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USA Twitter Trends Now - ITS GEORGE, Loons, Edinburg, #IvankaForPrison, Highly Questionable, #AmongUsWrapped, #IvankaForPrison, Matrix 4, Marsha Blackburn.

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.seokjin 1505797
2.#OurMoonJinDay 1173536
3.Happy Jin 700685
4.#HappyBirthdayJin 603376
5.#OurSparklingGemJin 329885
6.#OurHappinessJin 261209
7.#PitMad 186436
8.Josh 99166
9.#9YearsOf5SOS 90340
10.Ghost 83695
11.Jin 🥺 75939
12.Selena 73090
13.Beer 69311
14.Just 100 63949
15.Sanchez 63358
16.Golden Behind the Scenes 59786
17.#WonderAtMidnight 53713
18.lewis 50374
19.Theaters 48263
20.HBO Max 45417
21.Sapnap 43105
22.Bush and Clinton 42961
23.Euphoria 42695
24.Anthony Davis 38608
25.Tax the Rich 37215
26.Blockbuster 35365
27.Pumas 33611
28.#weareweird 32679
29.Newsom 28266
30.Rich Paul 28108
31.Jack Black 26263
32.Soda 25995
33.Olivia 24294
34.Roku 23498
35.Wisconsin Supreme Court 23391
36.Melissa Carone 23235
37.GOLDEN BTS 21199
38.Derek 21147
39.Cruz Azul 20948
40.Kratos 20479
41.Dune 18774
44.CALUM 16380
45.Santana 16375
46.#lotusinntonight 16304
47.Ozzy 15411
48.Warner Bros 14661
49.newt 14406
50.#IvankaForPrison 14402
51.ashton 13924
52.#GreysAnatomy 13672
53.Tenet 13609
54.Barba 13579
55.Flint 13504
56.Lottery 13401
57.Lou Holtz 12914
58.Chris Pratt 12734
59.Wanda 12584
60.Suns 12266
61.LASK 11983
62.North Korean 11874
63.Keyshia 11006
64.Lexie 10940
65.Mortal Kombat 10483
66.Tom & Jerry 10106
67.HARRYS <10k
68.Kate McKinnon <10k
69.Tre Mann <10k
70.Dragon Age 4 <10k
71.Molino <10k
72.Edinburg <10k
73.Josh Gordon <10k
74.Josh Carlton <10k
75.Tasha <10k
76.Jackson and Jo <10k
77.Doherty <10k
78.Black Panther 2 <10k
79.Governor Newsom <10k
80.#MNUFC <10k
81.Vermes <10k
82.NICK KROLL <10k
83.#criticalrolespoilers <10k
84.Nora Roberts <10k
85.Master Chief <10k
86.The Suicide Squad <10k
87.#SouthernCharm <10k
88.Alamo Drafthouse <10k
89.Blue MAGA <10k
90.Luka Garza <10k
91.Reynoso <10k
92.Zoey 101 <10k
94.Remain in Light <10k
95.Gaming Legends <10k
96.Trump 74,210,838 <10k
97.Godzilla vs Kong <10k
98.OMG GEORGE <10k
99.Realmuto <10k
100.Len Kasper <10k
101.Netrunner <10k
102.Jo and Jackson <10k
103.Letitia <10k
104.Drake & Josh <10k
105.Coastal Carolina <10k
106.NC State <10k
107.Tomlinators <10k
108.Shuri <10k
109.#BidenVaccine <10k
110.#Station19 <10k
111.Victoria Jackson <10k
112.George O’Malley <10k
113.Gazzaniga <10k
114.Marcus Bagley <10k
115.Mass Effect <10k
116.NIALLS <10k
117.Le Batard <10k
118.#SnowDayBands <10k
119.Asian Doll <10k
120.Dayne St. Clair <10k
121.Warner Brothers <10k
122.Greeny <10k
123.#MyMaskCovers <10k
124.Evan Mobley <10k
125.Tenacious D <10k
126.Sporting KC <10k
127.#hepooped <10k
128.JR Smith <10k
129.#OWNYourVote <10k
130.Heidi Stirrup <10k
131.San Jose <10k
132.McKenzie Milton <10k
133.Meredith <10k
134.Black Widow <10k
135.Debra <10k
136.iCarly <10k
137.Samus <10k
138.Basquiat <10k
139.Jack Nunge <10k
140.Joe Hart <10k
141.DREAM IS LIVE <10k
142.#SKCvMIN <10k
143.Pablo Mari <10k
144.Drake and Josh <10k
145.City Edition <10k
146.McCann <10k
147.Marsha <10k
148.Pulido <10k
149.Traitor Tots <10k
150.George 🥺 <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Team Trump
Team Trump ()

Coach Lou Holtz: President @realDonaldTrump is the greatest President of my lifetime

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert ()

Merry Christmas from the West Wing! @FLOTUS, the decorations look incredible!

