United States Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 17th, 2021 03:45 PM IST
S.No.Twitter Trends United StatesTweet Volume
1.#NCT127_Sticker 1M+ tweets
2.#NCT127Sticker_Accessed 546K+ tweets
3.NCT 127 STICKER OUT NOW 520K+ tweets
4.jaehyun 394K+ tweets
5.haechan 329K+ tweets
6.yuta 284K+ tweets
7.johnny 278K+ tweets
8.doyoung 261K+ tweets
9.taeyong 249K+ tweets
10.JUNGWOO 193K+ tweets
11.taeil 183K+ tweets
12.ONE OF ME 167K+ tweets
13.Lil Nas 135K+ tweets
14.#LALISA1stWin 119K+ tweets
15.USA 1 95K+ tweets
16.Washington 91K+ tweets
17.Newsmax 81K+ tweets
18.#BB23 79K+ tweets
19.Giants 74K+ tweets
20.Durham 71K+ tweets
21.LOVELY JUBBLY 66K+ tweets
22.Hannah 46K+ tweets
23.#MONTERO 46K+ tweets
24.Tiffany 43K+ tweets
25.Davido 42K+ tweets
26.Gano 42K+ tweets
27.Terry 40K+ tweets
28.Del Rio 40K+ tweets
29.Julie 37K+ tweets
30.Nikita 36K+ tweets
31.I STAND WITH NICKI 32K+ tweets
32.Montana 27K+ tweets
33.The Rainy Night 26K+ tweets
34.#Brooklyn99 26K+ tweets
35.Simu 24K+ tweets
36.#WashingtonFootball 23K+ tweets
37.Xavier 22K+ tweets
38.Otis 22K+ tweets
39.Big D 22K+ tweets
40.Azah 21K+ tweets
41.#FloridaIsVietnam 21K+ tweets
42.EFCC 19K+ tweets
43.Am I Dreaming 19K+ tweets
44.Don Lemon 16K+ tweets
45.#fridaymorning 14K+ tweets
46.Phillies 12K+ tweets
47.Barkley 12K+ tweets
48.Gibson 12K+ tweets
49.Taylor Heinicke 12K+ tweets
50.Sussman 12K+ tweets
51.BRING THE NOIZE 11K+ tweets
52.Hopkins 10K+ tweets
53.Orioles 10K+ tweets
54.Paraguay 10K+ tweets
55.Haitians 10K+ tweets
56.Jon Allen <10K tweets
57.#USWNT <10K tweets
58.Bryce Harper <10K tweets
59.Ric Flair <10K tweets
60.Saquon <10K tweets
61.LOST IN THE CITADEL <10K tweets
62.LeVar Burton <10K tweets
63.Heineke <10K tweets
64.Riverboat Ron <10K tweets
65.JD Hammer <10K tweets
66.NFL Network <10K tweets
67.Caleb Foster <10K tweets
68.Ty Gibbs <10K tweets
69.#TraitorCawthorn <10K tweets
70.#crewboystwtselfieday <10K tweets
71.Industry Baby <10K tweets
72.#ThursdayNightFootball <10K tweets
73.Gettleman <10K tweets
74.Jerry Rice <10K tweets
75.Danny Dimes <10K tweets
76.NFC East <10K tweets
77.#YIAYbio <10K tweets
78.Nate Solder <10K tweets
79.Barney Miller <10K tweets
80.Kyland <10K tweets
81.Offsides <10K tweets
82.Carlos Condit <10K tweets
83.Nick Gates <10K tweets
84.Golladay <10K tweets
85.Logan Thomas <10K tweets
86.Madison Cawthorn <10K tweets
87.Carli Lloyd <10K tweets
88.Landon Collins <10K tweets
89.King County <10K tweets
90.#TogetherBlue <10K tweets
91.#darksideofthering <10K tweets
92.Brunette <10K tweets
93.#NYGvsWAS <10K tweets
94.Antonio Gibson <10K tweets
95.Scott Turner <10K tweets
96.Tommy Dreamer <10K tweets
97.Bardock <10K tweets
98.Azeez <10K tweets
99.Graham Gano <10K tweets
100.Jordan Montgomery <10K tweets
101.Roughing the Passer <10K tweets
102.Youngkin <10K tweets
103.Dolla Sign Slime <10K tweets
104.Joe Buck <10K tweets
105.bradberry <10K tweets
106.McKissic <10K tweets
107.Reggie White <10K tweets
108.Laura Loomer <10K tweets
109.Vanilla Vick <10K tweets
110.Toney <10K tweets
111.Julie Andrews <10K tweets
112.Tales of Dominica <10K tweets
113.Black Flag <10K tweets
114.Karen Civil <10K tweets
115.Heinicke <10K tweets
116.Jonathan Allen <10K tweets
117.Dyami Brown <10K tweets
118.Royal Wedding <10K tweets
119.Mozzy <10K tweets
120.Andi Sullivan <10K tweets
121.Pure Vanilla <10K tweets
122.McAuliffe <10K tweets
123.Sun Goes Down <10K tweets
124.Lawrence Taylor <10K tweets
125.Joe Judge <10K tweets
126.Kevin Hart <10K tweets
127.Jason Garrett <10K tweets
128.#BrooklynNineNine <10K tweets
129.X and Ky <10K tweets
130.USA 2 <10K tweets
131.Clarence Thomas <10K tweets
132.Bostic <10K tweets
133.William Jackson <10K tweets
134.Jane Powell <10K tweets
135.Dead Right Now <10K tweets
136.Matt Rosendale <10K tweets
137.Dexter Lawrence <10K tweets
138.Ryan Mountcastle <10K tweets
139.Chase Young <10K tweets
140.#BigBrother <10K tweets
141.Ron Rivera <10K tweets
142.Redskins <10K tweets
143.FedEx Field <10K tweets
144.All or Nothing <10K tweets
145.Crown Jewel <10K tweets
146.Bibby <10K tweets
147.Daniel Jones <10K tweets
148.#NYGvsWFT <10K tweets
149.Katt <10K tweets
150.ricky seals <10K tweets
United States Top Tweets Now

