United States Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topic Today

USA Twitter Trends Now - Wiseman, All American, Dubs, Sehun, Oubre, Paschall, Tim Paine, Alexa Bliss, Schroder.

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.Dr. King 668885
2.Vlive 309876
3.#INDvsAUS 274418
4.Sehun 260801
5.Melania 209135
6.Pant 205649
7.jungwoo 176881
8.jaehyun 164479
9.Andorra 141016
10.Gill 126248
11.Gabba 118053
12.Warriors 117531
13.Sarah 109856
14.#ONEUS_DEVIL_NoDiggity 102738
15.Run BTS 101929
16.#원어스_데빌_그누구도_반박불가 99759
17.Dominion 96281
18.Victoria 95169
19.#AUSvsIND 93025
20.Lakers 87524
22.joon 76565
23.Bidens 75942
24.All American 72927
25.#TheBachelor 72019
26.Travis 69233
27.Steve Cohen 67578
28.#TeamIndia 66005
29.Adelaide 62408
30.Padres 62221
31.Lil Wayne 59127
32.1776 Report 57194
33.Curry 57119
34.Steph 55832
35.Siraj 53935
36.Bed Bath & Beyond 49496
37.Kohli 44993
38.Katie 43427
39.National Mall 42709
40.#WWERaw 37928
41.Bucks 37844
42.Mets 37185
43.Rishabh Pant 37045
44.1776 Commission 34898
45.Wyoming 32605
46.Mac Miller 31710
47.Joe Harris 31414
48.Durant 31066
49.Asuka 30931
50.Sundar 30568
51.#IndiavsAustralia 27823
52.#tuesdaymotivations 27756
53.Dennis 23877
54.Gwyneth Paltrow 23846
55.Spencer 23831
56.Ashwin 21287
57.Giannis 20490
58.ONE MORE DAY 19797
59.Pujara 19792
60.One Day More 19789
61.#AllAmerican 19435
62.Flyers 18329
63.Ben Affleck 18065
64.Kansas 17260
65.Rahane 16857
66.American Skin 16549
67.Good Tuesday 16463
68.Aussies 16031
69.Gaara 14816
70.Serena 14288
71.Field of Flags 14085
72.rosita 13481
73.Tim Paine 13100
74.#911onFOX 11962
75.Draymond 11559
76.#tuesdayvibe 11409
77.From 36 11139
79.Vogel <10k
80.#TuesdayThoughts <10k
81.Ricochet <10k
82.#stlblues <10k
83.Wiggins <10k
84.Korra <10k
85.Matt James <10k
86.noah beck <10k
87.Randy Orton <10k
88.Alexa Bliss <10k
89.Dubs <10k
90.Yellen <10k
91.Oubre <10k
93.Lebron and AD <10k
94.Chris Harrison <10k
95.Zack Scott <10k
96.Cubs <10k
97.#DubNation <10k
98.Ashley Biden <10k
99.Blake Griffin <10k
100.Sabres <10k
101.Reggie Miller <10k
102.Styles Clash <10k
103.JMisThicc <10k
104.Dr. Levine <10k
105.nick jr <10k
106.Marylynn <10k
107.Gasol <10k
108.Edgar Allan Poe <10k
109.Deandre Jordan <10k
110.Bron and AD <10k
111.BB&B <10k
112.Harden and KD <10k
113.Faulk <10k
114.Kuzma <10k
115.Kelly Oubre <10k
116.Brook Lopez <10k
117.Klay <10k
118.Happy Birthday Dolly <10k
119.Musgrove <10k
120.Joe Exotic <10k
121.Jrue <10k
122.#GSWvsLAL <10k
123.Hurney <10k
124.Acie Law <10k
125.Chris Webber <10k
126.Amber Alert <10k
127.jared butler <10k
128.Lester <10k
129.Kerr <10k
130.#ByeFelicia <10k
131.Jared Porter <10k
132.Malik Beasley <10k
133.KD and Harden <10k
134.#WaleGoodVibes <10k
135.#USWNT <10k
136.Schroder <10k
137.#LakeShow <10k
138.Mark Ingram <10k
139.Aang <10k
140.#eggpire <10k
141.Jeff Green <10k
142.Marv Albert <10k
143.Kyrou <10k
144.Caruso <10k
145.Jon Lester <10k
146.Wiseman <10k
147.Baylor <10k
148.Gillberg <10k
149.Paschall <10k
150.Golden State <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Craig Melvin
Craig Melvin ()

You can’t quote Dr. King on social media one day out of the year and live a life that runs counter to his words and teachings the other 364.

