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The NXT Tag Team Championship is ON THE LINE, the #NXTBreakoutTourney continues, and we have many, MANY questions for @shirai_io tonight on #WWENXT!.

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Holy SHIT. I’m so glad I’m going to this takeover jxbsjcnskhff.

Please end it now. I can’t take too much more of Johnny.

So basically a Three Stages of Hell match? 👀 I like this already.

@WWENXT @DexterLumis I thought this was the evil randy orton from an alternate wwe universe.

stupid thing would be having gargano win the title back i don’t see any reason why they would bother having johnny drop the title the first time if they were possibly gonna have him win back months later lol.

@ZachRogacion @WWENXT Ayo bro don’t do NXT like this, the main roster understandable.

@arturoruaswwe Cara, você está vivendo um sonho e está só no começo. Fico feliz te poder acompanhar a sua trajetória, que você continue esse guerreiro e boa sorte com o futuro. Apesar de que não precisa de sorte quando tem #Technique haha. Abç futuro campeão do @WWENXT..

once I got home tuned into #WWENXT and tried to watch main event Street Profits vs Lorcan & Burch for tag team titles and kept nodding off. Couldn’t do that match justice so time to get some rest..

Street Profits (c) def. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch to retain the NXT Tag Team Titles on #WWENXT. ➡️ #WWE.


Damian Priest def. Blanco Loco on #WWENXT. ➡️ #WWE.


I need Street Profits & Lorcan & Burch to have all the matches against each other. #WWENXT.

Face Io: Cute, Adorable, and Strong Heel Io: Wicked, Cruel, and Hot What kind of fucked up logic goes through my head? #WWENXT.

@TheGarrisonKing would make a great addition to the Street Profits based on ring attire. #baller #WWENXT.

The wrestling has been really good in the breakout tournament, I’m just mad I’m 0-2 on my “fan” picks. Maybe the wrestler formerly known as ACH gets me on the winning column. #WWENXT.

Apollo Crews in #WWENXT next week vs Kushida? Crews should stay back in NXT. He was rushed up w nothing to work with, thrown w Titus, then thrown out by himself 8n purgatory. Always said Crews needed more polishing in NXT..

Watching white people dance with the Street Prophets might be my favorite thing. #WWENXT.

@WWENXT @shirai_io when I forget to watch NXT every Wednesday and my best friend find.

Watching #WWENXT & @RealBlancoLoco is facing Damien Priest. Pretty cool to see! #InternationalSuperstars.

@WWENXT is expose to be a developmental company but imo they have surpassed #RAW #SDLive.

The NXT Tag Team Championship is ON THE LINE, the #NXTBreakoutTourney continues, and we have many, MANY questions for @shirai_io tonight on #WWENXT!.

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