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Don’t white British interviewers get tired of getting rappers in and asking the same suspect questions but positioning it as women empowerment..

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What an inspiration - Ping Ping Singh, 8, is the only pupil in her school who has gone on strike to show concern over climate change. Pupils across across the UK and Ireland have walked out of lessons in protest..

I SWORE I won’t tweet about this today but to try and make a point about grooming by comparing Shamima Begum to those poor girls in Rochdale is sick. Really sick. Thank you..

Shamima Begum is not the first British woman who has tried to come back to the with her kids. We’ve also had Tareena Shakil and Shukee Begum. The former was jailed for six years..

@VictoriaLIVE If she was nearly old enough to vote as they keep saying 16 year olds should be able to then surely she is of mind to make her decision to join a terrorist group and so should accept all responsibility of her actions going forward.

BIASED MET POLICE CHIEF TRIES TO COMPARE AN ISIS JIHADI BRIDE WITH ROTHERHAM RAPED GIRLS! His disreputable discription of the latter speaks volumes on why their rapes were not investigated. The swamp is infested with these incompatible law enforcing alligators!.

@VictoriaLIVE @HJS_Org I’m really shocked that he tries to compare this with the poor girls from Rochdale (& everywhere else) who were groomed & abused. I don’t believe this to be a good or valid comparison.

@VictoriaLIVE Equating the downloading of extremist material and choosing to join a terrorist organisation with underage girls being plied with alcohol & drugs & passed around the paedos in the local kebab shop in order to be gang raped is not only vile but outright sick..

“This is somebody who chose to get on a plane” Nikita Malik, @HJS_Org, dismisses view that IS schoolgirl Shamima Begum can be considered a victim of grooming #VictoriaLIVE.

wait wait so strippers can’t be ‘strong women’? 🤔 misogyny disguised as female empowerment is disgusting.

When he looks over to the right at 1:02, he knows he is never ever doing this again😂😂.

Don’t white British interviewers get tired of getting rappers in and asking the same suspect questions but positioning it as women empowerment..

Shock! British media attack’s young successful black man.

What is the future of news? #CairncrossReview is published today with recommendations to protect local regional news but can it work in a Google/FB digital age? @pollycurtis @sarahmanavis & I gave our thoughts on #VictoriaLIVE - though we could have chatted for hours on the topic.

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@BashaNazir @VictoriaLIVE Thank you. I have so much more to say on the topic the time went by so very quickly! But if we are going to look at the ‘state of journalism’ & news in the UK then the topic of diversity must be addressed esp in terms of who creates stories, edits them, news bias etc..

‘Noone’s been held accountable over #Grenfell Tower and we won’t rest until that’s the case,’ @ajtracey. The rising UK rap star lost a friend in the fire and lives in the community around it..

#VictoriaLIVE is basically a show where they bring non white non middle class non wealthy non straight people on, so they can gently introduce middle class people to the idea that they exist (in small numbers), but without ever leaving a safe middle class context..

🚨 AJ Tracey is in the building 🚨 @ajtracey doing a sick job on @VictoriaLIVE but oh my god this is such a painful interview to watch - so tone deaf.

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‘I can’t say my mum really enjoys that video,’ @ajtracey He says the video for his single Psyche Out – with strippers - was shot in Atlanta and reflects the culture there. He’s just released his self-titled debut album - without the help of a traditional record label..

@Z0LTAR My cat is offended by this jumper. Can he go on #VictoriaLIVE please?.

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‘It’s just common sense – it improves safety’ @sammywoodhouse1 who campaigns on taxi safety says CCTV should be introduced in all cabs..

Stop feeding him excessive calorie foods would be a start. Turning into an extra-terrestrial creature the poor lad.

Chelsea football club are basically a residential home for the partially blind and autistic, can he play Left Back?.

@VictoriaLIVE @JonAshworth This is heartbreaking my son is 20 he doesn’t have time to wait the clock is ticking on his life. Why shld he wait until his health declines to get access to these meds?.

EXCLUSIVE: Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd’s lawyer says she may agree to his extradition, if she can be sure it would be safe Full interview from 10am #VictoriaLIVE.

Radio 5 Live covering our exclusive from a week ago - cystic fibrosis patients being refused life changing drug Orkambi because of the cost. Hopefully momentum will build break the deadlock #VictoriaLIVE.

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