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@VibePay i would love to be able to put some money towards buying this piece of ariana merch please!! #VibeMe #VibePayFriday 🙏🏼🖤.

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@VibePay desperately need to pay for my educational trip to berlin with my school #VibePayFriday ❤️.

#VibePayFriday @VibePay since there’s not long left of this Friday, £30 to buy crewnecks to keep me warm during winter? 🖤.

@VibePay @notearsgabs i really need £20 to complete my halloween look for a party tomorrow night !!! pls its urgent #VibePayFriday.

#VibePayFriday I would love some money as I am travelling to Paris tomorrow and could do with extra spending money 🇫🇷😁.

@VibePay Take my brother and his gf out for the dinner for a break from little baby 😊 #VibePayFriday.

@VibePay Out celebrating one of my best friends birthday tomorrow! Would be great to have that extra bit of money to spoil her like the princess that she is😍 #VibePayFriday.

HMRC F*cked me this month. £ for the money the stole from me ? #vibepayfriday.

@VibePay @VibeTickets so i can save for a car!! turning 17 soon🤪 #VibePayFriday.

@VibePay Could do with to for our night at @Leadmill tomorrow night 😅#VibePayFriday.

@VibePay i would love to be able to put some money towards buying this piece of ariana merch please!! #VibeMe #VibePayFriday 🙏🏼🖤.

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@VibePay £130 for me and my friend to meet again finally and see little mix together!! #VibePayFriday.

@VibePay I’m going to liverpool tomorrow to see my friends bands gig and I’d love a bit of extra dolla to get drinks ! #vibepayfriday.

would love to be able to take me and my friend to a ruel m&g @mendessftari #VibePayFriday.

@VibePay Like £50 of so to help me WOTH food and travel for my gigs this week would be grand #VibePayFriday.

@VibePay #VibePayFriday honestly just to help me w keeping up at uni my bank account is suffering.

@VibePay I’d use it to fix my broken laptop that I need to use for my uni assignments #VibePayFriday.

@VibePay @VibeTickets Please can I have £50 towards getting my hair done got a girly week coming up thankyou #VibePayFriday thankyou would be an awesome treat ❤️❤️👌👌😍😍.

@VibePay finally have a weekend off so would love to treat my nephews and niece to a day out! #VibePayFriday.

#VibePayFriday Would love it so I could visit my Girlfriend in Germany for her 21st next weekend!! @VibePay.

@VibePay #vibeme #VibePayFriday for little mix merchandise and Newcastle next week please.

@VibePay #VibePayFriday my friend is leaving to go travelling and we’re throwing her a shindig tomorrow, help us send her off in style 😎.

@VibePay PLS THIS WOULD HELP SO MUCH ! I want to fly to Berlin next week to see my favourite singer do her last tour date ! £50 would even help out so so much ❤️ #VibePayFriday.

@VibePay to treat my bestfriend friend of 14 years for my 18th birthday on sunday🥰 #VibePayFriday.

Fund my night out tonightttt I’m a poor student #VibePayFriday.

@VibePay £50 so i can afford to get my best friend a christmas present🥺 #vibepayfriday.

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