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Updated: September 17th, 2021 11:42 AM IST

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We’re joining in the @weetabix discourse to remind you that Marmite & ‘bix are a delicious duo 😎

Weetabix Twitter

Now listen who is eating weetabix in the same way they would eat a chocolate finger lmao

Also weetabix is never in my biscuit tin 😂 maybe I’ve turned posh but I prefer that in a breakfast bowl 🥣

@kinzoid @JujuliaGrace Mmm I fancy a me think. Pass me a box of Weetabix, I could eat the whole think not!!!

@JujuliaGrace The inclusion of madeleines and Weetabix in a biscuit top 16 has upset me (where are the choccy digestives?!)…

Weetabix is a biscuit?? If you’re eating weetabix dry you need to be locked up

@yllek_oswald98 i’m genuinely concerned for people classing weetabix as a biscuit 🧍🏽‍♀️

🧚🏻‍♀️ wed . 15 09 21 — info : walking goddess #3 — calories : 374 weetabix w almond milk 50g edamame beans, 1/2 can of tuna, lettuce, carrots w soy sauce

[Automatic Post] Model: Zoetrope Text Prompts: angry weetabix saves the day

Weetabix Photo,Weetabix Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

you put fig rolls in first class and jammie dodgers as bottom of the barrel? get in the fucking sea !! worse than that, why the fuck is weetabix in here and what the fuck is a madeleine? i want to fight whoever made this

who the fuck thinks i’ll have a couple weetabix with this cuppa

@mylovebelt i don’t know what you’re talking about but i agree 🫂 FUCK those raw weetabix 👎 im team yammy dodgers 💪💘

how the fuck are you eating weetabix and beans on toast and saying american food culture is bad??>

@panelstopixels Are we just going to overlook the fact this list classes Weetabix as a biscuit?! Disgraceful behaviour.

Collins definitely had his weetabix this morning. Unreal performance 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

@phil_no_payne @AvinDulku Weetabix a biscuit is hilarious, Jaffa cakes deserve to be top tier and deserve to be a biscuit just gonna put it out there 👀

Today I found out people call weetabix a biscuit and they also dunk it in their tea 😭

Why is weetabix in this convo? When did they become a biscuit? Who the fuck is eating a dry weetabix?

Halloween idea. just empty a box of weetabix into the trick or treat bowl and leave it on your doorstep

@porcelainpisces Blimey totally scary for someone to think a Weetabix is a biscuit!!!.

absurd. to rank jaffa, jammie, ginger so even include to my taste.

Great British biscuit debate sparks huge row ‘Weetabix?! You’ve lost the plot!’

@PerthshireMags party rings are the worst biscuit known to man, although munching a dry weetabix must taste like misery. best ones are peanut cookies they sell in morrisons or those posh chocolate rings

Who’s out here eating weetabix as a biscuit? Own up right now

A Weetabix in a place it doesn’t belong?

Weetabix Photo,Weetabix Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

We’re joining in the @weetabix discourse to remind you that Marmite & ‘bix are a delicious duo 😎

Weetabix Photo,Weetabix Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Who the fuck pulls out weetabix from a biscuit jar?? I just wanna talk…

A comedian’s favourite breakfast cereal is Weetabix. Sorry, that should read ‘Wittybix’. 💛💚

This is all wrong. And since when was weetabix classed as a biscuit??

As you’re all so into your biscuits, we thought you’d like to give Coffee Morning a try (Weetabix optional, but encouraged)

Weetabix workers to strike - and union says it will result in cereal shortages

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