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FBI issues urgent warning about nationwide violence ahead of Biden’s via @YouTube

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mi luvs dytto ‘.ㅅ’ | d-7 us/ww gom
Mi luvs dytto ‘.ㅅ’ | d-7 us/ww gom ()

mi what’s your boba order? it’s urgent —🍰 — cake anon i was passed tf out i’m sorry :,(

Lady Chef BJ
Lady Chef BJ ()

Kat Kerrs URGENT Prophetic Message: UPDATE on Trump & The White House via @YouTube

Kris ()

@JoeBiden “Urgent business” they need to address immediately is your criminal investigation & your impeachment!

Janet Meyer, MA, LPC
Janet Meyer, MA, LPC ()

@johnpavlovitz And you’d be welcome at your local Unitarian Universalist congregation, where we are actively speaking out about these and other urgent social justice issues. Check out the @UUA for more info about this liberal alternative.

BYU Life Sciences
BYU Life Sciences ()

Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, botanist and NYT bestselling author, asked in her college seminar, in urgent how might we do ecology in such a way that it supports cultural change toward alignment with ecological principles?”

VictoriaCC ()

@LizziCollinge Oh well, better late than , what? This is literally the OPPOSITE of urgent. @grantshapps

Rob ()

@groenlinks Tip: De WMO wordt nu de nek omgedraaid. Zorgaanbieders vluchten in de WLZ en alle andere kwetsbaren worden losgelaten. HELP huisvesting voor deze mensen te regelen door KAMERS in een pand als huurtoeslaglokatie door de fiscus te laten aanmerken. URGENT !!!

Mamta Chhetri
Mamta Chhetri ()

@bossladyrubina @Fahmida_Khan18 RKV ka IQ nil hota jaa raha hai BB maker team apka fav one ko IQ ki urgent jarurat hai.

Takeru Satou
Takeru Satou ()

I was supposed to sneak but I killed all the enemies after these 30 seconds I killed it quickly since everything is dead this is less urgent

vallen is enough
Vallen is enough ()

shes just literally chatting with me by informing jujutsu kaisen’s comic indo ver already a i thought that sumn urgent or for a mind guys im not into her

Diana Bair
Diana Bair ()

FBI issues urgent warning about nationwide violence ahead of Biden’s via @YouTube

Michael Novakhov
Michael Novakhov ()

Was Achilles gay? Twitter users debate - 11:30 AM January 14, 2021 - Current News Review

Jane Reeves
Jane Reeves ()

Has anyone been recently? I’m fair sure it’s not urgent, but I’m thinking it’s maybe best to go now while people are hiding from the weather and it’s lockdown rather than but opticians do get so close

dante / andante
Dante / andante ()

lets get it trending asap because this is urgent!! dont let the same thing happen twice. dont let what happened to brandon bernard happen to dustin higgs. corey johnson as well!! #savedustinhiggs #savecoreyjohnson

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Stopwarontigray ()

@SAdamsR2P @SafaeeB Thank you sir! Please put pressure, there’re more war crimes happening in #Tigray . Timely & urgent Independent investigation is really needed.

@MaryUfot ()

@ikwanimiti Okay when the urgent need to pray fall on u for no reason and you dey office, Shebi u wee go home and pray fervently 😅😅😅? Everywhere is a right place for no need shout like u want to bring d walls of Jericho down🤣. If na like dat ur ur prayer be, GO HOME O🤣

Elizabeth Chatesworth-Carter
Elizabeth Chatesworth-Carter ()

@MargHickman Dear Councillor, can you please advise the best number to contact you by private dm in ref to an urgent local issue.

govinda goel
Govinda goel ()

@amarjha06 sir please do call my friends mother is in urgent need.

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Prodigious🤳🏾 ()

La madame qui a chopé le virus au Mozambique parce qu’elle est partie à une congrégation religieuse et qu’elle est revenue en france pépère la C’était urgent ??? Elle pouvait pas se passer de ce congrès c’est pas le moment.

V ()

Alias gabisa tidur ew kebiasaan tidur di kamar sendiri, karna urgent jadi tidur depan tv trus angin semilir² kenceng hadeuhh

Ainsley S
Ainsley S ()

@SarahMackAttack Are you getting this is an urgent message for the vehicle owner? SO many of these spoofed from Pittsburgh area codes and I HATE IT

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