United States Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topic Today

USA Twitter Trends Now - Office of the Former President, Ted Wheeler, Tornado Watch, Republic Day, Chief Justice, Chris Harrison, #MambaForever, Harriet Tubman, Touken Ranbu.

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.#HistoricTractorMarch 291203
2.Republic Day 286726
3.McConnell 237185
4.Delhi 216814
5.Anna 174816
6.Lebron 135381
7.Harry Potter 125122
8.Red Fort 120099
9.Hunter 118927
10.Kobe 117717
11.Progress 106630
12.Victoria 92820
13.Kaepernick 88713
14.vine 85390
15.Champ and Major 77898
16.#Dreamcatcher 76201
17.Harriet Tubman 73736
19.Schumer 67966
20.SCOTUS 65258
21.Dame 65071
22.Virginia 63084
23.Arizona 62315
24.Edge 51420
25.#Dystopia 49510
26.Birdwatch 48409
27.Article of Impeachment 44395
28.wonho 41904
29.Manchin 41637
30.Bad Bunny 40758
31.Katie 40628
32.Ninja 39850
33.#AnimalCrossingxColourPop 38871
34.#TheBachelor 37549
35.Roberts 32934
36.Chief Justice 31950
37.Maddow 31025
38.Ontario 30869
39.Asuka 30040
40.Treasury Secretary 28946
41.First 50 27625
42.Zenith 25942
43.Morrison 25891
44.Janet Yellen 25193
45.#Odd_Eye 25142
46.Jules 23775
47.Andrew Jackson 23530
48.Year 18 22740
49.Vanessa 22416
50.Percy Jackson 21940
51.Cardi 21583
52.#WWERaw 20973
53.#Road_to_Utopia 20517
54.Office of the Former President 20248
55.Carrot 18708
56.Leahy 18040
57.Hudson 15546
58.King James 15490
59.#MambaForever 14590
60.siyeon 13833
61.Arby 13730
62.Brittany 13233
63.West Virginia 12906
65.Birmingham 12669
66.MARK LEE 11287
67.Touken Ranbu 10986
68.Chim 10676
69.Magi 10160
70.Athena 10108
71.Shayna <10k
72.Mac McClung <10k
73.Bill Walton <10k
74.CeraVe <10k
75.Drummond <10k
76.YEAH MIKE <10k
77.Kellyanne Conway <10k
78.#AllAmerican <10k
79.Nesmith <10k
80.Porzingis <10k
81.Leon Black <10k
82.RIP Bean <10k
83.Chris Harrison <10k
84.Caruso <10k
85.Potomac <10k
86.SoCal <10k
87.Matt and Michelle <10k
88.alex quackity <10k
89.Khaylah <10k
90.#NOOTNOOT <10k
91.#PFGameDaySweepstakes <10k
92.Deuce McBride <10k
93.Catalina <10k
94.Alexa Bliss <10k
95.#ChrisHansenIsOverParty <10k
96.Ted Wheeler <10k
97.Cedi <10k
98.Brandon Sutter <10k
99.Dana Brooke <10k
100.Javale <10k
101.Tornado Watch <10k
102.Miss Puerto Rico <10k
103.Anthony Edwards <10k
104.Malik Beasley <10k
105.Black Ops 2 <10k
106.#HappyBirthdayEllenDeGeneres <10k
107.Gasol <10k
108.East River <10k
109.#911onFOX <10k
110.#IdBeTheFirstToPointOut <10k
111.Slapjack <10k
112.Barton <10k
113.Shai <10k
114.Riverside <10k
115.#alwx <10k
116.Druski <10k
117.Texas Tech <10k
118.Ben Higgins <10k
119.#bootwtselfieday <10k
120.Fontana <10k
121.#LakeShow <10k
122.Blazers <10k
123.#OppositeAMovieSweeps <10k
124.#JusticeForClaudiaConway <10k
125.Sheamus <10k
126.UNLV <10k
127.Goldberg <10k
128.Josh Christopher <10k
129.Tony Bradley <10k
130.Jamal Murray <10k
131.The Mississippi <10k
132.Jungle Cruise <10k
133.Mike Scott <10k
134.McBride <10k
135.Oregon GOP <10k
136.Nia Jax <10k
137.Mike Muscala <10k
138.#VTuberUprising <10k
139.Kelly Anne Conway <10k
140.Lacey <10k
141.Tyrese <10k
142.Pasadena <10k
143.Bam Adebayo <10k
145.Sam Hauser <10k
146.Retribution <10k
147.Wiggins <10k
148.Sonny Dykes <10k
149.#HighRiskCA <10k
150.R-Truth <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

ColourPop Cosmetics
ColourPop Cosmetics ()

🏝️Animal Crossing #GIVEAWAY 🏝️ Win a Nintendo Switch™ + Animal Crossing game + the ENTIRE ColourPop x Animal Crossing: New Horizons Collection 🗿 To enter: 🏝️Like & RT 🏝️Reply w/ #AnimalCrossingxColourPop 🏝️Follow @ColourPopCo + @NintendoAmerica

#AnimalCrossingxColourPop,USA Twitter Trends Now
Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner ()

However slowly, when Harriet Tubman replaces Andrew Jackson on the $20 dollar bill, the arc of the moral Universe will continue to bend towards Justice.

Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman ()

You know whose voice was actually silenced? Air Force vet and Capitol Policeman Brian Sicknick. He was 42 when a member of the mob encouraged by @HawleyMO killed him with a fire extinguisher. I’m angry about his voice not the fool who doesn’t even live in MO. #SeditionCaucus

Brian,USA Twitter Trends Now
Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Rachel Maddow MSNBC ()

Excellent question, Chris! Wait til you see what Senate Majority Leader Schumer said when I asked him that very thing. 9pm ET, MSNBC

Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Rachel Maddow MSNBC ()

McConnell is literally holding up the transfer of control of the Senate — temporarily nullifying the outcome of the elections — to try to force them to do this. Democrats can’t allow it.

Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman ()

@GOPLeader This officer died defending you from the mob Trump and you incited. We aren’t forgetting Brian Sicknick no matter how hard you try to make us move on. We aren’t. Sedition has a price. Buckle up, Kevin we’re just warming up.

Brian,USA Twitter Trends Now
Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman ()

I’m begging my friends in the media to always ask Josh Hawley about Officer Brian Sicknick. Don’t let him play his games without asking him how he feels about cheering the mob that murdered a cop. @HawleyMO is an accessory to murder not a victim. Their names are linked forever.

Brian,USA Twitter Trends Now
The Daily Wire
The Daily Wire ()

Media when Amy Media when Barrett says she’s Biden says he’s Catholic Catholic

Catholic,USA Twitter Trends Now
Adam Serwer 🍝
Adam Serwer 🍝 ()

Manchin confirms there are no circumstances under which the needs of the American people will supersede his loyalty to Mitch McConnell, whose desires will always take priority over theirs.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson ()

On this day in 1993, Michael Jackson won three American Music Awards for Favorite Pop/Rock Album for DANGEROUS, Favorite Soul/R&B Single for “Remember the Time,” and International Artist Award of Excellence. Dig back into the award winning album:

Michael Jackson,USA Twitter Trends Now
Unite in justice for the poor & oppressed
Unite in justice for the poor & oppressed ()

The 1/6 insurrection at Capitol was akin to turning the brightness up to 100 on a picture. No one can deny what was revealed in that moment. It exposed the entire truth of the nation past & present & has forced a moment of reckoning on whiteness that ppl don’t want to confront.

Bucke ()

giving everyone who likes this tweet $10 if me khanada and mackwood win the cash cup today

Unite in justice for the poor & oppressed
Unite in justice for the poor & oppressed ()

Whew. The things that folks accept as impossible simply b/c political leaders say so is incredible. When they declare war $$$ appears from nowhere, weapons manufacture overnight, bills pass right away. But they can’t figure out remote learning, housing or vaccine distribution

CoinDesk ()

SCOOP: The endowment funds of Harvard, Yale, Brown and UMich have been quietly buying #bitcoin through Coinbase and other exchanges, CoinDesk has learned. @IanAllison123 reports

David Enrich
David Enrich ()

Breaking: Leon Black paid $150 million to Jeffrey Epstein – more than twice as much as was previously known. Following an attempted boardroom coup, he will step down as CEO of private-equity firm Apollo. @MattGoldstein26 @katierosman

町山智浩 ()


Tricia Flanagan (R-NJ)
Tricia Flanagan (R-NJ) ()

What was going on last night at the White House? The American People deserve some answers. This is from live webcam footage last night at approximately 8pm White House in darkness—

THE LAST LIVE,USA Twitter Trends Now
Tommy Schultz
Tommy Schultz ()

So terrible to read. Fall data: 62% of public school students nationwide were fully virtual (union politics) compared to just 5% of private school students (meeting demands of families); 60% of private schools were operating for in-person learning…

Andrew Yang🧢🗽🇺🇸
Andrew Yang🧢🗽🇺🇸 ()

Now on I talk the Harden trade and other NBA news with @KevinOConnorNBA of @ringer - thank you Kevin!

CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

Israeli Occupation Forces damaged 6507 Palestinian owned olive trees in 869 operations in 2020. Indian Occupation Forces destroyed thousands of apple trees in Indian Occupied Kashmir in 2020. The aim of settler colonialism is to make life impossible for indigenous people.