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Dwyane Wade says he “appreciated” Mike Tyson pressing Boosie over his comments on family: “It was great to hear him say that.” More:

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BTS Tuesday Schedule TWO SLOTS Available to any takers 5:30 JackGleeson 5:50 MrMuffin 6:10 Benny G 6:30 Communist 6:50 LSB Drifting 7:10 Kianialb 7:30 Samm 7:50 Steerr 8:10 8:30oHeyzey 8:50 awake reload 9:10 JoelDapo 9:30 Alexx 9:50 10:10 XPHAZE 10:30 Keiran DM me

Weekly Dartscast
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13/32 seeds for the PDC World Championship are now locked in:- 1. van Gerwen 2. Wright 3. Price 4. M Smith 5. Cross 6. Aspinall 7. Wade 8. Chisnall 9. Van den Bergh 10. Ian White 22. Dobey 23. de Zwaan 24. Wattimena

Jason La Canfora
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Wade Phillips already getting attention from teams ahead of 2021 season

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@RevDavidGreen @KermodeMovie The Christian Right in America will turn a blind eye to anything if it means they get a chance to overturn Roe Vs Wade. That’s what it is all about.

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It meshed perfectly with Pentacoastal. It’ll go just as well though your best sound system. Add Wade Goodall’s House of Vans playlist to your weekly rotation.

Jacob Mercy
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Wade is having vivid ominous dreams about pushing the button that turns off the OASIS and also this, are we just going through a youtube playlist? what is HAPPENING

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Jacob Mercy
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Wade is now eavesdropping on private conversations in the OASIS so I guess we need to add Mark Zuckerberg to the inspiration list

Darts Shop TiTO福岡
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こんにちは!りっきーです! オープンしました! グランドスラムの準決勝は Jose De Sousa選手と、James Wade選手が勝利し、 この二人の決勝戦です!! 予想当たったー!笑 決勝が楽しみです! また、本日21時で 第3回FIDO ONLINE CUP予選 が終了です! 22時までお待ちしております!

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KTVZ NewsChannel 21
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Three officers were legally justified in firing shots during an attempted traffic stop north of Prineville earlier this month, one of which wounded a Redmond fugitive trying to flee the scene, Crook County District Attorney Wade Whiting said today.

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Y’all Nico done played wade in the water 5 times in 30 minutes

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I shoulda got on the discord to listen to Wade In The Water cz why this girl blasting a gospel drum solo in my ear 😭

Better Back Builder
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Whenever I see this posted anywhere online I feel like a proud meme father. Rest in Power Wade

Emily Wade
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Thanksgiving is the Happy Hour of the holiday season. It has the same cheery, cozy and festive vibe as Christmas, but it just happens a little earlier. (And also you very happily eat and drink wayyyy too much!)

CBS Sports HQ
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Only 29 days until the NBA season! Dwyane Wade is 2️⃣9️⃣th on the NBA all-time scoring list. Wade and LeBron James are the only players in Heat history to avg at least 20 PPG and SPG for their careers.

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SEARCH Foundation
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Steve Murphy is the National Secretary of the mighty @theamwu and began his activism in the Hunter as a tradesperson and AMWU delegate in 1998. Felicity Wade is the convenor of the Labor Environment Action Network and a long-time environment campaigner, inc w/ Wilderness Society.

SEARCH Foundation
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This zoom forum will hear from @Murphy_Steve and Felicity Wade, the founders of the Hunter Jobs Alliance.

Blavity News
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Months after Mike Tyson weighed in on Boosie’s comments, Wade had some kind words for the boxer.

☃️Holly Jolly Qeutre(He/Him)🎄
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@BIDERVERSE Bitch we celebrating. They ain’t roommates, Peters Bi/Pan and Wade is the messy one actually

Live Darts
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I’m buzzing – I used to feel like this many years ago and I haven’t felt like this for a long time. Round-up & reaction as Wade and De Sousa set up a date with destiny ✍️ #BoylesportsGSOD

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@wade_rex Holy shit I love that 😂 everyone would always get pissed at me because you already know I was eating all the rolls.

Wade Turnbull
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Most of the comments are astroturf or BlueMAGA resistance cult. Clueless

☻☮︎ spider-ben!︱✰✿ ࿔
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PDC Darts
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WADE IS INTO THE FINAL! A truly vintage James Wade performance as he books his place in his third Grand Slam of Darts final after clinching a deciding leg victory over Dimitri Van den Bergh! #BoyleSportsGSOD

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Dwyane Wade says he “appreciated” Mike Tyson pressing Boosie over his comments on family: “It was great to hear him say that.” More:

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Stein Dog
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Darts double: Smith to beat De Sousa Wade to beat Heta Odds: 17/10 5 units Reasoning in next tweets

john milbank
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The Due Process clause was then invoked by Roe vs Wade. In line with the freeing of slaves? No: clearly in line with the claim of violation of autonomy that had earlier removed employee protection. Now this was extended to removing protection from the unborn.

Jet Cupcake 🚀🧁
Jet Cupcake 🚀🧁 ()

The Great Reset. WEF. Is it a conspiracy theory? Personally I’m still trying to wade through the mountains of CEO speak and techno-utopian guff to figure that out. But this is the most insulting and incoherent vision of the future I’ve ever read.

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@Wade_Luiz Kana mme Calvert-lewin o tsere 3 weeks delivering very well mathata abo ke batla Werner gape 😂😂 Its either him or Werner because I cant let go of Vardy and Kane

Mikołaj Małecki 🇩🇪🇵🇱🏳️‍🌈#RainbowIsOurs
Mikołaj Małecki 🇩🇪🇵🇱🏳️‍🌈#RainbowIsOurs ()

@babylons_taboo Polityka towarzystwa kynologicznego jest taka, że jak u danego psa wykryje się wadę genetyczną, nie może być już dalej rozmnażany (jego potomkowie nie dostaną certyfikatu). Istnieją też całe rasy, których już się nie certyfikuje, właśnie z uwagi na powszechne ch. genet.

Omaha World-Herald
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Authorities said multiple people suffered gunshot wounds in a shooting at a fast food restaurant in Bellevue last night. More from @aliaconleyOWH and @Jess_Wade_OWH: 

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