Merry Christmas,USA Twitter Trends Now
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin ()

Dan Crenshaw is a globalist John McCain in an eyepatch who loves to party hardy while our country burns. PROTECT OUR ELECTION SYSTEM & OUR COUNTRY, NOT THE GOP SWAMP!

Team Trump
Team Trump ()

President @realDonaldTrump awards Lou Holtz the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Ross Dellenger
Ross Dellenger ()

NEWS: Liberty-Coastal Carolina is off. #BYU-Coastal Carolina is on, sources tell @SINow. Flames had COVID issues and should be making an announcement soon.

Barry R McCaffrey
Barry R McCaffrey ()

Tony Thomas retired 4 star SOCOM Commander. A lifetime As a special operator at war. Speaks for all of us to the crazy and dangerous behavior of Flynn and McInerney.

Eric Garland
Eric Garland ()

GUYS. WAAAAAY long ago, during the Transition, Obama made an oblique comment about how weird Trump was. I tell ya one day over a beer was the comment. That day is soon approaching.

Lauren Witzke
Lauren Witzke ()

Tulsi is more Republican than the entire @SenateGOP. They should be embarrassed.


वाह paaji आपने तो Brazil 🇧🇷 की ल़डकियों तक respect दे दिया है, हमें लगा था सिर्फ Rakhi Sawant hi थी लिस्ट में. 🤣

Paaji,USA Twitter Trends Now

Ab kya kare unke paas Arvind Kejriwal nahi tha na jo muft me job dede, to films karti hai.

Immigration Voice
Immigration Voice ()

Extremely grateful to @SenMikeLee for 10+ yrs of leadership, hard-work & determination to get #S386 passed. He is most principled Senator, our hero & our champion forever. Many thanks to Elizabeth, Wendy, Allyson (& Blake) ~ love & deepest respect on behalf of over 1 million ppl

John Scalzi
John Scalzi ()

Finally saw the thing where someone is very confidently and incorrectly attempting to school Nora Roberts, on her own site, how publishing actually works (and specifically, how publishing a Nora Roberts book works). The sheer cluelessness of such an act is genuinely breathtaking.

🇺🇸 FC Bayern US 🇨🇦
🇺🇸 FC Bayern US 🇨🇦 ()

Good morning, Josh was back on the pitch today. We are very happy. ☺️ Have a great day‼️ #MiaSanFamily

Very Good Morning,USA Twitter Trends Now
Bruce Feldman
Bruce Feldman ()

#UCF star QB McKenzie Milton, who suffered a major leg injury in 2018, announces that he intends to transfer.

Patrick Klepek
Patrick Klepek ()

One potential fallout from the demise of traditional movie theaters: I hope there’s more Alamo Drafthouse-style places, where they really make attending a movie feel like an event, something special. I’ve always wanted to live near one.

Greg Wrubell
Greg Wrubell ()

More from Kalani on Coastal: “This is a really well-coached team with an outstanding we’re working hard to prepare to share the field with them. I think we are all grateful for the chance to give the players on both teams another chance to play football this weekend.”

Preeti Chhibber says Let’s Win in GA!
Preeti Chhibber says Let’s Win in GA! ()

I cannot believe this is a real thing that happened and can you IMAGINE coming for NORA ROBERTS on her own blog. Legitimately if Nora Roberts said these words to me I would cease to exist, I would go into negative being. And I would deserve it.

Code of Vets ™
Code of Vets ™ ()

OH MY! Another donor stepped up. If Code of Vets raises $75K He will match $25K beyond the $50K our Texas couple is matching! We will end up with $150K total to send to our vets! LET’S DO THIS FOR OUR VETS! ITS BEGINNING TO FEEL A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS🎄🎅🏽

GrrrGraphics Cartoons
GrrrGraphics Cartoons ()

Your #thursdaymorning #Montana moment- Pretty in Pink-

#thursdaymorning,USA Twitter Trends Now
Olympics ()

This #ThrowbackThursday, we look back at the inspiring story of Vanderlei de Lima 🇧🇷. #StrongerTogether @WorldAthletics @timebrasil