United States Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 21st, 2021 03:46 AM IST
S.No.Twitter Trends United StatesTweet Volume
1.#YouthToday 914K+ tweets
2.#BTSatUNGA 815K+ tweets
3.The UN 657K+ tweets
4.#GotARMYRightBehindYou 594K+ tweets
5.#OurPrideBTS 549K+ tweets
6.La Palma 387K+ tweets
7.And God 274K+ tweets
8.Chanyeol 272K+ tweets
9.Permission to Dance 235K+ tweets
10.Chen 210K+ tweets
11.María 207K+ tweets
12.SO PROUD OF YOU 205K+ tweets
13.Bangtan 195K+ tweets
14.#HappySunshineDae 182K+ tweets
15.SDGs 181K+ tweets
16.Squid Game 178K+ tweets
17.Happy Chuseok 170K+ tweets
18.Ravens 167K+ tweets
19.Pfizer 166K+ tweets
21.Lamar 157K+ tweets
22.Chiefs 134K+ tweets
23.Jongdae 122K+ tweets
24.Mihoyo 122K+ tweets
25.New Week 117K+ tweets
26.Barca 111K+ tweets
27.Barcelona 103K+ tweets
28.The Crown 97K+ tweets
29.Kena 93K+ tweets
30.KIM SEOKJIN 91K+ tweets
31.OUR PRIDE JIMIN 89K+ tweets
32.UN General Assembly 80K+ tweets
33.ATEEZ BB200 DEBUT 78K+ tweets
34.WandaVision 77K+ tweets
35.Michaela Coel 69K+ tweets
36.Mahomes 65K+ tweets
37.#MondayMotivation 65K+ tweets
38.Swift 62K+ tweets
39.Pere 58K+ tweets
40.Saga 58K+ tweets
41.Parliamentarian 54K+ tweets
42.iOS 15 52K+ tweets
44.Bokuto 49K+ tweets
45.Oloni 48K+ tweets
46.Emmanuel 46K+ tweets
47.Slept 44K+ tweets
48.Evergrande 43K+ tweets
49.Araujo 43K+ tweets
50.Moderna 43K+ tweets
51.Haitian 38K+ tweets
52.President Moon 37K+ tweets
53.Owen 37K+ tweets
54.Kate Winslet 37K+ tweets
55.Tory 37K+ tweets
56.Senate Parliamentarian 35K+ tweets
57.Granada 33K+ tweets
58.Hamilton 33K+ tweets
59.The Jump 32K+ tweets
60.Good Monday 32K+ tweets
61.#mondaythoughts 31K+ tweets
62.Chris Rock 31K+ tweets
63.Koeman 30K+ tweets
64.Pique 29K+ tweets
65.I May Destroy You 28K+ tweets
66.Haitians 28K+ tweets
67.Martha 28K+ tweets
68.Blackface 26K+ tweets
69.Harbaugh 25K+ tweets
70.Debbie Allen 22K+ tweets
71.Little House 21K+ tweets
72.Brad 21K+ tweets
73.Whips 20K+ tweets
74.Conan 20K+ tweets
75.Napoli 20K+ tweets
76.BioNTech 18K+ tweets
77.YOU DID AMAZING 18K+ tweets
78.YOU DID SO WELL 17K+ tweets
79.Packers -11.5 17K+ tweets
80.Border Patrol 15K+ tweets
81.#iOS15 15K+ tweets
82.Safari 15K+ tweets
83.Balenciaga 15K+ tweets
84.UK and EU 15K+ tweets
85.EU and UK 15K+ tweets
86.Sinema 14K+ tweets
87.IM SO PROUD OF THEM 13K+ tweets
88.Coutinho 13K+ tweets
89.Balde 13K+ tweets
90.#StockMarket 12K+ tweets
91.RuPaul 12K+ tweets
92.Camp Nou 11K+ tweets
93.Luuk de Jong 11K+ tweets
94.Clyde 11K+ tweets
95.Bo Burnham 10K+ tweets
96.Weisselberg 10K+ tweets
97.Dest 10K+ tweets
98.McMuffin <10K tweets
99.Breakfast Club <10K tweets
100.Eddie Kingston <10K tweets
101.Corey Taylor <10K tweets
102.Malika <10K tweets
103.Chuck Todd <10K tweets
104.Rosa Parks <10K tweets
105.Heritage High School <10K tweets
106.Hockenson <10K tweets
107.Hello Monday <10K tweets
108.Sukkot <10K tweets
109.#MondayMorning <10K tweets
110.Complexity <10K tweets
111.Trump Org <10K tweets
112.Davante Adams <10K tweets
113.Happy Birthday Julie <10K tweets
114.Glenn Beck <10K tweets
115.Paul Rusesabagina <10K tweets
116.Jeezy <10K tweets
117.Fast Times <10K tweets
118.Spanish Flu <10K tweets
119.#ARMYvaccinatedtoo <10K tweets
120.#NewRokuPlayers <10K tweets
121.Trello <10K tweets
122.Digital Dash <10K tweets
123.ET LOGISTICS IN PH <10K tweets
124.No Fun League <10K tweets
125.Human Brad <10K tweets
126.Caresha <10K tweets
127.Luis Severino <10K tweets
128.Rachel Nichols <10K tweets
129.Reins <10K tweets
130.Bridge of Spirits <10K tweets
131.PTCGO <10K tweets
132.Martha Hart <10K tweets
133.Colbert <10K tweets
134.Carlton Reserve <10K tweets
135.Jeannie Mai <10K tweets
136.Bardock <10K tweets
137.Slipknot <10K tweets
138.Vatican <10K tweets
139.#SoIHeardFrom <10K tweets
140.Diamonds Dancing <10K tweets
141.Josh Mandel <10K tweets
142.Marcia Lucas <10K tweets
143.Hotel Rwanda <10K tweets
144.Homecoming Week <10K tweets
145.Space 220 <10K tweets
146.Vegeta <10K tweets
147.Seth Rogen <10K tweets
148.#FearlessTaylorsVersion <10K tweets
149.McGriddle <10K tweets
150.Thelma Cabrera <10K tweets
United States Top Tweets Now

