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USA Twitter Trends Now - #MambaForever, Jules, Republic Day, Harriet Tubman, #Dystopia, Year 18, Kenneth, #tuesdayvibe, #TheBachelor.

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.#HBDShehnaazGill 669830
2.Republic Day 626801
4.#NCT127_FirstLove 301179
5.#HistoricTractorMarch 291203
6.Delhi 285743
7.Winter Package 278409
8.Kobe 225136
9.#드림캐쳐 190146
10.Lebron 183303
11.#들어_축배_127데이 158059
12.Tubman 150954
13.vine 144959
14.Schumer 124067
15.Progress 121106
16.Red Fort 120099
17.Hunter 118927
18.Harriet Tubman 109869
19.Victoria 107101
20.Office of the Former President 95111
21.#TheBachelor 89924
22.Australia Day 80638
23.Manchin 76366
24.#Dreamcatcher 76201
25.Claudia 72073
28.Dame 64882
29.#WWERaw 61948
30.Sinema 59075
31.New Horizons 53254
32.#Dystopia 49510
33.Ninja 49217
34.Maddow 48670
35.Bron 47577
36.benghazi 46891
37.wonho 45024
38.Katie 43130
39.yeri 40585
40.Manchin and Sinema 35197
42.Arby 33875
43.Chamath 33115
44.#SweetNight100M 28594
45.Year 18 27523
46.Tesco 26148
47.MARK LEE 25658
48.#Odd_Eye 25142
49.Carlos Holmes Trujillo 25134
50.Jules 23874
51.Kellyanne 21142
52.#Road_to_Utopia 20517
53.#MambaForever 20207
54.The Charles 19841
55.Vengeance 19794
56.John Altobelli 18285
57.#bootwtselfieday 17424
58.Sigma 17409
59.d.c. guard 16279
60.Touken Ranbu 15868
61.Hudson 15546
62.Snow Day 15431
63.Jeffrey Epstein 15315
64.Good Tuesday 15099
65.Tyrese 14812
66.Sanrio 14809
67.Soucek 13911
68.siyeon 13833
69.Pave 13308
70.Christina Mauser 13065
71.Birmingham 12669
72.Nikki Haley 12455
73.Verizon 12164
74.Credit Karma 12040
75.angela davis 11929
76.anthony edwards 10732
77.#tuesdaymotivations 10442
78.The Hudson <10k
79.Senior Bowl <10k
80.Paul Newman <10k
81.Fultondale <10k
82.eLearning <10k
83.Borderlands <10k
84.#HappyBirthdayEllenDeGeneres <10k
85.Melvin <10k
86.Willamette <10k
87.#WWESuperstarSpectacle <10k
88.#kellyanneconway <10k
89.YEAH MIKE <10k
90.Winter Weather Advisory <10k
91.A. Blinken <10k
92.#alwx <10k
93.#tuesdayvibe <10k
94.Texas Tech <10k
95.#RayaAndTheLastDragon <10k
96.Conways <10k
97.#VTuberUprising <10k
98.#TuesdayThoughts <10k
99.By 2025 <10k
100.Scott Frost <10k
101.#JusticeForClaudiaConway <10k
102.East River <10k
103.#MercerChats <10k
104.#AddCensoredRuinAMovie <10k
105.nick miller <10k
106.The East River <10k
107.Marty Baron <10k
108.Mel Kiper <10k
110.Antony Blinken <10k
111.Matt Murray <10k
112.Revue <10k
113.#fundblackscientists <10k
114.The Mississippi <10k
115.Jake Paul <10k
116.Roland <10k
117.Jeremy Lin <10k
118.Bill Walton <10k
119.#PlanforVacation <10k
120.#HighRiskCA <10k
121.Jeff Jackson <10k
122.Jordyn Woods <10k
123.Schilling <10k
124.Susan Rice <10k
125.#justiceforclaudia <10k
126.My Pillow CEO <10k
127.#MorningJoe <10k
128.Tucson <10k
129.#UltimatePlay <10k
130.#SpiritAwards <10k
131.#ChatAboutBrand <10k
132.Wiggins <10k
133.#TuesdayFeeling <10k
134.New Leaf <10k
135.Clemens <10k
136.George Conway <10k
137.Vanessa Bryant <10k
138.Potomac <10k
139.Eddie Van Halen <10k
140.#FETC <10k
141.Kelly Anne Conway <10k
142.PSAT <10k
143.Ben Askren <10k
144.Experian <10k
145.#ChrisHansenIsOverParty <10k
146.Step 2 CS <10k
147.Mark madden <10k
148.#TuesdayMorning <10k
149.Mac McClung <10k
150.Pewdiepie <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

ColourPop Cosmetics
ColourPop Cosmetics ()

🏝️Animal Crossing #GIVEAWAY 🏝️ Win a Nintendo Switch™ + Animal Crossing game + the ENTIRE ColourPop x Animal Crossing: New Horizons Collection 🗿 To enter: 🏝️Like & RT 🏝️Reply w/ #AnimalCrossingxColourPop 🏝️Follow @ColourPopCo + @NintendoAmerica

#AnimalCrossingxColourPop,USA Twitter Trends Now
Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner ()

However slowly, when Harriet Tubman replaces Andrew Jackson on the $20 dollar bill, the arc of the moral Universe will continue to bend towards Justice.

Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner ()

If you don’t convict a President for inciting a deadly Insurrection to overthrow the US Government, our Constitution is meaningless.

Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Rachel Maddow MSNBC ()

Excellent question, Chris! Wait til you see what Senate Majority Leader Schumer said when I asked him that very thing. 9pm ET, MSNBC

Josh Hawley
Josh Hawley ()

Democrats in DC say they want unity. They don’t want unity. They want total control. Control of what we say, what we think, and who we support. And they are working in lockstep with Big Tech and Big corporations to silence us.

Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman ()

139 officers were injured. Those seditionists carried thin blue line flags and then beat 139 of them. Impeach Trump. Eject Cruz, Hawley, Boebert, Biggs, Gosar and the collaborators. Arrest them all. Follow the money.

Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Rachel Maddow MSNBC ()

McConnell is literally holding up the transfer of control of the Senate — temporarily nullifying the outcome of the elections — to try to force them to do this. Democrats can’t allow it.

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

Let me know when they begin seizing our assets and sending us off to “re-education camps”. For those of you that have spent the last 4 years calling Trump supporters nazis—it might be time to take a good hard look in the mirror, or at the very least—through a history book.

Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman ()

@GOPLeader This officer died defending you from the mob Trump and you incited. We aren’t forgetting Brian Sicknick no matter how hard you try to make us move on. We aren’t. Sedition has a price. Buckle up, Kevin we’re just warming up.

Brian,USA Twitter Trends Now
Adam Serwer 🍝
Adam Serwer 🍝 ()

I’m sure that at this point even McConnell is somewhat shocked at how easily intimidated Senate Dems are.

The Daily Wire
The Daily Wire ()

Media when Amy Media when Barrett says she’s Biden says he’s Catholic Catholic

Catholic,USA Twitter Trends Now
Adam Serwer 🍝
Adam Serwer 🍝 ()

Manchin confirms there are no circumstances under which the needs of the American people will supersede his loyalty to Mitch McConnell, whose desires will always take priority over theirs.

د. عصام حجي
د. عصام حجي ()

في علم البراكين حقيقة مؤكدة انه اذا انفجر بركان مرة، معناه انه سينفجر مرة اخرى. يبقى السؤال اين ومتى. العجيب انه لثورة البراكين المتكررة دور اساسي في الحفاظ على مناخ الارض فاذا توقفت انتهت الحياة واصبحنا مثل كوكب المريخ. نصيحة لكل ظالم: لا تراهن ان هذه النظرية غلط #٢٥_يناير

علي الارض,USA Twitter Trends Now
Jason D. Greenblatt
Jason D. Greenblatt ()

في مقعدي في مطار الرياض ومتاخرين سمعنا ان تاخير الاقلاع هو اطلاق صاروخ من الحوثيين الارهابيين. كمواطن امريكي يجب ان نقف مع الدوله الحليفه السعوديه وشعبها لها الحق في الدفاع عن نفسها وشعبها في وجه الهجوم الغجري

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson ()

“Music is a way of getting across to people. People may not want to read, but they will always listen to music.” - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson,USA Twitter Trends Now
ImperialHal ()

Little PC Apex tip for FPS/Clarity: Type Saved Games in windows Search Bar -> Respawn -> Apex -> local -> videoconfig then find 1 and change it to 0 , this basically reduces/gets rid of shadows completely also a side note 1/2

Netflix ()

Nick Miller could have pulled all every single one of them and anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

Nick Miller,USA Twitter Trends Now
David Enrich
David Enrich ()

Breaking: Leon Black paid $150 million to Jeffrey Epstein – more than twice as much as was previously known. Following an attempted boardroom coup, he will step down as CEO of private-equity firm Apollo. @MattGoldstein26 @katierosman

Schooley ()

The party that wanted to relive Benghazi every day for years wants to move on from the Capitol attack 3 weeks out and not look back.

CoinDesk ()

SCOOP: The endowment funds of Harvard, Yale, Brown and UMich have been quietly buying #bitcoin through Coinbase and other exchanges, CoinDesk has learned. @IanAllison123 reports