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USA Twitter Trends Now - josh gordon, VETO, jisoo, Kadary Richmond, Zoey 101, Happy Founders, Crenshaw, Persona 5 Strikers, soobin.

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.doyoung 418801
2.Resonance 322302
3.shawn 247364
4.#WonderAtMidnight 228897
5.Jack Jack 222871
6.24 Hours 171547
7.soobin 132208
8.jisoo 116204
9.Cake 101813
11.Josh 99166
12.Music Bank 97385
13.#GreysAnatomy 94641
14.HBO Max 93744
15.ITS OUT 76394
16.#WeLoveYouHyunjin 75308
17.Selena 73090
18.#HyunjinBestBoy 69959
19.Beer 69311
20.VETO 67521
21.PIECE OF YOU 64274
22.Sunghoon 54696
23.Rosalia 51924
24.lewis 51593
25.Mariah 44611
26.#OhSanta 43736
27.Sapnap 43105
28.lexie 42945
29.Euphoria 42695
31.Pumas 33611
32.#LotusInnGrandOpening 32115
33.Jadeja 29605
34.Hendery 28707
35.Soda 25995
36.Kratos 24312
37.Lil Baby 23595
38.Noah Cyrus 23240
39.Crenshaw 22607
40.jikook 22274
41.Derek 21147
42.Cruz Azul 20948
43.Atlus 20016
44.Meredith 19899
45.Fitz 19590
46.The Tragedy 19444
48.Biden 81,264,673 18384
50.#lotusinntonight 16304
51.Look Up At The Stars 15646
52.zendaya 15569
53.Lottery 15464
54.#fridaymorning 14194
55.call my friends 14064
56.Air Force 14052
57.Barba 13579
58.Trump 74,210,838 12880
59.#FridayFeeling 12687
60.mubank 12470
61.SONG FOR NO ONE 12429
62.jules 12359
63.#PerdueSaysBidenWon 12085
64.#Station19 11708
65.HARRYS 10318
66.Blue MAGA <10k
67.Marquee <10k
68.#candleday <10k
69.#SKCvMIN <10k
70.Drake & Josh <10k
71.JHud <10k
72.Jo and Jackson <10k
73.Remain in Light <10k
74.Len Kasper <10k
75.Happy Birthday Jack <10k
76.Jo & Jackson <10k
77.NICK KROLL <10k
78.Jennifer Hudson <10k
79.Zoey 101 <10k
80.Shuri <10k
81.Marcus Bagley <10k
82.B&BW <10k
83.Nora Roberts <10k
84.Akinator <10k
85.Lucci <10k
86.George O’Malley <10k
87.Minnesota United <10k
88.Molino <10k
89.Wish Me Well 3 <10k
90.From Russia With Love <10k
91.Sporting KC <10k
92.#MNUFC <10k
93.ITS GEORGE <10k
94.Cubs <10k
95.Moff Gideon <10k
96.Jack Nunge <10k
97.Colman Domingo <10k
98.Tre Mann <10k
99.#SelenaNetflix <10k
100.Shonda <10k
101.Happy Founders <10k
102.Debra <10k
103.Persona 5 Strikers <10k
104.Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity <10k
105.josh gordon <10k
106.Boba Fett <10k
107.Drake and Josh <10k
108.shawns <10k
109.Blxst <10k
111.George 🥺 <10k
112.Persona 5 Scramble <10k
113.Finally Friday <10k
114.Vermes <10k
115.Chapter 14 <10k
116.#SouthernCharm <10k
117.Jake Garcia <10k
118.Dan Crenshaw <10k
119.Rico Nasty <10k
120.Kadary Richmond <10k
121.sam levinson <10k
122.Fred Hampton <10k
123.Reynoso <10k
124.iCarly <10k
125.Letitia Wright <10k
126.2ne1 <10k
127.Chris Myers <10k
128.Betsy Wade <10k
129.Jayda <10k
130.Luka Garza <10k
131.Loons <10k
132.White Sox <10k
133.OMG GEORGE <10k
134.Edinburg <10k
135.Black Panther 2 <10k
136.Errbody <10k
137.NIALLS <10k
138.Founders Day <10k
139.NC State <10k
140.Letitia <10k
141.STEVE LACY <10k
142.UConn <10k
143.#criticalrolespoilers <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Jon Ossoff
Jon Ossoff ()

Donald Trump’s continued attacks on the outcome of the election here are an attack on Black voters.

