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JJ MacNab
JJ MacNab

He self identifies as a white supremacist fascist with Neo-Nazi beliefs who is anti high fertility immigrants under the white replacement theory. There are several 4chan markers..

Dónde divulgarán esas movidas nazis de el gran reemplazo en qué oscuros foros de 4chan.

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Many free speech advocates will be too scared to defend 4chan as it gets dogpiled by people who already hated it, using the Buffalo shooting as an excuse to call for its closure. They will sweat nervously and ignore the issue. I do not share their coward status..

SCP-106の画像は色々な人が調べたけど、結局「Dr Gears氏が4chanで拾った画像」「拡大してみた限り写真というより絵っぽい」くらいのことしか分かってないんだっけ。.

Just to 4chan: JamesBoone is not the shooter. The shooter is in custody..

@logic_no_bull Right. “I wasn’t racist till 4chan and Stormfront explained the world to me.” It’s infuriating. It’s heartbreaking. And unfortunately it’s being backed up explicitly by, , Tucker Carlson, who could be reading from Stormfront when he talks about “replacement.”.

Nothing will change. At all. There will be lots of talk about gun laws. There will be talk deflecting from gun laws, and people pretending to care about mental health. They will blame this on a crazy. You will hear about 4Chan, 8Chan, &Reddit radicalizing white supremicists. 1/2.

é incrível como o twitter é praticamente um 4chan escondido e fodase, o tanto de coisa nojenta que tem nesse site é absurdo.

Il explique que c’est 4chan qui l’a radicalisé pendant le Covid et s’appuie sur les théories du Grand remplacement. J’espère que l’extrême droite française va bien fermer sa grande gueule mnt..

@JrMoneyGetting They should only shutdown /pol/ both on 4chan and 8chan. Literally the craziest and most insane board ever.

@Vol4life123 @YourRAGEz Dude had pages on 4chan of him explaining it was going to be a racially motivated attack. Mf had the hard r on his gun to.

@jw5458 @BobLonsberry He was radicalized on 4chan, a website imfamous for breeding mass shooters oddly enough.

@Machixo a manifesto of a 4chan user and totally not a list of buzzwords made to get reactions from large media outlets.

@PunishedSpook Cant wait for the entirety of 4chan to get shut down cause of this, hope that doesnt happen.

like how tf has 4chan not been shut down. reddit should follow soon after too.

He said he started browsing 4chan in May 2020 & learned that the white race was dying out because blacks are disproportionately killing whites, and he said he learned that the average black takes $700,000 from tax payers in their lifetime. This is all a LIE & fucking ridiculous!.

Dumbass 4chan racists spewing that the average black person takes 700k from the govt. Nigga I wish that was true lol.

@FBI why the fuck aren’t y’all in every 4Chan room? Seems like every time one of these little weak pieces of shit go on a killing spree they started out by posting their intent on that website. Charge EVERYONE in that chat… charge 4Chan for hosting that shit too… shut them down.

@notcapnamerica “learned from memes on 4chan” is a particularly disturbing non sequitur..

@NotPrimev1 Almost like it’s a retarded teen who bumped his head on radicalization a little too hard and just parrots the most basic 4chan shit.


@userbfIy Going after Tucker Carlson makes less sense than his actual inspirations like 4chan..

UGH! Authorities have identified the shooter as 18-year-old Payton Genderon, matching the age and name (with one letter missing) of the self-identified author of the 180-page manifesto posted to 4chan .

this dude really thinks it’s a gotcha bc his wannabe 4chan troll ass and ones like him think “haha look, i made you mad!” is the peak of trolling as if ppl being mad or disgusted u admitted to being a pedophile is a gotcha.

@PersonthePerso2 If the 4chan leaks are true for frontiers, having the chaos emeralds or super emeralds each give you some type of power or element sounds fucking lit and overdue.

@ProgNewDealer @StaubLiam Its actually really simple to travel to their planet, go home, lock your door, cancel all obligations on the others side of that door and go on 4chan/8chan for 12 hours a day..

Further context - the degeneracy of Fox News and places like 4chan used to be funny, but it has real world consequences..

@Mediavenir Nazi check 4chan check Supremacist blanc check Tue 10 personne et blesse 4 (tous noirs btw) check Crois au grand remplacement check Autre chose les centrists pour le considérer comme un malade mental et un terroriste ?.


Anyways white people and kids with guns will continue to slaughter people of color or those out in the streets protesting for the rights of people of color as long as places where those people get their hate validated & intensified like fox news and 4chan exist..

@jack You are one of the people who decided to sell this app to this 4chan-ish manipulator/idiot. The James Comey of Twitter in some ways..

In his manifesto, the #Buffalo mass shooter says QAnon host 4chan (prominent far right conspiracy blog) inspired him to carry out a mass shooting. In addition, he names several other prominent far right conservative and white supremacist mass shooters as his inspiration..

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