United States Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topic Today

USA Twitter Trends Now - Udoka, Dakiti, Mandalorian Season 2, Abel, Carolina, #TXTonMusicBank, Safety Net, #askruss, Motive.

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.Spotify 717242
2.Apple 463656
3.ariana 396752
4.#POSITIONS 373734
5.Wizkid 365420
6.Lagos 346102
7.MINO 318130
8.Wayne 315492
9.Lil Wayne 254765
10.baekhyun 239977
11.Apple Music 186750
13.Happy Halloween 156955
14.MY HAIR 147019
15.Nasty 144822
16.Carolina 134236
17.Platinum Plan 131283
18.LIFE GOES ON 111698
19.OFF THE TABLE 107198
20.Ariana Grande 104188
21.İzmir 99240
22.#런쥔아_귀여웠어 94892
23.Saweetie 88039
24.4 Days 87758
25.Motive 82401
26.ARE YOU DOWN 75294
27.Flint 70601
28.#HOME_RUN3rdWin 65046
29.Love Language 61687
30.Nervous 60267
31.Maradona 60166
32.Weezy 52671
33.Falcons 51613
34.WAY DOWN 50536
35.Greece 47629
36.Atlanta 44344
37.VOCALS 43921
38.Teddy 41825
40.Safety Net 36838
41.Turquía 36174
42.almost nothing 35705
43.#Supernatural 34444
44.Martin Aspen 32822
45.Abel 30808
46.weeknd 30757
47.West Side 30323
48.Doja 29862
49.Anxious 28214
50.#TheMandalorian 27852
51.#earthquake 26887
52.Joonie 26867
53.The Weeknd 26803
54.Boba 26289
55.Crunchyroll 25909
56.SIX THIRTY 23230
57.Donald Trump Jr. 21396
58.#TXTonMusicBank 20935
59.smtm 20790
60.#Tsunami 20527
61.Trump Jr. 20404
62.Trevor Lawrence 19503
63.Sweetener 18641
64.#FridayMotivation 18558
65.TITLE TRACK 18232
66.Trippie 17997
67.Spider-Verse 16963
68.Sam Smith 16551
69.Pegasus 16366
70.#FridayWithMCSoobin 15628
71.Funimation 14364
72.Yours Truly 14005
73.Busta 13980
74.#FridayThoughts 13236
75.Nets 12989
76.BMTH 12839
77.Trippie Redd 12777
78.Gurley 12768
79.#ATLvsCAR 12097
80.Bridgewater 11391
81.#LoveGoes 10866
82.Busta Rhymes 10840
83.Dangerous Woman 10593
84.Alan Alda <10k
85.Jhay Cortez <10k
86.Steve Nash <10k
87.Tori Kelly <10k
88.Happy Birthday Ivanka <10k
89.Fowler <10k
90.Tatooine <10k
91.Mischief Night <10k
92.Mike Davis <10k
93.#FlashbackFriday <10k
94.Queen Naija <10k
95.Greece and Turkey <10k
96.#INeedYouChristmas <10k
97.Lachlan <10k
98.#scuffedpod <10k
99.Miss Grande <10k
100.Jonathan Mattingly <10k
101.#ShutMeUp <10k
102.Don Lemon <10k
103.#MissUnderstood <10k
104.Jon Lester <10k
105.Book Character Day <10k
106.#Dakiti <10k
107.#NewMusicFriday <10k
108.matt rhule <10k
109.Mandalorian Season 2 <10k
110.SINoALICE Official Site <10k
111.#NationalCandyCornDay <10k
112.Mank <10k
113.Udoka <10k
114.Arthur Blank <10k
115.#fridaymorning <10k
116.#WhenTheyShutDownTheInternet <10k
117.aris <10k
118.#OnlyTheYoung <10k
119.Omarion <10k
120.MC SOOBIN <10k
121.Pierluisi <10k
122.Bobby Orr <10k
123.Too Much To Say <10k
124.Happy Friyay <10k
125.Robert Kardashian <10k
126.ITS FRIDAY <10k
127.Victoria Monet <10k
128.Happy Halloween Eve <10k
129.Chad Dukes <10k
130.sam smiths <10k
131.Mattingly <10k
132.Benito <10k
133.My Score <10k
134.#FursuitFriday <10k
135.McRib <10k
136.#minecraftmobhunt <10k
137.Pipo <10k
138.Tierra Whack <10k
139.Big Ten Challenge <10k
140.King Von <10k
141.#WayTooEarly <10k
142.Tales of Terror <10k
144.#firstsnow <10k
145.#12milliondreams <10k
146.Timothy Olyphant <10k
147.#AskRuss <10k
148.Ms. Grande <10k
149.Brett Favre <10k
150.#ELE2 <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

