United States Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: July 27th, 2021 06:46 AM IST
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1.kyungsoo 665834
3.Hidilyn Diaz 246880
4.Varane 224502
5.Philippines 216726
6.#Butter8thNo1OnHot100 185651
7.Nnamdi Kanu 125540
8.Kinzinger 123404
9.Luka 115936
10.#Got_ARMY_Behind_Us 105273
11.new week 103731
12.#MondayMotivation 98383
13.PayPal 87029
14.Cade 81900
15.Hurts 75445
16.Michael A 68570
17.Tory 56410
18.Taliban 55423
19.Issa Rae 54624
20.Cheney 54140
21.DaBaby 52312
22.Adams 44595
23.BTS vs BTS 42578
24.Issa 40725
25.#WeMissYouMoreNamjoon 40498
26.Trump Republicans 35975
28.Butter and PTD 32644
29.Michael Flynn 31307
30.sunwoo 31215
31.Memphis 30957
32.#mondaythoughts 30408
33.Tom Daley 29675
34.Kase 25787
35.Watson 24644
36.Packers 24117
37.joonie 22630
38.Eagles 22427
39.#WWERaw 22004
40.#MyButtsBeenWiped 21661
41.Ben White 20064
42.Rodgers 19637
43.1 and PTD 19094
44.Maguire 17920
45.Usman 15771
46.#TheBachelorette 15600
47.Jeopardy 15129
48.Texans 14987
49.Bledsoe 14604
50.Zion 13764
51.#MondayMorning 12772
52.Da Baby 11820
53.Tether 10666
54.Valanciunas 10611
55.Penn 10141
56.Amari Cooper <10k
57.Rodas <10k
58.Omos <10k
59.6lack <10k
60.#GoPackGo <10k
61.#ADA31 <10k
62.Shai <10k
63.Rico Nasty <10k
64.Florio <10k
65.Ritchie <10k
66.Mike Evans <10k
67.NFC North <10k
68.Jonathan Allen <10k
69.Jim Thorpe <10k
70.Chris Matthews <10k
71.Connor B <10k
72.Drew Lock <10k
73.Pelicans <10k
74.AJ Brown <10k
75.Bermuda <10k
76.Mark Murphy <10k
77.Schefter <10k
78.4.93 ERA <10k
79.ShotSpotter <10k
80.Sheamus <10k
81.Adam Schefter <10k
82.Gohmert <10k
83.Chris Hogan <10k
84.#eggwalker <10k
85.Joey Votto <10k
86.Pharrell <10k
87.Another Monday <10k
88.Mickey Factz <10k
89.Tony Roma <10k
90.Elizabeth Banks <10k
91.Colby <10k
92.Nikki Cross <10k
93.Nemeth <10k
94.Jordan Love <10k
95.LeVar Burton <10k
96.Teller <10k
98.Chris Harrison <10k
99.#IfIWereYou <10k
100.Find Somebody In Washington <10k
101.Reading Rainbow <10k
102.Today is the 31st <10k
103.Ellen Burstyn <10k
104.Cobb <10k
105.Damian Priest <10k
106.Jay Rock <10k
107.Veterans Affairs <10k
108.Chief Randy Moore <10k
109.#Top3RPG <10k
110.#MenTellAll <10k
111.Pels <10k
112.Allen Robinson <10k
113.Bradley Pitt <10k
114.President Pelosi <10k
115.Muller <10k
116.Tayshia <10k
117.Alternator <10k
118.Chimchar <10k
119.#ArknightsCelebration <10k
120.PJ Washington <10k
121.Caesars Superdome <10k
122.Kevan Smith <10k
123.Giddey <10k
124.Mick Jagger <10k
125.#WLMPARTY <10k
126.Department of Veterans Affairs <10k
127.Nick Ritchie <10k
128.#LHHATL <10k
129.Broncos <10k
130.Piplup <10k
131.Adida <10k
132.Brittany Renner <10k
133.The Green Knight <10k
134.Nikki ASH <10k
135.Lowry <10k
136.#BeforeThisYearEndsIWill <10k
137.Every Monday <10k
138.Covington <10k
139.Eloy <10k
140.Pink Floyd <10k
141.steve novak <10k
142.Yandy <10k
143.Poohie Bear <10k
144.The Last Dance <10k
145.Minority Report <10k
146.Flora Duffy <10k
147.Pelosi Republicans <10k
148.Mike Howe <10k
149.David Griffin <10k
150.Hoy Park <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

