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Do you think inmates will keep challenging Tony? #60DaysIn starts RIGHT NOW!

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MisssGenesis♏️ ()

Champagne is weak! you get into white people beef for $40? Clown shit. Cantrell did all that shit talking just to have another catch the fade #60daysin

MisssGenesis♏️ ()

lmaooooooo They fucked up her cover when they switched cells 🤦🏽‍♀️ #60DaysIn

Channing ()

When you don’t have to pay rent for the next 3 months because of #COVID19 #60DaysIn

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PamelaJamesssss👸🏿 ()

Okay still watching #60daysin and I just want to know why ppl in jail make it their business to be in other people business 🙄

Jax’ Beer Cooler ()

So Vanessa is getting sent home right? There’s no way they are gonna leave her in a cell with Bubbles from the Wire talking about shanking her. #60daysin

RealityTVSnob ()

And why are the ones who work “within the system” the most shocked about basic jail shit?! “It’s loud” “the beds suck” “THERE ARE DRUGS” “people just fighting” You work in the system, but act like you’ve never even seen a television show or movie about jail. #60daysin

PinkGlitz_84 ()

Tony thinks he’s an inmate & Heather thinks she’s there to find love 🤦🏻‍♀️ Let’s focus on everyone who are actually trying to help the jail!! #60daysin

Slothy McSloth Face🦥 ()

So Donovan is an undercover cop? Doesnt havin his face on TV every week kinda blow his cover for the future? #60daysin

Meaghan ()

Tony is there to participate in illegal activities while getting camera time without many it ANY repercussions. Let’s argue 🤷🏼‍♀️😂#60daysin

RealityTVSnob ()

Tony starting to get on my nerves. You are there to IMPROVE the system. You are just as bad as the COs fuckin with the inmates. Ugh. Losing sight of why you’re in there. 😒 #60daysin

RealityTVSnob ()

“She looks like a sorority girl.” Heather, about Betsy. Whettttt. Where you go to college? 😂 #60daysin

RealityTVSnob ()

Heather actin like it’s gonna be hard to “pretend” she got feelings for Betsy is the worst acting I’ve seen in a long ass time. We see you all giddy. We know you want that jail house kitty, Heatherrr. #60daysin

Francesca Epps ()

For some reason, Champagne James reminds me so much of Dennis. He even favors Dennis #60DaysIn

Chicken’s coming home to roost never made me sad. ()

@FairXOXO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂he too #60DaysIn

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Bessie Ell ()

Vanessa you way to big to be so scary you better put one of those bitches down and I believe you are completely capable #60daysin

✭Ms. Alyce✭ ()

#60daysin y’all gotta stop bring these gay chicks on the show. They be like a kid in the candy store on here.

Terra Foye ()

My bestie got me invested in #!!! Tony is hilarious

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Why tell your fellow participant you’re done in front of her roommate when you could just give the damn signal? #60daysin

A&E Network ()

Watch what happens when you think jail is a joke. See you next Thursday at 10PM for a new #60DaysIn!

Power🚫Of🚫Cheeto ()

Champagne Jame gets transferred for Boat ridin on the Stairs ... 🤷🏽‍♂️🙃 #60daysin

Junior ()

I think Tony had to act out to one up got outshined with the fight. #60daysin

ZEN ()

@yung_f0rever And in the intro to the show they tell too much of their personal business! Like these inmates don’t know ppl in other states other jails #60DaysIn

John sabo ()

Lol, never seen a bigger group of slugs then these Correction Officers. Lol Sure they are not fake also? #60DaysIn

Ashlee ()

Who the hell told Champagne he was fine as wine? Lmaooo😖😂😂 •Lies• #60DaysIn

Rebecca ()

Unjole bald-headed bully ass gotta BOYfriend? She not a whole stud??? #60daysin

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♥️Love Effortlessly ()

Heather said she wanted to use her sexuality to gain info. She flirted w/Betsy so what did she think was going to happen? #60DaysIn



Ⲃⳑⲇⲥⲕ🇩🇴Ⲃⲁⲛ𝖽ⲟⳑⲉⲅⲟ® ()

so the producers of this shit ain’t gonna tell Vanessa shit?!?!?!? da fuck? #60DaysIn

Kurt Sparks ()

They packin her lunch and she keep feeding them too #60daysin

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A&E Network ()

Do you think inmates will keep challenging Tony? #60DaysIn starts RIGHT NOW!

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