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I asked a source why WWE changed War Raiders to Viking Experience and they said Vince McMahon just wanted them to have a different name. No deeper reason 🤷🏽‍♂️.

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Between Wyatt, Rhoode and the War Raiders getting renamed again, looks like I missed out 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ #Raw.

Vince McMahon actually owns AEW and is trying to run WWE into the ground. Only explanation for this and the War I mean The Viking Experience.

- Cambios de nombres de los War Raiders. - Cambio de nombre y apariencia de Roode. - Promo de Wyatt. Trabajamos para usted #RAWCL.

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🤕 Is this Any Better ? No way @VinceMcMahon It’s war raiders or push Dead in its tracks We likes the War raiders name as it was #Raw.

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War Machine War Raiders 2 Viking 2 furious The Viking & the Experience Tokyo Drift Fast Viking Viking & Raiders 6 Vikings 7 The fate of the Viking experience.

HHH here to announce that War Raiders are now known as Experientia Vikingi Eiectiones.

RIP “The Viking Experience” WWE dot com now has the team formerly known as War Raiders listed as “The Viking Raiders.” That’s better, right?.

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There is no way anything with “War” is going to fly on national television. So if its between Experience and Raiders, Viking Raiders is better and actually sounds cooler..

Dear @wwe , Viking Raiders is still a stupid name. War Machine, then War Raiders, then The Vicking Experience to now Viking Raiders ... they are the current tag champs in NXT ... as the War Raiders. Just keep them as the War Raiders. It’s really that easy. Sincerely, EVERY FAN.

wwe just give me what I want and change their FUCKING NAME TO EITHER WAR RAIDERS OR WAR MACHINE.

I don’t understand their problem with the word “war” but I’ll take Viking Raiders over The Viking Experience.

War Raiders Viking Experience Machine. Who cares. Everyone making a big deal over a team that will be jobbing to the Ascension on Main Event inside of 3 months..

War Vikings > Viking Raiders Hey WWE, perhaps you should be drug testing the writing team instead of the wrestlers, because THEY ARE ON CRACK..

@TT_4You Absolutely!! Gotta keep track of my favourite tag The war Sorry I mean the viking Sorry I mean the viking raiders!.

I asked a source why WWE changed War Raiders to Viking Experience and they said Vince McMahon just wanted them to have a different name. No deeper reason 🤷🏽‍♂️.

Paige: Introducing to you, the team of Io Shirai, Kairi Sane, the WAR RAIDERS!.

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Fam, they went from War Machine to War Raiders to The Viking Experience. I have never seen such despicable regression of a tag team’s image in my entire life..

If the name change is the worst thing to happen to War Machine aka War Raiders now The Viking Experience then consider them If changing a few names is even in the top five worst creative moves WWE makes this week than consider yourself lucky as a fan..

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So with War Raiders getting a horrible new name, give a pro wrestler or a team the Viking Experience treatment with a re-branding Aleister Black is the Sexy Goth Experience, Dash Wilder is the Drive By Punch to the Face Experience, etc..

Didnt you guys complain that they changed it to War Raiders originally?.

Ivar & Erik, actuales Campeones en Pareja de NXT, aparecieron RAW para hacer equipo con Dawson & Wilder y equilibrar la competencia con el equipo rival de Ricochet & Aleister Black y los Campeones en Pareja de la marca (VÍDEO). | EXPERIENCIA VIKINGA:.

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So while I was at the watch party, Raw was on, and introduced a new tag team to the division, and changed their name. The War Raiders sounded like a massively destructive force. The Viking Experience sounds like a ride at Six Flags. Change it back!!!!.

Had this hilarious dream the War Raiders got called up to RAW and renamed The Viking Experience. Good thing that was a dream and definitely not something that actually happened..

Come on @WWE their called war raiders not the viking experience..

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(VIDEO) War Raiders Debut on Raw With a New Name:.

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