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babe wake up i’m destroying our entire kitchen and then restructuring it using only wickes products..

Why is a DIY store getting involved in political activism and promoting a contested ideology? Oh of course. @Wickes was awarded gold this year on Stonewalls top 100 employers list..

Why is @wickes telling lesbians they must include males? Because Stonewall told them to..

Wickes Photo,Wickes Photo by FairPlayForWomen,FairPlayForWomen on twitter tweets Wickes Photo

Really good to see a corporate float promoting important messages like this instead of just banging a few rainbows on there and calling it a day. If Pride must be commercialised, at least do it like this..

Why is this bold messaging no surprise? A couple of weeks ago I ordered some supplies from @Wickes requiring a crane delivery- so blocking off a space kerbside needed precision timing. Communication was spot on throughout and I altered my order! Crane controller was a legend too..

First they go woke. Then they go broke. #GoWokeGoBroke Wickes..

Should I be surprised to see @Wickes openly supporting homophobia?.

@NickBuckleyMBE @Wickes While similar groups are expanding and buying up business the travis Perkins group are closing businesses because they are poorly run. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Should spend less time virtue signalling and more time improving their business model..

SHOP LOCAL, they say. Just been to Wickes and B&Q for 2 strip lights. None in stock. Clueless staff. Noticed that more than half of ‘customers’ wander out having bought nothing. Got home and ordered from Amazon. They’ll be here tomorrow. Fair play, Bezos..

MORE OF THIS PLEASE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Wickes.

@NickBuckleyMBE @Wickes I often use Wickes and I wholeheartedly endorse their FULLY inclusive message & stance! I am more likely than ever to use them knowing that we are all welcome..

@Wickes @PrideBrighton Thank you for supporting the whole LGBTQIA+ community and sorry that the gender criticals have piled on with their hateful nonsense. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧ #LGBWithTheT.

@LozzaFox @Wickes So brave and strong of Wickes to do this. We all know the gay community love to screw things, and hammer things in. Wickes is the place to go for LGBT plumbing..

@TheJamFirst @francesbarber13 Did Wickes do anything for ‘disability pride month’? Note that we kept that to a single month 😉 Having certain disabilities has far more of an effect on the workplace than one’s sexuality or identity..

@Wickes @PrideBrighton ...me, proud never to shop at Wickes ever again. Go woke, go broke..

@Wickes @PrideBrighton Thank you for your support. Trans people do building and diy work too!.

@Wickes @PrideBrighton Women are not going to feel at home in a shop run by people who promote misogynistic male transvestites.

I hadn’t realised screws and planks of wood had the ability to be homophobic.

@darrengrimes_ When I want some diy gear, I check out the cheapest place to get it. That is the main determining factor. However, if I’m going to have anything like this forced upon me then I will simply choose the next cheapest place. This is not gaining Wickes any business..

@NickBuckleyMBE @Wickes The slogan itself makes no sense. LGB in both abbreviated and full form HAS NO ‘T’..

@Wickes @PrideBrighton This is from our self-identifying bedroom range.

Wickes Photo,Wickes Photo by Scold’s Bridle,Scold’s Bridle on twitter tweets Wickes Photo

Hate to killjoy but this is exactly how pinkwashing works. Wickes is still a corporation that made a record £85 million in profit last year, and it only got that through exploiting resources and workers, trans or otherwise. They’re not our friends just for hitting a very low bar..

@fairplaywomen @Wickes Why are a thinly-disguised bunch of bigots sticking their sticky-beaks into other peoples business? Trans is science and medicine. Gender Critical is the ideology..

@Wickes @PrideBrighton Yeah no, LGB do NOT need the T, and you are campaigning FOR conversion therapy. That’s exactly what child transing is. LGB genocide. 🖕🏽Retailers should STFU about issues they don’t understand..

When DIY shops do more for the trans community than the official opposition.

@Wickes @PrideBrighton So lesbians, gay men and bisexuals are forbidden from organising unless they align themselves with trans people? That’s a horrible take..

@Wickes @PrideBrighton Shove your virtue signalling up your arse. Won’t be buying from you again that’s for sure 🖕🏻.

@crit_gen @Wickes Because their marketing department has been wokejacked by Stonewall inspired cultists. All about the ESG innit..

@fairplaywomen @Wickes Apparently they believe that every single lesbian should be able to be themselves at work. I wonder if that includes the gender critical ones who know that men can’t be lesbians..

@LozzaFox @Wickes Ban conversion therapy But gender reassignment therapy and surgery for children is OK 🤦‍♂️.

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