The Giants are 4-0 against Washington with Daniel Jones as their starter. The Giants are 0-5 in primetime games with Daniel Jones as their starter. One of those streaks come to an end tonight.

Dua Virus yg lebih berbahaya dari COVID 1. Politikus serakah yang tidak berpendidikan

FIVE GOALS FOR CARLI FREAKING LLOYD! 🐐 @CarliLloyd has tied the #USWNT single-game scoring record with her FIFTH goal of the night!

Not only did Dustin Hopkins give Washington the win with his field goal, he gave QB Taylor Heinicke a nice payday. By playing in over 60% of the snaps and Washington getting a win, Heinicke earned a $125,000 incentive. Significant kick by Hopkins.

Michael is helping to keep the vinyl record format alive! THRILLER is still consistently landing on Billboard’s weekly Vinyl Album top 20 sales list. Last month the album hit #7 on the chart! Vinyl, cassette, streaming - what’s your favorite way to get your MJ fix?

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They all knew Trump was unfit for office. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham… Every single one of them. Yet they gleefully lined up to kiss the ring of a narcissistic madman so they could get their tax cuts & judges. And now over 600,000 innocent Americans are dead.

FOUR! @CarliLloyd literally cannot stop scoring. Her FIRST career 4-goal game in her 313th international cap 🇺🇸⚽️

BREAKING REPORT: American Airlines Flight Turns Around, KICKS OFF MOTHER and Her Asthmatic 2-YEAR-OLD BABY Over Mask Policy — Police Meet Them at the

Today I learned about the map of Montana in 1885 under Native Americans, 4 years before Montana became a state & that land was stolen from Native Americans. Before you “strongly oppose” refugees created by an American war, remember that land it isn’t your land to begin with.

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「防衛予算の大幅増額をめざし、防衛省が、テレビのニュースや情報番組に出演する有識者や芸能人、ユーチューバーら100人のインフルエンサーを味方につける狙い」 さあ、どのコメンテイターが「中国や北朝鮮が日本を狙ってますよ」って言い始めるか見ておこう。

Jigsaw is unlike any series you’ve seen before! Giancarlo Esposito, Paz Vega, Rufus Sewell, Tati Gabrielle, and Jai Courtney star in the heist drama that embraces truly nonlinear storytelling — meaning viewers are in control.

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Thanks to the NC State Bureau of Investigation, the State Crime Lab, Chapel Hill Police and other law enforcement who worked relentlessly and have never given up on solving the murder of UNC student Faith Hedgepeth more than 9 years ago. Arrest made this morning. - RC