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Updated: September 19th, 2021 11:42 PM IST

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Utd fans are all about Pogba, Ronaldo, Fernandes, Varane. The one I’d be waxing over is Greenwood. Depresses me thy have him. Special.

Varane Twitter

PUT SOME RESPECT ON THE 2ND BEST DEFENDER IN THE LEAUGE He HaS NoT gOt PaCe OR HeS sLoW Go watch the olympics mo farah and dem man MOTM Performance today Cool Calm and collected like @ThatsMeFlawless on a wednesday Varane this dias that put some respect on Thiago Silva

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Varane literally the worst player that could’ve happened to ffs he’s been exquisite so far

2 things from The signing of Ronaldo takes away the spotlight on how good varane acc 2. Chelsea are a real real problem

@StretfordPaddck Fully deserved win. Was VAR broken for the 2 Ronaldo pens?? Mctominay was excellent today as was Varane and AWB.

@Belkace_RM I think he was better than Ramos in 19/20, but otherwise Ramos is always clear. Tbh Varane has struggled quite a lot if you look at the last couple of seasons. But it’s often overlooked

Ronaldo ngarep jadi penaldo 2 kali di kali wasit tidak de Gea Hero in last minutes De Gea Manchester united RONALDO LINGARD MATIC POGBA VARANE SANCHO BRUNO MAGUIRE #MUFC

Maguire et Fred ils méritent un 1/10 pour leur match, y’en a un on est habitué mais l’autre aussi va falloir qu’il se réveille ! On t’as pas amené Varane pour que tu prennes le rôle de Lindelof.

Varane scored an own goal today. Hes quite prolific at those by the way. A French Richard Dunne if you will. Thanks for the 40m

West Ham United vs Manchester United Premier League - 9/19/21 STARTERS De Gea - 9 Shaw - 6 Maguire - 4 Varane - Wan-Bissaka - 6 Fred - 6 McTominay - Pogba - 5 Bruno - Greenwood - 6 Ronaldo - 7 SUBS Sancho - 6 Lingard - Matic - 6


Edgy Twitter tried telling telling me Ben white and Torres were better than varane…

Manchester United ils ont recruté CR7 Varane Son Goku John Cena tout ça pour afficher le niveau de Amiens 😭😭😭😭

La paire Varane et Maguire n’est pas encore convaincante . Y a beaucoup des déchets 🥴


Honestly seen the goal soooo many times it was deffo going wide I don’t get how it’s not a Varane og oh wait it’s coz I’ve bet on Cristiano 1st so God is doing it just to F me again!

@OfficialFPL guys ,,,,nimestukia #FPL is trying to JINX how is that possible ,,just compair the goal scored by benrahma ,,it must be an own goal for varane

@OfficialFPL So no own goal for Varane and assist for Benrahma?!? Following that logic @OfficialFPL


Varane dribbling past McTom and Fred because he doesn’t trust them to complete the passes

The only reason maguire looked good in the euros is because he had stones holding his hand the entire tournament. Same with varane, he had Ramos babysit him. Now that they’re babysitters aren’t here anymore, they get exposed for what they truly are, sunday league level defenders

@Havokation Oui bien évidemment accordé à Benrahma et heureusement il mérite mais grave dévié par Varane


We deadarse have Ronaldo, Maguire, and Varane in our team yet we’re still shit at corners… Like why are we still struggling to score from them?? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Utd fans are all about Pogba, Ronaldo, Fernandes, Varane. The one I’d be waxing over is Greenwood. Depresses me thy have him. Special.

@kevstaruniverse Would you say Varane is better than VVD because Varane has won 4 UCL? No ofc not cause you analyze their individual game and clearly see who is better

@temii_xox Cleansheet is not for everyone dear, Varane couldn’t save you. Same old, no upgrade 😌

@AOUsmanEsq @Waliyadeniran The Varane in RM wasn’t . But Una ManUtd don rub off on the guy, me sef no understand again 🙄

De Gea Maguire Lindleof Varane Sancho Fred McTominay Shaw Bruno Pogba Ronaldo Get me in

@firdaustaicho Yelah ko dh laa dmf duk buat mistake silly mmg laa gelabah Maguire tu😂😂. Varane pun pening haha.

@ZachLowy Where is the shade on varane for doing the same thing that Garcia did mid week?

@WrightyLVP Everyone got given these juiced 95+ rated versions of Mbappe,Neymar,Varane,Bruno etc

🧱 United savunmasının sigortası Raphael Varane 🇫🇷

Varane Photo,Varane Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Varane was good in the first half despite the goal. He works better than I thought he would’ve

Fred is just a scapegoat for United fans. They thought Varane would lock it up like prime Puyol LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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