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🌖🐾🌘They entered through a back door left ajar for a collection of cats that were lolling like furry apostrophes on the tiled floor of the hallway. #1LineWed #WritingCommunity.

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At Ford’s voice over my right shoulder I jumped, screeched not unlike a cat, and dropped my cell. I glared up at him. “Benjamin, if you sneak up behind me like that again, I’m going to super glue tap toes directly to your feet.” #1LineWed.

She pressed her cigarette out and stood, strutting to the stove. Mimi strutted everywhere—the grocery store, the doctor’s office, funerals—like life was one long catwalk. #1linewed.

“I am not tied to you out of duty nor curse. I stay with you because you are my friend. I need you to understand that someday.” #1linewed.

She dipped her fingers in her wine glass and flicked droplets of it towards the spirit. “Avaunt,” she said sharply. “Avaunt. Go away, you creepy asshole. Avaunt.” it vanished, leaving an icy chill behind. Fucking ghosts, she muttered, falling back into her chair. #1linewed.

She came in through the open patio door carrying a cat. The cat purred so loud, he could audibly hear it. He didn’t blame the beast, she could make him purr as well. #1linewed @RWAKissofDeath.

About a foot and a half long, it wasn’t as massive as he expected from the struggle, though the catfish would at least make a decent lunch. He kept at the fish until it gasped beside him on the ground, suffocating in open air. #1linewed #amwriting.

With leaves and twigs in her hair and her dress muddy and streaked, she looks less like a princess than like something the cat dragged back out again. #1linewed #mg.

“What is *that*?” Mom asked, staring at Oscar lounging in a sun patch on my living room floor. “That’s a cat, Mom.” She glared at the cat as if she’d never seen one before. “Yes, but why?” #1linewed.

Nash bit back a chuckle as Evelyn marched into view, pulling at the hem of her skirt. She looked about as comfortable in that dress as a cat would in rain boots. #1linewed.

She shot a glance at Ari, whose upper half was sprawled out in Jae’s lap—asleep or at least faking it really well. Jae stroked Ari’s hair, as though he were an oversized Himalayan cat. They were apparently BFFs already. Renate grieved for her future self. #1linewed cats.

At first I thought the animal wasn’t going to answer, it just looked up at me slowly blinking. I was starting to feel foolish again when the cat moved its lips just slightly and whispered back “Yes, bitch. I’m talking to you.” #1linewed.

I see the look in my cat’s eyes before she jumps to impossible heights — the determination, the way she is not afraid — and I think, you brave thing. You have no idea if you’ll make it or if you’ll fall. You have no idea. But it never stops you from taking the leap. #1LineWed.

Cariad playing with Stardust. The little black kitten loved to trot next to the clucking bird, joining in with her calling meow. They never rough and tumbled, often finishing their game of chase curled up together in a warm spot in the garden. #1LineWed #witchlit.

Sophie needed hundreds of exclamation points and question marks to make it through a day because her world had only two CATegories: things she wondered about and things she was thrilled to know. #1lineWed.

Ellie eyed the cat warily, as though she were a bomb he’d picked up and cradled. #1lineWed.

Her murderous ramble – it wasn’t quite a rampage just yet – had progressed in the days leading up to her arrival; from insects, through small rodents, up to a stray cat that she had mercifully slain with a sharp stick and closed eyes. #1LineWed For @Karenlourhodes & @LotanB1 😉.

Be specific. It’s the only way to communiCATe with her. She’s like Ted Turner—hates to see things in black-and-white. She’s always adding color commentary after the fact. She’s a serious over-analyzer. #1lineWed #HappiestMarriage.

She melted silently into the living room. Padded round the empty box and climbed inside it. A flick of restless tail daring anyone to try moving her from the cardboard vantage point. #1LineWed theme: cats.

She relived every touch. Every moment with Reynold as the cat rolled in the grass next to her. She rubbed his head, and he pressed his paws against her. Empty sadness tempered by such innocent affection. #1LineWed #RestorationLove.

#1linewed When I knocked over her mothers ashes it was as though time stood stlll. The looks of horror on her and her familys faces were almost pantoesque. Even their scrawny black cat looked over at me from his cushion on the sofa his yellow eyes narrowed in disapproval.

Michiko lay on her bed with Neko cuddled to her side. He’d never sat like this before—paws on her ribs, eyes wide and staring at her, head between his paws—but she guessed he knew what was coming. Cats were clever like that. #1linewed.

🌖🐾🌘They entered through a back door left ajar for a collection of cats that were lolling like furry apostrophes on the tiled floor of the hallway. #1LineWed #WritingCommunity.

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The new puppy was confined to the kitchen while she cleaned the rest of the house. She assumed the annoying yapping was a means of getting attention and scolded the pup. The third time, she saw it. The cat was swiping a paw beneath the doggy gate, egging him on. #1linewed.

Moonlight casts a pale stripe across the lounge, but it does not reach the bed. I borrow the sight of a cat sleeping in the flat next to mine to see Dearon better. His eyes are fixed on mine, and the intensity of his expression threatens to sweep me away. I tremble. #1LineWed.

#1linewed The sheer misery of being down on his luck , patrolling the cold streets for dog ends and the desperate cove of shelter in an alley full of trash cans and resentful cats..

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