United States Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: July 24th, 2021 01:45 AM IST
RankingTwitter Trends United StatesTweets Volume
1.#Tokyo2020 1427278
2.#11YearsOfOneDirection 883740
3.#Olympics 589455
4.Kanye 574430
5.Camila 306078
6.#DONDA 258607
7.Apple Music 240460
8.NieR 213403
9.Texas 181526
10.Kavanaugh 167562
11.Sancho 163376
12.Junta 143450
13.Dave 141496
14.PTD R&B 123719
15.Olimpiadas 114324
16.Boost 103284
17.#1YearWithMCSoobin 99447
18.Cleveland 95666
19.Industry Baby 82083
21.Jadon Sancho 74763
22.Lil Nas 67295
23.Travis 63651
24.Jay Z 62428
25.Lil Nas X 59711
26.SOMI 58183
27.Guardians 55122
28.Pogba 40654
29.Happy 11 37105
30.Giants 36388
31.Good Friday 35991
32.Dodgers 34216
33.arin 32571
34.Roberts 32541
35.Jack Harlow 28949
36.Tribe 28944
37.Oklahoma 27053
38.Arkansas 26427
39.Kingdom Hearts 24937
40.ON SALE NOW 24076
41.Naomi Osaka 23766
42.Big 12 22926
43.So Kanye 22403
44.Adams 21816
45.Roddy 21017
46.Kansas 18853
47.Moses 18696
48.Google Doodle 18345
49.Smiley 18046
50.Jansen 17115
51.Amy Winehouse 16494
52.Tonga 16240
53.Saints 15449
54.Most High 15384
55.Super Hero 15341
56.Ted Lasso 15018
57.Montero 14950
58.#FridayThoughts 14449
59.#1YearOfFolklore 13759
60.Rodgers 13574
61.#darkpoolcorruption 13506
62.Watch The Throne 2 13256
63.Dragon Ball Super 13141
64.Yeezus 12889
65.Boone 12878
66.Packers 12514
67.Flyers 12388
68.But Jesus 11595
69.Pita 11095
70.#FridayFeeling 10922
71.Yung Bleu 10723
72.Kid Laroi 10211
73.#fridaymorning 10108
75.jordan fisher <10k
76.Michael Thomas <10k
78.Goten <10k
79.Scott Jennings <10k
80.Happy Birthday Monica <10k
81.Mel Tucker <10k
82.Cessa <10k
83.Sabres <10k
84.Matt Dyer <10k
85.#bobcon <10k
86.Hideki Matsui <10k
87.Player of the Week <10k
88.Piccolo <10k
89.#FridayVibes <10k
90.Washington Football Team <10k
91.SNKRS <10k
92.chad green <10k
93.Rutgers <10k
94.Kay Ivey <10k
95.#TeamUSA <10k
96.Redskins <10k
97.Ken Carson <10k
98.Broly <10k
99.Dragon Quest <10k
100.Cleveland Guardians <10k
101.Ticketmaster <10k
102.Leon Bridges <10k
103.Pac 12 <10k
104.#OpeningCeremony <10k
105.Alejandro Sanz <10k
106.Major League <10k
107.Colton Haynes <10k
108.Jill Biden <10k
109.Keith Urban <10k
110.Drury <10k
111.Mike Tirico <10k
112.Proof of a Hero <10k
113.LANI <10k
114.rini <10k
115.Munich <10k
116.Gal Gadot <10k
117.Rich Hill <10k
118.Blais <10k
119.Alabamians <10k
120.ashlyn <10k
121.Tom Hanks <10k
122.Art Deco <10k
123.Green Bay <10k
124.Treinen <10k
125.Hagg <10k
126.John Legend <10k
127.Iowa State <10k
128.#freemattkohrs <10k
129.Happy Friday Everyone <10k
130.Native Americans <10k
131.Hova <10k
132.Pac-12 <10k
133.Dolans <10k
134.Lake Erie <10k
135.Booooooost <10k
136.He-Man <10k
137.#StarTrekProdigy <10k
138.#loveeternal <10k
139.Sarah Huckabee Sanders <10k
140.Tommy Torres <10k
141.Val-Zod <10k
142.Morgan Wallen <10k
143.Hope Memorial Bridge <10k
144.Kayne <10k
145.Vikings <10k
146.Chief Wahoo <10k
147.DeRozan <10k
148.Utah Jazz <10k
149.Neuse <10k
150.#FreeCodeFridayContest <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

I just left the ER. We are officially back to getting crushed by COVID-19. Delta Variant is running rampant and it’s MUCH more transmissible than the original virus. 99% of our ICU admits did NOT receive a vaccine. Virtually ALL of them wish they had.

