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On #WhiteRibbonDay, Wales is sending a clear message to the world. Women have the right to live fear free. If you think that you are experiencing domestic abuse or sexual violence, @LiveFearFree is here for you. Call 0808 80 10 800 Text 0786 007 7333 @WhiteRibbon_UK.

Today on #WhiteRibbonDay we take a stand against sexism and gender-based violence – as we do every day. We have a responsibility to work together to end violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence..

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The UN calls violence against women and girls one of the most widespread human rights violations in our world today. I am backing the #WhiteRibbonDay call for much greater action to tackle this scourge..

#WhiteRibbonDay Photo,#WhiteRibbonDay Photo by Richard Burgon MP,Richard Burgon MP on twitter tweets #WhiteRibbonDay Photo

#WhiteRibbonDay | Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. With the help of our partners across the criminal justice system we are committed to making long-lasting change to the daily lives of women and girls..

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On #WhiteRibbonDay, please take a moment to watch this incredibly brave speech by @ZPAReilly. As a society, we need to do much more to stop male violence against women and girls..

Today on #WhiteRibbonDay I’ve made the promise, you can too on the white ribbon website..

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Today is #WhiteRibbonDay and here at Humberside OPCC we are committed to eradicating violence against women and girls and are proud to be @WhiteRibbon_UK accredited. Visit for more information.

#WhiteRibbonDay Photo,#WhiteRibbonDay Photo by Humberside PCC,Humberside PCC on twitter tweets #WhiteRibbonDay Photo

Leicestershire Police is supporting a global campaign to challenge men’s attitudes and behaviours towards women. Read more ➡️ #WhiteRibbonDay.

#WhiteRibbonDay Photo,#WhiteRibbonDay Photo by Leicestershire Police,Leicestershire Police on twitter tweets #WhiteRibbonDay Photo

We make the Promise to never use, excuse or remain silent on violence against Women and Girls 🤝 #NoExcuseforAbuse @NLandFRS_CFO & @graeme_binning proudly raised the White Ribbon flag at County Hall today Watch our #WhiteRibbonDay video 👇.

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On White Ribbon Day and International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Deaf men have teamed up to speak directly through to Deaf men watching. #WhiteRibbonDay.

Reps at JLR today are supporting #WhiteRibbonDay and calling for an end to all violence against women. @UniteEqualities is at the core of our union with our reps leading the way and promoting and educating their members in their workplaces. 1/2.

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We ask men everywhere to recognise the necessity for them to stand up and take responsibility in working towards a future without violence against women. @trishhardy21 #WhiteRibbonDay.

Raising the flag at HQ to mark the beginning of the #16daysofactivism2022 campaign to end violence against women #WhiteRibbonDay.

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It’s #WhiteRibbonDay and we’re pledging to speak up against violence against women. Travellers got offered the chance to hear about the pledge & take a ribbon today in Preston. Every ribbon is different in size and shape- recognising every violent & abusive situation is unique..

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Today on #WhiteRibbonDay, we stand side by side with women and girls who face misogynistic violence. We reject the notion that women are girls are lesser. We stand against the gender pay gap. Period poverty. The continuing lack of representation of women in politics. 1/n.

Our Rochdale IDVAs are back at it! Come and find them today at @RochdaleExch 10-2pm where they can answer any of your questions about our pledge to the #WhiteRibbonDay campaign or domestic abuse. There may even be some treats 🍬 🖊️.

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We’ve made the promise to never commit, excuse or stay silent about domestic violence. #WhiteRibbonDay sees thousands take action & raise awareness to prevent violence against women and we’re proud that SFRS is a White Ribbon Accredited organisation..

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The Sun
The Sun

‘It terrifies me what could happen’ - @OfficialMelB on the horrendous effect the combination of the World Cup and Christmas has on domestic abuse #WhiteRibbonDay.

Today, we mark #WhiteRibbonDay, also known as International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women and Girls. Yesterday, we and @Humberbeat @HumbersideFire & others held an awareness event at Green Way Academy.

Today at Pompey in the Community, we are supporting ⚪️ 𝕎𝕙𝕚𝕥𝕖 ℝ𝕚𝕓𝕓𝕠𝕟 𝔻𝕒𝕪 ⚪️ #TheGoal campaign is to raise awareness about the challenges — and dangers — women and girls face in traditionally male-dominated contexts like the football pitch. #WhiteRibbonDay.

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Our Torfaen Team supporting White Ribbon Day with @CyfannolWAid. #WhiteRibbonDay.

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Pleased to stop by @ManCityCouncil’s #WhiteRibbonDay stall at the Manchester Christmas Markets today. Great to see Council officers doing their bit to raise awareness in the fight to end violence & harassment of women & girls 🤍.

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We must stop violence against women/girls by from its root societal beliefs and behaviours around masculinity and normalised gender inequality. LYP stands today with @UN_Women @UNWomenUK. Will you make your promise? Click the link below. 🤍#WhiteRibbonDay.

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Well done to @SofiaDMYP representing Plymouth at the #WhiteRibbonDay @GWRHelp event in London today - great to see two awesome Exeter and Plymouth women representing us in the big smoke today!.

White Ribbon display created by our groups at Chrysalis #WhiteRibbonDay @RespectUK Changing attitudes, behaviour, and promoting healthy relationships.

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#WhiteRibbonDay is a promise to never use, excuse or remain silent about mens violence against women and girls @SYFR #safeguarding.

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#WhiteRibbonDay is today! We are marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Take the pledge and join the cause. #TheGoal.

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Pleased to be attending @WhiteRibbonScot coffee morning held by original White Ribbon Ambassador @GavNewlandsSNP ☕️🧁#WhiteRibbonDay.

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If you need emergency help, please call the police on 999 or call us. #DomesticViolence #WhiteRibbonDay.

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Today is #WhiteRibbonDay and we are clear that there can be #NoExcuseforAbuse.

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