United States Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topic Today

Here are the top twitter trends in USA today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United StatesTweets Volume
1.NCT DREAM 1016893
3.You Right 531115
4.Rudy 238483
5.#ReadytoLove1stwin 150822
6.kyungsoo 142407
7.Surfside 118261
8.Need To Know 115765
9.tyler 112686
10.Planet Her 97709
11.Suns 88368
12.Doja 86922
14.#GoHabsGo 63928
15.Tucker 52302
16.Habs 51739
18.Booker 50698
19.Get Into It 46846
20.yuna 45275
21.mubank 43911
22.Jared 43216
23.Plan B 42234
24.#ShangChi 38931
25.Abel 38799
26.Can I Live 38088
27.Good Friday 36124
29.Scottie 35308
31.Halloween 32081
32.Conan 30273
33.Wayne 29914
34.Stanley Cup 29714
35.#StanleyCup 28114
36.Canadiens 27821
37.Knights 26621
38.Dodgers 25726
39.#PlanetHer 24755
40.Youngboy 23267
41.Igor 22962
42.Payne 22805
43.#FridayThoughts 22737
44.Jensen 22367
45.Wong 22248
46.Supernatural 20757
47.#fridaymorning 20398
48.WILLOW 20192
50.Montreal 19039
51.Floki 17108
52.Latinx 17041
53.Trump Train 16631
55.Abomination 15888
56.Latinos 15369
57.Take Back America 14574
58.Jason Kidd 14182
59.The Cubs 13796
60.arin 13771
61.Love to Dream 13516
62.Ed Sheeran 13264
63.Jack Grealish 13141
64.BBLs 13105
65.#HalloweenKills 12943
66.Hyuna 12793
67.#FridayMotivation 12611
68.Trails 12338
69.Brent 12303
70.Pharrell 11118
71.Stephen Miller 11110
72.Grealish and Kane 10351
73.Kane and Grealish 10349
74.Robbie 10261
75.Lemonhead <10k
76.#OnePiece1017 <10k
77.DORIAN <10k
78.42 Dugg <10k
79.john winchester <10k
80.Druski <10k
81.Luke Kennard <10k
82.Erik Prince <10k
83.Robin Williams <10k
85.Fast 9 <10k
86.Rondo <10k
87.Wolf Haley <10k
88.Carey Price <10k
89.Dade County <10k
90.Bell Centre <10k
91.Karen Carpenter <10k
92.Masked Booker <10k
94.#macaronispace <10k
95.Fin Fang Foom <10k
96.0-2 Clippers <10k
97.Derek Chauvin <10k
98.#ExandriaUnlimited <10k
99.Daniella Levine Cava <10k
100.Shea Weber <10k
101.Gangsta Grillz <10k
102.Alec Martinez <10k
103.#callmeifyougetlost <10k
104.Fearne <10k
105.Lehner <10k
106.juric <10k
107.Weber <10k
108.Campbell Bowl <10k
109.Happy Friyay <10k
110.landon <10k
111.Wilshire <10k
112.Pivetta <10k
113.nimrata <10k
114.Pat Bev <10k
115.Chafin <10k
116.Finally Friday <10k
117.Michael Myers <10k
118.Willson <10k
120.Nikki Haley <10k
121.RUNITUP <10k
122.carl azuz <10k
123.Ella Fitzgerald <10k
124.Reggie Jackson <10k
125.Jay Versace <10k
126.#FridayFeeling <10k
127.Kyle Schwarber <10k
128.Marc Bergevin <10k
129.Eddie Rosario <10k
130.Geofront <10k
131.WUSYANAME <10k
132.#bucciovertimechallenge <10k
133.Cawthorn <10k
134.Leafs <10k
135.Suns in 5 <10k
136.#ExUSpoilers <10k
137.Andre Ethier <10k
138.Tuch <10k
139.Juggernaut <10k
140.Alaya <10k
141.Pacioretty <10k
142.Reasonable Doubt <10k
143.Zach Davies <10k
144.lucy dacus <10k
145.Athing Mu <10k
146.Zubac <10k
147.Domo <10k
148.Flannery <10k
149.Happy Friday Everyone <10k
150.Patrick Beverly <10k

United States Top Tweets Now

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert ()

Don’t let the media silence you or try to “cancel” you because of your conservative opinions. Be proud and always stand tall in your beliefs. If I let the media get me down, I would have never made it to Congress to be a voice for so many who want to save America. Keep going!

