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what about next year we get X Factor: The Rejects and we can see the return of icons like these #XFactorCelebrity.

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Just watched #XFactorCelebrity and oh my god, @jonnylabey absolutely SMASHED IT!!! He had me sold the second he started singing, but when they brought David onstage to play the piano & he sang Feeling my god, my heart! I love Jonny & I love that song! It was perfect🥰.

[email protected] has been nominated for an @OfficialNTAs Award! ✨ Make sure you vote for him here 👇 #XFactorCelebrity #XFactor.

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I don’t know what’s worse, the fact @jenlion didn’t get through on the #XFactorCelebrity or #Brexit What a strange world we live 🌍 😐.

California dreamin’ no more! Sheee’s back people 😚 And on #XFactorCelebrity tonight 🌴💞 Who’s watching?!.

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Watching @VinnieJones65 on @GMB talking about his wife is breaking my glad your doing xfactor in her memory and hope u win it #GMB #XFactorCelebrity.

Some biggest names of Music Industry #XFactorCelebrity @TheXFactor.

Thanks to Channel 5’s Most Shocking Moments of the 00s, some quick screen grabs of the original #XFactorCelebrity in 2006 🤨:.

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Jeremy Edwards fuming 😂. You were shit mate, accept it 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #XFactorCelebrity #crying.

#XFactorCelebrity doesn’t feature celebrities or anyone with the ‘X Factor’, surely this is against advertising rules and should be removed from out screens..

The only thing that could persuade me to watch #XFactorCelebrity is Megan because a. she can actually sing and b. her mad tantrums.

#XFactorCelebrity is still #Jokefactor still trying to milk this rubbish i see!.

Nicole shitslinger going all muller rice over contestants is really cringeworthy. #XFactorCelebrity.

I reckon Jenny from the chase, the news guy and love island folk will be first to get through. #XFactorCelebrity.

I think the islanders performance was okay ,I hope they stay because like them #XFactorCelebrity.

@jenlion Well done fantastic performance. Very talented lady , brilliant voice 👏👏👏👏👏 #XFactorCelebrity.

They managed to get footage of the legend that is Diane Warren on #XFactorCelebrity without her swearing :) I think she’s the only woman in music that swears more than I do 😂😂😂.

Yay another new show to watch since everything else I watched ended. lol #XFactorCelebrity.

#XFactorCelebrity samira Samira and Wes should be a duo. Samira vocals are on point and Wes rapping who knew..

Just Watched || Acabei de assistir: The X Factor: S01E01 Good #xfactorcelebrity #tvtime.

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Do they pre-record the songs on X factor now? They don’t actually look like their singing live, it’s really #XFactorCelebrity.

all the cast members of the #XFactorCelebrity talking shit abt eachother and kevin mchale stays unproblematic and is respectful of everyone.

@SimonCowell #simoncowell looks like my Nan (her false teeth dominate her mouth) #XFactorCelebrity.

what about next year we get X Factor: The Rejects and we can see the return of icons like these #XFactorCelebrity.

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Like two divorced dads trying to woo the ladies at the Butlins disco #XFactorCelebrity.

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all these tweets saying ‘who?’ like who do you expect to bloody show up Beyoncé and Sir Isaac Newton ?? #XFactorCelebrity.

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