United States Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: July 27th, 2021 05:46 PM IST

USA Twitter Trends Now - #tuesdaymotivations, Ooni, Bush, Paxton, Alaska, Social Skill.

RankingTwitter Trends United StatesTweets Volume
1.Be Missing You 245712
2.Nigeria 121223
3.Australia 120035
4.#July27Coup 80154
5.Cade 78969
6.Wonho 76694
7.Michael A 70616
8.Tom Daley 66395
9.Rodgers 59898
10.#BTSOnLiveLounge 55816
11.Simone 54040
12.Run BTS 52418
13.sunwoo 46185
14.Klee 41482
15.Osaka 41034
16.#WWERaw 40812
17.Bush 39521
18.Rugby 37866
20.Horan 30394
21.Nikki 29620
22.Charlotte 29504
23.#TheBachelorette 25101
24.Alaska 21830
25.Usman 21762
26.George P. Bush 17866
27.Adriana 17840
28.#tuesdaymotivations 17145
29.Ken Paxton 16198
30.Lydia Jacoby 15458
31.Good Tuesday 15074
32.Astros 14232
33.#tuesdayvibe 12905
34.Colby 12804
35.Garrett 12654
36.Paxton 12445
37.#EricaInHerBag 12236
38.Baez 12084
39.Revice 11698
40.Andrew S 11480
41.LeVar Burton 10972
42.Veer 10609
43.T-Bar <10k
44.Michael Phelps <10k
45.#Cubs <10k
46.tsumugi <10k
47.Carissa Moore <10k
48.Kyle Farmer <10k
49.Jordan Chiles <10k
50.Robbie Grossman <10k
51.Jesse Chavez <10k
52.christen <10k
53.Lugo <10k
54.Metal Church <10k
55.Kelenic <10k
56.Nikki ASH <10k
57.Verdugo <10k
58.hannah neg <10k
59.#USAvAUS <10k
60.brooks raley <10k
61.Huntington Beach <10k
62.Grace McCallum <10k
63.Cutch <10k
64.#SeaUsRise <10k
65.Keuchel <10k
66.Lynn Williams <10k
67.Votto <10k
68.HANK GREEN <10k
69.Stanek <10k
70.PJ Washington <10k
71.Steve Kornacki <10k
72.Quintana <10k
73.Sabena <10k
74.Keith Lee <10k
75.Jordan Thompson <10k
76.natsume <10k
77.Tayshia <10k
78.Vlatko <10k
79.Luis Garcia <10k
80.Peter Navarro <10k
81.Amanar <10k
82.Lilly King <10k
83.CinemaSins <10k
84.Soler <10k
85.#LHHATL <10k
86.#goms <10k
87.McNeil <10k
88.#USWNT <10k
89.Osich <10k
90.seungwoo <10k
91.Chafin <10k
92.Kerri Strug <10k
93.Ryan Murphy <10k
94.Amir Garrett <10k
95.Luke Jackson <10k
96.Kimbrel <10k
97.James Click <10k
98.Spencer Howard <10k
99.Sammie <10k
100.Gregory Soto <10k
101.Taurasi <10k
102.Regan Smith <10k
103.Reba <10k
104.Kross <10k
105.Javy <10k
106.Mike Minor <10k
107.Honestly Rate Yourself <10k
108.Dusty Baker <10k
109.Sheamus <10k
110.Reginald <10k
111.Dusty <10k
112.Omos <10k
113.Team Finals <10k
114.Uncle Larry <10k
115.Greg Deichmann <10k
117.Jack Mayfield <10k
118.Scott Servais <10k
119.Eva Marie <10k
120.Lexi <10k
121.Reading Rainbow <10k
122.Maddison <10k
123.Tony Santillan <10k
124.Vondrousova <10k
125.Pinoe <10k
126.Mewis <10k
127.Mansoor <10k
128.Trea Turner <10k
129.Raley <10k
130.#MenTellAll <10k
131.Andrew McCutchen <10k
132.#CubTogether <10k
133.#BelowDeckMed <10k
134.Tom Forster <10k
135.Kyle Seager <10k
136.Sam Kerr <10k
137.#Jeopardy <10k
138.Kristie <10k
139.Flora Duffy <10k
140.McCaughan <10k
141.Joe Smith <10k
142.Mace <10k
143.Ooni <10k
144.Brad Hand <10k
146.Barbara Boxer <10k
147.Mike Howe <10k
148.Mike Enzi <10k
149.Cishek <10k
150.Nattie <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

