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87,000 IRS Twitter

John Fetterman has repeatedly failed to pay his own taxes, but supports the Biden administration’s plan to add 87,000 new IRS agents to audit hard working Americans..

Every Senate Democrat blocked 18,000 Border Patrol agents 12 hours before voting to send 87,000 IRS enforcers after the middle class..

GOP to Immediately Repeal Hiring of 87,000 IRS Agents If Republicans Flip House: McCarthy.

@GOPChairwoman 87,000 new employees for the IRS to get the department up to speed processing tax returns and going after nonfilers and tax evaders. As a member of the middle class, I know you are lying. Why? Because I file and pay my taxes. About time we went after those who don’t. #IRS.

@scrowder 🤦‍♂️ That 87,000 figure is not from the IRS or from the law. How exactly the agency will spend the money remains to be seen but primarily on attrition..

Read people. No, Biden is Not Hiring 87,000 New IRS Agents | Time.

The only people losing sleep about 87,000 IRS agents over 10 years time are Republican crooks and tax frauds. Republicans cheat at everything..

@JoeBiden It’s the Green New Deal Act that won’t lower the Inflation at all right now and minimally in 2-8 yrs of this Bill. It will send 87,000 IRS agents after all not just the wealthy. And there is only a possibility of getting enough $$ to pay for it..

@StrugCityPod No. Of those 87,000 future IRS personnel, only 6,500 will be agents. The rest will be data specialists and customer service reps. The plan is to restore the IRS to its 1990-era staffing levels by 2032. If you insist upon being stupid and ignorant, please do so someplace else..

#GOPContractForCruelty Kevin McCarthy so cruel for firing 87,000 IRS Oh, wait they do not exist except on paper. #SaveAmericaFireIRS87K.

@DrOz “87,000 new IRS agents…” Try keepin’ up mate. Even Blind Freddy knows that’s a 10 year number & is designed to cover retirements & attrition. “…to audit hard working Americans.” No Sunny Jim. Low income tax returns are easy. The audits will be on the top end..

MarketWatch: “On our very first bill, we’re going to repeal 87,000 IRS agents,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said. GOPs rolled out an agenda detailing the party’s legislative priorities should it retake control of the House in November’s midterm….

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