BREAKING REPORT: DeSantis REJECTS FEDERAL MASK MANDATES for Children: ‘Not Doing That in Florida’...

Saudade que chama, né? 😢❤️ Os melhores momentos da Cerimônia de Abertura #Rio2016! ✨ Amanhã às 8h tem mais! #Tokyo2020

Vaccinated people are still catching Covid! So the @NFL policy makes entirely no scientific sense. Big Pharma and the government are squeezing corporations to do their evil bidding. Forcing HEALTHY men to inject experimental substances into their arms is a moral abomination.


🔔 ¿A qué hora es la Ceremonia de Apertura #Tokyo2020? Toma nota: ⌚ 20:00 🇯🇵 ⌚ 13:00 🇪🇸 ⌚ 8:00 🇦🇷🇺🇾 ⌚ 7:00 🇧🇴🇨🇱🇵🇾🇨🇺🇵🇷🇩🇴🇻🇪 ⌚ 6:00 🇨🇴🇪🇨🇲🇽🇵🇦🇵🇪 ⌚ 5:00 🇬🇹🇭🇳🇸🇻🇳🇮🇨🇷

Quizás digas que soy un soñador Pero no soy el único. Espero que algún día te unas a nosotros Y el mundo será uno solo. #Imagine #Tokyo2020

#JuegosOlimpicos - USA Twitter Trends Now

Wendy, Coral, and Gina are back — and the hunters are now the hunted! Sky Rojo Season 2 is now on Netflix

Wendy - USA Twitter Trends Now

BREAKING REPORT: Dangerous Fungus RESISTANT TO ALL DRUGS and First Found in Asia, Identified in the US for the First Time in Washington DC and Dallas,


Did you know organizations funding illegal Israeli settlements currently get tax exempt status, in clear violation of international law AND US federal tax law? Treasury Dept. @SecYellen must act to enforce US law and end these organizations 501(c)(3) status.

#Israeli - USA Twitter Trends Now

Mas, Jogos, que horas começa a Cerimônia de Abertura?🤔 Horário do Japão: 20h 🇯🇵 Horário de Brasília: 8h 🇧🇷 Horário de Lisboa: 12h 🇵🇹 Já coloca o despertador aí. 😁 #Tokyo2020

🚨Arkansas confirms two child deaths from COVID. The first pediatric COVID-19 death happened at the end of last year but took time to confirm. The second death happened THIS MONTH. 12 kids are currently hospitalized and 7 are CRITICALLY ILL.

Arkansas - USA Twitter Trends Now

This He-Man vs. Skeletor action figure dance-off is the perfect way to remind you that Masters of the Universe: Revelation is now on Netflix!

Israeli doctors managed to restore the sight of a girl from #Gaza in an innovative surgical procedure. For many years Hadassah Medical Center has been providing medical services to Palestinians who live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

gaza strip - USA Twitter Trends Now

El momento por fin ha llegado 🙌🏻 Los deportistas han superado muchos obstáculos para llegar a este momento. Incluso cuando las cosas estaban difíciles, nunca abandonaron su sueño. Comienza la #CeremoniaDeApertura de #Tokyo2020 Blog En VIVO:

#CeremoniaDeApertura - USA Twitter Trends Now

¿Qué tan culpables o inocentes son @KimberlyLoaiza_ y @Juandedios_P? 🤭 ¡Nosotros los declaramos CULPABLES! 🤪😉😏 #PremiosJuventud

An San 🇰🇷 leads at the half. 👏 There are 36 arrows left to shoot. 1️⃣ 🇰🇷 An San – 345 2️⃣ 🇰🇷 Jang Minhee – 339 3️⃣ 🇲🇽 Alejandra Valencia – 336 #ArcheryatTokyo

Alejandra Valencia - USA Twitter Trends Now

@bizan00 橋本さんの演説も長かったけど、バッハの演説は同じ話、同じ言葉を何度も何度も繰り返すという、かなりヤバいものでしたよ。

The top qualifiers in the women’s #archery event at the @Tokyo2020 @Olympics. 👇👇 1️⃣ 🇰🇷 An San – 680 (OR) 2️⃣ 🇰🇷 Jang Minhee – 677 3️⃣ 🇰🇷 Kang Chae Young – 675 4️⃣ 🇲🇽 Alejandra Valencia – 674 5️⃣ 🇺🇸 Mackenzie Brown – 668 #ArcheryatTokyo

Alejandra Valencia - USA Twitter Trends Now