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Just trying to catch a few winks 馃槾 and this guy @LPCornelius keeps bugging me! 10 days to go #TheLPShow Act 3 Halloween

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Alfie ()

@thfcbxn Watch out, you can speak badly about Moura and send death threats to Winks but you can鈥檛 criticise Doherty, haven鈥檛 you learnt by mow?

Sophia Davis
Sophia Davis ()

@QuinnThomRp @ColtonBrewerRP So we are all in agreement then. That we will just ravish each other whenever we want. {winks with a soft laugh

Mr Benn
Mr Benn ()

@Sillyshib ...and as if by magic! Ahem! Madam! All my adventures have a moral to them! Do his? *winks* *doffs bowler hat*

Tyler ()

@rylee_gentry {Grins} yeah maybe so, but I will use my teeth to make my territory {Winks}

Javier G贸mez
Javier G贸mez ()

Esos 18 m谩s Davinson, Aurier, Winks, Dele Alli, 贸n.


No winks, Aurier, Dele or Sanchez on the have a great squad don鈥檛 we !

Richard ()

@JohnMcInerney3 Alli, Sanchez, Winks, Bergwijn, Aurier all not involved tonight at all


@oolongskies (help) vernon and minghao turn their heads to look at you. hey there vernon greets you with his grummy smile whereas minghao winks at you with a smirk on his face hey there, darling. you chose a good wine i must say he giggles oh so beautifully, aw man.

Cock and Ball馃帣锔
Cock and Ball馃帣锔 ()

I had forgotten that Winks existed until I read this in all honesty

Liam ()

Just trying to catch a few winks 馃槾 and this guy @LPCornelius keeps bugging me! 10 days to go #TheLPShow Act 3 Halloween

JJ ()

@ElliotWHU Was talking about the stupid Aurier foul and winks not hoofing up. Plus us just not finishing the game off when we should

Juan ()

@BenTHFC03 Mourinho didn鈥檛 do nothing bad but that sub of taking off ndombele for winks was kinda bad

Iceman ()

@Yonny1975 Did anyone notice Winks get smashed off the ball to stop his momentum block Lanzini? My son saw it but Sky were too busy celebrating, I assume Stockley Park were too

Declan Walker
Declan Walker ()

@thfcollie_ I鈥檓 with you. Honestly can鈥檛 we just send Winks to Norwich (if they鈥檒l have him) & get Skipp back.

Ms. Magister
Ms. Magister ()

13. I am separated, pending divorce but please date me: Must accept the Master as the true owner of the universe Want to watch Doctor Who all day long under a blanket Be kinky *winks*

饾搻饾摰饾摦饾攣 饾搻饾摰饾摽饾摦饾摷 馃漏锔徛笍馃嚠馃嚤
饾搻饾摰饾摦饾攣 饾搻饾摰饾摽饾摦饾摷 馃漏锔徛笍馃嚠馃嚤 ()

@do_spurs @LastWordOnSpurs Os tr锚s patetas culpados foram Sanchez, Aurier e Winks, nesta ordem!!! Espero que o novo zagueiro Gal锚s seja melhor que o Sanchez!!!

Tomgoodland ()

How have we not won that馃槀 Sanchez is so brain dead and no shock winks is bottling challenges

Davros Flatley
Davros Flatley ()

@SpursOfficial Imagine winks not putting his boot through the ball at the end. Him getting game time and Skipp out on loan is criminal

Kretos ()

@lmjgalaxxy mano pior q o mourinho mexeu extremamente mal tbm, alem de ja ter escalado o paulao do sanchez (q jogou mal e fez gol contra) de titular alem disso o bale perdeu um gol feito e o winks (q o mourinho botou no lugar do ndombele q tava jogando mto) entregou pros cara

LI螖M D螖鈭嘔危S
LI螖M D螖鈭嘔危S ()

@ChrisCowlin Huge concerns defending set pieces. Sanchez makes too many mistakes. Winks isn鈥檛 good enough.


@king26ledley No, I mean, once we threw Bale on, it still felt like we were trying to contain them(also the reason for the Winks sub). If we had for instance kept Ndombele on and tried more actively to kill them off, we likely make it 4-0

Giovani Lord Celso
Giovani Lord Celso ()

We need to bin Alli, winks, sissoko, aurier, lamela, moura and sanchez, bring in Luis Campos to get suitable replacements

FOX 2001 馃
FOX 2001 馃 ()

Jos茅 Mourinho is responsible, because he played the three cunts (Sanchez - Aurier - Winks) Did they buy Doherty to be benched for Aurier 馃挬 ? #TOTWHU

Alok Badri
Alok Badri ()

At 93:35, what did Winks want to do with that possession. CLEAR THE FUCKING BALL

Mike N
Mike N ()

Trust Jose to deal with the players making individual errors, we have the squad to do it now. Prior to this season the problem was that Aurier, Sanchez, Winks etc were making the errors but they were automatic first choices, not anymore. They will either improve or stop playing!

Declan Walker
Declan Walker ()

@ASpursyPodcast Winks for me is my scapegoat. Our midfield fell to pieces the moment he came on. Maybe anger & existing dislike. We have played our best football without him on the pitch & with him we have played our worst.

Chris amos
Chris amos ()

@_bpaigeyu @SpursOfficial Useless an understatement jose fucked us over what the hell was he thinking taking son off for lucas and n dombele for winks 馃が馃が馃が馃が馃が am raging


I hate Harry Winks. People don鈥檛 realise how many games he costs us. He has no business wearing #8 for spurs. Arrogance has made him try control a ball on the edge of his box in the 93rd and then get bodied. This guys main attribute is being busy, other than that he offers nothin

Invictos ()

Eso tiene la Premier. Si te desconectas, pagas. Tottenham pas贸 de estar gustando y goleando, a recibir 3 goles en 12 min. El gol de Balbuena preocup贸 y el autogol de Davinson instaur贸 desconfianza. Luego, la pintura de Lanzini (qu茅 mal Winks). Bale tuvo una. Una que 茅l se gener贸.

Bill Pascrell, Jr.
Bill Pascrell, Jr. ()

A rightwing domestic terrorist cell was plotting to assassinate the governor of Michigan and corrupt trump鈥檚 response is to repeatedly attack her. There鈥檚 no more winks and nods: trump鈥檚 openly encouraging extremist violence.

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