United States Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topic Today

USA Twitter Trends Now - Evan Engram, Derrick Henry, #Browns, jongin, Rodgers, Derrick Henry, Ruggs, Chubb, Jonathan.

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.Patriots 274925
2.inkigayo 208485
3.Broncos 162487
4.jeno 145224
5.jongin 119503
6.Grace 98167
7.jennie 92701
8.jype 88339
9.Bills 86434
10.Arsenal 85763
11.Chiefs 84913
12.Saints 74460
13.Zhongli 73366
14.up10tion 72544
15.Cyber Monday 70353
16.Bitto 64057
18.Mitch 59104
19.Xiumin 58659
20.Brady 53949
21.KYUNGSOO 53395
22.Armando 48235
23.Arteta 47575
24.Titans 43249
25.MINSEOK 41962
26.Maria Bartiromo 40200
27.Hunt 39461
28.Giants 36341
29.Luiz 35953
30.Raiders 35709
31.Monica 35267
32.Jonathan 34576
33.Bears 33127
34.Packers 32781
35.49ers 32052
36.Jets 31872
37.My Best Friend 29839
38.Tyreek Hill 29418
39.Teddy 28470
40.Hinton 28165
41.Adams 26206
42.Kentucky 26085
43.Rams 25964
44.Baker 25716
45.Colts 25458
46.#stopthestupid 25155
47.Vikings 23481
48.My Sign 23466
49.Jenny 22786
50.YES WAY 19990
51.Bucs 19812
52.Nani 19599
53.holland 18226
54.Chargers 17337
55.#RHOP 17174
56.Trubisky 16989
57.60 Minutes 16661
58.Panthers 16582
59.Coming to America 16106
60.#cancerbackoff 15488
61.#massivedumps 15127
62.Bengals 14980
63.Dolphins 14956
64.David Luiz 14227
65.Derrick Henry 14121
66.Mahomes 13811
67.#GoPackGo 13004
68.Rodgers 12641
69.Pats 12477
70.Cardinals 12155
71.Falcons 12021
72.Yazan 11576
73.Brandy 11472
74.Buccaneers 10926
75.Raul Jimenez 10803
76.Xhaka 10596
77.#CHIvsGB 10236
78.#TheUndoing 10181
79.#RaiderNation <10k
80.Tim Boyle <10k
81.Bruce Arians <10k
82.Gould <10k
83.Darnold <10k
84.Allen Robinson <10k
85.Tichina <10k
86.Higgins <10k
87.Hugh Grant <10k
88.Chad Beebe <10k
89.Anthony Lynn <10k
90.Pagano <10k
91.Ed Oliver <10k
92.Goff <10k
93.Andy Reid <10k
94.Daniel Jones <10k
95.Nagy <10k
96.Ella Mai <10k
97.Bosa <10k
98.Tony Dungy <10k
99.#skol <10k
100.Carr <10k
101.Darnell Savage <10k
102.Joey Bosa <10k
103.#KCvsTB <10k
104.Flowbee <10k
105.Lambeau <10k
106.Gronk <10k
107.Babyface <10k
108.#Browns <10k
109.Foles <10k
110.Joey Slye <10k
111.#SFvsLAR <10k
112.Colt McCoy <10k
113.Zane Gonzalez <10k
114.Ronald Jones <10k
115.Jeremy Chinn <10k
116.Gizelle <10k
117.#NERevs <10k
118.Cam Akers <10k
119.Walter Reed <10k
120.Derek Mason <10k
121.Batum <10k
122.Neera Tanden <10k
123.Rand Paul <10k
124.Ruggs <10k
125.Gase <10k
126.Carlton Davis <10k
127.#BillsMafia <10k
128.Aaron Jones <10k
129.Kirk Cousins <10k
130.Aaron Donald <10k
131.#90DayFiance <10k
132.Jags <10k
133.Justin Jefferson <10k
134.Deebo <10k
135.McVay <10k
136.Evan Engram <10k
137.Sendejo <10k
138.Romo <10k
139.Rock Ya-Sin <10k
140.Mooney <10k
141.Derek Carr <10k
142.Jameis <10k
143.Kmet <10k
144.Gunner <10k
145.Chubb <10k
146.#FTTB <10k
147.#TitanUp <10k
148.Kamara <10k
149.Jason Sanders <10k
150.Ryan Pace <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Team Trump
Team Trump ()

President @realDonaldTrump: There is no way Joe Biden got 80 million votes

Chuck Callesto
Chuck Callesto ()

REPORT: Trumps tells Maria Bartiromo This election was over and then they did DUMPS, they call them DUMPS, big MASSIVE DUMPS in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and all

Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷)
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷) ()

.@AliVelshi is covering the horror story of @KristiNoem’s — I don’t know of another word for it — war on the sovereign tribes in South Dakota who are trying to prevent a fresh round of being wiped out by germs and disease, in the state with the worst Covid death rate ON EARTH.

