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Ofgem has raised energy price cap to £4,279 /yr from Jan 23 Some 4 times cap in Oct 20 Gross negligent failure by all in Westminster. Obsessed with Net Zero, happy for us to be Net Poorer. Despite having decades of own cheap energy treasure under our feet they refuse to use.

ELECTRICITY RATIONING TOMORROW: National Grid poised to activate emergency winter plan tomorrow. It’s not even that cold. This SUPPLY crisis is due to Westminster’s Net Zero obsession Net Zero = Net Poorer & Net Colder Appalling.


📣 “How can you justify this continuing refusal to allow the people of Scotland to have a say on their own future?” 🔥 @mrjamesob tears into the news that @ScotParl cannot legislate for #indyref without Westminster approval - regardless of how Scotland votes..

ENERGY RATIONING: What an embarrassing national humiliation. When we are sitting on decades of our own energy treasure that leaders in Westminster decided not to use.

Democracy is dead on these islands. The refusal to grant a basic right to the citizens of Scotland is the final nail. In the clear light of day it is apparent to all that all our future plights are determined by the cosy Westminster establishment. Nothing more. #IndyRef2 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿.

Westminster Voting Intention: LAB: 47% (-1) CON: 26% (+1) LDM: 9% (-1) REF: 6% (+1) GRN: 5% (=) SNP: 5% (=) Via @YouGov, On 15-16 November, Changes w/ 10 November..

People really have just memory holed what an absolutely useless MP *and* leadership candidate Burnham was, while ignoring the fact that being a regional executive and a Westminster politician require very different things..

Sarah Boyack wants to work together to get rid of the Tories. But pro-#Brexit Labour is just Tory light & Labour in charge at Westminster only starts the countdown to the next Tory Gov that inevitably follows it. With #ScottishIndependence we can get rid of the Tories forever👋🏼.

@MarkTho115689 @PhantomPower14 Do they not need replacing under Westminster rule too? As for where the money comes from, Scotland can borrow from the markets easily - especially for infrastructure investment. It’s what independent countries do..

@AnasZubedy Follow the Westminster convention … the coalition with the largest number of seat must be given the opportunity to form the government. Then go for a floor test in the Parliament!.

In addition to the SC ruling today, don’t forget that the “Boundary Commission” also propose REDUCING Scotland’s representation at Westminster while increasing England’s! Union of equals? #GTF.

There is a constitutional problem with Holyrood, in order for any change it needs a clear 75% majority of the vote in the house by ALL elected MSPs. But in Westminster, which designed our powers a simple majority is suffice. Thats in affect another means of colonised..

We’re a union of equals apparently, but Westminster could decided to build a nuclear power plant in the middle of Edinburgh and there’s not a legal thing we could do about it..

No rebellion, no mass unrest from millions of disgruntled, disenfranchised Scots. It’s not The SC, Toarrries or Westminster that undermines #Scexit. It’s apathy. Not enough people are interested. That’s the real reason cybernats and The First Mobster are ragin’ . #Gamesabogie.

Adam is an intelligent guy who saw this coming months ago! Westminster’s attitude to the Celts on this island: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scotland - know your place!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Wales - who are you again?? Cornwall - never heard of you!.

12 people in London decided that Scotland cannot leave the UK without permission from Westminster.

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Infected Blood debate starts in Westminster Hall at 1:30pm ⏰. Thanks to @DianaJohnsonMP and the APPG for securing. Here are some of the key points 👇 #ContaminatedBlood.

Scott Morrison and Governor General David Hurley must resign They are complicit in the undermining of the Australian Govt, Parliament, the Westminster system All those who enabled, aided, abetted #Morrison in his paranoid and outrageous subversion of democracy, must go! Shame!.

@AlboMP What Westminster (Constitutional Govt.👇) system? Vic Ombudsman already calls Privatised Govt. a Refashioned Westminster Sytem. I do hope they put you all in jail or ... #QuickTrial 3-12-1972 was the day Australia died..

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@dirt_knox What is the Chief end of man?To glorify God and enjoy him to best Shorter Catechism(the revised version).

Holyoke is near where I grew up. Westminster 🐻❤️🌎🪶.

Congratulations to S^Yowah for winning Artist of the Year in New Westminster! Thanks to the @NewWestChamber for a wonderful evening!.

In their Westminster bubble they appear to have absolutely no appreciation of the public perception of their jolly little lives..

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RVW’s London Symphony brings me back to the April of 2013, and the unforgettable week I spent in this beautiful city. The introduction reminds me of the soft-edged beauty of Westminster Bridge at dawn, which moved me so much at the time that I memorised Wordsworth poem about it..

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Bridget Archer calls Morrison’s actions an “affront to to our democratic Westminster traditions” and in violation of Liberal Party principles.

@samanthamaiden NFA Morrison broke the Westminster systems rules of parliament & it should be a sackable offence why the hell is he even being listened to..

@FlickReynolds To be honest, I still don’t see the need. We have had ministers and PMs incapacitated, overseas etc before. The Westminster system is robust enough to deal with it..

WBB FINAL UPG 57 WESTMINSTER 64 Sophomore Melina Maietta scores a game-high 22 points. Senior Sidney McCully nets 14 points and records three steals..

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Westminster hits a 3 with 15 seconds left and IC misses a 3 with under 5 seconds. Final 33-31 Westminster. #BackThePack.

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@staylorish WRONG. Despite what Lord Reed says Scotland is oppressed and effectively a colony. England has 533MPs out of 650MPs at Westminster giving total control to the detriment of the other 3 Nations in this toxic unequal Union. We are not going to be held against our will..

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