町山智浩 ()


Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman ()

Thrilled. Biden administration will relocate thousands of Afghan interpreters who worked with US military via @USATODAY

Netflix ()

Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Austin Abrams, Alisha Boe, Rish Shah, Talia Ryder, Paris Berelc, Jonathan Daviss, Maia Reficco, Ava Capri & Sophie Turner will co-star in @JennKaytin Robinson’s movie Strangers—a dark comedy about two girls who team up to go after the other’s bully

mendes,USA Twitter Trends Now
Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman ()

Remember when he was angry that kneeling during the anthem disrespected the military? Tucker Carlson is a coward who never served anything other than his own bank account.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson ()

In June of 1991, Michael performed “Will You Be There” at MTV’s 10th anniversary celebration. The song would be released as the 8th single on DANGEROUS two years later. Revisit the official video for the track now:

Azur Lane Official
Azur Lane Official ()

Commander, the Swirling Cherry Blossoms event has returned! Have you gotten the chance to meet with Noshiro and Ryuuhou yet? Thanks to the artist 成瀬ちさと - (@naruti06) for creating this amazing piece of artwork for us. #AzurLane #Yostar

#artwork,USA Twitter Trends Now
Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid 😷
Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid 😷 ()

Defund the police? Republicans at this stage refuse to DEFEND the police who fought the insurrectionists in hand-to-hand combat, and they want to defund the FBI and the military over a made-up, twisted version of an 80s legal theory, because they hate the idea of anti-racism.

James LaPorta
James LaPorta ()

It was John Adams. And he said this in defense of British soldiers who fired upon the crowd during the Boston Massacre. It’s believed that Adams may have been quoting a proverb used previously by two French writers, Tobias Smollett and Alain-René Lesage.

Eric Garland
Eric Garland ()

Seems like a problem for Mike Flynn, Erik so many others. 😈😈😈

Mike The Situation ☝🏻
Mike The Situation ☝🏻 ()

17 years ago, Laurens & I went on our first trip together, catch #JSFamilyVacation TONIGHT at 8/7c on @MTV for some adorable throwback pics! 🥰

#JSFamilyVacation,USA Twitter Trends Now
CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

The New York Times investigated the Israeli bombing of two apartment buildings in Gaza last month, which killed 44 Palestinians, and found evidence of war crimes.

NHL on NBC Sports
NHL on NBC Sports ()

This overtime goal sends the @canadiensMTL to their first #StanleyCup Final in 28 YEARS!

The Daily Wire
The Daily Wire ()

‘Creepy Joe’ Trends After Biden Keeps Whispering At Press Conference

Creepy Joe,USA Twitter Trends Now
Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman ()

I’ve not always been easy on GEN Milley but he has served this nation honorably for over 40 years. He has fought and lost men and women in combat since Panama. He is a man of integrity. @mattgaetz is a drug abusing, pompous, failson jackass and @GOPLeader is an immoral leader.

Emilio Doménech
Emilio Doménech ()

Espanamelon es Españabola, un troll habitual de la derecha tuitera española de jóvenes memelords. Gana muchos seguidores rápido porque esa comunidad está muy compenetrada y se ayudan los unos a los otros a recuperar seguidores cuando les cierran cuentas previas. No son bots.


This 27 year old, beautiful and talented Turkish actress has a solid career path. Get to know a little more about her.

BDW ()

Joe Biden’s creepy whispering and nonsensical blabbering all make more sense if viewed from this angle.

Creepy Joe,USA Twitter Trends Now
Mar Gómez
Mar Gómez ()

Impresionante tromba marina fotografiada estos días en Mallorca, Baleares. Las trombas marinas son similares a tornados pero con base en el agua en vez de en tierra. También suelen ser menos intensas que los tornados, aunque pueden causar graves daños.

Alberto El Patron
Alberto El Patron ()

Mi viejo, Dos Caras Sr, está ahí para celebrar mis triunfos; pero también para darme ánimos para poder levantarme en mis derrotas, secarme las lágrimas y seguir batallando. Viejo, no criaste un cobarde. Criaste un campeón. Gracias por ayudarme a evolucionar en el hombre que soy.

soy lágrimas,USA Twitter Trends Now