United States Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topic Today

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.I Been 850292
2.Labour 330370
3.Google Docs 243174
4.#ENHYPEN3rdWin 217664
5.curtain 213906
6.Politico 157995
7.hobi 148134
8.The Process 134726
9.Hartlepool 128684
10.Starmer 125356
11.LLC PARTY 114977
12.Tories 95026
14.kyungsoo 78784
15.J Cole 74276
16.Yunho 71751
17.Judgment 70716
18.Unemployment 70647
19.Corbyn 70165
20.Pants 59423
21.ashe 44074
22.Psaki 43229
23.Good Friday 43202
24.Leicester 35923
25.Tigres 35496
26.Venmo 33847
27.Up Late 33281
28.The Villages 33081
29.ashlyn 31913
30.BioNTech 29812
31.Moro 28749
32.Judgement 25585
33.Newcastle 25513
34.Isaiah Rashad 24690
35.it is friday 24267
36.New Cole 23752
37.Clippers 23273
38.Nadal 22627
39.Miss The Rage 22474
40.Carti 22362
41.#fridaymorning 22307
42.The Hunter 21111
43.Jen Psaki 20995
44.employers 19782
45.Lost Judgment 19611
46.#Sweepstakes 18921
47.Trippie 18775
48.#FridayMotivation 18493
49.lady dimitrescu 18179
50.Birthing Person 17367
51.Reno 17236
53.Lindsey 16707
54.Girón 16647
55.Today is Friday 14765
56.Yakuza 13705
57.Emerald 13668
58.Lindsey Graham 13573
59.candice 13192
60.Sidney 12910
61.ot12 12502
62.its friday 11018
63.Washingtonian <10k
64.bobby valentine <10k
65.Truckee <10k
66.Soldier Field <10k
67.Bebe Rexha <10k
68.Nobel Peace Prize <10k
69.Intergrade <10k
70.US Chamber of Commerce <10k
71.Nike⁠ SNKRS <10k
72.Super Smash Bros <10k
73.Toosii <10k
74.Emerald Robinson <10k
75.Chicago Boy <10k
76.Bunsen <10k
77.Tou Thao <10k
78.Virginia Reel <10k
79.Tee Grizzley <10k
80.Miles Sanders <10k
81.Yuffie <10k
82.The Pat McAfee Show <10k
83.MNSSHP <10k
84.chamber of commerce <10k
85.dodie <10k
86.Verlander <10k
87.Daren <10k
88.Buckwheat <10k
89.#FreeCodeFridayContest <10k
90.Jambo <10k
91.Lil poppa <10k
92.Boston Scott <10k
93.266k <10k
94.Eddie Guerrero <10k
95.#BandcampFriday <10k
96.Happy Birthday Jimmy <10k
97.James Shields <10k
98.Van Weezer <10k
99.Crate <10k
100.#JobsReport <10k
101.Theo James <10k
102.The Mystic <10k
103.Duke deuce <10k
104.#PossibleEleventhCommandment <10k
105.Gible <10k
106.Jason Bay <10k
107.Fraggle Rock <10k
108.Muppets Haunted Mansion <10k
109.Space Jam 2 <10k
110.Greg Kelly <10k
111.Sheetz <10k
112.FORT CONDOR <10k
113.Broly <10k
114.mario judah <10k
115.Jordan Howard <10k
116.Cathy Merrill <10k
117.AJ Hawk <10k
118.Van Morrison <10k
119.Zverev <10k
120.Flo Milli <10k
121.MF DOOM <10k
122.Andujar <10k
123.Like a Dragon <10k
124.Botchamania <10k
125.CRACKERS <10k
126.#HappyBirthdayMrBeast <10k
127.Mr. X <10k
128.Bartolo <10k
129.Foxitis <10k
130.Boston Connor <10k
131.Nia Long <10k
132.Anthony Davis <10k
133.Chase Scanlan <10k
134.Stafford <10k
135.Jimmy Carter <10k
136.#AfterFurtherInvestigation <10k
137.#FridayVibes <10k
138.Todd Frazier <10k
139.Happy Friday Everyone <10k
140.Efton Reid <10k
141.Lee Smith <10k
142.Weezer <10k
143.rondo <10k
144.#tubbospace <10k
145.New Apartment <10k
146.Ichiban <10k
147.Dragon Ball Super <10k
148.Finally Friday <10k
149.Robbie Gould <10k
150.Boo Bash <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner ()

It’s time stop pretending there are two political parties in America. It’s time to kill the filibuster and pass Voting Rights. It’s time to save Democracy.

