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Despite their large size and bright yellow and brown coloring, cicada killers are harmless to humans—they’re gentle giants of the wasp world.

The large wasps, which have become an invasive species in the Pacific Northwest, have a new common name: northern giant hornets.

We go live to the interim Ontario Liberal leader John Fraser stoically staring unblinking into a camera as he chews a mouthful of wasps as a single bead of sweat runs down his forehead..

Used Wasps as a suit corresponding to Swords. Did I do that just so I could do this as the Ten of Wasps? Yes. Yes, I did..

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No winners here. Bad news for Coventry City. And you would expect this puts Wasps under even more financial pressure. Seems likely they’ll lose income from the football club as a result of this. Won’t help the relationship between the two. #PUSB.

@Wasps_Guy Very very hard to see this when wasps have such little care for the football club..

I’m still absolutely seething at the fact our game is off tomorrow. Absolutely hate Wasps, wish they would just leave. I’m genuinely worried about our season, this is very unsettling. The uncertainty is making me anxious #pusb.

🤩 𝗦𝗛𝗘’𝗦 𝗕𝗔𝗖𝗞! We are delighted to welcome back former youth star Eleanor Keegan to the Wasps! #GetTheBuzz 🐝.

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When will we actually play a home game, this situation is getting beyond a joke now, fuck off wasps #PUSB.

I will allow you to make a girls and vagina nbs group/posr without riding your ass about it as long as you agree to swallow three live wasps in front of me. This I feel is a fair and equal trade. Also they gotta be angry.

@WardySBE @Wasps_Guy Honestly I would struggle with treated us with the greatest disrespect from day one, imo..

Just had a sunny sweaty, lovely, long (OVER AN HOUR FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER) run and I was feeling utterly euphoric so the universe just had to balance that out by making me get stung (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER) by a bastard wasp. Prick wasps..

the hardest i laughed at the new beavis and butt-heads wasnt even at a joke it was when beavis was getting attacked by wasps and butt-head just went Beavis, you look silly!.

@FurryTennessee Ah just put rubbing alcohol on it and don’t itch it and you should be unless you’re allergic to wasps.

@Wasps_Guy I love Wasps, but I’d love us even more if the people running the club where changed. No communication, no transparency. Makes it hard to trust them, and leaves us all with the feeling that fans aren’t cared about beyond the money we bring in..

My mind is blown. Forget the very small bee on the Joe-Pye-Weed flowers. Just right of the bee and at bottom right are two micro-wasps, probably Chalcidids. There are 1,900 micro-wasp species in North America. Tell your friends!.

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@oliverjohnhall First and foremost we’ve come to your city where you’ve established yourself. Now it’s up to our clubs and our fans to help build the relationship. We want to make Coventry our home and it has the potential to be, but both sides need to work together. We have the potential..

it’s time for christmas now im sick of summer all the stupid wasps and nat bites ew give me christmas trees , snow and candy canes now.

Pinning wasps is annoying . Lanky legs and folded wings = frustrating experience.

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why does the little stuff mean the most?? pops said he’d do some yard work for me tmrw morning since i have a phobia of wasps/bees and we’ve been seeing a few around the house… it’s a tiny gesture but it means a lot to me … it just feels very thoughtful yk.

🔥FREE BOOK: CREEPSHOW MEETS TWILIGHT ZONE🔥 Two kids prank a homicidal hearse driver. A furious teenage girl unleashes parasitic wasps on her home. A young woman fights a dark future ruled by ultra-violent internet addicts. And more tales! On Kindle.

“Unfortunately, it has not been possible to prepare the pitch to the standard 💬 #PUSB #RUFC.

@WonPeople Wasps, they have literally zero use to the world just stingy little buzzing bastards..

@TheLuisPanini @BryceSears5 That would certainly explain the several dead cicadas lying around. These cicada killer wasps are quite menacing. Though none have gone after me…yet..

As kids growing up in Eastern Kentucky, we spent a lot of time fighting wasps, hornets, and snakes. But I think this battle far exceeded any of our escapades! @Mike_Rankin21.

You really never have the same day twice. Someone brought a wasp nest full of wasps into my cafe and waterboarded it in the bathroom.

@BeesNativePlant @edge_nature Beautiful!! Such great pictures! I always say “wanna find some cool looking wasps .. find some white flowers in bloom!” 📸.

@Danny8bit @Lock_lights I can only strike down soo many wasps after you hit the wasp nest before im cooked.

@beauxbeautyblog @TheAgentNDN My village has an abundance of paper wasps but this year we are getting yellow jackets and now I have hornets in my roof. There has definitely been a lot of habitat loss..


@zachleft They’ve always freaked me out but after getting stung by a yellow jacket last week I’m starting to fear bees and wasps more. Gotta say bee stings are 10X worse than yj’s though..

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