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Yvette Cooper: We are not talking about exceptional childcare problems, we are talking about normal childcare problems

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TDH ()

@Keir_Starmer I am saddened that you & your MPs have let the Gvt off the hook; very little pressure coming from any of you (Yvette Cooper being an exception ). Many people won’t abide to the letter of the new guidance due to the ‘Cummings Effect‘ which will be at the detriment of us all

Glenn Collins ()

👏👏👏 well done Yvette Cooper, the slippery toad aka the blonde bullshitter, stuttered away as he was well and truly slammed.

Carra ()

Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper face probe after claiming more than £14,000 travel expenses for their via @MailOnline

Samuel Jenkinson 🦎 ()

Thank you to the people in my mentions suggesting Yvette Cooper Jeremy Hunt erotic fan fic.

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Llwchwrjack ()

Talk about rats coming out of the ships hull. Alistair Campbell & now Yvette Cooper. Both were spewing bile & hatred towards Boris. Displaying this unacceptable behaviour is acceptable to these 2. Fortunately the majority of the UK public despise the 2 of them & have their number

I Keir Hardie #LabourLeaks ()

@hilarybennmp I’m astonished to learn that the draconian DWP sanctions regime was introduced by Labour under Yvette Cooper’s ministerial leadership. “Je ne regrette ”

Lord Justin ()

@Kevin_Maguire There must be something wrong with your hearing, or your totally delusional. Boris Johnson just skewered Yvette Cooper.

Bruce Winston Brown ()

Brilliant from Yvette Cooper but she’ll have to be careful otherwise the BBC will block her or she’ll be marched out of Parlt. by armed police on Lord Haw Haw Cummings’ orders.

🎉Lars Newbould #ScumMedia detester ()

Just seen Yvette Cooper try to attack BoJo. My God, what a repulsive bint. Ultra Remainer using Covid to flail around self-righteously. Hideous.

James Whale ()

I did feel sorry for poor old Boris Johnson being interrogated very badly by a number of politicians who just wanted to score political points at a time when politicians should be working together this whole DC debacle is ridiculous and I think Yvette Cooper Should apologise

Louise Hector ()

I bet after the questions of Meg Hillier, Yvette Cooper and Caroline Nokes the PM would think fewer women in public life would be a good idea.

Susan D ()

@SteveParker1971 @Rubiespal Yvette Cooper is a liar and cheat how is she on this committee. Untrustworthy creature,

The_answer ()

Yvette Cooper vs Boris Johnson? #BorisFail #BorisHasFailedTheNation boris will not get all of the blame for 37460 uk deaths in just over 2 months? stay at home? wear the mask? that on you the people? not enough PPE? that is where boris johnson failed? china - deaths?

Joanne Harris ()

Yvette Cooper: A quarter of women on Mumsnet reported being ill with Covid without available childcare. Would you advise them to drive across the country, possibly spreading the infection? Boris Johnson: wash your hands. British public. Er, move on. Please. Move on.

Luke McGee ()

Yvette Cooper: We are not talking about exceptional childcare problems, we are talking about normal childcare problems

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