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Intense is an understatement. 🚨 A NEW episode of #911onFOX airs tonight at 8/7c..

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Yo @Tonya_Kong HELL of an episode! Sheesh! And @AishaHinds kilt THAT!!!! #911onFOX.

Ok I rewatched and the girl didn’t yield to the ambulance sirens. This is just all bad 😭 #911onFOX.

@911onFOX I felt so bad for Hen. Incredible performance from @AishaHinds #911onFOX.

Between this and tonight’s episode of #911onFOX ... I’m emotionally DONE 😢.

@AishaHinds this scene broke me tbh, with the music they chose it had me crying. Props for the amazing acting!! #911onFOX.

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buck channeling his inner baby gazelle while on the ice 😂 I can’t #911onFOX.

@911onFOX @Jydmal will he get back on the right path? I mean, Christopher needs #911onFOX.

@911onFOX only two episodes left why do This, I have to wait two weeks for another episode #911onFOX.

I this acting is fucking amazing. Hen truly nailed it - makes me even question if this is a show bc it’s so realistic!!!.

Also, I still want to know why Eddie was wearing 2 different shoes? @ NEED ANSWERS😂😂 #911onFOX.

When I tell you @AishaHinds just acted her butt off in that scene. Baby, had me all up in my feelings. 😥😫😭 #911onFOX.

@AishaHinds #911onFOX Wow, that was a heartbreaking, but well-done performance tonight. Brava!.

@911onFOX OMG I’m crying- this is as close to real as I care to come. The acting tonight made me believe.

where are the awards for @AishaHinds and @ryanAguzman after this episode? they had be balling my eyes out the entire time especially Hen i just want to hug her 😭 #911onFOX.

@AishaHinds gave a performance of a lifetime. You felt all that #911onFOX.

y’all telling me I have to wait 2 weeks for #911onFOX AND it’ll be the fall finale??? rude as hell..

@yourangelunder I know right?! What the hell am I meant to do next week?! 😭😭😭 #911onFOX @911onFOX.

The car next to the girl stopped. We could hear the siren why didn’t she? I wonder why wasn’t she wearing seat belt? Did Hen proceed with caution entering the intersection? So many questions #911onFox.

Could this show please display a disclaimer that says: Get ready! Prepare to pick your jaw up from the floor on the first scene! 😂😂#911onFOX.

So #911onFOX decided to take the Final Destination approach minus the death..

So he has a blade stuck in his chest and they talking about dreams #ohok #911onFOX.

Buck on Ice is a show I’d watch tbh @oliverstarkk #911FOX @911onFOX #iceicebaby.

Can we save the damn sentimental shit for later? The man caught an ⛸to the #911onFOX.

Intense is an understatement. 🚨 A NEW episode of #911onFOX airs tonight at 8/7c..

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