Joy-Ann 😷Reid
Joy-Ann 😷Reid ()

The notion that only the Republican candidate can be trusted to tell you who won their election is straight outta Saddam Hussein’s Iraq or Putin’s Russia.

CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

As besieged Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah were preparing to break their Ramadan fast, Israeli settler-terrorists attacked them with pepper spray.

Schooley ()

Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham have definitely played Boar on the Floor at Mar-a-Lago.

نجوان سمري
نجوان سمري ()

إسمعوا منى جيدًا.. بيوت الشيخ جراح بيوتكم جميعًا. الله يكون معكم.. ونحن معكم 🙏🏻 #أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح

Ibrahim H.
Ibrahim H. ()

I love this joint for real for real for real. Excited for y’all to enjoy this while y’all wait for The Off-Season. Let’s goooooooo!!!

Schooley ()

I always wondered what kind of dude pays $1200 for cargo PANTS.

PANTS,USA Twitter Trends Now
PGG ()

El ministerio de Educación francés prohibe la escritura inclusiva en colegios y en la administración via @NiusDiario

Qasim Rashid, Esq.
Qasim Rashid, Esq. ()

Billionaire Jamie Dimon has: •bribed officials •illegally foreclosed on servicemembers •engaged in mortgage fraud •refuses to pay his front line employees a living wage •And STILL got a $416B taxpayer bailout Maybe instead of lecturing us, he should lead by example for once

Field Yates
Field Yates ()

A snapshot of the Eagles’ backfield: Miles Sanders, Kerryon Johnson, Boston Scott, Jordan Howard and Kenneth Gainwell. Really good depth for Philly.

Dr David Frawley
Dr David Frawley ()

Rigveda speaks of the worship of Stambha, translated as pillar, and Atharva Veda of the Skambha that upholds the entire universe. Dharma, Dharuna mean to uphold. Shiva Linga well known in different names, extending beyond India to many countries, even the Greco-Roman column.

POCAH 🍑 ()

Foi aqui que pediram coreografia? TOMA! AGORA OUÇA NEM ON NEM OFF

CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

“Death to Arabs” has not only become a chant heard at football games and a slogan spray painted on Palestinian homes and cars, but also reflects Israeli government policy.

Mar Gómez
Mar Gómez ()

Se trata de una flota de satélites que orbitan la Tierra con el objetivo de proveer de Internet a alta velocidad y bajas latencias a las zonas rurales y países del tercer mundo a bajo coste. El proyecto comenzó en 2015 #Starlink

Megadeth ()

The Metal Tour of the Year is on sale now! Get Buy tickets and VIP packages now: All previously purchased tickets for any of the rescheduled dates listed will be valid for the new date.

Sophie Ross
Sophie Ross ()

I have a lot of thoughts but mainly this: I’ve watched Bravo since ~2007 and I have never witnessed such an embarrassing, emotionally stunted, immature, and (dare I say it?) sociopathic castmember, ever. Even Jax Taylor is better at pretending to be normal #summerhouse

Rock Mada
Rock Mada ()

היה פה דיון מרתק על פטנטים ועל מתי ראוי להסיר חלק מהם. ב1959 וולבו המציאה את אחד מהפטנטים ששינו את ההיסטוריה. נילס בולין המציא את חגורת 3 החלקים ברכב. כשבוולבו הבינו כמה חיים ההמצאה הזו תציל, הם מייד הסירו את הפטנט ונתנו לכל חברה לייצר רכבים עם החגורה הזו. וולבו ויתרה על רווחים>

לכל אחד,USA Twitter Trends Now
Sophie Ross
Sophie Ross ()

Hannah has literally no tears coming out of her eyes. None. No snot, no tears, no tissues. It’ creepy. #summerhouse

Stereogum ()

Van Morrison has released a new song titled They Own The Media 🙄🙄🙄

Van Morrison,USA Twitter Trends Now
Smithsonian NMAAHC
Smithsonian NMAAHC ()

Mary Eliza Mahoney, born #OnThisDay in 1845, is considered the first professionally trained African American nurse in the She became a registered nurse after graduating from the New England Hospital for Women and Children’s nursing school in 1879. #HiddenHerstory

mahoney,USA Twitter Trends Now