Bree Newsome Bass
Bree Newsome Bass ()

Regardless of how I might personally suffer or be inconvenienced, I’m 100% in favor of low wage laborers striking for a wk just so the economy can grind to a halt & folks can appreciate whose labor actually makes the economy operable, from migrant harvesters to warehouse workers.

Jon Ossoff
Jon Ossoff ()

To get out of this crisis, we need to: - Get financial relief to suffering businesses and families. - Expand voting rights and civil rights. - Invest in clean energy. - Make health care affordable.

Justin Baragona
Justin Baragona ()

Maria Bartiromo complains that the media declared Joe Biden President-elect on November 7 -- they set the narrative that the election was over and discredited any challenges. Fox News was one of those media outlets that declared Biden the winner on Nov. 7.

Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷)
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷) ()

Oh my heart! This adorable, brilliant boy, Tyler Gordon is a marvel!! Thanks for showing him off to the world, @MariaTeresa1 & Team #AMJoy (reposted! Argh autocorrect!)❤️❤️🙅🏿‍♀️

Tyler,USA Twitter Trends Now
Wael Ghonim 🦅
Wael Ghonim 🦅 ()

وقعة الفنان محمد رمضان وقعة ممكن أي حد يتعرضلها لكن المهم إن كل واحد بيقع محتاج يعتبر ويتعظ ويعرف حجمه ويراجع نفسه عشان يعرف يقوم. كفاية يا محمد ترويج للغرور والمنظرة الكدابة وسط الناس .. يا رب تعيد التفكير في طريقة تعاملك مع نفسك وربنا يهدينا جميعا عشان نمشي في طريق الخير ❤️

The Iron Sheik
The Iron Sheik ()


Chris Mortensen
Chris Mortensen ()

Not only does Sam Darnold return for the Jets today but HC Adam Gase is expected to resume his duties as primary play-caller, per player sources. The two, Darnold and Gase, have their futures tied together down stretch.

TVG ()

SHE GOES OUT A WINNER, ALMOND EYE! Kiseki stormed to the lead early, but it was ALMOND EYE who soared home late to win the G1 Japan Cup. Full race replay ⬇️

Strong Black Lead
Strong Black Lead ()

Woooooooow! This is the remix!! Sonia Allen and Tiffany Rae 👏🏽👏🏽 #TheParkersOnNetflix

مساعد هليل الزويهري
مساعد هليل الزويهري ()

ألف مبروك لنجوم الكيان الغالي.. ألف مبروك للجماهير الأغلى فوز مهم لمسيرة أهم نحو المنافسة والحضور القوي يارب توفيقك💚💚 #الاهلي_الفيصلي_دوري_المحترفين

Fuera de Juego
Fuera de Juego ()

🔥 ¡El Milan sigue IMPARABLE! 🔥 ⚽ Se impone 2-0 a la Fiorentina en San Siro con goles de Romagnoli y Kessié. 😎 Suman 23 puntos en 9 fechas. 👏 7 victorias y 2 empates los mantienen invictos en el Calcio. #SerieAxESPN

Romagnoli,USA Twitter Trends Now
Fuera de Juego
Fuera de Juego ()

💙 ¡EXHIBICIÓN DEL NAPOLI EN MEMORIA DE DIEGO! 💙 🏟️ El equipo de Gattuso arrasó sin piedad 4-0 a la Roma en San Paolo ⚽ Insigne ⚽ Fabián ⚽ Mertens ⚽ Politano #SerieAxESPN

#Gattuso,USA Twitter Trends Now
Stefan Wilson
Stefan Wilson ()

The halo certainly saved @RGrosjean, thankful to everyone involved for that advancement. With every incident though, becomes an opportunity to improve safety even more, this one definitely raises a serious question about the use of Armco like that.

☠️ HAPPY ☠️
☠️ HAPPY ☠️ ()

im sure people will remember how great margaret thatcher was once we finish setting up this 20 ft electric fence around her statue to prevent further vandalism

Andrea Conti
Andrea Conti ()

Il camaleontico #RenatoZero straordinario, ha fatto da apripista a chi è arrivato dopo. Ha ragione lui quando dice che nessuno si inventa nulla ma prende spunto e rielabora. L’ho detto elegantemente ma lui è stato più tranchant #DomenicaIn

Coach Duggs
Coach Duggs ()

Two former Jaguars players have scored in this game. Marcedes Lewis for Green Bay and Allen Robinson for Chicago. They were both cut by the Jags under Dave Caldwell.

Nana-Séntuo Bonsu
Nana-Séntuo Bonsu ()

Sorry Sylvia! Sorry Franklin. Sorry Grace. Sorry Henry. Sorry Elena’s husband. Sorry Miguel. #UndoingHBO