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“It’s used?” 😐 Don’t miss a new #90DayFiance tomorrow at 8/7c!.

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This show is filled with lots of desperate and broke ass men #Pillowtalk #90DayFiance.

“It’s used?” 😐 Don’t miss a new #90DayFiance tomorrow at 8/7c!.

I always find it weird when a tourist Visa gets rejected. There must be a serious reason. #90DayFiance.

@shaybaby105 Wait til Anny finds out that Robert’s a cheapskate and the kid gets on her last nerve in that tiny apartment. She’ll hold out just long enough for the green card to arrive and split just like his friend predicted #90DayFiance.

“What does that make me, a pimp?” No, honey that makes you a John. A whole customer. Take a beat. #90DayFiance.

We all know our favorite #90DayFiance #Pillowtalk couples are: 1. Tarik & Dean, 2. David & Annie, 3. Loren & Alexei, 4. Kalani & Aselu, 5. (don’t come for me ) I kinda like Colt & his mom, too 🤷‍♀️@TLC.

I can’t believe Anna is having a conversation in front of Gino about hiding him & his siblings from Mursel’s family! I think she’s had one to many bee stings & they’ve killed off some brain cells! #90DayFiance.

I’ve never heard someone laugh and wanted them to shut up til I saw her laugh is irritating #90DayFiance.

They asked Juliana if she was a prostitute. they ask it because whats a 23 yr old girl doing with a 42yr old man. 🤢 that shit aint normal #90dayfiance.

Michael and Juliana are a skeevy mismatch. She looks like a dewey eyed college freshman carrying on a secret affair with her pasty, old English professor. #90DayFiance.

LMFAO I wouldn’t want damn used clothes either!! What in the fricking fruck!!! #90DayFiance.

She is a young girl with a man twice her age. The prostitution question was inevitable. #90DayFiance.

When my ex husband brought me & my 6 year old daughter to America in and we all had to sleep in ONE bed … I would have killed him!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Serious! WTF? Wow! SMH! What is wrong with some ppl? #90DayFiance.

@tokingblackgirl She bought a CAR with his CC and maxed em out. A car when you are supposed to be moving. She ain’t leaving. And he is hooked on her P like heroine!! #90DayFiance.

Ok, Anna’s mother is horribly misinformed (and in dire need of a remedial course in western civilization) but thank goodness she’s there. Anna has stars in her eyes and she & Mursel are only thinking of themselves. Someone needed to stick up for those kids. #90DayFiance.

So #Sasha marries women, gets them pregnant, sires his offspring, them dumps them and moves on to the next gullible girl? He’s wasting his talents in Russia. He’s a natural to live in America. #90DayFiance @TLC.

I love that a guy gave his 23 yr old Brazilian gf a credit card for groceries and stuff and she bought a car. #90DayFiance.

Michael!!! Denied a visitors visa but you think oh let me marry her then??? Lol and his justification of her partying like a “model” umm that’s straight up call girl party. Stop pretending that you’re not a sugar daddy #90DayFiance.

Oh yea. I saw Roos and Pao on a preview of #PillowTalk. Go right ahead. They will not be able to pull off this show. Pullleeessseee.💤💤💤💤💤💤 #90DayFiance.

Anny is not living the dream like she Between Bryson and the #90Dayfiance.

Damn son you took Anny to Goodwill. At least bring her to Marshalls. #90DayFiance.

For the life of me, I can’t remember these couples’ names. I’m like “the girl who litters flowers and the mountain man. The pimp and the prostitute. The dumbass who thought proposing after 8 hours was cool. The dizzy pregnant chick.” #90dayfiance.

Anny really had no idea what she was getting into and the fact she thought he was going to buy her new clothes instead of going to a second hand store after finding out she has to share a bed with her man and a 5 year old is hilarious. #90DayFiance.

Tania designed and printed the banner to say “love, your suger” because that’s how Syngin spells it. He was so excited, he didn’t even notice! #90DayFiance.

The flight from New York to Rio de Janeiro is almost 10 hours, but the time difference between the two cities is only one hour. ✈️ #90DayFiance.

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