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USA Twitter Trends Now - Night Stalker, flo milli, Finally Friday, River Road, Shaq, dvsn, Brad Hand, play minecraft with karl, Nurk.

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.#7YearsWithGOT7 731642
2.#PricelessJennieDay 623516
3.#빛이나는_제니의_모든날이_찬란하길 600026
4.Corey 323762
5.#NobodyIsListening 317845
6.John Sullivan 226786
7.Irene 156255
8.GOT7 FOREVER 139154
9.megan 119158
10.#AskMewSuppasit 115167
11.#TGTATBO 112234
12.Be Myself 100413
13.ariana 97840
14.#90sLove2ndWin 93722
15.#WandaVision 92142
16.Doja 88555
17.Nidhi 88144
18.Legacy 87156
19.Cienfuegos 83995
20.Grey 81056
21.Sweat 77325
22.Franklin Graham 77300
23.Bol Bol 69624
24.Saleh 66722
25.Nixon 66029
26.LOVE SONG 63792
27.Jets 63589
28.LOOK AT ME 60702
29.#3435REMIX 59678
30.Ben Shapiro 48768
31.First Lady 48261
32.taehyun 44427
33.The 34 41969
34.Calamity 40861
35.RIVER ROAD 39566
36.Tightrope 39235
37.Bad Boy 38413
38.zayn malik 34508
39.Windowsill 34206
40.Martin Luther King 31980
41.MAKNAE 30604
42.Wayne Rooney 29342
43.Shaq 28564
44.Good Friday 28253
45.Yankees 24713
46.QAnon Shaman 24632
47.#fridaymotivation 20861
48.Onew 19925
49.Tuberville 18741
50.Diamond and Pearl 17756
51.Founders Day 17576
52.House of M 16625
53.#askofficial_ACE7 16379
54.dowoon 15776
55.James Sullivan 15403
56.It is Friday 15272
57.Jinki 14707
58.But the Lord 14373
59.Andrew Yang 13592
60.Maloney 13552
61.#BeBest 13420
62.#onepiece1001 13148
63.Dr. King 13102
64.Ducks 12311
65.Sylvain Sylvain 11823
66.Christian Wood 11436
67.#FridayFeeling 11337
68.zayns 10177
69.flo milli 10145
70.Second Gentleman <10k
71.#AKA1908 <10k
72.Duane Reade <10k
73.rask <10k
74.Joe the Pigeon <10k
75.Bowles <10k
76.Saved by the Bell <10k
77.Plies <10k
78.Saint Mary <10k
79.Guánica <10k
80.Happy Friday Everyone <10k
81.Kash Patel <10k
82.Happy Friyay <10k
83.Tekashi <10k
84.Dustin Diamond <10k
85.Manned <10k
86.Cashman <10k
87.Touch Bar <10k
88.Ken Cuccinelli <10k
89.devlin <10k
90.Bewitched <10k
91.David Kessler <10k
92.29% of Americans <10k
93.Elizabeth Olsen <10k
94.AKAs <10k
95.Kaprizov <10k
96.Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority <10k
97.dvsn <10k
98.Carmen Sandiego <10k
99.Michael Fanone <10k
100.Mortal Kombat <10k
101.Paul Bettany <10k
102.Black Tulsans <10k
103.Kirk Franklin <10k
104.Wiseman <10k
105.DJLM <10k
106.Alysa <10k
107.Inside the NBA <10k
108.Bieniemy <10k
109.Yanks <10k
110.Night Stalker <10k
111.Day Sorors <10k
112.Dillards <10k
113.Ariel Pink <10k
114.Red Friday <10k
115.Blazers <10k
116.Charles Barkley <10k
117.Bodega <10k
118.Crotch <10k
119.Happy Birthday Ben <10k
120.Dr. Martin Luther King <10k
121.play minecraft with karl <10k
122.Kluber <10k
123.#mnwild <10k
124.#CriticalRoleSpoilers <10k
125.Johnny Cage <10k
126.DJ LeMahieu <10k
127.Andy Barr <10k
128.Lucien <10k
129.Finally Friday <10k
130.Arthur Blank <10k
131.Kerr <10k
132.MagSafe <10k
133.Nordstrom <10k
134.McDavid <10k
135.#FridayThoughts <10k
136.Joe Brady <10k
137.Martin Jones <10k
138.Lankford <10k
139.Phase 4 <10k
140.Arthur Smith <10k
141.Duce <10k
142.Martin Lawrence <10k
143.Happy Founders <10k
144.Brad Hand <10k
145.Wazza <10k
146.Nurk <10k
147.Doug Jones <10k
148.Happy Birthday Dr. King <10k
149.Agnes <10k
150.Today is Friday <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

usa is a failed state
Usa is a failed state ()

Gotta stop letting the mainstream pretend the modern movement began with the George Floyd protests. It’s a convenient way of overlooking how Black activists were saying the same things for years about racism & policing before the mainstream finally acknowledged the truth of it.

Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷)
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷) ()

I hope former Michigan governor Rick Snyder is convicted and serves a long, long prison term, along with all of his cronies who implemented an anti-democratic “manager” system on the people of Flint, Michigan. Thank you @maddow for staying with this.

Congresswoman Debbie Lesko
Congresswoman Debbie Lesko ()

Yesterday, the House voted to impeach President Trump a second time. They did it without proper committee hearings, any investigations, or any regard for due process. Dems are using impeachment purely as a political tool, which sets a dangerous precedent for our nation.

Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷)
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷) ()

You had civil rights hero lawyer Doug Jones, Alabama. He was RIGHT

Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Rachel Maddow MSNBC ()

“I should have recognized how what I said and what I did could be interpreted by many of you,” he said. “I deeply regret my blindness to that perception, and for that I am sorry.”

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson ()

“‘Bad’ illustrates Jackson’s changing identity, his transformation into a pop-cultural symbol.” - Pitchfork Michael Jackson’s image has evolved through the decades. On “Bad” he showed a side of him the world had never seen before. Get “Bad” with Michael:

michael jackson,USA Twitter Trends Now
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷)
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷) ()

Their ranks included an Olympic swimmer, a radio host who flew in on a private jet and a CEO. Trumpists aren’t poor even when they’re non-college. People need to stop blaming poor white people for the things comfortable white people do. The poor of all races too often don’t vote.

CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

“Hindu Hindustan, Muslims go to Pakistan!” Modi loving, Hindutva fascists chant anti-Muslim slogans during rally in Uttar Pradesh, India. (via @imMAK02)

Josh Shapiro
Josh Shapiro ()

Mr. Rogers helped raise me. His teachings of kindness and love shaped us all for the better — and I know that he learned so much of that kindness and love from his wife Joanne. Thank you, Mrs. Rogers. May your memory be a blessing.

Mark Feinsand
Mark Feinsand ()

Archie Bradley has agreed to a one-year, $6 million deal with the Phillies, per source.

Schooley ()

Seeing moving trucks at the White House is like seeing the first crocus of Spring poke up through the snow.

Rob Anderson 🇺🇸
Rob Anderson 🇺🇸 ()

I’m a fairly clever fellow, but I do NOT have a 187 IQ. There’s a Twitter dude trending who also listed his height. Conspicuously absent from the postmodern, meta solipsism is some braggadocio about the length of the little Captain.

Twitter Moments
Twitter Moments ()

Selena Gomez announced she will be releasing her second Spanish-language single at midnight ET on January 15. 🌸

Imani Barbarin, MAGC | Crutches&Spice ♿️
Imani Barbarin, MAGC | Crutches&Spice ♿️ ()

Disabled people are diverse in our sexualities. If you’re not climbing into her with us, don’t worry about it. HT cred @MizTeeFranklin #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

TVV Noticias
TVV Noticias ()

#14Ene La emisora colombiana WRadio informó que Cabo Verde le notificó a la defensa de Álex Saab, que el país insular africano no reconoce a Nicolás Maduro como presidente de Venezuela, y por lo tanto tampoco su supuesta designación como embajador ante la Unión Africana. #TVV

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman
Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman ()

If we look at history, insurrections occur when conditions become dire, the needs of people are ignored, and they get desperate. A botched pandemic response + impotent economic relief in the face of crisis + a demagogue who shifts blame and stokes hatred = where we are today. 1/

Kigogo🇰🇪 ()

Hii ndiyo shida ya kuokota watu vilabuni huko unawapa uwaziri! Hili ni takataka kabisa! Field Marshal wa nini kenge hili hospital hazina hata panadol linapanua panua domo huku?Ujinga mtupu ! Kaa jiulize kwa nini hospitali hazina dawa, kwa nini madaktari hawatoshi! Siyo upuuzi huu

NHL on NBC Sports
NHL on NBC Sports ()

Taylor Hall is ready for his @BuffaloSabres debut. #LetsGoBuffalo

Taylor Hall,USA Twitter Trends Now

Aaj ka gyaan: Jo log DM me trolling Schools chalaate hai aur School goin bachho ko links de deke trolling karwate hai, saath saath me bachho ko padhai ka bhi gyaan de dena, kyuki aapka ullu sidha ho jaayega par unka future twitter ki trolling ke chakkar me kharab hoga 🙏

Mark Feinsand
Mark Feinsand ()

With Liam Hendriks, Pedro Baez and now Archie Bradley signing deals in recent days, the relief pitching market could be gaining traction. Among the many free-agent relievers still available are Brad Hand, Alex Colome, Trevor Rosenthal, Mark Melancon, Shane Greene and Kirby Yates.