whole years energy almost. Great prize 🤞

PC ()

@curryspcworld Up to £960 - by the way there’s a nice gap in my home for a heat pump dryer just destined to be filled

Christinacritcher ()

Save up to £960? So, um, that means I could save anywhere between 0p and £960??? Where do I sign! 🙄

Gordon Burns ()

@curryspcworld Up to £960. Could save a lot more when registering your warranty correctly on these. The term jumps from 2 years to 5 years!

Puppy ()

Looks like Currys just paid a fuck tonne of bots to reply up to £960 to have this shitty ad tweet trend

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Jayne Voisey ()

Up to £960 over 5 Years. Probably more for us as it will be well used. Thank you for the chance.

Armin Talić ()

@curryspcworld Up to £960, though in reality probably more as energy bills wills likely rise slightly over time.

Dougie ()

@curryspcworld Up to £960 over 5 years which I’m sure I’d achieve as constantly using a tumble dryer which isn’t as energy efficient as this one!

Le Curieux ()

@WolcenGame do you know if the game will have a fix to improve the experience with small configurations please? I play in low resolution with a gtx 960 card and the GPU heats up a lot. Thank you for this awesome team game!

TheCyberChick ()

Catherine Pugh only had up to 8,216 copies listed in her inventory and gave another 34,846 copies away – yet she was able to resell 132,116 copies for $859,960 in her scheme, prosecutors say.

Dillon Royal ()

Sometimes life brings you to your knees, in order to help you rise up, in the right direction. #ThinkAboutIt

☚ Dillian #BraveForX1 ☛
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