United States Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topic Today

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.#ButterVideoTeaser 865710
2.Gfriend 399978
3.Taemin 373343
4.Ceuta 371039
5.THE TEASER 301618
6.#Eurovision 253626
7.For God 220131
8.JIHYO 218671
9.hoseok 206083
10.Benzema 192989
11.Hobi 182669
12.McCarthy 176075
13.#One_Of_A_Kind 168238
14.THE BEAT 109445
15.Cavani 91346
16.Leicester 91073
17.Kwame 65693
18.Parler 58315
19.Bermejo 56799
20.5 MINUTES 54941
21.10 MINUTES 54481
22.NIKI 51836
23.Kim Namjoon 48838
24.Kwame Brown 46017
25.Werner 43508
26.#tuesdaymotivations 43257
27.Fury 40746
28.TUBBO 39653
29.Cuomo 38289
30.LATE NIGHT 36689
31.ONE MINUTE 34540
32.Blues 34368
33.#CHELEI 34038
34.Rubio 33121
35.Kante 32206
36.Airbnb 31909
37.Santrich 31058
38.Fulham 30881
39.Old Trafford 30390
40.ATTEMPTED 29687
41.Shrek 29357
42.Secret Service 28138
43.Brighton 27308
44.Rockstar 27086
45.Wilder 26837
47.Ohtani 23170
48.All American 22387
49.pink joon 21913
50.Haitian 21620
52.Marshall 19802
53.Monty 18738
54.Croatia 17663
55.george tommy 16574
56.Tom Cotton 16320
57.Good Tuesday 15921
58.Greg Abbott 15404
59.#tuesdayvibe 15292
60.Kofi 14571
61.Joe Rogan 14539
62.But the Lord 14385
63.Nudy 14223
64.Twerkulator 13856
65.Days Gone 13466
66.Hornets 12941
67.Carson 12628
68.ari lennox 12108
70.Andrew Cuomo 11926
71.Matt Barnes 11165
72.Rudiger 10584
73.Material You 10403
74.En Vogue <10k
75.Dearborn <10k
76.Zoes <10k
77.Android 12 <10k
78.Derek Fisher <10k
79.Cameron Maybin <10k
80.The Heartbreak Kid <10k
81.Baton Rouge <10k
82.TOMMYS <10k
83.GTA Online <10k
84.Josiah Scott <10k
85.Andrew Giuliani <10k
86.Dino Gaudio <10k
87.ORANGE to 644-33 <10k
88.LeVert <10k
89.Alan Dershowitz <10k
90.Morgan Moses <10k
91.Deji <10k
92.Letterman <10k
93.Binnington <10k
94.Mike Dean <10k
95.Wausau <10k
96.#AndrewBrown <10k
97.#TuesdayThoughts <10k
98.Miss Piggy <10k
99.GTA V <10k
100.Amy Adams <10k
101.Hoyer <10k
102.La Russa <10k
103.JD Vance <10k
104.Lindelof <10k
105.Justin Timberlake <10k
106.GEORGES <10k
107.Benghazi <10k
108.Penske <10k
109.DR. EV4L <10k
110.The Lonely Guy <10k
111.Bitcoin Pizza <10k
112.Usher <10k
113.#whitekpopstanspace <10k
114.Elizabeth City <10k
115.Beethoven <10k
116.mint condition <10k
117.So I Married <10k
118.jack antonoff <10k
119.Happy Haitian <10k
120.#127zensVSdreamzens <10k
121.Big Latto <10k
122.Potomac <10k
123.Mariah Carey <10k
124.Vanterpool <10k
125.Ben Platt <10k
126.The Great Muppet Caper <10k
127.Ashanti <10k
128.Katie Porter <10k
129.GTAV <10k
131.Dru Hill <10k
132.Blashill <10k
133.#MorningJoe <10k
134.#FFXIVAlienwareSweepstakes <10k
135.Haitian Flag Day <10k
136.City Winery <10k
137.Evan Hansen <10k
138.El Matador <10k
139.Fidelity <10k
140.Monty Williams <10k
141.Go Herd <10k
142.Axe Murderer <10k
143.Yermin <10k
144.Paid Time Off <10k
145.China FUD <10k
146.Midnight Run <10k
147.Incredible Hulk <10k
148.Speaker of the House <10k
149.Andrew Womble <10k
150.Charles Grodin <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner ()

Kevin McCarthy is against a Commission to investigate the Insurrection because he and his caucus helped incite it. Democracy is hanging by a thread.