Jane Friedman
Jane Friedman ()

Simon & Schuster cancels Senator Hawley’s book. Now Regnery has picked it up. Guess who distributes Regnery? Simon & Schuster. 🤦🏻

Jon Ossoff
Jon Ossoff ()

The fog is lifting. We will build a world defined by compassion, freedom, health, and opportunity for all — founded on love for each other and rooted in our common humanity — a world where our commitment to human rights is too strong to be broken by greed, cruelty, and hate.

Andrew Yang🧢🗽🇺🇸
Andrew Yang🧢🗽🇺🇸 ()

On MLK Day it is worth celebrating that his successor as pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church - Raphael Warnock - is heading to the US Senate. 👍

raphaël,USA Twitter Trends Now
Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert ()

This is one of the most offensive statements I’ve ever heard. Rep. Cohen said he believes 75% of our National Guard may want to do something evil” at the Inauguration because they didn’t vote for Biden. What a disgusting thing to say, especially as they also protect Rep. Cohen.

Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷)
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷) ()

Most people will tee up the “I Have a Dream” speech as a feel-good measure today. But that was 1963 Dr. King. Do yourself a favor and listen to 1967 King instead. This Chicago speech: The Three Evils of Society, is prophecy. #Nonviolence365 #MLKDay

Emilio Doménech
Emilio Doménech ()

💸📹Espera, espera, espera. ¿Tildas de moralista a aquellos que quieren quedarse a pagar sus impuestos en España y para justificarte (tú y la que ha montado ElRubius) compartes un vídeo de MuroCalleLobito? Dios santo. Menos mal que hay y youtubers.

Eric Garland
Eric Garland ()

Christian fundraising platform financed the January 6 terror attack on the Capitol, paying for armor and weapons.

U.S. Soccer WNT
U.S. Soccer WNT ()

🚨 UPDATE! 🚨 Make it the last 𝐅𝐈𝐕𝐄 #USWNT goals have been scored by Mewies Mew-nited States 🇺🇸

U.S. Soccer WNT
U.S. Soccer WNT ()

Our first Starting XI of 2021! 🇺🇸 vs. 🇨🇴 Lineup notes ≫

#USWNT,USA Twitter Trends Now
Qasim Rashid, Esq.
Qasim Rashid, Esq. ()

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr brilliantly explains white privilege. A must listen. #MLKDay2021 

Danny Vietti
Danny Vietti ()

Padres acquired Mike Clevinger, Yu Darvish, and Blake Snell and still enter the 2021 season with the most top-100 prospects in the league (7), per @BaseballAmerica. That is a sentence that makes zero sense. Incredible.

Dean Browning
Dean Browning ()

The Left loves to show their anti-Italian bigotry every time Christopher Columbus is brought up. It never, ever ends.

Fuera de Juego
Fuera de Juego ()

Paolo Maldini en las tribunas refleja el sentimiento de todos los Milanistas 😁 Gol de Ibra y ya lo gana el AC Milan en casa del Cagliari 😎 #SerieAxESPN

Ibra,USA Twitter Trends Now
Danny Vietti
Danny Vietti ()

The Padres were able to acquire both Blake Snell and Yu Darvish for a few slap**** prospects. Meanwhile, Reds told the Yankees to give them their shortstop/middle-of-the-order hitter in Gleyber Torres for Luis Castillo or no deal. AJ Preller really is out here playing chess.

Adam Serwer 🍝
Adam Serwer 🍝 ()

This thing I wrote about Mandela after he died is applicable to King, especially all the people quoting him today who would have called him a communist when he was alive.

Mandela,USA Twitter Trends Now
Jessica Fyre 💫
Jessica Fyre 💫 ()

Matt really picked Victoria over Marylynn. It’s the racism for me. She literally lied on the Asian girl, weaponized her white womanhood anc Matt having seen her bad behavior STILL picked her????? #TheBachelor

The ANC,USA Twitter Trends Now
Yanir Cozin - יניר קוזין
Yanir Cozin - יניר קוזין ()

אז הערב שר הבריאות אדלשטיין כבר אומר: היינו תחת רושם שהייעוץ המשפטי מתנגד לחיוב בדיקות דומה להוא שסוגר רק לעצמו כרטיס לחול עם החברים ואומר לבת הזוג שלו: אה, חשבתי שאת לא רוצה לבוא תחת רושם. נו, באמת.

Danny Vietti
Danny Vietti ()

Potential 2021 Padres Rotation: 1. Yu Darvish 2. Blake Snell 3. Dinelson Lamet 4. Joe Musgrove 5. Chris Paddack/MacKenzie Gore/Adrian Morejon (Mike Clevinger on IL)

Lamet,USA Twitter Trends Now
Rep. Elissa Slotkin
Rep. Elissa Slotkin ()

Dr. King asked, “Where do we go from here?” This is such a timely question. My response is: there is only moving forward. No less than the future of our republic depends on it.