It’s easier to get vaccinated than to argue that vaccines aren’t safe. Plus, arguing reduces your risk of a COVID hospitalization or death by exactly 0%

Entre las bendiciones de nuestra estadía en 🇲🇽 son las amistades que formamos. Caroline conoció a su amiga Adriana de casualidad cuando ambas estaban de compras en el mercado Jamaica. Ahora Adriana nos visita en 🇺🇸. Los lazos personales son la base de la amistad entre los pueblos

Adriana - USA Twitter Trends Now


Thousands of illegal aliens cross our borders without COVID testing, but the Biden Admin is focused on door-to-door vaccine checks? Make it make sense.

FINAL | A draw still gets it done. The 🇺🇸 is through to the quarterfinals at #Tokyo2020

#USWNT - USA Twitter Trends Now

Your #USWNT Starting XI to close out the Group Stage! 🇺🇸 vs. 🇦🇺 coming up at 4am ET. Lineup notes ≫

#USWNT - USA Twitter Trends Now

Hot take: The player on the Cubs the Mets should really be targeting is Craig Kimbrel

É O BRABO! 🏄🌊 @italoferreira vence Owen Wright #AUS por a e está na FINAL olímpica do #surfing! 👏👏 Boa, Ítalo! A final acontece ainda hoje às 15h46 do 🇯🇵, 3h46 do 🇧🇷! 📸: Jonne Roriz/COB

Owen Wright - USA Twitter Trends Now

Megan Rapinoe Reacts To Backlash, Says Media Needs To ‘Get Better’ With Criticism Of Women’s Sports

Rapinoe - USA Twitter Trends Now

Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS by @julipuli

iOS 14.7.1 - USA Twitter Trends Now

BREAKING REPORT: Huntington Beach restaurant Basilico’s Pasta e Vino known for ignoring COVID RESTRICTIONS now calls for ONLY VACCINATED

I’m glad I’m simply an Akil Baddoo fan, and not a Tigers fan. Gregory Soto would take years off of my life

Team: Atlanta Draft Status: 20th pick Prospect Choice: Cam Thomas, Cory Kispert, Usman Garuba Why: To bring a championship to Atlanta you must continue to surround Trae Young with immediate contributors. The rebuild is over, these are your choices. #Yoda

We stand united against antisemitism in all its forms, including the worrying increase in hate crimes and Holocaust denial. We must never forget that appalling chapter in human history.

If Patrik Nemeth signs with the Rangers, as reported by @NYP_Brooksie, he fills the role as a big, physical, left shot defenseman who can play a bottom pair role, potentially with Nils Lundkvist.

iOS and macOS Big Sur Patch Security Vulnerability That May Have Been Actively Exploited by @julipuli

iOS 14.7.1 - USA Twitter Trends Now

נתניהו המתין עם החיסון הראשון עד לאישור ה-FDA, בדיוק כמו שהממשלה הנוכחית נוהגת בחיסון השלישי. אבל אל תתן לעובדות לבלבל אותך בצלאל


Lugar de culto a 5 minutos de Santo Domingo de Silos, Burgos.

@Literature_Lady I like that he didn’t go with Brad Pitt but instead the more formal Bradley Pitt. He clearly means business.

Itamar Ben-Gvir, a fan of Hebron mass murderer Baruch Goldstein, almost tore the lectern from the podium when Knesset security came to take him away. Netanyahu will be remembered for opening the doors of parliament to racist thugs.

Knesset - USA Twitter Trends Now