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Basketball fans, how many times have we seen two superstars play great in the same game?! Giannis also put on a show scoring 44 points and 20 rebounds..

Roly West
Roly West

People moaning that we would of won #Eurovision if Ukraine didn’t get “pity votes” first of all what’s wrong with you! & Their points would have had to go somewhere & let’s be honest they probably would of gone to Spain & Sweden. They were so close to us. You just can’t say that..

The UK getting 183 televote points is insane, but Ukraine got 439/468 which means in any normal year, we would have WALKED with both jury & public votes. This disproves EVERYTHING that people have said about the UK just being ‘hated’ by Europe that well ‘never win’ #Eurovision.

For all those predicting we would have the biggest jury points to televote points plummet, that honour actually went to Portugal #Eurovision.

The fact we have gone from 0 points to 2nd in one year. Sam should be proud but this was bigger than just a song contest. Further proof, Europe stands with Ukraine. 🇺🇦💚 #Eurovision2022.

Just skimming through the comments of a lot of the mainstream media outlets and I’m finding that many people are bringing up “Chicago crime” & “black-on-black crime”? Have we reached the point where RW Fox News talking points are uttered in defense of a mass-shooting?.

How have we gone from 3 years in a row 0 points, 10 years since being in the left side, TO FUCKING SECOND PLACE. I’m crying 🇬🇧✨🚀🧑🏻‍🚀.

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@JustTanya9 @KyivIndependent Ha ha your right we are used to being zero points 😅 but in fairness we usually have shit entries but this year we had an amazing entry and we was happy to come 2nd to ukraine.

But Sam. Great respect. You scored more points for UK than we have for decades Made us proud tonight 🇬🇧 #Eurovision.

Minus the sympathy vote for Ukraine, the UK won Eurovision. Plus under the old Jury only points system we would have won outright. #Eurovision2022 #Eurovisionuk.

@VDakaSini @Eli_Gallifrey If Scotland had been independent we would have given you 12 points.

Ukraine were always going to win this one but we came 2nd!!!!! 👏👏 should have won that but wow after so many years of getting 0 or few points we did good!.

2ND PLACE EUROVISION!!! The best we could have hoped for. We had 0 points last year. WOW!!! Congrats Ukraine!! 🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧#Eurovision.


@medieval_rat It really hacked me off. We have deserved to get naff all points in previous years but that was so unfair..

#esc2022 #Eurovision YES, YES, YES Germany 6 Points HAHAHAHAHA. How can that be? We have no clue HAHAHAHAHA THANKY GERMAN ESC JURY!!!!! Here is why Germany does not want to winnl the ESC.

im honestly just so happy uk got points 😭😭 its been so heartbreaking to watch every year since i was a kid and come last i fully agree with ukraine winning, theyve had such a rough year but even if we had come last but got points i would have been happy.

#Eurovision Deserved is not a word I would use to describe this winner. But the same was said about salvador. 😂 And we still have the record of points. Thanks. 😃.

Well without a war we would have won, but I also guess without our reaction to the war we would have got zero swings and roundabouts #Eurovision2022.

Love love love that Ukraine have won and that we are not so hated that we got nil points again! #Eurovision.

Whilst we’re on the subject of ‘politics’ in Eurovision, if you think Ukraine won just bc of it I have some big news to break to you, ‘politics’ happen every year in the voting. ‘Friends’ give each other 12 points, everyone gives the UK 0. It’s a statement piece of Eurovision:.

what a difference a year makes omg from 0 points to second place, what dodgy deals have we done #Eurovision.

@WestCoastEagles Cmon eagles. We have a backline good enough to keep oppo under 100 points. We have a fwd line that won the 2018 premiership. Why are we losing by 100 points just because we are missing a great hit out ruck. Try harder, for the fans..

@escariets I Traditions are traditions 😹 If Cyprus was in the final we would have given the 12 points to them too.

@misscatylove_md Azerbaijan qualifying with 0 points in televote 😭😭 we could have qualified if it werent for the juries giving us 9 points.

@eurovisionbrent The 400 points Ukraine got will have been shared. So we really don’t know what will have happened.

@VailshireCap You see a credible risk that #btc goes to $18k? It has not fallen below the prior top yet, but we have few data points. Why do you see that price as a plausible waypoint?.

#Eurovision2022 Yeah, Ukraine deserved to win. Their song was pretty good, and they get to have the glory without the expense of hosting next year. Honestly, the fact that we got ANY points in comparison to last year is a fuckin’ miracle, regardless of getting second place 🇺🇦🇬🇧.

What a fucking farce. We may as well have let Russia perform. Boo them throughout and leave them with 0 points It’s bollocks lads - I thought we had it.

Pretty emotional thinking about a sovereign country being relentlessly attacked. But #Eurovision2022 has shown that Europe stands united + we have much more in common than that which divides us. Well done #Ukraine and a huge congrats to Sam Ryder for ending the 0 points curse..

god the uk is full of miserable pricks, we came second after getting no points last year and ppl are complaining that we didnt get sympathy points for being in a war, have some perspective jesus #Eurovision.

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