United States Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: July 30th, 2021 08:45 PM IST

USA Twitter Trends Now - Dolph, Madonna, Turner, Mexico vs USA, Billie, Dolph.

RankingTwitter Trends United StatesTweet Volume
1.#2021STAYweeK 729246
2.#스테이위크 681396
3.Snapchat 419195
4.Lakers 352559
5.#스트레이키즈 306433
6.Westbrook 278804
7.billie 199259
8.#YouMakeStrayKidsStay 192136
9.Abba Kyari 139777
10.Billie Eilish 136019
11.Russ 130361
12.#HappierThanEver 116129
13.Cubs 113613
14.Rizzo 111005
15.Dodgers 103899
16.Lebron 100194
17.Happier Than Ever 98682
18.#NBADraft 96507
19.Bruno Mars 95140
20.outer banks 93386
21.Scherzer 91757
22.seulgi 82197
23.Turner 77376
24.Skate 75751
25.pope 75275
26.Silk Sonic 70914
27.BTS is 7 62413
28.Terrence Clarke 56718
29.Marta 53563
30.Yunho 49355
31.#Dreamcatcher_BEcause 45813
32.Nats 45395
33.Rockets 43089
34.Bron 42845
35.yujin 42427
36.Grealish 41323
37.Jalen Green 40980
38.Pistons 40150
39.Nini 39248
40.The Republican Party 36771
41.Knicks 35134
42.Salcedo 34389
43.Djokovic 32666
44.Good Friday 32433
45.rina 31768
46.kiara 29957
47.#FridayMotivation 29561
48.Ward 29558
49.Herrera 28439
50.Madonna 26153
51.Hawks 26115
52.Bulls 25347
53.Horan 24475
54.Oxytocin 22916
55.Hornets 20358
56.ON SALE NOW 19513
57.Sharife 19449
58.Soto 18649
59.#GoldCup21 18397
60.Netherlands 18154
61.Athena 17924
62.Novak 17631
63.Clippers 15720
64.Texas Gov 15665
65.Schwarber 14373
66.Concacaf 14325
67.The Roots 13484
68.Internal CDC 13373
69.Isaiah Rashad 12975
70.Pizarro 11557
71.Tink 11456
72.Vamos Mexico 11224
73.Sharife Cooper 10891
74.#HSMTMTS 10738
75.Burna 10647
76.GOLDWING 10279
77.Dolores Umbridge <10k
78.Golden Slam <10k
79.Finally Friday <10k
80.The Dutch <10k
81.Tom Wilson <10k
82.Nole <10k
83.Julie Ertz <10k
84.BJ Boston <10k
85.Zverev <10k
86.#USWNT <10k
87.Favors <10k
88.Buju <10k
89.Miedema <10k
90.Happy Friday Everyone <10k
91.#STAYxSTAYmentionparty <10k
92.ashlyn <10k
93.Christen Press <10k
94.halley <10k
95.sarah cameron <10k
96.4x400 <10k
97.Nike app <10k
98.Grant Fisher <10k
99.Jared Butler <10k
100.#fridaymorning <10k
101.Dolph <10k
102.Dahlkemper <10k
103.Penalty Kicks <10k
104.Rapinoe <10k
105.Mexico vs USA <10k
106.Dave East <10k
107.Male Fantasy <10k
108.rini <10k
110.Crystal Dunn <10k
111.RIP Young <10k
112.GREGOR <10k
113.The Green Knight <10k
114.Happy Friyay <10k
115.Naeher <10k
116.Garza <10k
117.john b <10k
118.Getting Older <10k
119.Amanda Knox <10k
120.Mr Eazi <10k
121.WHAT A SAVE <10k
122.Josh Christopher <10k
123.Dershowitz <10k
124.Lavelle <10k
125.Everybody Dies <10k
126.Ellen White <10k
127.Mac McClung <10k
128.Carl Levin <10k
129.Alex Morgan <10k
130.#TheHouseIsBurning <10k
131.rafe <10k
132.Tobin <10k
133.#THIB <10k
134.Sam Mewis <10k
135.Cam Thomas <10k
136.Bobby Tarantino <10k
137.Labbe <10k
138.Christen <10k
139.Questlove <10k
140.Xhaka <10k
141.Rose lavelle <10k
142.Michael Che <10k
143.Carli <10k
144.#FridayVibes <10k
145.Kendrick Perkins <10k
146.cleo <10k
147.Offsides <10k
148.McBride <10k
149.Sam Kerr <10k
150.Chris Chan <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Pelosi is arresting Congressional staff who do not wear masks. Biden is now ordering the Pentagon to come up with a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for our troops. These are the same people who called Trump a dictator.

