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#1linewed from THE SOUND OF STARS, which comes out late Feb, 2020 (as of now) 😬😀 “That’s exactly why I don’t go places,” I whisper. “If I ever get caught with the library, I want them to think I’m a saint, never a step out of line. I might live a little longer.”.

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This boy spends 80% of the book in different hats and I’m not sorry #1linewed.

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off-theme #1linewed: I’d held so many screams inside for so long, it felt like that was all that made me up anymore. Just a girl’s worth of screams trapped in skin, unable to be heard..

He tilted his head. “Have you considered that destruction of sentient life could benefit the universe?” Saree rocked back, the words almost a physical blow. Anger followed, but she kept herself from firing ill-considered words in return. He had a reason for asking. #1linewed.

#1linewed A wealth Awash Awestruck by an unfathomable magnificence of stars I feel vulnerable beneath so much sky But so very alive Washed clean and born anew A little girl whose religion is night.

Abuela continued Never forget our beloved Saint Oscar Romero, who had such belief in all feel that you will and must be a voice and defender of dignity and the common good for all in our country. Promise me this one thing, mi Hito!” #1linewed @RWAKissofDeath.

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#WedWIPAesthetic for my MG contemporary! I came to London because you said you wanted to get to know me. But this minute is the most I’ve seen of you since we got here.” #1linewed.

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He blinked. “I forget myself. The way you speak of your family they must all be saints.” “I’m self-aware enough to know I idealize them.” I settled for only thinking of saying something less polite. “I also know they weren’t perfect. But the way they loved me was, is.” #1lineWed.

#1linewed from THE SOUND OF STARS, which comes out late Feb, 2020 (as of now) 😬😀 “That’s exactly why I don’t go places,” I whisper. “If I ever get caught with the library, I want them to think I’m a saint, never a step out of line. I might live a little longer.”.

We learnt to get used to it, even cat found his wind-weathering place, old Bathmat on bottom shelf of bookcase. There he felt safe, secure. Our friend from #Saint John, NB was curled up, taking quiet nap. #1linewed.

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Life at The Village bored him. Another day, another well-meaning woman in teddybear scrubs entered his room, armed with a needle. We need to give you your flu shot Mr St John,” “We need to check your glucose Mr St John. Nothing was more boring than growing old #1linewed saint.

Nick wasn’t a religious man, but knowing there was patron saint of lost causes gave him comfort. #1lineWed.

For those who asked about the bone chapel~ #1LineWed ish I guess? (Also whew writing a new thing after revising the old thing 1000x times is something. How do I do this again?).

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“It would be impossible for someone wielding the cross of Saint Benedict to inflict black magic. Especially if the supposed curse happens to be the same size and shape of said person’s rosary.” #1linewed @RWAKissofDeath Southern Gothic family saga.

“We were the best of friends, he said. Such good friends in fact that I sacrificed an arm to save the saintly Malcolm from a rather gruesome death.” Raising his brass arm, it glinted, mechanical joints spitting steam & a row of vials swished w/ glowing liquid death. #1linewed.

Bastet giggled. “I wonder what St. Cloud is the patron saint of? Never heard of him.”That observation brought smiles so she continued. “Diana, your patron saint is St. Obstreperous.” Diana snorted, and Irene, for you, St. Parsimony. Mine would be Saint Perspicacious, #1linewed.

#1linewed You’re allowed to be a shit person, a shit wife, a shit husband or a shit father. But a shit mother? You aren’t even allowed to be a so-so mother. Saints only..

He arrived in town, telling everyone, he was The Saint of the Daffodils. We all laughed, the guy was a nut. The next morning, something had happened overnight, the Roses were swaying, the Petunias were jumping, the Daffodils were singing. The Saint had left town. #1linewed.

The beaten and notched shotgun had seen the old man out of many tight spots, from robbers to blood drunk savages. That’s why he named it after his sainted wife, Kate. God rest her soul. Through thick and thin, the gun was always at his side, and always saw him through. #1linewed.

Her knees ached and her eyes were heavy. It seemed she spent more time praying to St. Jude than sleeping lately. Maybe the patron saint of lost causes could put in a good word for her. #1linewed.

#1linewed He and Jake stumbled into frame. Annnd shit. He just smacked Jake in the face. The video was painful. And Jake was a fucking #saint. He fed him, gave him water. And kept up normal dialogue while Larkin was apparently convinced there was a snake in the corner..

The angel flexed his injured wing. “If the Gospel of the End Times is written, it will be said that Saint Esperanza saved the Good Mother’s child with the Knife of Abraham, called Bitter Hope. #1linewed The Holy Warrior and the Last Angel.

At the worst times, hundreds of shouts wailed and jabbered inside his head, forcing the priest to his knees in the dusty streets for hours at a time. News of his saintliness spread throughout the region. Pilgrims travelled from afar to receive his blessing. #1linewed.

Valya set her sights on a second machine: heard a thump beside her near her feet. She just had time to register the smoking incendiary before a cracked voice shrieked “FOR SAINT GEORGES!” & a tiny kerchiefed babushka swept the offending item off the roof & out of sight. #1linewed.

Skin deep saints & sinners. Hidden hearts & hollow points, ready to lose their load on penetration. Eyes, windows of the soul, depending on the shades that hide them. Veneers that coat the core. Open the window, let light in, breathe deep in scented meadows #1LineWed #vss365.

Showing the patience of a #saint was difficult under such trying circumstances. Although Amelia did try. Breathing deeply before speaking. That little pause that said she meant business. “Because you’ll spoil your appetite for lunch.” “But, why?”, her son repeated. #1LineWed.

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