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  • EXCLUSIVE: Bayer Leverkusen revelation Leon Bailey qualifies for England and could be shock World Cup wildcard |@Neil_Moxley https://t.co/6b1MXUVqML https://t.co/nZc1oneXmj

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  • Possibly under radar story from weekend is Spain look very likely now to qualify for 2019 rugby world cup after 22-10 win at home to Romania yesterday.

  • In 2006, On this day Pakistan U19 team won the U19 world cup by defeating their traditional rivals India. Under @SarfarazA_54 captaincy Pakistan defended the target of just 105 runs. #PakvInd #PakistanZindabad https://t.co/a3Mzio7kTZ

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  • #SaraKlisura received a special plaque for the most promising Serbian volleyball She won this title after being named this year as the best server at the 2006 Cadet World Cup and Cadet European Championship, as well as the best volleyball at the Balkan Championship. Year: 2009 https://t.co/rtAdxrW5bA

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  • @the_max_doom @nickellis_music @TheSportsman Great game that. https://t.co/dg301OCrjw

  • "Though accustomed to the world of celebrity and adulation, even for them, being invited by the Rashtrapati was a first." | @AmritMathur1 https://t.co/3ThesnHTx0

  • England fans think having Harry Kane in the team will win them the World Cup. Argentina failed with Messi in the squad. Portugal failed with Ronaldo in the squad. World cup is team work first then individual brilliance.

  • Wishing Marco Reus stays fit for the World Cup. We want to witness absolute genius. 🐐 @woodyinho

  • @JohnBrewin_ Never understood that or the loud commentator celebrations when they do well. Could you imagine the reaction if Motson did that when England scored at the World Cup?

  • https://t.co/oE3DdT3pYl @ghanafaofficial #Djibouti

  • Cameroon Stop Nigeria From Qualifying For FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup https://t.co/rF14w3SZzO

  • OnThisDay 2006. In a low-scoring FiNal against India, PakistaN won the Under-19 World Cup by 38 Runs in Colombo. Pakistan were 109 all Out

  • @Shexxilona @brfootball Messi passes the ball to Jordi Alba and then jumps in the box for a tap in and celebrates like he won world cup with Argentina.

  • How Wigan can help win the World Cup https://t.co/VBqPPy9Slf https://t.co/3QZEoRCHsi

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  • Big hit: Cricket Australia says T20 internationals are here to stay https://t.co/PuaEViG5bM

  • Spain seize the initiative in race for World Cup qualification https://t.co/XM1quCNvKK

  • Bachpun Main Cricket Ka Buhat Ziyada Shoq Tha 1996 World Cup K Baad Cricket Se Buhat Ziyada Dil Achaat Ho Gaya Tha. Dil Toot Gaya Tha. Fawad

  • World Cup Russia 2018 news: Brazil confirm starting XI four months early #worldcupnews #fifa2018. https://t.co/qBQkyORjwS https://t.co/S5ITzoqd7K

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  • @JordRuss96 My first and favorite World Cup.

  • FIFA U-17 World Cup: FIFA Postpones Inspection Visit to Rwanda https://t.co/dpNZuq687C #Rwanda

  • Mark Opio: Warriors’ guard makes Silverbacks team for World Cup qualifiers https://t.co/gWydnqP64i

  • Μου άρεσε ένα βίντεο @YouTube https://t.co/Oqtsu5qLlg 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil - Brazil - Spain - A Minecraft

  • @TheFuse984 #ReadyFor Very TRUE:- Brazil...Has won the most world cup titles FALSE...That 1st world cup in africa was held in 2006. Rather it was held in 2010 in South Africa cc @WanjiraL @mianomuchiri

  • Today in 2011: 10th World Cup was started. In the inauguration match at Mirpur India beat Bangladesh by 87. Sehwag & Kohli scored 175 & 100* respectively. Started with boundary-4 by Sehwag (19/2/2011) Ended with boundary-6 by MS Dhoni (2/4/2011) #TeamIndia

  • Top 5: There’s not much time between now and next year’s Cricket World Cup, and the #Proteas will be aware that there is still a lot of work that lies ahead. https://t.co/tpX2hKe8jq

  • FA Cup: Roberto Martinez on how Wigan ethos can help Belgium win World Cup https://t.co/evz28i3Uie

  • #OnThisDay 2006. In a low-scoring FiNal against India, PakistaN won the Under-19 World Cup by 38 Runs in Colombo. Pakistan were 109 all Out

  • @catandtheodore I’ve got a Mooncup and love it, it’s £20 on their website. There are others (Diva Cup etc) that are a bit cheaper on Amazon but Mooncup create projects bringing their cup to girls across the world who don’t have access to sanitary products x

  • @TheFuse984 Brazil has most World Cup trophies 🚩🚩🚩🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷⚽⚽⚽🏆🏆🏆 FALSE. first African held World Cup was in 2010 South Africa

  • @btsportfootball fingers crosses he stays fit, and gets to play in the world cup :)

  • @TheFuse984 @mianomuchiri @WanjiraL Brazil has won the most world cup trophies and for question two...FALSE #ReadyFor

  • @MacNab63 @BettsJulian The fact that every incident is shown is the big factor. In the 70s we didn’t even see every goal. Even until the 80s we got highlights of 3 games a week?? Show more and you’ll see more. As Rochdale boss said “I just hope he does it in the World Cup” !!

  • @IIHFHockey @JPN_Ice_Hockey @Japan_Olympic @Trekronorse @swehockeyse @SWEOlympic Después de ver como Japón venció a Sudáfrica en el mundial de rugby, a EEUU en la final del penúltimo mundial de fútbol y como Suecia (pechos fríos 100% that day) perdió contra team europe en el World cup of ice hockey; no me sorprende.

  • The quickest ever goal in World Cup Qualifying history was scored by Davide Gualtieri (of San Marino) vs England in 1993. Via @Golden_FM

  • The first four fixtures in the World Cup of Reading Restaurants will be confirmed around midday. Please do vote, and get involved using the hashtag #WCRR!

  • If the World Cup is anything like last nights FIFA tournament...Well we will be in for a treat 🤣😂

  • @ICC hello sir plz launch you a channel icc and plz telecast icc matches world cup plz sir

  • GUNNING FOR GOLD North Korean athletes at Winter Olympics desperate to avoid ‘hellish GULAG fate’ of 1966 World Cup squad. https://t.co/rUJxBeA58t

    World Cup twitter.
  • IFAF Football World Cup Japan vs Team USA: https://t.co/MFaeJsFnOV на @YouTube

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