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USA Twitter Trends Now - vancouver, Lil Nas, Bobby Orr, Hua Cheng, #Ieroween, Minnesota, hua cheng, Go Gators, Ben Rhodes.

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.Halloween 2988506
2.Happy Halloween 594150
3.Trick or Treat 452748
4.Minnesota 424592
5.#themandalorian 209462
6.Mino 179510
7.boca 131117
8.Full Moon 92529
9.jisung 87415
10.Melania 81693
11.HANBIN 78933
12.His House 67373
13.#Dynamite20thWin 62907
14.Blue Moon 62041
15.Wonho 58370
16.YUNHO 49443
17.#trunalimunumaprzure 45512
18.Tigers 44875
19.TGCF 44853
20.George Lopez 44161
21.Suburban 44082
22.Baby Yoda 42639
23.Veronica 39970
24.end 3 37128
26.#SmackDown 34424
27.#BidenCrimeFamiIy 34153
28.Carmen 33326
29.Vancouver 32946
30.Bobby Orr 32567
31.Boba 31888
32.Ibrahim 28640
33.Murphy 26664
34.Bianca 25913
35.Game Day 25756
36.Little Hope 25521
37.Ugly Folks 23992
38.Not Melania 23744
39.Samhain 23402
40.hocus 22069
41.Kevin Peterson 21886
42.Angie 20723
43.Hawaii 20601
44.Vigil 20481
45.Madame Tussauds 20313
46.#Worlds2020 20179
47.#GFRIENDCON2020 18029
48.Kyle Rittenhouse 17978
49.END OF 1 16746
50.Justified 16619
51.Yerin 16194
52.End of 3 15492
53.SPOOKY DAY 14721
54.Eugene 14335
55.heejin 13695
56.harley quinn 11508
57.Pierce 10343
58.Mike Locksley <10k
59.mu qing <10k
60.End of the 1st <10k
61.Daniel Bryan <10k
62.Fiora <10k
63.#ReadyToLove <10k
64.Rhodes <10k
65.Taulia Tagovailoa <10k
66.Megan Rapinoe <10k
67.#iahsfb <10k
68.Coach Saban <10k
69.End of the 3rd <10k
70.PJ Fleck <10k
71.#TCMParty <10k
72.#TheDevilAtMyDoor <10k
73.Galio <10k
74.Al Franken <10k
76.Tagovailoa <10k
77.Lady G. <10k
78.Carmella <10k
79.Go Gators <10k
80.Timothy Olyphant <10k
81.Taulia <10k
82.#SaturdayMorning <10k
83.Scott Jennings <10k
84.tatooine <10k
85.Bulldogs <10k
86.Final Score <10k
87.HUA CHENG <10k
88.Jack Stauber <10k
89.End 1Q <10k
90.All Hallows Eve <10k
91.Americans as Dem <10k
92.Oxford University <10k
93.Eckes <10k
94.Cobb Vanth <10k
95.Enfinger <10k
96.Sue Bird <10k
97.End 1st <10k
98.Row The Boat <10k
99.East Carolina <10k
100.Rolling Ray <10k
101.Damwon <10k
102.SwordArt <10k
103.#ECUvsTLSA <10k
104.Bianca Belair <10k
105.Boba Fett <10k
106.Fleck <10k
107.All Hallows <10k
108.Chris Autman <10k
109.Wyoming <10k
110.Olyphant <10k
111.Coven <10k
112.KOTOR <10k
113.Cherrelle <10k
114.River Shen <10k
115.Tabria <10k
116.Gamergate <10k
117.#kevinpetersonjr <10k
118.#MINNvsMD <10k
119.Blessed Samhain <10k
120.Suning <10k
121.#LoveAfterLockup <10k
122.Whom God <10k
123.XIE LIAN <10k
124.Bateman <10k
125.Fudge Rounds <10k
126.Gophers <10k
127.Jell-O <10k
128.Terps <10k
129.Nuguri <10k
130.The Crow <10k
131.Cenk <10k
132.#votinginthebubble <10k
133.Jake Funk <10k
134.Munguia <10k
135.End of 3rd <10k
136.Reformation Day <10k
137.#LastExtravaganza <10k
138.#MoviesForVampires <10k
139.#TheMoonCallsMeTo <10k
140.Trojans <10k
141.Megatron <10k
142.Saturday Love <10k
143.SofM <10k
144.Happy Samhain <10k
145.Michael Myers <10k
146.Lars <10k
147.Hail Mary <10k
148.Joey Traywick <10k
149.#VoteBlueToEndTheNightmare <10k
150.Huanfeng <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino ()

If Donald Trump wins again, despite -Twitter -Facebook -Google -The entire mainstream media -The deep staters in the intell community -The Hollywood hate machine -and the cancel culture libs, it’ll be the greatest political story ever told.