Special guests BTS will deliver a speech at the 76th United Nations General Assembly. See all the updates here. #UNGA

Hello #NewYork. Hello world. #BTS at the #UN for a #SDGMoment. @BTS_twt members note that all are #vaccinated & say this is a time for the“Welcome generation” — ready to welcome change & action. #BTSARMY #BTSV #Sustainability #SDGs #ESG #CSR #impact #V

Welcome Generation - USA Twitter Trends Now

Congrats to the cast and crew of The Queen’s Gambit for their incredible 11 Emmy wins — including outstanding limited series!

Queen - USA Twitter Trends Now

Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Crown for their 11 Emmy wins — including Best Drama Series, Best Actress for Olivia Colman, and Best Actor for Josh O’Connor

The Crown - USA Twitter Trends Now

Pope Francis just closed the doors to the Vatican for those who without the vaccine passport. I remember in the Bible when Jesus turned away the people who didn’t have a leprosy vaccine… Oh wait.

This quote from Ravens OT Alejandro Villanueva that NBC shared is gold.

Ravens - USA Twitter Trends Now

I know actors, actresses, and tv shows can’t wait for the crown to finish up 😭😭😭😭

Evergrande is the train wreck that the financial world and media can’t help but watch. Here’s breakdown on the story:

Evergrande - USA Twitter Trends Now

Tyrann Mathieu has played three drives this season and is now tied for the NFL lead with two interceptions. Elite.

6 years ago today, #Drake & #Future released “What a Time To Be Alive” featuring the tracks “Digital Dash”, “Diamonds Dancing”, and “Jumpman”. Comment your favorite song off this album below! 👇🎶🔥 @Drake @1future #HipHopHistory

Diamonds Dancing - USA Twitter Trends Now

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Grabs Physical Version in November #EmberLab #PS5 #PS4 #KenaBridgeofSpirits

#KenaBridgeofSpirits - USA Twitter Trends Now

AJ Johnson, AKA Ezell from Friday. #gonetoosoon