Vincent Rajkumar
Vincent Rajkumar ()

Just heard that it only costs $3 per dose for Pfizer and Moderna to make their COVID vaccine. But they sell it for $15-40 to the world. Given the amount of publicly funded research that went into development of these vaccines, & the current crisis, this is unacceptable.

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

Now that #Parler is back in the App Store I will be putting my content on Parler first and using Twitter as a carbon copy thereafter. Disgusted with the Big Tech collusion that attempted to stomp its platform out because conservatives abandoned this far left app.

Joy-Ann 😷Reid
Joy-Ann 😷Reid ()

Just sitting here at home watching American police descend into a residential neighborhood, armed up like a military unit like it’s a war zone and blow a man away in his car ... to affect a ... drugs arrest. And the is saying this is all fine. I feel sick. #AndrewBrown

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

If you are trying to get your Parler app to work— you need to delete it and re-download. Search “Parler App” in the store. The new app works much better.

CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

Q: What will happen to Al Aqsa Mosque? Israeli kids: it will collapse, explode and disappear. Q: How do you feel when you met an Arab kid? Israeli kids: I feel I want to kill them.

Matt Taibbi
Matt Taibbi ()

The only reason the Steele affair isn’t already thought of as maybe the biggest scandal in the modern history of American journalism is because the ostensible “victim” was Donald Trump. Virtually everyone in major media was complicit in the fraud, and many are still proud of it.

Chuck Callesto
Chuck Callesto ()


CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

Nazis hate the Jewish people but love apartheid Israel. That’s how disconnected Zionism is from Judaism, and closely tied the former is to white supremacy and fascism.

Mark Stone
Mark Stone ()

I saw a lot more instances of entirely unnecessary, provocative behavior by Israeli police/military today. At Damascus Gate (stun grenades thrown at peaceful Palestinian group), in Sheikh Jarrah (skunk water fired on Palestinian homes) & Bethlehem (volleys of tear gas)

The Daily Wire
The Daily Wire ()

Joe Rogan Warns: Woke Mob Will Make It So ‘Straight White Men’ Won’t Be ‘Allowed To Talk,’ ‘Go Outside’

Joe Rogan,USA Twitter Trends Now
POCAH 🍑 ()

A família do Mc Kevin merece respeito e paz nesse momento 🙏🏽 #teamPocah POCAH NO ENCONTRO

Greg Olear
Greg Olear ()

2/ The disinformation continued, bolstered by Fox News and Newsmax, OANN and Alex Jones, Facebook and Twitter, and Trump’s Republican enablers. And the lies never stopped. Trump never came clean.

Greg Olear
Greg Olear ()

3/ Trump never told the truth about the (sparse) inauguration crowd. He never told the truth about his campaign’s many contacts with high-placed Russians, including key Russian intelligence officers.

Israel Foreign Ministry
Israel Foreign Ministry ()

This afternoon, Hamas terrorists fired mortar bombs towards the Kerem Shalom Crossing, targeting the humanitarian civil aid coordinated by Israel, preventing #COVID19 vaccines, food & supplies from reaching Palestinians in #Gaza.

Kerem Shalom,USA Twitter Trends Now
Brigitte Gabriel
Brigitte Gabriel ()

Tom Cotton SLAMS AP: Why is the Associated Press sharing a building with Hamas?

Jason Gay
Jason Gay ()

people don’t realize this, but pat kiernan, the true mayor of nyc, rides the subway for hours every night in a bespoke tuxedo

Avi Mayer
Avi Mayer ()

Read this twice, and then once again: the Israeli workers at Kerem Shalom are wearing helmets and bulletproof vests as they work to enable humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, even as Hamas fires rockets at them. (@amirbohbot)

NHL on NBC Sports
NHL on NBC Sports ()

MacKinnon to Landeskog -> GOAL. @Avalanche go up 3-1. #StanleyCup

LuisAlfredoAlvarez🇻🇪🇺🇸 ()

Increíble imagen de Todd Kirkland de @GettyImages que muestra a Kevin Pillar una fracción de segundo antes de que Jacob Webb lo golpeara.

Webb,USA Twitter Trends Now