United States Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topic Today

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.Can We 960342
2.#MothersDay 389186
3.#May9Coup 387889
4.Rain 195868
5.Elon 189140
6.#虹ヶ咲3rd_DAY2 174344
7.Elon Musk 172548
8.Canelo 169545
9.Do You Want 166616
11.Moms 149802
12.#VaxLive 135578
13.Feliz Día 132709
14.GISELLE 125712
15.Tiny 121785
16.#VERZUZ 110747
17.Weak 102430
18.yuta 93092
19.boxing 78094
20.Boris 77327
21.Coco 75255
22.Madres 75145
23.Right Here 74993
24.Understanding 71058
25.Panda 61043
26.#dogetothemoon 57817
27.#ChineseRocket 51812
28.Steph 47019
29.Times Square 43940
30.Rodriguez 42342
31.#happymothersday2021 42140
32.The DJ 38579
33.Westbrook 32465
34.Xscape 27672
35.Good Sunday 26681
36.Cowboy 26107
37.Saturday Night Live 25562
38.Russ 22855
39.#UFCVegas26 21991
40.Maldives 21183
41.Coko 21046
42.Miley Cyrus 19674
43.Fantasia 18485
44.RIP Bo 18418
45.Downtown 17953
46.Kandi 17937
47.Ethan Winters 16984
48.Acuña 16171
49.Wizards 15049
50.Andrade 14725
51.Braves 14587
52.Gen Z 13795
53.Jalisco 12372
54.McDavid 11878
55.Joss Whedon 11820
56.Phillies 11103
57.milfs 10618
58.#FireForce <10k
59.Aguilera <10k
60.Spinderella <10k
61.Indian Ocean <10k
62.Cerrone <10k
63.Asperger <10k
64.LAFC <10k
65.my little secret <10k
66.Weekend Update <10k
67.When U Cry <10k
68.Neris <10k
69.natsume <10k
70.Chicharito <10k
71.Ryan Miller <10k
72.Nick Maton <10k
73.Lorne Michaels <10k
74.Freakum Dress <10k
75.Adrianza <10k
76.Conway <10k
77.Mookie <10k
78.Jacob Webb <10k
79.#ThePromisedNeverland <10k
80.Geoff Neal <10k
81.Takayama <10k
82.En Vogue <10k
83.Herb Dean <10k
84.Wario <10k
85.Waiting to Exhale <10k
86.Pablo Sandoval <10k
87.Pepe Aguilar <10k
88.Human Nature <10k
89.Thug Holiday <10k
90.Sabonis <10k
91.Benavidez <10k
92.#SundayThoughts <10k
93.Cortez <10k
94.Laurence Cole <10k
95.Aspergers <10k
96.DJ Aone <10k
97.Softest Place <10k
98.#Robinhood <10k
99.Plastic Hearts <10k
100.Eddie Murphy <10k
101.Above the Rim <10k
102.Use Your Heart <10k
103.Chris Mannix <10k
104.#earthquake <10k
105.#CanelovsSaunders <10k
106.Pete Davidson <10k
107.Connor McDavid <10k
108.AAVE <10k
109.Magny <10k
110.Markus Howard <10k
111.Gen Z Hospital <10k
112.Princess Peach <10k
113.Tamika <10k
114.Austin Brice <10k
115.Kershaw <10k
116.the phillies <10k
117.Dave Roberts <10k
118.Beal <10k
119.No Scrubs <10k
120.#ForTheA <10k
121.Hawes <10k
122.Torts <10k
123.Charlo <10k
124.Webb <10k
125.Gillespie <10k
126.Da Brat <10k
127.Contreras <10k
128.Waffle House <10k
129.All Night Long <10k
130.Who Can I Run <10k
131.grimes <10k
132.#SundayMorning <10k
133.#Toonami <10k
134.LeVert <10k
135.Sunset Park <10k
136.sydney sweeney <10k
137.Viva Mexico <10k
138.Cissokho <10k
139.Men in Black <10k
140.Dan Aykroyd <10k
141.#BlackClover <10k
142.Endow Me <10k
143.Maxey <10k
144.Waterson <10k
145.Caleb Plant <10k
146.Jakk <10k
147.LaTocha <10k
148.Space Force <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Sam Ghali, M.D.
Sam Ghali, M.D. ()

