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Scholz calls Putin. And Macron apparently offers Putin parts of Ukraine!? What in God’s name is going on here.

We can’t tolerate a system that lets dark money groups operate without oversight – not when they spend 100s of millions per election cycle without disclosing their donors. Citizens are denied the basic right to know what is going on around them in their democracy..

What bitch has two queens on her face, is negative for covid, and is going to a pool party now? THIS BITCH!!!.

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This is going to be the final video on the matter, it is obvious that Sunpi didn’t know what BBC meant so she meant no sexual comments with what she was saying - she was truly being an innocent minded person. & trying her very best to learn new Internet phrases. 💕.

What I want to know is what Europe and the public thought giving points on a fucking song contest is going to achieve? Like they’re still at war? And the song is shit😐 #Eurovision2022 #eurovision.

@CRYPTIDCALORIE Eyy yo same as mine I think. Yeah this is. Getting bad now I’m here still, glad you can at least see what’s going on - not going to stop you, ofc.

Just curious and thinking. Why do you think President Trump has endorse Oz. And also had J & J at his rally? What do you think is really going on. I think we should ? Everything at this point..

WTF!!! What’s going on with the Dodgers I just don’t get it let’s get the bogey man this is bad!!!.

@JakeEvansGA @ACTBrigitte Jake, don’t you know already that a lot of Congress is heavily invested in Abbott Labs who also make the Covid tests? They know what’s going on and won’t fix it. It’s the great reset. Look it up..

Ever since Conchita won #Eurovision in 2014 I always felt like Eurovision turned into a social justice platform and mirrored the view of politics. Ukraine winning is the epitome of what is still going on today and in the win in 2016. Nothing has changed!!.

@Toolsink2 My worry is what you call WhyteMonoplyCapitalis going to come hard on South Africa, and if you are not prepared for it with alternative systems, they will cripple you with sanctions and look for all types of societal fault lines to sabotage your efforts..

Can we just laugh at all the people voting for Ukraine tonight and thinking they’ve done their bit to help with what is going on.

@GeorgeKaptur @AP Doubt is was twitch, if it was getting some views and they suspected what was going on they’d shut it down. Probably Facebook or some obscure live-streaming service..

Never watched Eurovision and will never watch it again. Scoring system made no sense 🤯 Seems very political to me not knowing what the hell is going on! 🤷🏼‍♂️.

You know what. We all saw Ukraine winning it coming. To get to second place is absolutely fucking insane and incredible for us. I’m calling it a first. If there wasn’t a war going on - we would have had that. It is what it is. Slava Ukrayini 🇺🇦 #Eurovision.

“Ukraine only got that many points because of the war” well duh. We are living through history. It’s impossible to disconnect Eurovision from what is going on in the world. It has always been connected and always will be.

@elonmusk Did it and first tweet is Tariq going off on some conspiracy shit again, this what my tl usually looks like.

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@formulaonegf Exactly! How are you going to assault people at a funeral for doing what is customary?! The oppression from the Israeli government imposed on the Palestinian People just infuriates me so much..

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@RBReich So what would you call what’s going on in our economy right now which is all Democrat driven does this look right to you? You know that a flat tax is the only way to solve these economic problems. But the people in charge won’t go for it they’ll just keep on screwing Americans.

@EliseStefanik And yet you spout the “great replacement theory”. What did you think was going to happen? Blood is on your hands..

@bigricanman Yep. What happened in Buffalo is horrible and tragic but this stuff goes on all the time and nobody gives a shit. This shooting of black people in going to be in the news for weeks..

You’re one person away from your next opportunity. Despite what is going on in our world, I pray that you can find BETTER than what you are looking for. 1. Like 2. Comment 3. Connect Keep connecting with good people. By engaging in posts that brin….

@ChrisMurphyCT What’s going on? America is morally numb. Too much corruption, politics turned to cults, guns literally everywhere. Conspiracies and hate are unleashed as institutions fail..

@Bob_Herzog we found the spot under the nice cooling fan! Also fun watching all the late arrivers wondering what on Earth is going LOL.

Guys, this is what’s going around on Facebook as a formula alternative. Please tell me again why you’re afraid to compound a nutrient-rich baby formula? I promise that it will be better than Karo syrup. #compoundingpharmacists.

I’m so sad this is going to be engraved into our city’s history. They’ll bring this up every year to come on the news. All of the black people in the neighborhood FORCED to see the Tops everyday knowing what happened there. TRAUMA..

WHAT THE FCK IS GOING ON WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT BYLER. I take 30 minutes away from twitter and this happens.


it’s literally ALWAYS something going on with tech Twitter / black tech Twitter 🥴 it’s either about what tech is and isn’t, certs and degrees, one role being better/worse than the other, etc. GIVE IT A REST..

@fookelon But there is an endless supply on $vtho correct? And it continues to grow huge amounts every day. That is what needs to be burned to actually make it worth holding $vet. Meaning more companies need to get involved. 100k burn a day isn’t going to cut it..

@catturd2 I’m also sick of it my friend. We haven’t a clue what is really going on in Ukraine. Our media doesn’t tell us the truth. Even the news on the right side of the isle doesn’t tell us the whole truth!.

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