United States Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 18th, 2021 02:44 PM IST
S.No.Twitter Trends United StatesTweet Volume
1.LA Twitter 1M+ tweets
2.after 1 828K+ tweets
3.Deltarune 193K+ tweets
4.Politico 143K+ tweets
5.Ruby 88K+ tweets
6.Macron 79K+ tweets
7.The FDA 74K+ tweets
8.Undertale 60K+ tweets
9.The French 56K+ tweets
10.Otis 49K+ tweets
11.#FFXIV 48K+ tweets
12.Sage 47K+ tweets
13.7 CHILDREN 47K+ tweets
14.Laura Loomer 44K+ tweets
15.Maeve 39K+ tweets
16.Leeds 37K+ tweets
17.Maki 36K+ tweets
18.NATO 35K+ tweets
19.Tigers 31K+ tweets
20.Castillo 30K+ tweets
21.Kris 28K+ tweets
22.Fried 28K+ tweets
23.Kane 27K+ tweets
24.US and Australia 26K+ tweets
25.AbokiFX 26K+ tweets
26.Knights 25K+ tweets
27.ISIS-K 25K+ tweets
28.Envy 24K+ tweets
29.#SmackDown 23K+ tweets
30.Swollen Balls 23K+ tweets
31.#VALORANTMasters 23K+ tweets
32.Haitians 20K+ tweets
33.#AEWRampage 20K+ tweets
34.Scholar 20K+ tweets
35.Ric Flair 19K+ tweets
36.Carson 19K+ tweets
37.Clippers 18K+ tweets
38.#DeltaruneChapter2 18K+ tweets
39.Ether 18K+ tweets
40.Brian Laundrie 18K+ tweets
41.Bianca 17K+ tweets
42.Miro 17K+ tweets
43.Naomi 17K+ tweets
44.Ryuji 17K+ tweets
45.Varsity Football 17K+ tweets
46.Big E 17K+ tweets
47.Bristol 16K+ tweets
48.Sentinels 15K+ tweets
49.Toby 15K+ tweets
50.Industry Baby 14K+ tweets
51.Puff 14K+ tweets
52.Gen. McKenzie 14K+ tweets
53.Laundrie 14K+ tweets
54.Long Beach 14K+ tweets
55.Braves 12K+ tweets
56.Saint-Maximin 12K+ tweets
57.#G131 11K+ tweets
58.Live Letter 11K+ tweets
59.DoTs 11K+ tweets
60.#LilNasXGaveBirth 11K+ tweets
61.Gege 10K+ tweets
62.Susie 10K+ tweets
63.Gallo 10K+ tweets
64.Kawhi 10K+ tweets
65.Reaper 10K+ tweets
66.Ralsei 10K+ tweets
67.Summoner <10K tweets
68.Story of Adidon <10K tweets
69.Webb <10K tweets
70.ludwig <10K tweets
71.#lifeafterlockup <10K tweets
72.acip <10K tweets
73.Solano <10K tweets
74.Brad Miller <10K tweets
75.Bobby Dalbec <10K tweets
76.Survivor Series <10K tweets
77.BFBB <10K tweets
78.Naoya <10K tweets
79.Gaster <10K tweets
80.toby fox <10K tweets
81.Brett Phillips <10K tweets
82.Sharlene <10K tweets
83.Terps <10K tweets
84.BIG SHOT <10K tweets
85.Wildcats <10K tweets
86.Snitker <10K tweets
87.Allgaier <10K tweets
88.Halftime Score <10K tweets
89.Mayer <10K tweets
90.Wheeler <10K tweets
91.MATZ <10K tweets
92.Austin Hays <10K tweets
93.noelle <10K tweets
94.Gardy <10K tweets
95.Altuve <10K tweets
96.Hit Em Up <10K tweets
97.Donnie Barrels <10K tweets
98.Cougars <10K tweets
99.Dillon Gabriel <10K tweets
100.Enochian <10K tweets
101.3rd TD <10K tweets
102.Paul Heyman <10K tweets
103.#DescribeAMovieBadly <10K tweets
104.Austin Adams <10K tweets
105.Robert Durst <10K tweets
106.Fluid Aura <10K tweets
107.Carmella <10K tweets
108.Ian Anderson <10K tweets
109.Stroman <10K tweets
110.Will Smith <10K tweets
111.Daonte <10K tweets
112.Brandon Peters <10K tweets
113.#gabbypetitio <10K tweets
114.Crawford <10K tweets
115.Louisville <10K tweets
116.Kluber <10K tweets
117.As a Texan <10K tweets
118.Tyler Clippard <10K tweets
119.UCF -7 <10K tweets
120.Yoshi P <10K tweets
121.Lacey <10K tweets
122.Anna Jay <10K tweets
123.Woodruff <10K tweets
124.Travis d’Arnaud <10K tweets
125.Final Score <10K tweets
126.Gus Malzahn <10K tweets
127.The Jinx <10K tweets
128.#ShadySnacks <10K tweets
129.Finn Balor <10K tweets
130.TenZ <10K tweets
131.Salted Earth <10K tweets
132.1st Quarter <10K tweets
133.End 3Q <10K tweets
134.#earthquake <10K tweets
135.Grand Junction <10K tweets
136.Tyler Rogers <10K tweets
137.xander <10K tweets
138.Torrance <10K tweets
139.Friday Night Lights <10K tweets
140.2nd Quarter <10K tweets
141.Nick Gates vs The World <10K tweets
142.Inglewood <10K tweets
143.San Andreas <10K tweets
144.Karr <10K tweets
145.Cindric <10K tweets
146.What a FINISH <10K tweets
147.Kenyan Drake <10K tweets
148.Duggar <10K tweets
149.Kyle Farmer <10K tweets
150.Blood of the Dragon <10K tweets
United States Top Tweets Now

“We have to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated”. Weird. I thought that was the vaccine’s job.

...and baby makes three. What could go wrong? You Season 3 premieres October 15.

I love Nicki Minaj. She has the guts to stand her ground. She supports our freedomsfreedom. Our freedom to think for ourselves. Our freedom of speech. If you want to wear a mask and take the vaccine just do it. Leave our freedoms alone. That’s why I love Nicki. We love freedom.

More tens of thousands of migrants flooding into the USA! Biden’s FAA now blocking drones from capturing the invasion of our country. Spread these images far and wide to all who were brainwashed into believing “walls are racist”. This was always the Democrats’ evil plan.

Biden - USA Twitter Trends Now

The FDA has resoundingly rejected Pfizer vaccine booster shots. The vote wasn’t close.

Today is #ConstitutionDay - a perfect day to remind those in charge of our current government that we actually have a Constitution and they should begin to follow it.

The way Dua lipa can lowkey milk her future nostalgia era for another year and a half….

BREAKING REPORT: The Government’s Spying on Candidate Trump in the DOJ’s Project ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Started the Same Day Clinton Lawyers, Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele Met at Law Firm Perkins

“The smell of the midnight lamp is very unwholesome. Never defraud yourself of sleep, nor your walk.” - John (2nd place) Adams 2021 translate- get off your consoles at 2am.

John Adams - USA Twitter Trends Now

BREAKING: Pentagon Confirms US Drone Strike in Kabul Accidentally Killed 10 Civilians, Not ISIS Target

Alabama couple known for vaccine opposition, both dead of COVID ...One of the last videos the married couple posted on their now deleted YouTube channel was about how they wouldn’t get the vaccine.

This Palestinian man was attacked by Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank.