United States Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topic Today

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.baekhyun 1434921
2.Chelsea 1129056
3.Since Twitter 459132
4.Guerra 215237
5.Cinco de Mayo 199677
6.Nintendo 141758
8.chenle 104387
9.sehun 101995
10.Starship 99017
11.Wilson 87908
12.McConnell 84823
13.Rangers 78737
14.Picture in Picture 72631
16.RIP Twitter 57095
17.jungwoo 52503
18.Jenner 50375
20.Goodbye Twitter 49260
21.#AEWDynamite 48802
22.Hockey 48469
23.Selena 48208
24.Willow 44979
25.Jada 43020
26.Hernandez 42503
27.Caitlyn Jenner 42323
28.Caitlyn 39616
29.Jihyo 39007
30.Black Superman 38882
31.#BLOODandGUTS 36268
32.PINK HAIR 35243
33.Jeongin 34862
34.Elise Stefanik 33408
35.Ortiz 32005
36.Sungchan 31675
37.Capitals 30940
38.Knicks 29981
39.Orioles 29450
40.PINK JOON 28225
41.For Coach 28089
42.NOT FOR MEN 27228
43.John Means 26138
44.Bamboo 25502
45.cubs 25076
46.Miro 23898
47.#ThursdayThoughts 22683
48.changmin 22339
49.Contreras 20352
50.Game Builder Garage 17211
51.Hannity 15888
52.Chara 14276
53.#ThursdayMotivation 14078
54.Good Thursday 13683
55.Orwellian 12567
56.The Dodgers 12128
57.Oshie 11833
58.Clark Kent 10729
59.#thursdayvibes 10272
60.Jokic 10211
61.#AEWBloodAndGuts 10193
62.Austin Rivers <10k
63.Josh Naylor <10k
64.#TheMaskedSinger <10k
65.Hanson <10k
66.Burgess <10k
67.Kopitar <10k
68.#thursdaymorning <10k
69.Tyrese <10k
70.Wade Davis <10k
71.Inner Circle <10k
72.Greg Foster <10k
73.Ohtani <10k
74.Kerryon <10k
75.Pat Connaughton <10k
76.Starlink <10k
77.#waytooearly <10k
78.Jericho <10k
79.Kenley <10k
80.Static Shock <10k
81.Monie <10k
82.Brendan Smith <10k
83.Chapman <10k
84.Groove Theory <10k
85.Nick Lachey <10k
86.Fleury <10k
87.Piano Pat <10k
88.ROTY <10k
89.Nido <10k
90.CONCACAF <10k
91.#armyrants <10k
92.#NationalDayofPrayer <10k
93.Orange Cassidy <10k
94.Gafford <10k
95.Zelle <10k
96.Wardlow <10k
97.Raley <10k
98.Buehler <10k
99.#NationalNursesDay <10k
100.Mo Bamba <10k
101.Rizzo <10k
102.Dimmsdale Dimmadome <10k
103.Happy Birthday Archie <10k
104.Franchy <10k
105.Happy 90th <10k
106.Kaprizov <10k
107.#LegendaryMax <10k
108.Kenny Omega <10k
109.TJ Oshie <10k
110.Blood & Guts <10k
111.joc pederson <10k
112.Willie Mays <10k
113.#RHONJ <10k
114.eunkwang <10k
115.#ChicagoPD <10k
116.The Mist <10k
117.The Acclaimed <10k
118.Chris Rodriguez <10k
119.ALL MEN DO IS LIE <10k
120.Timbers <10k
121.Buchnevich <10k
122.Japril <10k
123.Pacers <10k
124.Kyle Ryan <10k
125.Doug Dimmadome <10k
126.APUSH <10k
127.Sedona <10k
128.amador <10k
129.Mantha <10k
130.Happy Friday Eve <10k
131.VAERS <10k
132.#FlyTheW <10k
133.#ALLCAPS <10k
134.cleavinger <10k
135.David Backes <10k
136.Paeka <10k
137.Double or Nothing <10k
138.Milky Way <10k
139.Corey Seager <10k
140.Maddon <10k
141.Stella Kidd <10k
142.Matt Duffy <10k
143.Backes <10k
144.michael fulmer <10k
145.Darby <10k
146.gregg <10k
148.Aaron Hicks <10k
149.Jansen <10k
150.Anthony Edwards <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner ()

We’ve always known that Barr lied to cover up Trump’s Federal Crimes. The question is, when will Trump be prosecuted for those Crimes. Democracy hangs in the balance.

