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Is it good or bad if you match the exact criteria Wayne Lineker is looking for in a girlfriend?

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Sacha ()

Any women going near Wayne Lineker or feeding into his narcissistic arrogant bullshit need their heads tested, wake up girls ffs

Manchesterlady2 ()

@GMB I like a toned bod but I also like a funny, loving, caring and non narcissistic brain in the head. Who the hell would go near Wayne Lineker? 😂

Rob Williams
Rob Williams ()

Wow, Fascinating debate on #gmb listening to wayne Lineker tell us about his gym schedule. Absolutely riveting #killmenow ☠️

Tick Tock
Tick Tock ()

Wayne ‘Lord Noncealot’ Lineker showing himself up on GMB, Tamar Hassan having to tell him the reason he’s been asked onto the show. Garraway looking confused and Hassan laughing that Lineker didn’t have a clue 😂

Jo ()

What’s Wayne Lineker on ? 🤮 It’s a simple question ... he makes me sick in my mouth.

Vittorio Angelone
Vittorio Angelone ()

Wayne Lineker is the greatest brother of all time. Gary shat himself at the World Cup on national TV and Wayne stepped up to the plate and still managed to be the more embarrassing sibling

CL ()

everything about Wayne Lineker is repulsive man, how do people go near him even just for a joke

Lawrence Ward
Lawrence Ward ()

Wayne Lineker really went to Ibiza to open a club and named it after the first two things he saw from his balcony

Evening Standard
Evening Standard ()

The lucky lady will require a driving license, be prepared to give up their career and have on point geography skills 😬

Hannah 💙💛
Hannah 💙💛 ()

If there’s nothing else positive from today, I can happily confirm that I’m not Wayne Lineker’s type. And that’s a win in my book 😂

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Flora Anderson
Flora Anderson ()

Was gonna apply to be Wayne Lineker’s girlfriend until I realised I’m not fucking insane

Michael Legge
Michael Legge ()

Even though Wayne Lineker doesn’t have a girlfriend, I feel now through Wayne’s own words that I’ve met her. Anyway, she’s awful.

Beth-Louise ()

Wayne lineker has only specified that his new bird can’t already have kids because he’s not aloud within 50 yards of a minor

Lydia ()

Fuck it might respond to wayne lineker’s girlfriend application, what else am I doing

Joe ()

all the girls lining up to apply to be wayne lineker’s next girlfriend

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three steaks pam
Three steaks pam ()

there’s a man on four in a bed and the only way I can describe him is wayne lineker meets this country

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RC ()

Didn’t think it was possibly but Wayne Lineker really does keep out nonceing himself doesn’t he, suck a creepy sickly old cunt 🤢

Mustard & Doyle🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪
Mustard & Doyle🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪 ()

Wayne ‘Rolfy Harris’ Can you guess what it is yet ???

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J A Y D E ()

Three things certain in life: death, taxes and Wayne Lineker is going to find his dream woman.

Wayne Lineker Photo
Political aardvark
Political aardvark ()

Sibling rivalry is often the strongest form and it seems that Gary and Wayne Lineker are currently engaged in a battle royale to win the family Who is the biggest cunt? competition.

Steven Wicks
Steven Wicks ()

After that bastard Wayne Lineker post yesterday I can’t stop thinking about this tweet from last year 🤣

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Rhys James
Rhys James ()

Is it good or bad if you match the exact criteria Wayne Lineker is looking for in a girlfriend?

Moorey ()

Thinkin about the time a 56 year old Wayne Lineker told me at Ocean Beach “I don’t do Match of the Day, I do Snatch of the Day” and swanned away thinkin he was the fuckin man. There is no doubt in ma mind that he wrote this himself. Creep of the highest order

Parker ()

I don’t know what’s worse, a 60-year-old posting guidelines for a girlfriend that’s younger than his daughter or the fact Wayne Lineker considers ready meals ‘cooking’

Wayne Lineker Photo
Wes ()

Gary Lineker shit himself on the pitch at the World Cup in front of thousands in the stadium and probably millions watching around the world and Wayne Lineker is still the most embarrassing thing to happen to him

Selina j 🌙⚒
Selina j 🌙⚒ ()

I know this not the actual take away from Wayne Lineker’s odd dating post but - Waitrose ready meals is not really cooking Anyway I can’t even for the rest of it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Wayne Lineker Photo
Beige ()

Seriously tho, a revival of The Bachelor with Wayne Lineker would be amazing. The Batcheker. The Winelor

Gemma Cutting
Gemma Cutting ()

The fact that girls are ‘applying’ to be Wayne Lineker’s girlfriend on that Insta post actually makes me feel sad 😔

Lauren 💃🏻🏳️‍🌈
Lauren 💃🏻🏳️‍🌈 ()

58 year old Wayne Lineker is advertising for a girlfriend on his Instagram. Can we please stop 2020, I want to get off.

🔴 ()


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