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I still can’t believe a non-indigenous governor of Lagos State and his people managed to convince anybody at all that GRV, a Lagosian, is not Yoruba or Lagosian enough to rule Lagos. Omooooo.

The Yoruba movie industry is filled with senseless people, old and young.

All of a sudden, they’ve twisted the story, this one that happened in our eyes, they’ve changed it to Igbo lynching a Yoruba man to death for voting for APC. Nah, I’m done with this!!!.

Yoruba Photo,Yoruba Photo by SportsDokita (Odogwu ☝️),SportsDokita (Odogwu ☝️) on twitter tweets Yoruba Photo

Why is MC Oluomo allowed to publicly say if the people allow Igbo man to be governor of Lagos, if they ( Igbo) wins they will use their ( Yoruba) children for ritual. Is that not incitement? Is that not conduct likely to cause breach of the peace? Oh well….

Igbo this, Yoruba that, yen yen yen… Keyboard warriors. drop locations make una meet..

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I hope Yoruba folks are ready to be swept out of every other state in Nigeria. Cos the line has clearly been drawn. Damn rascals 🤮.

@DAMIE_lol I’m not supporting them but it’s not right If it was the Yoruba’s that’s sidelined like the igbos…Yoruba’s no go gree.

So you mean Igbo people came to Lagos and the Yorubas started giving out clothes and houses to them, just like that? Yoruba people must be really rich. Why didn’t they give those things to their fellow Yorubas wallowing in poverty?You’re a very stupid person..

@ralphadeniyi @Sisi_Yemmie I suppose all agitators of Yoruba for Lagos alone will buy goods cheaper in the markets, get fatter salaries, buy fuel at a cheaper price and get free power and free education after the election..

@omoelerinjare Is he an Igbo reporter?????????....This people parading themselves as if they are for Yoruba are the enemies of Yoruba ..once they are through with the Igbos they will come for their people because all is selfish interest to dem.

okay we’ve heard you ! you are igbo before Nigerian, some yoruba before Nigerian and some hausa before Nigerian, but which one of you isn’t human first ?? we have lost it as a people 😤.

Plus he’s a perfect gentle man who fights for her. Fear Yoruba men 👍🏾 Don’t fall for it..

Sisi Yemmie was quiet all through when tribal slurs were being thrown around here, not once did she call her people to order for an indigenous Yoruba but now she is complaining because they didn’t allow she and her husband vote because they look igbo..

@firstladyship DEMOCRAZY, CRAZYDEMO,DEMOSTRATION OF CRAZE In America,white people stood on the lines and voted a Nigerian but in Nigeria,Black people are asking if another black guy is Yoruba black enough to be voted for 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 IYA CHUKWUDI EEH.

@GRVlagos You don’t think Yoruba but you want to lead thinking Yoruba’s you are a joker. LP should have field a better candidate. Playing tribal politics and dancing to the gallery. The Obanikoro vs Fashola face off was more interesting..

Even awọn ọmọ who “looked Igbo” sef collected today? Reminds me of a couple of years ago in Àkúrẹ́ when this “police” who stopped our car said I looked Igbo, with my beard. Na so I go just collect for Lagos today like that, too? Èmi Ọmọ Yorùbá àtàtà..

My friend and her husband we threatened with a gun at mile 12. She’s not Igbo, she’s not Yoruba. You want to plunge the country into anarchy because of Lagos? You think so highly of yourselves..

@FoodJaspar @seyilaw1 Werey mentioned Ogun state, this is You were still talking about all Yoruba state are Nation so keep mouth is my land my country you gat no right here to decides for me..

@HopeJohnson30s @renoomokri Lagos is not Yoruba land. Go and argue with the Oba of Lagos..

@funshographix In my Life, I pray none of my Yoruba family members will ever be as dumb as you..

2. old wise Yoruba heads - men who are gentle as doves but strike like a serpent. Who cares about his MIT degree in the context of the Yoruba thinking? I was at a Mechanic village only last week, and many of the Artisans there were just hearing of him for the first time..

@olajid_tajudeen They surely did! Peter Obi played the ethnic card to the fullest. Campaigning in Alaba, Ladipo, Computer village, where the Igbos dominated. Basically telling the Yorubas, f^xk u, we gonna run you outta town! Yoruba had no choice but to defend their land!Vote hard for Sanwo Olu!.

@James09253539 @MuchTalksBlog1 But they can invest and pay tax in the state that belongs to Yoruba, what a time to be alive. 👨🏿‍🦯👨🏿‍🦯.

@adeosunm Lagos state assembly should also adopt Yoruba as official language of the house..

The tribalism displayed by the Yorubas in this election cycle has always been overlooked by other tribes. Take the RCCG for example, they always post a Yoruba man to pastor wealthy parishes outside the SW. If you go into business, their tribalism is on full display there..

@Adamspope09 @DavidHundeyin I want to inform you that there is a Yoruba man that has won his constituency post.

@JudeHeavenly Yoruba nation and biafra exit . 🇳🇬 can never it will never work. Knw dis knw ✌ ❤.

@IkukuomaC He said it himself he is not a Yoruba ma why the lies.

Yoruba Photo,Yoruba Photo by PETER OBI FOR PRESIDENT,PETER OBI FOR PRESIDENT on twitter tweets Yoruba Photo

@onwudinjofc There is a tweet where the man himself responded to a post like yours disassociating himself from the Yoruba tribe. He said he is a pure Igbo man, Abiola is more like a nickname..

It’s heartbreaking to see your own friend post about Igbos trying to take Lagos and all that nonsense. So, dear friend of mine, if I married a Yoruba man and my child decided to run for office tomorrow, you would join others to say he’s an Omo Yibo that can’t run for office? Wow.

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