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@WallisFashion #wallisweekend look 2 is fabulous 😍😍😍 would love to #WIN it 😁.

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@WallisFashion Love LOOK 2 ☘️☘️☘️ thanks for the chance #WallisWeekend.

@WallisFashion my Wife would love LOOK 1 - she is recovering from an operation and it would be lovely to win it for her! #WallisWeekend.

Look 1 for me beautiful colour for autumn #WallisWeekend.

@WallisFashion #wallisweekend look 2 is fabulous 😍😍😍 would love to #WIN it 😁.

@WallisFashion #WallisWeekend Look One because I have the perfect shoes to match!.

Look 1 would suit me just fine ! #WallisWeekend I love that this is trending πŸ’•.

@WallisFashion Look 1 My brown eyed girl is our song 26th anniversary and favourite shop #win always @WallisFashion #WallisWeekend the shop that makes women feel feminine with the best material and cut. πŸ’– Wallis.

@WallisFashion Love both but the green is calling me πŸ™Š Look 2! #WallisWeekend.

@WallisFashion I can hardly decide - I love both! However Look 2 is my favourite I think! #WallisWeekend.

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