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BREAKING ALERT: 🚨 Dow Down almost 1300 POINTS since yesterday. CHECK YOUR.

My 401K is getting hammered. Hard. Like alcoholic who relapsed and said fuck it hard..

@IGN Sleepy Joe focused on the important have you checked your 401k lately?.

@caroljsroth This is why I took out my max 401k loan some months ago. That moneys better off going into my house then sitting in the market..

@PstafarianPrice A couple things that stand out, no regular sick leave. Also, I would mich prefer higher matching on my 401k then whatever vague wealth building stipend they offer. wth does that even mean?.

Stock market under Trump 36,000 in just 2 years Biden has managed to destroy your 401k.

@rhonda_harbison @IngrahamAngle 401k accounts destroyed - economy crumbling….. you have a meme. Embarrassing.

@IngrahamAngle Anyone that’s still relying on their 401k to be there when the time comes is clearly breathing through the mouth and not the nostrils. I’m not participating in your tyranny. #PoliticsIsASham.

Yep, in Joe Biden’s economy, the stock market is tanking, down over 700 pts! Kiss your 401k $$$s goodbye before long!.

@Forbes My 401K is annihilated. My IRA has been destroyed. But THANK GOD no more mean tweets!.

@BidensWins My 401K is annihilated. My IRA has been destroyed. But THANK GOD no more mean tweets!.

@Catsorange1 Someone recently tweeted that 401ks were Artificially Inflated by 45. WTF? how does a 401k get Artificially Inflated? SMDH ... Loony Leftist and their Pretzel Logic ....

@DrJamesOlsson Does anyone else remember the 401k disaster of 2008? The stock market is a RISK..

Want to add crypto to your 401(k) plan? Check out this comprehensive guide, which walks through what you need to know about #crypto on a 401(k) -- along with FAQs, risks, and key considerations to help you get started..

@IngrahamAngle I would give up my entire 401K to preserve democracy out of respect and honor for the many who gave their lives for American democracy. You would sell American democracy for a martini..

@GamebredFighter Does the UFC even offer a 401k to the fighters? How about their executives and front office employees?.

For sure - my family and I have both lost a lot of our 401k during this administration.

@JudiciaryGOP @JoeBiden Fortunately, I’m resilient and don’t check on my 401k daily. It sounds like you’re SCARED. So I’d suggest that you get on your knees and pray for peace. Jesus answers prayers & He owns EVERYTHING in the world. He is in control. Thoughts and prayers! 🙏🏻.

@HazeyDaisey17 b-but everybody know OBUMMER invented the covid by sneezing on monkeys at the zoo to make TRUMP look bad!! calvin stitt is the greatest govnur oklahoma evar had!! these vains bleed RED not COMMIE BLUE!!! i checked mah 401k and aint even had one THANKS OBAWMA - my republican larp.

@JoJoFromJerz The Dow is down almost 1300 points since yesterday. Check your 401k’s This nonsense about a pillow seems so irrelevant and a great distraction. We’re not buying it Sorry….

@ZAnon_ZZ @caroljsroth Lmao not really. Almost no companies offer pensions anymore. If you want to save for retirement you need a 401K.

Biden: I will be a President for all Americans whether you voted for me or except for MAGA Republicans, or Republicans in general, or pipeline workers, or the working class, or investors (401k holders), or anyone who drives a car, or 2A supporters or people who need to eat..

@orpzedek @CalltoActivism Yea I only give a fuck about inflation, gas prices, and my 401k. All 3 were much better under trump. I am not a trump supporter either. He’s just as corrupt as Biden 👍.

@KatiePavlich Yeah, 401K’s be tanking (me included) but I expect a mega rally should Republicans take both houses or a relief rally if they claim the HR. Either way, there will be a bounce. Wall Street ALWAYS recovers whether it be in one year or three. Just gotta take out the trash!.

May have been a day early, but timing on these 401k trades is tough since you can only enter on daily close Expected some downside today, but figured we’d close better Still think there’s some good exits over the next month and doom and glooming isn’t rewarded.

@LoriPalya3 @IngrahamAngle I am 75 and working thanks to Busch. I lost over 50k in my 401k.

@JoeBiden OMG are you kidding our retirement is disappearing (401k); jobs are up because people need 2 of the@ to survive- you have destroyed this country.

@ToddHagopian If you weren’t here saying government is the reason your 401K went up when it was going up under Obama and even under Trump till covid… Then you could sit down and shut up now.

@TomTraversIII @caroljsroth That’s independent of the value my 401k loan adds to my home. I make a $30k kitchen update, it adds $60k of value (roughly). Also, I have no plans of selling my home within the next 10 years. Housing prices / mortgage rates could easily improve by then..

The stock market is cyclical. That’s why smarter investors (like Warren Buffett) buy stocks and hold them. Your 401k will appreciate OVER TIME. Republicans telling you to check your account think you’re stupid..

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