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Delighted to be in Wakefield for polling day today, helping @cllrnadeemahmed- the only real local candidate- get elected and continue to get things done for the people of Wakefield. Polls close at 10pm tonight, so make sure you #VoteConservative in Wakefield 🗳.

For lies, lies, lies and more lies and complete and utter bull 💩 #VoteConservative.

#VoteConservative if you want more grifting posh boy spivs to drag the country down further while they continue to live the lives of Riley..

#VoteConservative. 😂🤣😂🤣 Sorry, not a brain-dead idiot that gets their political knowledge from headlines & deceitful, self-serving, manipulative, turd polishing Tory parasites..

#voteconservative yeah right only if you are a fucking inbred dipshit who only does anything if it serves yourself. Pricks.

#VoteConservative ? I would rather roll myself in nectar and staple my genitals to a beehive..

#VoteConservative if your a cunt, fuckwit, knuckle dragging flag shagging fascist and find its OK for kids to starve..

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Have you noticed Tories and their supporters only argument at the moment seems to be it would be alot worse under Labour. How? Just how? #VoteConservative.

I’d rather scoop my eyes out with a spoon than #VoteConservative Oh and did I mention my Nan would come back to haunt me because she couldn’t stand the lying scum either!.

Why would we they are systematicaly and devicevly sending people in to poverty the unions are simply trying to stop this happening to their members ,get behind them the whole country deserves better . #VoteConservative.

If you vote the torys ur just a scumbag there taking the absolute piss out off all off us, TORY SCUM #VoteConservative.

No!Do NOT vote conservative!! #VoteConservative if you want to starve at a faster rate than you can imagine, if you want to have to give up driving because it’s too expensive, if you want to have England turn into a 3rd world country… I’ve never known struggle like it.

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Do you hate poor people? Should refugees be shipped off to Africa? Do you think protesters should be punished? Do you think poor kids should just starve? Well you know what to do #VoteConservative.

#VoteConservative Their candidate promises to whisper and write sweet letters. That should really help eradicate poverty and fix the under funding of our public services..

#IBelieveAmberHeard and #VoteConservative are both trending at the same time 💀 what a fucking world we live in. Lemme off hun x.

#VoteConservative Why, there are incompetent at best and horrendous for daily life in the UK public..

I can just about comprehend the urge to #VoteConservative in Tiverton, if you’re a selfish bastard with money and land, but anyone voting for them in Wakefield is just a fucking cretin..

#VoteConservative if you want to bring an end to the Monarchy. Boris Johnson is not holding back..

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#VoteConservative to ensure the death of anything Great about Britain. Sociopaths are not your friends. They are just good at manipulating you into thinking they are. Do the right thing. Peace. ❤️.

#VoteConservative if you are happy with the blond-wigged wrecking ball that is our sorry excuse for a PM.

#VoteConservative for common sense for real protection for freedom anti-Wokeness we can define what a woman is Pro economy <— 👀 understanding the constitution Jailing criminals and more.

Please #VoteConservative from your Tory MP’s. They tried to get him out themselves so they could stay in the luxury they’ve become a custom to..

#VoteConservative or gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon ….. hmm……. anyone got an old cutlery set?.

#VOTECONSERVATIVE if you can casually throw a hearty nutritious evening meal together for 30p.

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