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From one Irish superstar to 🇮🇪 Here’s what happened when @Katie_McCabe11 met @BeckyLynchWWE - and turned her into a Gooner 😉 #WeAreTheArsenal #WWERaw.

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Some fans will argue this is what they probably should have called this title. #247Championship #WWERaw.

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WWE didn’t get the memo that I already hold the 24/7 It’s Mom and I’m the undisputed champion. #WWERaw.

Totally called it! A reincarnation of the Hardcore Title or as @RealMickFoley calls it the 24/7 Championship! Thank you Foley for bringing unpredictable title changes back to the business! #247championship #WWERaw.

What the Fuck is that shit ? Bring me a fucking hardcore title #247Title #WWERaw.

Look guys when you get sick of #WWERaw come to @H_2_0WRESTLING #Undiscovered. You’ll go home feeling a lot less disappointed..

is the 24/7 championship the PC version of the Hardcore Championship? It’s literally the same concept with a worse name and somehow an uglier belt. #WWERaw.

It’s a good thing I had the volume on and they explained the title rules repeatedly like I was a child who just couldn’t understand, because I would’ve thought it was just a big game of Tag. #247Championship #wweraw.

What was your favorite match tonight from @WWE RAW? DDP💎 #PositivelyUnstoppable #WWERaw.

At the end of the day, the 24/7 title is a good move. It gives some great wrestlers a title shot and can really provide some interesting moments each week. Being across every brand is pretty sweet too. We’ll see matches that never would have happened otherwise #WWERaw -BB.

Typical. Just playing mind games. Brock is basically Lacey Evans 😂 well at least Seth and Kofi still have their titles for now! #WWERaw #MusicCityMania -BB.

The 247 title is the ugliest belt I’ve EVER seen. Hardcore title or bust. #WWERaw.

Watched the 24/7 Title announcement w/ @RealMickFoley at least 3 times, can’t seem to figure out why the crowd boo’d. Mick’s promo was great, had passion & delivery was on point. Even got in the classic “cheap pop.” I wonder what made the crowd go sour? 🤔 Hmmm~PHS #WWERaw #WWE.

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@WWE brings out @RealMickFoley to unveil a watered down, stupidly named ugly version of the #hardcoretitle and left my hometown area in silence #WWERAW 🤣😑😂.

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Why is everyone so upset and confused with the 24/7 Championship? It’s just the Hardcore title under a new #WWE #WWERaw.

I kind of just felt embarrassed for WWE during that 24/7 title announcement. #raw #wweraw.

How do you beg for them to bring the hardcore title back but then complain when they introduce this new 24/7 title which is basically the same thing ??? I think some folks are just preprogrammed to nag 😂😂😂 #WWERaw.

Watch them going backstage to catering, and the champion be pinned while they eat their food. A comedy, literally a comedy. #WWERaw.

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Oh come on @WWE. That just sucks. Couldn’t just do hardcore title again huh. Weak #WWERaw.

Only going to bring up the “24/7” belt to say I am never going to bring up the “24/7” belt ever again. #WWERaw.

I love Mick Foley, but the idea that RAW sucks because the wrestlers are too lazy is so fuckin preposterous lol #WWERaw.

Do you remember when El Santo won the 24/7 championship? Good times. #WWERaw.

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“Super Showndown will Be as good or exceed Wrestlemania?” @VinceMcMahon the hell man? You sold out Mania? Anything for a dollar, huh? And THAT’S the best tagline you could come up with to do it? Retire. @wwe #wweRaw #raw.

Everyone quit complaining. This is probably the closest thing to a new “hardcore” title with the PG area. I dig the new strap. #WWERaw.

From one Irish superstar to 🇮🇪 Here’s what happened when @Katie_McCabe11 met @BeckyLynchWWE - and turned her into a Gooner 😉 #WeAreTheArsenal #WWERaw.

So @BraunStrowman and I have been discussing THAT meme. And, despite what this picture may suggest, we’re both VERY angry about it. 😂What a legend. Thanks @WWE for such a fun night. #WWERaw.

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