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Y’all think if Zack has any plans he would wait to announce until after Army of the Dead is released? Yes this is me mostly just being optimistic but I also understand if he wouldn’t want to undercut his brand new film.

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LersZorX1 ()

@Im_____brm But honestly idk because in his situation with Zack there was ALOT of misinformation and when he supposedly “confessed he did it” that was the nail on the coffin you know for me I got upset he did what HE said he DID, so now he proved he was confused at that time idk man

Brooks ()

Y’all think if Zack has any plans he would wait to announce until after Army of the Dead is released? Yes this is me mostly just being optimistic but I also understand if he wouldn’t want to undercut his brand new film.

Madame ()

Voll die Fehlkonstruktion auch, den ganzen Abend auf der Couch gechillt, nichts. Kaum stehe ich auf und wusel noch bisschen sinnvoll umher, zack Krämpfe.

malo 💉 atsumu liker (derogatory)
Malo 💉 atsumu liker (derogatory) ()

every time i look up references for zack fair i feel like a fucking middle schooler again because i have to take a second to Not Look at him because my face just starts BURNING

Mati Morelli
Mati Morelli ()

no hay ni un solo fan de zack snyder que no sea un deficiente mental, es increible.

Blitzibution ()

@Charizard_Main @TheTumultus For those who are interested in my take. Zack should be banned. While yes he is a child/teen however you may say He clearly has the intelligence to attempt to hide all these situations under the carpet and look away, match rig, lie to his friends and himself, and understand 1/2

MIKE 🇦🇷 #RestoreTheSnyderVerse
MIKE 🇦🇷 #RestoreTheSnyderVerse ()

@aleveg_ @DCEUnlimited Yo lo que propuse es que aquellos referentes que tanto se sacan fotos con Zack y ponen capturas de sus conversaciones, se hagan responsables, hablen como adultos en privado y dejen las diferencias de nenes chiquitos a un lado. Que apoyen todos los eventos importantes y se dejen

mercedes :) BLM!
Mercedes :) BLM! ()

respectfully, no. zack, you’re wrong. the school-funded newspaper is a place where students can write about things that have happened that have touched or affected them. comparing the black lives matter march to the baseball team being unable to have the thin blue line flag +

Zack@狩人🍡🍵 ()

@sofia_mayu 私は昔ウイイレとプロスピやってました! どのスポーツも、今はコロナでマスクとか歓声を抑えるとかでちょっと寂しいですよね(^-^;

ZackXVince ()

Wow abe @blxck_goat tambah order lagi for In total dah 11 kotak dh dia order ni since Tq tq 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Flavia 💫
Flavia 💫 ()

Desde ayer Disney se viene poniendo la 10, ahora por ej, esta pasando Zack y Cody: gemelos a bordo 🤩

Kali🍍 ()

I’ve been so stressed that my fainting spells have come back. S/o to Zack for catching me mid fall last night lmao

Nestor Ezequiel
Nestor Ezequiel ()

Espero que en la próxima Liga de la Justicia, Zack Snyder muestre quien ganó la carrera 🙄

Zack Mulholland
Zack Mulholland ()

With Juzang out, UCLA needs to operate solely through Jacquez on offense. Nobody else is going to score anything.

Okiro ()

@BlkNtvTerraFFVI I use to like them, but its pretty clear they have a lot of biases that shine through. They dislike Zack, JJ, and a handful of other directors and it shows

Sportsthread ()

@zack_bickerton We 👀 you! Post your BEST play on our app so more college coaches & fans can watch you ball out💪❗️ YOUR play could be featured to all coaches/fans on Twitter/IG/TikTok🙌 Hit the link to download Sports Thread

Zack@狩人🍡🍵 ()

そろそろ笛以外の武器も使いたくて昨日修練場で試してみました 太刀と双剣は使ったことあるのでいいですが ランスとかガンナーもやりたい🤔 でも機動力が落ちるのはなぁ… 今日のお昼ちょっと使ってみようかな! そして、次クエはマガイマガドさんとの初戦(--) ドキドキ(^-^; #モンハンライズ

The Reel Deal
The Reel Deal ()

Hope you were able to tune into our second episode of season 7, where we reviewed Zack Snyder’s Justice League! If not, the YouTube link to the episode will be up in a couple of days. :)

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Dan Remy
Dan Remy ()

@TheNerdQueens Yup, you’re definitely not wrong. Crazy how a BVS flopped there was results and numbers of it wasn’t even successful but then when it’s the other way around Zack Snyder’s JL there’s crickets

Ray ()

ジュディ オングの「魅せられて」の歌詞を最近歌番組で知って、「好きな男の腕の中でも違う男の夢をみる」のフレーズ聞いた瞬間、結構最低な歌だったんだなって思った。笑

Pat the Apex Shill
Pat the Apex Shill ()

@Zakiyyah6 Maybe it’s because you didn’t watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League 😈

WeSmoke86 ()

@MBatshitcrazy Es gibt auch Ärzte da liegt die Zeitung aus! Und zack gesund ... 🤣

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Laguerre ()

@CSimmsQB Why you didn’t have that same energy when it came to Zack Wilson the other day you always bias towards the ones that look like you

garota raivosa
Garota raivosa ()

@sgrayrafferty Nem lembro Mas foi logo dps q transformaram acho q o zack ligado a um culto e apaixonado pela brennan Nao lembro a temporada kkk


Me and Zack don’t deserve the slander we are saving a dead division we are allowed these moments.


I CANNOTTTTT believe this 🤦🏾‍♀️ Zack my man should’ve kept it moving from Karen! And andi i can’t even 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

Jackson McAfee
Jackson McAfee ()

Bottom 6th: Sophomore LF Zack Gregory and Leach drive in a run each on walks. Moore clears the bases with a double to extend the Arkansas lead to double digits. UCA goes back to the pen. No. 2 ARK - 19 UCA - 8 // @UATravSports

Kath is playing Life Is Strange
Kath is playing Life Is Strange ()

There are too many antagonists in this movie. Lex Luthor, Doomsday, Batman AND Superman. Pick three, Zack.

Nancy Fraser
Nancy Fraser ()

When Zack proposes a fake engagement, Suzanne is reluctant at first and there has to be chemistry between them to make it believable. #historicalromance #99cent tour week sale

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Josue Boleto Y Soda
Josue Boleto Y Soda ()

ZACK SNYDER JUSTICE LEAGUE LE DA LA VICTORIA A HBO MAX SOBRE DISNEY PLUS.#ZackSnydersJusticeLeague #RestoreTheSnyderVerse a través de @YouTube

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