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino ()

This is impossible. The media tells us Trump is down by at least 80 points in Minnesota.

Kira ()

Wow. The group that installed that 405 freeway TRUMP sign has come forward with a pro-Trump campaign video and IT IS 🔥. Could @realDonaldTrump flip California?

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino ()

Libs will mock this tweet, but it’s a reflection of their willful blindness. The “oppressor vs oppressed” narrative the left’s embraced for decades is motivating CONSERVATIVES to vote Trump. They see him as the only thing standing between them & the powerful forces attacking them

Joy VOTE & MASK UP!! Reid 😷)
Joy VOTE & MASK UP!! Reid 😷) ()

Many, many congrats to the amazing @Yamiche who makes us proud every damned day, asking the questions that need to be asked with the strength and composure it takes to be AMAZING. Yesss!!

Brandon Straka
Brandon Straka ()

To family & friends of LGBT ppl telling you you can’t vote Trump if u love this is an emotional reaction stemming from media-driven fear. It’s manipulation u can’t give in to- like an addict saying, “if you loved me you’d let me use”. You MUST vote Trump if you love them.

Joy VOTE & MASK UP!! Reid 😷)
Joy VOTE & MASK UP!! Reid 😷) ()

For those who are doubting these southern polls, keep in mind that of the former slave states, these currently have Democratic governors: Louisiana, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia, not to mention once-bleeding Kansas. Anyone can win if enough people vote. So #VOTE!!!

Dr David Frawley
Dr David Frawley ()

Sharad Purnima today is sacred to Ma Lakshmi and Sri Krishna and the main Purnima when the 16th Amrit Kala or immortal portion of the Moon, its inner Soma is accessible. Imbibe that Soma from the rays of the Moon which can heal body and mind and connect us to the supreme Ananda!

Sean Davis
Sean Davis ()

Bravo to the New York Post, founded by Alexander Hamilton and in continuous circulation in the since 1801, for refusing to bend the knee to the corrupt technocracy that is Big Tech. Never bow before totalitarians.

Mar Gómez
Mar Gómez ()

Este 31 de octubre tendremos Luna azul. Pero ¿qué significa esto? Se denomina Luna azul a la segunda luna llena en un mismo mes. Por lo general, cada mes tiene solo una ya que las lunas llenas ocurren con, aproximadamente, 29 días de diferencia.

La Luna,USA Twitter Trends Now
Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022)
Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022) ()

LIVE: President Donald Trump in Rochester, MN #Rochester #Minnesota Text VOTE to 88022

Eric Garland
Eric Garland ()

Oh, so Mark Meadows joined the White House to potentially delay financial crimes charges from his time as a Congresscritter? Got it.

Mar Gómez
Mar Gómez ()

La primera Luna llena del mes sucedió el pasado 1 de octubre y esta Luna azul coincidirá con la noche de Halloween. Es una ocasión única ya que no suele darse de forma muy habitual, sucediendo cada dos o tres años. De hecho, la última Luna azul ocurrió el 31 de marzo de 2018.

El 31,USA Twitter Trends Now
Jessica Fyre💫✨
Jessica Fyre💫✨ ()

Halloween is OVER. Lil Nas X WON. Please exit to the left. Thank you all for your time.

Lil Nas,USA Twitter Trends Now
Eric Garland
Eric Garland ()

HUGE UGLY STORY HERE. Extremely bad for William Barr and Trump. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇Check it out.

mehmet sumer
Mehmet sumer ()

Depremin büyüklüğünü AFAD’tan başka 6,6 diye veren yok. Niye her depremde AFAD deprem büyüklüğünü tüm kurumlardan daha küçük açıklıyor? Kandilli: 6,8 Amerika Jeolojik: 7,0 Avrupa Sismoloji: 7,0

Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Rachel Maddow MSNBC ()

In his opinion condemning former AG Eric Holder, Carl linked to a book review by Jared Taylor, an alt-right figure who said after Hurricane Katrina, “When blacks are left to their own devices, Western Civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.”

Sara Gideon
Sara Gideon ()

It’s time to get out the vote! 🗳️ Sign up to help our GOTV efforts this weekend: #mepolitics

The Daily Wire
The Daily Wire ()

Kirstie Alley Rips CNN’S COVID Coverage: ‘Fear Of Dying Is Their Mantra’

Kirstie Alley,USA Twitter Trends Now
Esports Awards 2020
Esports Awards 2020 ()

.@Soembie Soe Gschwind Penski is an Esports host known for her incredible contributions to the Overwatch scene, from player interviews to desk hosting she is a versatile and incredibly talented host but do they have your vote? #EsportsAwards

Overwatch,USA Twitter Trends Now