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Updated: July 5th, 2022 06:42 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendTweet Volume
1.The 4th 928K+
2.Guns 369K+
3.Crimo 189K+
4.Speed 175K+
5.#ILOVEU 159K+
6.The NRA 158K+
7.Antifa 74K+
8.Pikachu 65K+
9.#WWERaw 61K+
10.#ENGvIND 57K+
11.Gun Control 55K+
12.WJSN 50K+
13.AR-15 46K+
14.New Years 43K+
15.Trump Supporter 39K+
16.Gerald 39K+
17.BOMBS 38K+
18.Mauricio 36K+
19.PTSD 33K+
20.2nd Amendment 29K+
21.Parkway 29K+
22.Asuka 27K+
23.Darren Bailey 27K+
24.Griner 26K+
25.5th of July 26K+
26.Amhara 24K+
27.#Philadelphia 24K+
28.Brittney Griner 23K+
29.#Last_Sequence 20K+
30.Good Tuesday 17K+
31.Best 4th of July 17K+
32.#우주소녀_시퀀스 16K+
33.Bette Midler 15K+
34.#Fireworks 15K+
35.Trumper 14K+
36.Scriptures 13K+
37.#tuesdayvibe 13K+
38.Macy Gray 13K+
39.Waldo 13K+
40.#Doom_Du_Doom 12K+
41.Regular Show 12K+
42.Ben Franklin Parkway 12K+
43.Keanu 12K+
44.#ZEROIN 12K+
45.Burger King 11K+
46.Ben 10 10K+
47.#TuesdayMotivaton 10K+
48.Katy Perry 10K+
49.SSRIs <10K
50.david ruffin <10K
51.#BB24 <10K
52.Mike Grier <10K
53.#BiblicalSmoke <10K
54.#TuesdayMorning <10K
55.aksel <10K
56.#philly <10K
57.White Sox <10K
58.Happy Birthday Sir <10K
59.THX BFF <10K
60.#HighlandParkMassacre <10K
61.#Wordle381 <10K
62.Lake Eola <10K
63.Adventure Time <10K
64.joe kelly <10K
65.Ciampa <10K
66.Sunny D <10K
67.East LA <10K
68.Trayce Thompson <10K
69.1812 Overture <10K
70.MK Ultra <10K
71.Sandy Hook <10K
72.MAGAt <10K
73.Teen Titans <10K
74.Happy 104th <10K
75.#BanAssaultWeapons <10K
76.Will Smith <10K
77.Michael Moore <10K
78.yeonjung <10K
79.Cabral <10K
80.Happy 5th of July <10K
81.Baghdad <10K
82.Trevor Noah <10K
83.Milton Benitez <10K
84.Heidi <10K
85.Lollipop Chainsaw <10K
86.#ranboofelloff <10K
87.#ElectraFire <10K
88.Moncada <10K
89.#TuesdayThoughts <10K
90.Lovecraft Country <10K
91.#CERN <10K
92.Krasner <10K
93.#ThisIsAmerica <10K
94.Daily Quordle 162 <10K
95.Player of the Week <10K
96.Eirika <10K
97.#AmericaIsBroken <10K
98.#TongueOutTuesday <10K
99.#GOPGunsOverPeople <10K
100.Favre <10K
101.Columbine <10K
102.Kenney <10K
103.#LAGalaxy <10K
104.dawon <10K
105.Hank Goldberg <10K
106.#GunSafetyNOW <10K

United States Top Tweets Today

If we simply required gun owners to carry liability insurance, the insurance industry would destroy the gun industry

Our American Dream is built on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Together, on this historic day, let’s salute the brave men & women who have fought to establish and preserve our freedom.🇺🇸

USA Twitter Trends - Independence Day by MELANIA TRUMP

This 4th, a majority of Americans may feel Independence Is a strange thing to be celebrating. The ugly rise of Authoritarianism has sunk its hooks into our Democracy. But if we want our Union to be more perfect, we must continue to fight! VOTE!!

I was just pumping gas and chitchatting with the guy next to me when someone set off a few firecrackers across the street. We both gave each other a nervous look before we realized what it was. This country has PTSD.

📍Estadio Universitario aka “El Volcán” / “The Volcano” 🌋

USA Twitter Trends - Estadio Universitario by U.S. Soccer WNT

Macy Gray Pokes The Hornet’s Nest: ‘Just Because You Go Change Your Parts Doesn’t Make You A Woman, Sorry’

USA Twitter Trends - Macy Gray by Daily Wire

Y’all orange juice intake be Sunny D and that’s it….. when y’all gone act grown?

Patriot Front is the 21st century Klan in windbreakers & khakis.

USA Twitter Trends - Klan by The USA Singers

SAD NEWS: Macy Gray & Bette Midler have come out as TERFs. Unfollow, un-support, and unsubscribe.

21 goals, 21 Qualifying appearances. Goals in five straight Qualifiers. @alexmorgan13, everybody 👏👏👏

USA Twitter Trends - #uswnt by U.S. Soccer WNT

BREAKING: Five-Star OT Francis Mauigoa has Committed to Miami! The 6’6 325 OT from American Samoa chose the Canes over Tennessee, USC, Alabama, and others. More Here (FREE):

USA Twitter Trends - Francis Mauigoa by Hayes Fawcett

USA: Where parents hide their children in garbage dumpsters to be safe from mass shooters at an “Independence Day” parade. Not sure what we are actually free from, but I want to be free from #GunViolence. #FourthofJuly

“Good guys with guns” is reactive. When it comes to guns and saving lives, we need to be PROACTIVE like “no AR-15 style firearms available anymore.” #HighlandPark #GunControlNow

The Sharks are making an historic hire for their GM in Mike Grier, whose older brother Chris Grier is the Dolphins’ GM. Really cool to have two general managers from the same family in two different major sports leagues.

Find this man !! $250,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the #HighlandPark shooter.