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Theresa May lies about the Welsh Assembly in bid to get MPs to back Brexit deal

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The PM and her party tried to overturn a referendum result in 2005.

Theresa May’s last-ditch Brexit plea backfires after false Welsh assembly claim This is no surprise, the Tories are known for lying through the years the sooner they are out of power the better..

So May is caught out in claim that narrow ref results should never be questioned, after it’s revealed she herself voted against implementing the result of the Welsh Assembly ref. Don’t forget this is also the PM who called a needless election only 2 yrs after the one before 1/2.

REVEALED: May voted AGAINST Welsh Assembly referendum – PM accused of ‘utter hypocrisy’.

Laura K makes an excellent point - AFTER the Welsh voted for an assembly, the Tories, including Theresa May, pledged in 2005 to have a second referendum to reverse the result. And not only that, they voted in parliament against enacting the result of the referendum. #Hypocrites.

@JasonJHunter Remember too it has just been discovered she personally voted against the Welsh Assembly after it had been voted for in a referendum..

Typical cynicism displayed by @theresa_may going to Stoke to stoke up fears over the probable defeat of her deal. This is at same time as some Tory MPs out and about campaigning still for No Deal. About as cynical as her stance on the Welsh Assembly..

Lies are the nature of the beast called Tory. Particularly apposite when it comes to utterly incompetent Theresa May. This Welsh reminder is well worth looking at:.

Theresa May is lying about the Assembly to prove a point about Brexit.

Somebody finally worked out May was about to tell a big fat provable lie. The Welsh Assembly fib has gone..

@Peston Or trust a Prime Minister who wildly lied about the Welsh assembly referendum today. May is untrustworthy, but appears to be made from pure Teflon..

@alanferrier She could argue though that in this case, there was an amendment stipulating that 40% of the electorate as a whole had to vote for it. She seems to be on shakier ground with respecting the result of Welsh Assembly vote..

Left Foot Forward - May and 30 other current Tory MPs tried to ignore Welsh Assembly.

May voted in Parliament against implementing the referendum to create a Welsh Assembly.

@johnredwood and @theresa_may voted against results of Welsh referendum. The will of the people, provided it suits us #Hypocrites #StopBrexitSaveBritain.

@bestbobgamer @bbclaurak May, Redwood and David Davies all voted in Parliament to try and stop Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament being created, 3 months after the referendums had approved them..

@Dunadan9 @stephenkb Or to put it another way. The Tories are (and always have been) against the Welsh Assembly because they know they will never win enough seats to control it..

@andyc142 @bbclaurak May, Redwood and David Davies all personally voted to try and stop the creation of the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament 3 months after the referendums approved..

Really interesting. May voted to ignore the results of the Welsh assembly referendum, and is now claiming precisely the opposite. I hope someone puts her straight.

This is gold. Theresa May intending to tell us all we need to get on board just like everyone did for the Welsh Assembly referendum, when she herself voted against the outcome of the referendum (as did many of her Tory chums). The internet never.

@mrjamesob James, missed the first 10 mins but have a look at May et al’s position on the Welsh Assembly Govt - post referendum. @StevePeers.

Today in Stoke [email protected]_may will claim that all parties accepted the result in the #WelshAssemblyReferendum 1997. But it’s not true is it Mrs May?Misleading and fibbing. A daughter of the vicarage too. You voted against the setting up of a Welsh.

@theresa_may Dear Mrs Did you also believe the Welsh Assembly referendum was clear and should be adhered to? If so why did you vote against its creation after the Welsh voted FOR IT? Or are you a hypocrite?.

Theresa May lies about the Welsh Assembly in bid to get MPs to back Brexit deal.

10/ Paterson being terribly concerned about what the CBI said about the Welsh his approach when the CBI talks about Brexit though.

10/ Paterson being terribly concerned about what the CBI said about the Welsh his approach when the CBI talks about Brexit though Photo
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