I’m proud and grateful to be fully vaccinated. The more of us vaccinated, the less chance the virus has to mutate. Do it for yourself, do it for your community!

I love how Megan actually raps more than 60% of her lyrics… I gotta see her live one day lol

Got exposed to COVID today. Which test should I get? No test. It’s too early. Practice isolation and get a PCR on day 5-6 or if symptomatic. See below.

1 PCR - USA Twitter Trends Now

It’s easier to get vaccinated than to argue that vaccines aren’t safe. Plus, arguing reduces your risk of a COVID hospitalization or death by exactly 0%

For Deshaun Watson, the @Texans price has been some combination of 5 high draft picks and starting caliber players, per two league executives.

Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS by @julipuli

iOS 14.7.1 - USA Twitter Trends Now

Another Democrat jumps rips the communist party a new one on the way out the door - Missy Crane

We stand united against antisemitism in all its forms, including the worrying increase in hate crimes and Holocaust denial. We must never forget that appalling chapter in human history.

If Patrik Nemeth signs with the Rangers, as reported by @NYP_Brooksie, he fills the role as a big, physical, left shot defenseman who can play a bottom pair role, potentially with Nils Lundkvist.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett eulogized Channel 12 News military and security analyst Roni Daniel, who passed away earlier today: Roni Daniel, who combined journalism with patriotism and Zionism, passed away today. Roni was not just a military analyst.

iOS and macOS Big Sur Patch Security Vulnerability That May Have Been Actively Exploited by @julipuli

iOS 14.7.1 - USA Twitter Trends Now

Team: Atlanta Draft Status: 20th pick Prospect Choice: Cam Thomas, Cory Kispert, Usman Garuba Why: To bring a championship to Atlanta you must continue to surround Trae Young with immediate contributors. The rebuild is over, these are your choices. #Yoda

Não deu medalha para Henrique Avancini, mas o brasileiro ainda fez história com o melhor resultado de todos os tempos do @timebrasil no Mountain Bike olímpico! 👏👏 #Tokyo2020 #JogosOlimpicos

@Literature_Lady I like that he didn’t go with Brad Pitt but instead the more formal Bradley Pitt. He clearly means business.

Não dorme aí, não! 😳 Tem Ciclismo MTB agora com Henrique Avancini e Luiz Cocuzzi! Boa sorte! 🙌 #Tokyo2020 #JogosOlimpicos

Matt Damon appears to be genuinely shocked that Trump supporters are nice - Missy Crane

Republicans want everyone zombified on booze & pills instead of opening their minds on cannabis & mushrooms. There’s no such thing as reefer madness, but what there’s plenty of is GOP hypocrisy, lies, gaslighting, fake news, projection, ignorance, fearmongering, & propaganda.

I felt Hoppe, Robinson, Acosta, Turner, and Roldan (off the bench) all played well overall. Acosta was up and down with passing, excellent defensively. Hoppe was full of energy, faded but got the goal. Robinson’s athleticism is remarkable. Turner can stop shots

NON SO CHE VIDEO HAI VISTO, MA STAI SCHERZANDO? Jessica che dopo 100 edizioni non sa che ci sono le telecamere a infrarossi, che Filippo ha i video e che NON STIAMO SCHERZANDO. #Temptationisland

Can someone please explain why Donald Trump, Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr., Stupid Eric, Michael Flynn, Stephen Miller, Rudy Giuliani, Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Andy Biggs, Ron Johnson, Lauren Boebert, MTG, & Gym Jordan aren’t in prison yet? Explain it to me like I’m in kindergarten.