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin ()

Dan Crenshaw is a globalist John McCain in an eyepatch who loves to party hardy while our country burns. PROTECT OUR ELECTION SYSTEM & OUR COUNTRY, NOT THE GOP SWAMP!

Chuck Callesto
Chuck Callesto ()

BREAKING REPORT: Arizona Investigation Of 100-Ballot Sample Allegedly Finds 3% of Ballots Were Fraudulent, LARGER AUDIT GRANTED!

Team Trump
Team Trump ()

Coach Lou Holtz: President @realDonaldTrump is the greatest President of my lifetime

Team Trump
Team Trump ()

President @realDonaldTrump awards Lou Holtz the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Chuck Callesto
Chuck Callesto ()

REPORT: A Philadelphia Priest Has Died After Participating In The Moderna COVID Vaccine

Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷)
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷) ()

This, at its very essence, including just the visual ... is the modern Republican Party.

Netflix ()

DIRECTED. BY. DEBBIE. ALLEN. *deep breath* 📽️: Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square 📺:Girlfriends 📺 Grey’s Anatomy 📺 Jane The Virgin but also The Parkers, The Game, How to Get Away With Murder and so, so many other iconic shows

Allen,USA Twitter Trends Now
Ross Dellenger
Ross Dellenger ()

NEWS: Liberty-Coastal Carolina is off. #BYU-Coastal Carolina is on, sources tell @SINow. Flames had COVID issues and should be making an announcement soon.

Eric Garland
Eric Garland ()

GUYS. WAAAAAY long ago, during the Transition, Obama made an oblique comment about how weird Trump was. I tell ya one day over a beer was the comment. That day is soon approaching.

Code of Vets ™
Code of Vets ™ ()

ANOTHER PRAYER REQUEST FROM A VETERAN We have another brother in arms feeling depressed, lost. He needs our strength! Prayer is powerful! Words are encouraging. The important thing he’s reaching out! We are speaking life, strength, peace for his heart, soul, mind. In Jesus Name


Lonnie Walker IV (28 PTS) dropped 19 PTS in the 4th QTR to lift San Antonio to the 2OT win! 🤠 Rockets vs. Spurs - 12pm ET on NBA TV!

Lauren Witzke
Lauren Witzke ()

Tulsi is more Republican than the entire @SenateGOP. They should be embarrassed.

John Scalzi
John Scalzi ()

Finally saw the thing where someone is very confidently and incorrectly attempting to school Nora Roberts, on her own site, how publishing actually works (and specifically, how publishing a Nora Roberts book works). The sheer cluelessness of such an act is genuinely breathtaking.


वाह paaji आपने तो Brazil 🇧🇷 की ल़डकियों तक respect दे दिया है, हमें लगा था सिर्फ Rakhi Sawant hi थी लिस्ट में. 🤣

Paaji,USA Twitter Trends Now

Ab kya kare unke paas Arvind Kejriwal nahi tha na jo muft me job dede, to films karti hai.

Immigration Voice
Immigration Voice ()

Extremely grateful to @SenMikeLee for 10+ yrs of leadership, hard-work & determination to get #S386 passed. He is most principled Senator, our hero & our champion forever. Many thanks to Elizabeth, Wendy, Allyson (& Blake) ~ love & deepest respect on behalf of over 1 million ppl

Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson ()

Some of us are old enough to live through Prince & The Revolution. The occult can’t recreate natural talent so they water it down with whatever idol they believe can sell gender perversion to the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians did this before Pop Stars. #PurpleTapWater

🇺🇸 FC Bayern US 🇨🇦
🇺🇸 FC Bayern US 🇨🇦 ()

Good morning, Josh was back on the pitch today. We are very happy. ☺️ Have a great day‼️ #MiaSanFamily

Very Good Morning,USA Twitter Trends Now
Bruce Feldman
Bruce Feldman ()

#UCF star QB McKenzie Milton, who suffered a major leg injury in 2018, announces that he intends to transfer.