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USA Twitter Trends Now - QUICKLEY, Buffalo, Kelce, boogaloo, Chrom, ERET, #RHOA, #TALESFROMTHESMP, #AFCChampionship.

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.JUNGKOOK 902860
2.Brady 836452
3.kyungsoo 593315
4.Packers 469081
5.Weverse 460688
6.Bills 369444
7.Rodgers 316068
8.Lampard 309731
9.Chiefs 250018
10.Godzilla 228862
11.the bills 218393
12.Titan 217728
13.Buccaneers 215992
14.Bucs 215160
15.Mahomes 179520
16.GOAT 178796
17.ANOTHER ONE 176225
18.Eren 162891
19.Frank Lampard 139376
20.seulgi 132206
21.Hill 119889
22.KARL 110693
23.Buffalo 104776
24.#BOBBY_UMad_OutNow 100653
25.New Week 98817
26.Green Bay 94276
27.Navalny 92710
28.Gabi 91848
29.Patriots 72542
30.Dame 71688
31.Tampa Bay 69072
33.#MondayMotivation 66343
34.Super Bowl 59310
35.Reiner 58770
36.Kevin King 53949
37.Tuchel 52502
38.South Africa 47284
39.Josh Allen 47201
40.LaFleur 43536
42.TUBBO 38502
43.Arkansas 38330
44.#BUFvsKC 36321
45.Kenya 33908
46.Chips 32359
48.#SuperBowlLV 25692
49.Good Monday 25497
50.Sarah Sanders 24158
51.Natalie 23369
52.TB12 23128
53.Kelce 22650
54.calum 22464
55.Newsom 22316
56.#RunItBack 21506
57.Gronk 18903
58.Kansas City Chiefs 18407
59.#90DayFiance 17989
60.abolish 17524
61.Danileigh 17486
62.#AFCChampionship 17460
63.Tyreek Hill 17088
64.#AskHunter 16872
65.#mondaythoughts 16093
66.Sarah Huckabee Sanders 15890
67.#RHOA 15445
68.Jimmy Dore 15286
69.Hardman 14861
70.Diggs 13912
71.Newt 13053
72.Ranbob 12903
73.Strive 12828
75.Kobe Bryant 11928
76.KOTOR 11900
77.#MondayMorning 11690
78.Stephanie 11533
79.Andy Reid 11490
81.Maluma 10557
82.Elfrid Payton <10k
83.Chrom <10k
84.Super Frank <10k
85.Singletary <10k
86.Lucio <10k
87.Garcetti <10k
88.Sam Seder <10k
89.Gatekeeper <10k
90.Kourtney <10k
91.Fritos <10k
92.jc caylen <10k
93.New York Post <10k
94.Brie <10k
95.trump is putin <10k
96.Feliciano <10k
97.French Laundry <10k
98.ICUs <10k
99.Marth <10k
100.Amira <10k
101.#ICYPARK <10k
102.Kourtney Kardashian <10k
103.Brave Ike <10k
104.McDermott <10k
105.#technoatebacon <10k
106.Gordon Hayward <10k
107.Travis Barker <10k
108.ERET <10k
109.TWO IN ONE DAY <10k
110.#MondayVibes <10k
111.Antonio Brown <10k
112.NY Post <10k
113.mecole <10k
114.Nelly <10k
115.Okafor <10k
116.Brent Burns <10k
117.Fred Hampton <10k
118.Trey Songz <10k
119.Chris Jones <10k
120.Boogaloo <10k
121.Cole Beasley <10k
122.CLETUS <10k
123.Winter Weather Advisory <10k
124.Quickley <10k
125.Budweiser <10k
126.Tony Romo <10k
127.0% ICU <10k
128.#morningjoe <10k
129.Kanter <10k
130.Eric Idle <10k
131.Dawkins <10k
132.Immanuel Quickley <10k
133.Buy American <10k
134.#morillion <10k
135.WWE Network <10k
136.Porsha <10k
137.Seek the Lord <10k
138.Leveon Bell <10k
139.Schlatt <10k
140.Calli <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner ()

We now learn that Trump funded the deadly Insurrection to overthrow the election. The only remedy to preserve Democracy is Conviction and a Lifetime Ban from ever holding Public Office.