Why McDonald’s releasing a saweetie meal the biggest thing that has happen today 😭

Oh — and these Outer Banks profile icons will also be all yours in 12 hours!

outer banks - USA Twitter Trends Now

WHAT A GAME! WHAT A TEAM! To the semis we go! 🇺🇸⚽️

Semis - USA Twitter Trends Now

BREAKING REPORT: Two Whistleblowers Claim Biden admin ORDERED EMPLOYEES TO DOWNPLAY SEVERITY of a mass outbreak of COVID cases in MIGRANT CHILDREN at Texas border

¡Triple Salto con acento español! 🔥 🇻🇪 Yulimar Rojas (𝟭𝟰,𝟳𝟳𝗺) 🇪🇸 Ana Peleteiro (𝟭𝟰,𝟲𝟮𝗺) 🇨🇺 Liadagmis Povea (𝟭𝟰,𝟱𝟬𝗺) 🇨🇴 Caterine Ibargüen (𝟭𝟰,𝟯𝟳𝗺) ¡Clasificadas para la final! #Tokyo2020 #JuegosOlímpicos

Yulimar Rojas - USA Twitter Trends Now

BREAKING REPORT: Minnesota Woman BEHEADED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT on Minneapolis Street After Judge Allowed Killer Out of

安倍前総理が「桜を見る会」費用を負担したのは有権者への違法な寄付で公職選挙法に違反だとして市民団体が告発したが、検察は起訴しなかった件、東京の検察審査会は「不起訴は不当」と議決した。 これが理由で総理辞職したくらい本人はヤバいと思ってたわけで。

HALF | Massive response to take the lead into the locker room 🔥 You will NOT want to miss this second half 🇺🇸 2-1 🇳🇱 | #Tokyo2020

#USWNT - USA Twitter Trends Now

Médaillé d’or à Londres et à Rio. Teddy Riner vient chercher un triplé historique à Tokyo. 🥇🥇🥇 ⏰Début de sa compétition à 4h, potentielle finale à 11h36. @teddyriner #Tokyo2020 #JeuxOlympiques

I cannot get over this Lynn Williams #USWNT story arc: • Narrowly missed the World Cup roster in 2019 • Returns to team, makes case for Olympics spot but named an alternate for Tokyo • Rosters expand from 18 to 22 players • First-half goal and assist in do-or-die QF game

The Blue Jays are acquiring LHP Brad Hand from the Nationals for Triple-A C Riley Adams, per source. @dougherty_jesse was first with the news.

This is what we call sportsmanship 🤝. Saudi Arabian Judoka Tahani Alqahtani 🇸🇦 competed against Israeli 🇮🇱 Raz Hershko today. Even though #Israel won the competition, the two ended with a handshake & hug.

Josh Giddey is headed to Oklahoma City! The @okcthunder select @joshgiddey with the No. 6 pick in the 2021 #NBADraft

Josh Giddey - USA Twitter Trends Now

Abby Dahlkemper is clearly struggling out there. To not have Tierna Davidson dress is an absolutely bizarre choice.

This planet be so ready to get rid of black people and their accomplishments lol. Caeleb Dressel in Tokyo winning all types of swimming gold medals so lemme belittle Michael Phelps and act like he doesn’t have a legacy!!!!! Y’all will never in ur life do something like that 😭

UPDATE: @MarinaMedvin WINS release of suppressed 30-second 1/6 video clip of her client John Anderson! Finally. KEEP BRINGING THE HEAT AND LIGHT.

john anderson - USA Twitter Trends Now

The Indians will receive Double-A LHP Konnor Pilkington from the White Sox for Hernandez, per source. He has a ERA in 62 IP this season.

Padres potential starting rotation Max Scherzer Yu Darvish Joe Musgrove *Dinelson Lamet (IL) Blake Snell Ryan Weathers

Snell - USA Twitter Trends Now

אז מתי כספי עזב את ישראל לאיטליה בגלל הסגרים, ולפתע איטליה החלה גם עם סגרים. עכשיו הוא לא מוכן לבוא לישראל בגלל התו הירוק ואופסי התחילו באיטליה גם לאכוף תו ירוק? אם יש פה איטלקי שקורא את זה, נראה לי שמצאתי את הבעיה שלכם..

תו ירוק - USA Twitter Trends Now