The whole mood is changing in black America right now. To all of you that laughed and said it would never thank you for keeping me in this fight. My haters have always been my biggest source of inspiration. #BLEXIT

Jessica Fyre💫✨
Jessica Fyre💫✨ ()

Pusha T ain’t have to drag Lil Wayne by his last 3 dreads like this.

Lil Wayne,USA Twitter Trends Now
Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner ()

All he has left are Suppression, Intimidation, Lies and Cheating. He will do it all. But he will lose. And Democracy will be saved.

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

The brakes are off. It’s been 60 years of Democrat lies. Get on the #BLEXIT train, or get left behind. No black person will be apologizing for supporting what works for us anymore. We are not a monolith. We are black, not stupid. #Trump2020 all day, every day. @BLEXIT

Dana Loesch
Dana Loesch ()

Do you not understand how taxes work?? You received less back because you PAID LESS to the government in tax. The financial illiteracy in this country is astounding.

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino ()

If Donald Trump wins again, despite -Twitter -Facebook -Google -The entire mainstream media -The deep staters in the intell community -The Hollywood hate machine -and the cancel culture libs, it’ll be the greatest political story ever told.

Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022)
Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022) ()

First Lady Melania Trump: “We are a country of hope, not a country of fear or weakness.”

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino ()

Shannon Watts self-owns so often that sane people wonder why she still maintains a public profile. She’s the second biggest zero on twitter, only surpassed by Brian Stelter.

Brian,USA Twitter Trends Now
Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022)
Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022) ()

First Lady Melania Trump: While the media streams hate, negativity, and fear into our home - President @realDonaldTrump is focused on the issues that matter

Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022)
Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022) ()

First Lady Melania Trump: “Under Donald’s leadership, we have blocked out the noise and focused on you, the American people.”

Sean Davis
Sean Davis ()

Don LeMon thinks that not being friends with him anymore is “rock bottom” for people in his life.

ColourPop Cosmetics
ColourPop Cosmetics ()

AVAILABLE NOW! 💫🌟 ‘The Child’ Palette inspired by the Lucasfilm series, The Mandalorian on Disney+. 🐸: #StarWars

Mandalorian,USA Twitter Trends Now
Brigitte Gabriel
Brigitte Gabriel ()

“Weezy F Baby” and the “F” stands for “Four More Years” Way to go, Lil Wayne! Welcome aboard the Trump Train!

Code of Vets ™
Code of Vets ™ ()

We are still being suppressed by Twitter. The new Retweet rules are impeding our ability to share our veterans in financial crisis & veterans who are struggling with PTSD, depression and other mental health issues. Our buddy checks are a mental well being check! This is so wrong!

Mar Gómez
Mar Gómez ()

¿Quién necesita un aullido de hombre lobo cuando puedes escuchar el silbido de las auroras de Júpiter ? La @NASA ha creado esta lista de reproducción de sonidos en el espacio. ¿qué os parece?

Lobo,USA Twitter Trends Now
The Iron Sheik
The Iron Sheik ()


Andrea Conti
Andrea Conti ()

#Emma ci voleva in giuria. Empatica, emozionata, sorride e guarda dritta in camera, l’elemento ultra pop che mancava #XF2020

Shimon Prokupecz
Shimon Prokupecz ()

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine says it’s most likely that by the middle of January — 2,250 Americans will be dying every day from coronavirus – three times more than the current rate.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat
Ruth Ben-Ghiat ()

As I write in #Strongmen, Wilbur Ross also failed to mention he did business with a company run by Putin’s son in law when he was confirmed as Commerce Secretary. An all-around corrupt individual!

Matteo Bonetti
Matteo Bonetti ()

Partitona di Ismael Bennacer He keeps on getting better. Two incredible long balls that set up two different goals for Milan. Positives all around. 23 matches undefeated.