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert ()

I introduced 3 bills this week: 1. A bill to prevent funding for the Paris Accord. 2. A bill to halt funding to the WHO until we hold them accountable for their role in COVID. 3. A bill to overturn Biden’s Mask mandate. Biden can try to ruin our country, but I will push back.

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert ()

The Biden administration says that the Keystone XL workers can just find another job. Let’s make sure that in 2022, the Keystone XL workers are telling Democrats the same thing.

Daniel Summers, MD
Daniel Summers, MD ()

Don’t book RFK Jr. to talk about vaccines. Don’t book Cruz or Paul or Hawley et al to talk about the election. Don’t book Kellyanne Conway to talk about anything. It’s not journalism to give liars a platform. Stop booking them.

Bruce Feldman
Bruce Feldman ()

When Tom Brady played--and won--his first Super Bowl in 2002, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen were both in kindergarten. Crazy.

Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷)
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷) ()

Cream of Wheat! With sugar and Carnation Milk with a little cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled on. Dash of vanilla if it’s a special day. Brooklyn born, grew up in Denver, CO raised by a Guyanese mom ❤️

Cream of Wheat,USA Twitter Trends Now
Brigitte Gabriel
Brigitte Gabriel ()

Do you think Mike Lindell should run for Governor of Minnesota? I think he would be FANTASTIC.

Wael Ghonim 🦅
Wael Ghonim 🦅 ()

اللي بيدمن احساس الذكرى بيعيش موهوم .. واللي مؤمن بالفكرة بيعيش عشان يصلح نفسه حتى لو مهزوم وائل غنيم - ٢٥ يناير ٢٠٢١ - كاليفورنيا

25 يناير 2021,USA Twitter Trends Now
Eric Garland
Eric Garland ()

There we go. Welcome back to , scumbag. Feel free to stay for a while. 😠🖕😠 Now, remand the rest to custody, as well.

Mika Salamanca
Mika Salamanca ()

matic naman si Lord guys syempre hahahahahaha pero hindi ba kayo minsan napapatanong? sobrang dami nangyayare sa mundo hindi mo na alam sino paniniwalaan mo 😅 kahit sarili mo minsan pwede ka lokohin eh.


#OTD in 2014, Melo dropped a career-high & Knicks franchise record 62 PTS at MSG! 🔥

Dean Browning
Dean Browning ()

I’ve always wondered why Canadian @SethRogen is so deeply obsessed with American men like @TedCruz. One obvious #SethRoganLovesTedCruz

Kyle Crabbs
Kyle Crabbs ()

If I’m Green Bay I have about 10 clips to send into the league tomorrow to ask how what Sean Murphy-Bunting did all night didn’t get called but they make THAT call with the game on the line.

The Daily Wire
The Daily Wire ()

Washington Post ‘Fact Checkers’ Won’t Count False Biden Claims; ‘Assume’ He’ll Be Like Obama

Checkers,USA Twitter Trends Now
Sarah Granger
Sarah Granger ()

Oh goodie. Just in time for them to open everything back up. And BTW ICUs are still full. <face-palm / and / cry>

Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson ()

“And I kept my mouth shut the whole time, got paid, one up’d my Hermès scarf ...just in time for my book deal, while I milk 2 years in this current presidency that said in October: It has a plan, now, No plan feasible in the next 7 months.” -narratives 4 dumdumbs

Mark Feinsand
Mark Feinsand ()

Source confirms the Yankees will send Miguel Yajure, Roansy Contreras, Maikel Escotto and Canaan Smith to the Pirates for Taillon. First with the return: @JeffPassan

The Daily Wire
The Daily Wire ()

‘You Say We’re All Liars’: Rand Paul Has Fiery Debate With George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos,USA Twitter Trends Now
إسرائيل بالعربية
إسرائيل بالعربية ()

افتتحت رسمياً اليوم السفارة الإسرائيلية في أبو ظبي مع وصول القائم باعمال السفارة الإسرائيلية إيتان نائيه الى عاصمة دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة. ستعمل السفارة على تعزيز العلاقات بين الدولتين. هذه خطوة أخرى في تنفيذ اتفاق السلام التاريخي بين إسرائيل والإمارات 🇮🇱🇦🇪

ابو علي,USA Twitter Trends Now
J. P. Gownder (கவுண்டர்)
J. P. Gownder (கவுண்டர்) ()

Louis DeJoy needs to either resign or face criminal prosecution for his efforts to sabotage vote-by-mail to help Trump. #USPS #impeach