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

Yes. Everybody should make an account on #Parler. Starting next week they will have a brand new app as well. Twitter and Facebook are Fascist companies— we should all begin slowly migrating away from their platforms.

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert ()

I’ll never understand how so many people have been brainwashed into thinking caring for the citizens of AMERICA before caring for the rest of the world is somehow an evil thing to do.

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

No. Parler is where people go when you fascists pretend that Trump tweeted anything remotely near “inciting violence”. If you do not want conservative voices on your platforms— stop complaining when we create our own. It doesn’t work both ways. #Parler


Piers Morgan’s obsession with Meghan Markle is genuinely disturbing. He’s really just using the guise of journalism to be a public stalker and harasser.

Joy-Ann 😷Reid
Joy-Ann 😷Reid ()

Parler is where right wingers go when they get too extreme for Twitter or for like ... freedom ... do I have that right?

Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Rachel Maddow MSNBC ()

On the Montana side of the border, vaccine recipients were often emotional, shedding tears, shouting words of gratitude through car windows as they drove away, and handing the nurses gifts such as chocolate and clothing.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson ()

On this day in 1993, Michael joined former President Jimmy Carter in Atlanta, GA to help promote The Atlanta Project’s Immunization drive. 17,000 children were immunized in 5 days - the most comprehensive immunization program ever mounted in the at that time. #MJHumanitarian

Michael,USA Twitter Trends Now
Faheem Younus, MD
Faheem Younus, MD ()

Why Vaccinated People Getting COVID in the Subcontinent? 1. No vaccine is 100% protective 2. Some vaccines might be better than others 3. Frail host, unable to mount an immune response 4. Getting infected before 2nd dose 5. Corruption? Vials filled with saline?

Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman ()

What a heartbreaking story! Packing up his hangar and moving to Sedona! Who will think of those overlooked elites who have to be mildly inconvenienced by the poors!

Netflix ()

Can we talk about these photos of The Innocent star Mario Casas for a second?!?

Mario Casas,USA Twitter Trends Now

In their first stateside interview as a trio, @LittleMix reflects on the past decade.

Arthur Bloom 🇺🇸
Arthur Bloom 🇺🇸 ()

Call me crazy, but it seems untenable in the long-term for the policies of the largest digital public fora in the United States to be determined by a board of foreign nationals who have no interest in or respect for American traditions like free speech

Qasim Rashid, Esq.
Qasim Rashid, Esq. ()

See how easy it was to prioritize people over vaccine profits? Now do the same for Insulin Insulin Pen Cost: •Norway: $0 •Scotland: $0 •Thailand: $5 •Canada: $5 •Australia: $28 •Mexico: $35 •Taiwan: $40 •Greece: $51 •Italy: $61 •Germany: $73 . . . . . . . . •USA: $700

Faheem Younus, MD
Faheem Younus, MD ()

CT chest is For Hospitalized COVID Patients In outpatient setting a CT won’t change management & will expose others + add costs If PCR - and high suspicion, assume COVID and isolate for 10 d. Use pulse ox to guide Rx STOP unnecessary CT scans

NASA Marshall
NASA Marshall ()

60 years ago today, Alan Shepard became the first American in space, launching miles above the Earth atop a Mercury-Redstone rocket >> @NASAhistory

Alan Shepard,USA Twitter Trends Now
CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

After being abused by Israeli settlers, a 16-year-old Palestinian boy is brutalized by Israeli soldiers during a protest against the forced eviction of 5 dozen Palestinian families from their homes in occupied Jerusalem. #SaveSheikhJarrah

Netflix ()

Watch Chloe meet Trevor — DeLeesa — IN PERSON for the first time on The Circle season finale. All episodes of Season 2 are now streaming!

Fuera de Juego
Fuera de Juego ()

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ¡OTRA FINAL INGLESA! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Manchester City y Chelsea definirán al nuevo campeón de la #ChampionsXESPN 🏆 ¿Quién es tu favorito? 🔃 RT: Man City ♥️ MG: Chelsea

Inglesa,USA Twitter Trends Now
Craig Melvin
Craig Melvin ()

I’ve been following Biden’s reunification process since our convo last week. Today, I witnessed a hug over 3 years in the making. @jacobsoboroff brought us the story of the first migrant family to be reunited after being separated at the southern border.