These are your lungs. These are your lungs on COVID. Any questions? #GetVaccinated

Covid,USA Twitter Trends Now
Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

An ocean reentry was always statistically the most likely. It appears China won its gamble (unless we get news of debris in the Maldives). But it was still reckless

Joy-Ann 😷Reid
Joy-Ann 😷Reid ()

Hope y’all heard @timkaine this morning with @AliVelshi - he said despite those Republican Senators meeting with Biden, they’ll probably all vote against the resulting bill, even with their amendments in it, because they’re gonna follow Mitch’s lead.

PULIDO 9️⃣    #AP9
PULIDO 9️⃣ #AP9 ()

Felices 115 años de vida al Club Guadalajara, equipo histórico, con una grandiosa aficion que me abrió las puertas y me brindaron todo su cariño, es un honor formar parte de tu historia de esas que no se borran y menos si la llevas en el corazón ❤️, #felices115ańos #AP9 @Chivas

Felices 115,USA Twitter Trends Now
Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

China now reporting that the rocket reentered at 0224 UTC at which is right over the Maldives. If correct will be interesting to see if we get reports from there

Maldives,USA Twitter Trends Now
Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

So still waiting for Space Force confirmation, but indications are (with low to moderate confidence) the rocket probably came down somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

Insiders at SpaceForce reporting that data indicates the rocket has indeed reentered, but waiting for confirmation ( it correctly fails to show up on radar next time around). Presumably somewhere between the Middle East and Australia. Stay

Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

Claimed observation from Oman which if genuine would imply the reentry was underway with impact over the Indian Ocean

Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

Jonathan tracking the debris, protected by his 1979-vintage Skylab Protection Helmet, and wearing a message to the world

Skylab,USA Twitter Trends Now
Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

Confirmed rocket was still in orbit at 0211 UTC only going over

CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Israel’s war on Palestinian worshippers at al Aqsa mosque was sponsored by UAE and the other traitors that “normalized” the Zionist apartheid state.

Quratulain Balouch
Quratulain Balouch ()

And they think they will live forever. And they think the hell doesn’t exist. But ...until the day of judgement as mentioned in the Quran, you shall see and so will we! #IsraeliAttackonAlAqsa

NHL on NBC Sports
NHL on NBC Sports ()


#LetsGoOilers,USA Twitter Trends Now
CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

Palestinian families are being violently evicted from their homes, as settlers carry out home invasions and chant “death to Arabs” in the streets. This is ethnic cleansing but US government describes it only as a “confrontation,” while blaming both sides.

Arabs,USA Twitter Trends Now
Patricio Navia
Patricio Navia ()

No es que Chile va a ser Venezuela. Más precisamente, todo Chile va a terminar siendo Valparaíso.

Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

New 18SPCS Space Force prediction narrows things down to one orbit: Costa Rica, Haiti, Iberia, Sardinia, Italy, Greece and Crete, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand

Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

Based on the latest predictions: ironically, China is safe. There are passes over India, SE Asia, Australia, NZ, Mexico and Central America, northern S America, southern Europe, north and east Africa, the Middle East and the Caucasus, and two passes over the US: TX to NJ and FL


KD (32 PTS) & Kyrie (31 PTS) helped the Nets overcome a 21-PT deficit 😤

Derek Smart
Derek Smart ()

I was in the mall (my office is 5 mins away) when this shooting occurred a few stores over. Heard the shot, training kicked in - herded everyone, dove for cover behind cabinets. On the floor behind cover when I made this video. Pure chaos. Just left. #aventura #aventuramall

Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

Spot my Skylab Protection Helmet in the background on CNN this

Skylab,USA Twitter Trends Now