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They said Jakub Kiwior had great pace. He just ran down Wilf Zaha like it was nothing. And defending him really well, to boot..

Football is a game of SUCH fine margins. Wilf doesn’t hit the post and this could be an entirely different In terms of performance, we looked great the first 25 mins! Then fatigue clearly kicked in. Couldn’t sustain. A sign that we’ve covered so little ground this year..

Players given up. Schlupp jogging around, Wilf not tracking back, Mitchell and Ward running behind shadows, Tomkins looking shaky. Shocking..

Wilf unlucky with that shot, Edouard missing yet again. Fine margins and you can say bad luck, but we have to make our own luck now..

@gazbod Wilf at fault for both goals, so don’t understand how the defenders are getting it in the neck.

Rob Holding bundles Wilf Zaha over. Holding is smiling and laughing as the two go to ground, Zaha incensed, remonstrating at the ref..

One of my favourite things about Russell’s era was how integral the families of the companions were to their stories/development. Jackie, Sylvia, Francine, Wilf etc. are all characters in their own right and got a lot of screen time and focus. I hope RTD2 gives us more of this!.

@gazbod This is why I think it was good that PV was fired. This team needs motivating. Might be time for Wilf to leave too..

Let Wilf go and use the rumoured 200k per month to rebuild when we are in the championship.

Wilf is the problem he is not mobile enough anymore both goal down to his lack of tracking back gonna get slaughtered for this but hasn’t performed well for so long he doesn’t want to be here.

I wonder if Paddy has the bollox to sub Wilf off? At fault for both goals, turned up for first 5 minutes but fuck all since. No manger has had the balls to take him off when playing shit..

Wilf is our best player and only real attacking threat. But is getting slated for his defensive abilities 🤷🏽‍♂️ we need him to stay up for the counter. Not constantly tracking back.

We are being Torn apart. Mitchell and Ward shocking. Wilf ball watching again. Damage limitation now. Half time can’t come soon enough.

Ultimately Wilf is the best player ever in red and blue but when we need everyone fighting on the pitch we cannot afford one of them walking about and not helping the defence.


I think it’s time for Wilf to go. I say that with all due love and respect but we need a major reset and a strategy that doesn’t involve reliance on individual players #cpfc.

Rob Holding spent all that time on the bench making a pocket big enough to put Wilf Zaha in for 90 mins…unreal performance from HOLDINHO.

Wilf had the ball in their box for a full minute before anyone made their way up the pitch ffs.

@Stueypot It is but what’s more worrying is the players we’re pinning our hopes on lack the fight for a scrap…Wilf’s tracking of Saka for the 2nd goal was woeful..

@NBCSportsSoccer ayy yo blaming both goals in the #ARSCRY match on wilf zaha is horrible analysis and really irresponsible.

What a game that was. #CPFC down 2 before the half, couple of changes were made and we looked like a different side. Wilf must have changed boots after smashing two in within 5 mins. And Olise finds Edouard in space for a lovely half volley to finish the game #ARSCRY 🦅 🔴🔵.


Ben White is simultaneously holding Wilf Zaha and tearing it up on the right side. Southgate doesn’t think he’s good enough for England. Welp..

@CPFCHQ That’s another PR spin. What academy graduates can SP point too? Under previous ownership we developed Wilf, Clyne, Moses, Bostock etc and that was without the money this mob have had. It’s an excuse to shut us about the failings and lack of direction on the pitch..

@zander_05 @TalkCPFC Ah yes I forgot wilf is the reason joel ward is fucking useless and turns like a lorry.

@fpl_tactician So unlucky with that Wilf chance hit the post then hit Ramsdale in the back and just went past the post.

I like Wilf so so much man but I can’t help but feel like that Palace detachment is here. If he signs a new contract I’ll be very very surprised..

None of these players not even wilf anymore. EVERY SINGLE TIME after we go 1-0 down the players give up trying. Its almost like they want to get relegated. Just liquidate us already.

Wilf throwing his arms a lot but both goals have come from his side tbf. He has to play higher up man doesn’t fancy the defensive work Neither do I tbh.

Regardless of his offensive contributions, I have never rated Wilf Zaha, how can you loose the ball, make no attempt to help recover it and complain like it was someone’s fault.

@DrizzyCPFC @CPFC We can score with Roy. We need an attitude shift. Drop Wilf. No-one too big for the team.

@NBCSportsSoccer again with the weird unnecessary wilf zaha criticism? Literally saying he lacks “intelligence and heart”? A little racist even maybe? Thank god I have been Reddit streaming your horrible coverage the last few years lol #ARSCRY.

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