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Updated: January 31st, 2023 01:43 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendTweet Volume
1.Ay-Yo 409K+
2.#TheLastOfUs 341K+
3.Doctor 170K+
4.Enzo 164K+
5.Frank 156K+
6.jaehyun 119K+
7.New Week 108K+
8.DeSantis 108K+
9.Peshawar 86K+
10.Bayern 82K+
11.TLOU 82K+
12.Ellie 74K+
13.The Conversation 54K+
14.Rui Costa 52K+
15.Episode 3 52K+
17.Good Monday 50K+
18.#TheLastOfUsHBO 48K+
19.Cancelo 47K+
20.Ford 41K+
21.Boris Johnson 39K+
22.Nene 38K+
23.taeil 37K+
24.Mr. Beast 36K+
25.Dr. Biden 33K+
26.Porro 32K+
27.Megyn Kelly 29K+
28.#MondayMotivation 27K+
30.Nick Offerman 26K+
31.Dr. Jill Biden 26K+
32.Hasan 24K+
34.Gallagher 20K+
35.Asake 19K+
36.Cleveland 19K+
37.Kellen Moore 18K+
38.Dr. Kelly 18K+
39.#EasytoEnjoy 15K+
40.Lisa Loring 14K+
42.Brigitte 13K+
43.Gohan 13K+
44.Wednesday Addams 12K+
45.Pratt 12K+
46.Jabroni 11K+
47.Murray Bartlett 11K+
48.Empire State Building 11K+
49.Preston Hemphill 10K+
50.Willian <10K
51.Wakanda <10K
52.Team Extreme <10K
53.Beast Gohan <10K
54.AP Top 25 <10K
55.#Mondayvibes <10K
56.Cal Poly <10K
57.Jaafar Jackson <10K
58.Bragg <10K
59.Aguadilla <10K
60.Capone <10K
61.Bobby Hull <10K
62.Pyer Moss <10K
63.Gene Hackman <10K
64.Testicle <10K
65.Sol Blume <10K
66.Zack Greinke <10K
67.Michael Cohen <10K
68.Maxine Waters <10K
69.Another Monday <10K
70.Chris Christie <10K
71.George Hill <10K
72.Jesus Christ is Alive <10K
73.Nwora <10K
74.#YIAYright <10K
75.Atrioc <10K
76.Patrick Reed <10K
77.Mach-E <10K
78.Chicago Blackhawks <10K
79.Linda Ronstadt <10K
80.Android 18 <10K
81.#JDGiveaway <10K
82.Golden Jet <10K
83.Winter Storm Warning <10K
84.Piccolo <10K
85.#alayma <10K
86.Batman and Robin <10K
87.TD Jakes <10K
88.Pavard <10K
89.Yeti <10K
90.#MondayMood <10K
91.Kayvon <10K
92.The Addams Family <10K
93.John Adams <10K
94.#MondayMorning <10K
95.Rasheeda <10K
96.Louis CK <10K
97.Tyson Fury <10K
98.BMTH <10K
99.Chuck Norris <10K
100.Flash Sale <10K
101.Baldy <10K
102.Saffold <10K
103.Al Capone <10K
104.Daily Quordle 371 <10K
105.$CVNA <10K
106.#TSErasCollection <10K
107.Wordle 590 X <10K
108.Luke Bryan <10K
109.Matt Barnes <10K
110.Joel and Ellie <10K
111.Sean Dyche <10K
112.AP Poll <10K
113.Joe Staley <10K
114.The Golden Jet <10K
115.Chandler Parsons <10K
116.#mondaythoughts <10K
117.Rhapsody <10K
118.French Connection <10K
119.Epoch Times <10K
120.BJ Hill <10K

United States Top Tweets Today

Maxine Waters says that we have House Republicans who are domestic terrorists. Interesting, as I don’t remember anyone in the House who has called for more violence than Maxine Waters.


Adventure is on the horizon! One Piece sets sail in 2023

USA Twitter Trends - One Piece by Netflix

Megyn Kelly being big mad about the fact that Dr. Jill Biden is referred to as a doctor is the most Megyn Kelly thing in the history of Megyn Kelly.

@megynkelly Aww, poor Megyn… she’s showing her thirsty for relevance card again. Dr. Jill Biden got her doctorate, and therefore, she has earned the title of, wait for it thirst queen - Doctor. You can add that to the laundry list of reasons you’re envious of her. You sad, small woman you.

اپنا آدھے سے زیادہ بجٹ فوج اور آئی ایس آئی کو کھلاتے رہے۔ فوج ہمارے دلوں میں بھارت کا خوف بٹھاتی رہی، زمینوں کے اور دیگر ناجائز کاروبار کرتی رہی، دہشت گرد پالتی رہی۔ دوسری طرف ہمارے پاس اتنےوسائل تک نہیں کہ آج پشاور مسجدکےملبےتلےدبےپولیس کےجوانوں کوبحفاظت نکال لیں۔ #PeshawarBlast

USA Twitter Trends - #Peshawarblast by Ahmad Noorani

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are back! Murder Mystery 2 premieres March 31

Jon Kung
Jon Kung

Marie Kondo told y’all to chill out and organize and some of you took it to a cultish level. That lady was all vibes, if you feel betrayed by her admitting to being messy now because of her kids you were the ones who did too much. You didn’t need storage bins. You needed therapy.

Impactful day for the Chiefs’ draft class CB Trent McDuffie: 6 tackles, 2 PD DE George Karlaftis: Sack WR Skyy Moore: 3 catches, key punt return S Bryan Cook: 4 tackles, PBU CB Joshua Williams: INT CB Jaylen Watson: INT RB Isaiah Pacheco: 85 total yards From Round 1 to Round 7.

They found the perfect and only person who could play my uncle in this Biopic . I cried with pride after seeing Jaafar’s makeup/hair screen test yesterday. Not only did he embody Michael Jackson…he had the tone, voice cadence, the mannerisms, EVERYTHING!

Maxine Waters is 100% correct about the greed and treachery of Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema, and she’s also 100% correct about the treasonous GOP domestic terrorists infecting Congress.

#Pathaan in North America crossed the $9 Million mark. Film registered five $1M+ days in a row. And, that’s not all. Bookings for Monday look good and Tuesday (Offers day) looks fantastic.

@kayvont KT that’s on you if you don’t know Jeff Saturday and Joe Staley. Come on man.

Viva Frei
Viva Frei

@RepJeffries “Team Extreme” 😂 What happened? Did the think tanks say “extreme MAGA Republicans” wasn’t working?


Wait I just saw a new Mario movie trailer where he had the cat suit and DK 100 percent was doing the Seth Rogen laugh

鮎川誠さんには宝島の「ロックンロール伝説」という特集で原稿を依頼したことがあります。The Whoについてでした。鮎川さん直筆の原稿を受け取ってそれを自分が入稿していることに本当に感動しました。