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Victoria Derbyshire had the only good BBC political/current affairs programme I can ever remember and they cancelled it for that reason..

Wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria Derbyshire is ‘moved on’ from the BBC soon. She’s too good..

@AGabriel5782 ‘This isn’t what Brexit voters voted for’ ‘What the hell is Boris Johnson doing’ Victoria Derbyshire trying to pin him down on specifics. He’s neither avoiding it or answering it which is a skill in itself.

@nigel_revell @ThelmaMcNamara3 Agreed, bring back Victoria Derbyshire to headline Question Time. Someone more fair and neutral is needed, not a right wing Tory..

@dannywallace The bias is so blatant I often have to turn off to maintain sanity and a working intact TV Desperately needs a better method of audience selection and a new presenter Victoria Derbyshire would be good imo.

@TweetForTheMany Class act. Loss of faith in the BBC would be regained if other other journalists actually did their job like Victoria Derbyshire. Johnson appointed a Tory Donor as Head of BBC so editorial pressure is usually apparent..

@brianmoore666 I thought she was very bias towards the tories tonight. First time I’ve thought that, but I agree she’s not a good fit. Victoria Derbyshire would be my choice.

@TerryTibbs95 Victoria Derbyshire is great on newscast,should be on question time She is calmly destroying is a disgusting snail, and is proud to be friends with Trump That sums up this evil nobody..

@dannywallace Yes. I was hoping Victoria Derbyshire would pushback more than she did. Disappointing, particularly as Farage now has the EHRC in his sights & is spouting rubbish about that..

In summary Victoria Derbyshire: Mr Farage, What’s the best thing about Brexit? Nigel Farage: We can hide Australian submariners for 6 months from the Chinese. The French would’ve made them visible, briefly, every day..

@discodave14 I agree, Victoria Derbyshire would make a good host. She take no sides..

@dkaustin87 I agree. Victoria Derbyshire was much better when she recently stepped in for Fiona Bruce..

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