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#WWERaw on fire tonight! So happy to see so much NXT influence! Hard work pays off. Do business the right way, make good decisions and opportunity can come at any moment..

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Aller hop c’est le public est mou ... moi je suis hyper de fou ! Merci HHH ! Et Vince va en retraite stp. Vite #WWERaw.

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Niby fajnie, że mamy okazję zobaczyć gwiazdy NXT na RAW, ale mam z tym problem. To wszystko było takie sztuczne i znikąd. Troszkę jak jakaś przyjezdna trupa cyrkowców, która akurat przejeżdżała przez miasto #wrestlingPL #WWERAW.

Borin’ Corbin vs Braun is the sequel to the film you never wanted to watch in the first place. NXT debuts outside of Ricochet were meh. And once again main roster booking tries to make us forget these guys were even in NXT. #WWERaw.

Man that crowd in #Lafayette was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Awful tonight!!!! #WWERaw.

I can only guess WWE went to the wrong arena because based on the sound of the crowd there isn’t a single wrestling fan out there! #wweraw #Lafayette.

@itsBayleyWWE Do us a favor and never pass that mic to #SashaBanks. - Everyone who watched #WWERaw tonight.

They have a tremendous roster and this is what they do with 4 of the best NXT talents. Bring them up randomly in front of a crowd who couldn’t care less #WWERaw.

Honestly if they had waited til next week, Atlanta would’ve blown this crowd out of the water. I wish I could go next week cause I know the crowd is gonna be over the top after this fuckery. #WWERaw.

The Miz & Aleister Black should form a tag team 'The A Leisters' 🌟 #WWERaw #RAW.

what in the blue hell is your problem? Screw this crowd. #RAW #WWERaw.

A graveyard Turning the page of a book Thinking Blinking Breathing Existing #WWERaw #ThingsLouderThanThisCrowd.

These fans at #WWERaw are very 4 outta the top 10 NXT talent called up to be sleeping through them..

Oh so some of the crowd is chanting for Becky? News flash, you’ve had a great show in front of you tonight. Becky isn’t all that matters. #WWERaw.

No @RubyRiottWWE hasn’t changed her game plan from #WWEChamber . She’s actually allowed to have one in this match. #WWERaw.

#wweraw Stone Cold glass shatter as the rock repels from the rafters and this crowd would go get popcorn 🍿.

@TheBearded_Sumo They are awaiting Cena to come out wearing his Spinner belt. Perhaps a Hogan match. #WweRaw.

Gargano & Ciampa vs The Revival was the best match I’ve seen on #WWERaw in a looong time, just proving that #NXT has been the better product for awhile!.

#WWERaw on fire tonight! So happy to see so much NXT influence! Hard work pays off. Do business the right way, make good decisions and opportunity can come at any moment..

❤️❤️❤️ #Repost @W_W_Unicorns with get_repost ・・・ warriorwrstlng : #WWERAW We are less than ONE MONTH AWAY from the biggest wrestling show in Chicago this year. Check out this insane….

Back then watching Raw was like watching a mini WrestleMania every Monday. Attitude Era was as good as it gets. #WWERaw.

@wwe Raw is becoming more and more difficult to watch on TV, TOO MANY ADS AND COMMERCIALS #WWERaw.

Ricochet is coming from his #WWERaw debut to La Boom in Queens, NY one last time at #EVOLVE124 on March 16th. It will be Ricochet & The Street Profits vs. Shane Strickland, Eddie Kingston & Joe Gacy! He will be available for a Meet & Greet! Tickets at.

So nxt is on raw and no velveteen dream ... Come on triple h surprise us with an experiance. #WWERAW :).

watching #WWERAW live for the first time in years because of the #NXT boys showing up!!!!.

#WWERaw is great if you really really love that thing where someone tries to speak and then gets interrupted by music.

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