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Updated: January 24th, 2022 05:44 PM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trend United StatesTweet Volume
1.Brady 525K+
2.Chiefs 445K+
3.The NFL 422K+
4.Rams 420K+
5.Mahomes 319K+
6.Defense 265K+
7.Josh Allen 257K+
8.Coin 226K+
9.Super Bowl 195K+
10.#Euphoria 185K+
11.Overtime 152K+
12.Buffalo 129K+
13.All 4 129K+
14.Mugler 128K+
15.#NFLPlayoffs 128K+
16.nate 124K+
17.WHAT A GAME 121K+
18.Cassie 113K+
19.The OT 106K+
20.#PENTAGON 103K+
21.Thierry Mugler 95K+
22.13 SECONDS 94K+
23.Demon Slayer 78K+
24.lexi 78K+
25.#BUFvsKC 69K+
26.NFL OT 62K+
27.#Feelin_Like 61K+
28.Gabi 61K+
29.lana 58K+
30.maddy 56K+
31.Newt 54K+
32.elliot 52K+
33.Best NFL 51K+
34.#INVITE_U 49K+
35.Jewel 46K+
37.Gabriel Davis 44K+
38.#TheWrldOnGCW 41K+
39.Zendaya 41K+
40.Ashtray 40K+
41.Kelce 38K+
42.#MondayMotivation 35K+
43.Kansas City 35K+
44.Tyreek Hill 32K+
45.Diggs 30K+
46.Good Monday 28K+
47.Julian Assange 28K+
48.Selena 26K+
49.Fezco 25K+
50.derek 25K+
51.Romo 22K+
52.Andy Reid 21K+
53.Christine 18K+
54.#MondayMorning 18K+
55.Grim Reaper 17K+
56.Patty 17K+
57.faye 16K+
58.Butker 15K+
59.#mondaythoughts 14K+
60.Squib 12K+
61.#RHOSLC 12K+
62.4 TDs 11K+
63.Tiki 10K+
64.College OT 10K+
65.Kody <10K
66.#MondayMood <10K
67.Medvedev <10K
68.sam levinson <10K
69.Juan Ponce de León <10K
70.#SisterWives <10K
71.Wordle 219 X <10K
72.Bobbi <10K
73.WWIII <10K
74.Joseline <10K
75.Cornet <10K
76.cal jacobs <10K
77.Soren <10K
78.Tony Romo <10K
79.Seliph <10K
80.McDermott <10K
81.Dean Winchester <10K
82.dominic fike <10K
83.Cressy <10K
84.Jinho <10K
85.Leslie Frazier <10K
86.everybody wham wham <10K

United States Top Tweets Now

We still have Americans trapped in Afghanistan and Joe Biden is already evacuating ANOTHER embassy because he lost control of ANOTHER region! Simply unbelievable.

Bills WR Gabriel Davis just became the first player in NFL History with 4 receiving TD in a playoff game 💪💪💪💪

I’m taking Cooper Kupp first overall in fantasy next year and starting him even on his bye week just out of respect.

That’s because Joe Biden is protecting his family business interests in Ukraine and is willing to plunge the United States into a war over it. Everyone should look up Hunter Biden and Burisma if you want to know what’s really going on in Ukraine!!

Tryna sweet talk Jules while rue isn’t there…. I see his spirit down

jules - USA Twitter Trends Now

Stefon Diggs leveled a fan that came onto the field in the 4th quarter 🚜 (🎥: @carlfugate)

Rue and Jules should (T)alk to a therapist and (R)eassure themselves that they are on the right path in L(i)fe and focus on sch(O)ol!

jules - USA Twitter Trends Now

what happened to all the guys in 2020 who were like remote learning is the future of schools!!? did their wives finally make them deal with zoom kindergarten?

WHATEVER they want? Let’s unpack this. Does a person who has contracted the ebola virus have a right to get on a plane? Does someone with TB have the right to cough in your face? Why do people get arrested for spitting in peoples’ faces or biting them? Per you that’s their right.

“Smith-Fields was found dead in December and her family says Bridgeport, Connecticut, cops are blowing them off. Now, a second family with similar accusations has joined them”

Si Pablo Iglesias ataca a Vicente Vallés es síntoma de que el periodista va por el buen camino.

Um dos grandes camisa 9 que passaram no @FortalezaEC. Sempre jogou com garra, determinação e muita vontade em campo. Wellington Paulista é sinônimo de saber honrar a camisa do clube que está atuando e merece toda gratidão do torcedor tricolor. Muito obrigado Kuririn!