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  • The brain can be flexible in where it processes language. #AAASmtg https://t.co/Wk5HiRHY7u

  • It’s a tremendous bummer to hear academics confess having to hide their activities around inclusion and mentorship because their institutions see that work as a “distraction” from science #AAASmtg

  • [email protected] video honors the work of @SinaZerbo. The video was played at the ceremony where the CTBTO Executive Secretary was presented with the 2018 Science Diplomacy award, in Austin, Texas. @SciDip #AAASmtg https://t.co/OQhugrdusM

  • "As #AAASmtg wraps, read blog post by @aaas CEO @RustHolt, Ambassador Jimmy Kolker and Julia MacKenzie on "The Changing Global Map of Science: A U.S. Perspective" to be discussed at #NEF2018. #sciencematters https://t.co/e0TN7P0kix https://t.co/PuYDjgHqQw

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  • [email protected]_Proteus are showcasing their lung disease diagnosis and treatment technologies at #AAASMTG - find out more about the project in this @BBCScienceClub film #UKAtAAAS https://t.co/j1uXqYNqbR

  • @tomroud @squintar @KateClancy Ainsi que ce fil de #AAASmtg https://t.co/VzpOSuc9tn

  • The team have had a fantastic time at #AAASmtg this weekend. Here are some of our highlights.⚡️ “UKRI at AAAS” #UKatAAAS https://t.co/5Un5lSYimT

  • @maine_reason7 @KATHA_ADN @ofctrendsetter @AlDubBigGirlz @AlDubBigBoyz @ALDUBHashtagSQ @AMInaticsOFC @LegionAngel8 @LegionMain @AIFam16 @aldubmaiden @OFCALDubKoTo @ALDUBNation @ALDUBVISAYAS @Glynnchen @MaidenGraffix @ALDUB_Joy25 @angelz_spicez @ALDUB_POETweets @Obra_ADN2018 @PIADBRAT @WhilczelCanlas @NYLERAHC @Avi1jen @joeito66 @BiveMarivic @fthotladies @OFCDabarkads @AldubMDEast @ALDUB_GIJanes @KS_PROPSofAlDub @ALDUBGROUFIES @grabesila @cobiekyle15 @born_senti @jaguilar102465 @destiny041772 @louknow1 @tetaynicholas @chie_chie26 @GVLanie24 @realkeith28 @edith_thomson @EllenQuilit @elsa_victorioso Ay grabe ka po tita kasakim ah 😂😂😂 #AAASmtg

  • @Abdoulaye_Sarr @LOSC_Sneaky @LOSC_eSports @OL_CocoVBastos @OLeSports @LucioTGB https://t.co/AUxgZNY2KU #AAASmtg Merraaaawwwww... So miaw, so merraw, so mraw!

  • Heading to #AAASmtg tomorrow as a new member of the #AAAS council - my main goal - get them to make @sciencemagazine #OpenAccess - I know - crazy - but I can always dream ...

  • Latest results from the @AMS_02 experiment will be presented at #AAASmtg on Friday, stay tuned! @AAAS @particlenews @CERN @AMSISS @NASA https://t.co/wu0i9M64A0 https://t.co/Y0b9Iay6tU

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  • AAAS is committed to supporting a productive and safe environment for everyone at #AAASmtg. We do not tolerate harassment and it should be immediately reported. Our code of conduct and how to report: https://t.co/LHG7hAKZTA

  • Ten minutes until the #ESEP Science Policy Town Hall #scipol #scicomm #AAASmtg https://t.co/92pFdaqdZT

    #AAASmtg twitter.
  • Was following #AAASmtg #scicomm discussion this morning. Felt the immediate urge to be there. Packed my bags, and now in a taxi heading to the airport. See you soon! The power of social media. @_SciComm @Editage (...oh, and I just told my wife, as I was heading out the door).

  • @EU_ScienceHub @ChiefSciCan @PeterGluckman @DavidMair4 @julieebeck @aaas @AAASmeetings @EUScienceInnov @MSCActions @CopernicusEU @ERC_Research @Moedas @TNavracsicsEU @VladimirSucha @milena_ray3 🌐🗺🛰 Also @CopernicusEU via @CopernicusECMWF will join ... #EUatAAAS #AAASmtg https://t.co/64QOFmyiXH.

  • I wish I were at the #AAASmtg so I could hear Ellen Ochoa talk about a "Golden Age" for research in orbit. #Science in microgravity allows treatments - and discoveries - that would be impossible on Earth. https://t.co/2BbpU4xttW via @AAAS

  • At the #AAASMtg? Come to our session, Legal Issues for Scientists Interested in Activism! @ClimSciDefense + @ACLU attorneys will discuss best practices for standing up for science. Sunday, 2/18 at 11:30AM. https://t.co/X0JqL6gu5O

  • #AAASmtg speakers! Check out our @AAASmeetings Speaker Services page for tips to help polish your presentation: https://t.co/cQhamaeElx

  • When you are trying to simplify science, a good expertise to practice this for someone else’s work first: your own data is extremely personal and you think all of it is important! #AAASmtg

  • Interesting point from @KarenAkerlof fires extended the work day, drew people together where they would share stories. Today, screens are the modern day equivalent - where people gather in the glow of the light to share stories, convey info about the world. #AAASmtg

  • Great point by @DrJoeHanson at #AAASmtg : "Your data is not your story - it’s a character in your story". #scicomm

  • Will automated driving help to decrease congestion? How long it takes human to take control in automated drived vehicles? Come now to the press briefing at #AAASmtg #EUatAAAS

  • @ElyseTheGeek @ESEPCoalition @KarenAkerlof "When we tell stories, we connect with other people." There, fixed it. #AAASmtg #SuperfluousVerbiage

  • Hey #AAASmtg! Come join us for a great discussion on the #scicomm training landscape! With @addudo, @JohnBesley, @LauraLindenfeld, @brookesimler @moefeliu, + @tiffanylohwater Sunday at 1:30. https://t.co/jla6pJ7ixH

    #AAASmtg twitter.
  • @_SciComm #AAASmtg data leads to information which leads to knowledge which leads to wisdom. In this progression know where you are before you go public!

  • I decided to come to #AAASmtg on my own dime using my vacation days, because I needed a break from the minutia and details of research and wanted to be reminded that I love the big picture of science. One day in, and it is so. F******. Worth it.

  • @SciComm @jerrycowhig SciComm #AAASmtg data leads to information which leads to knowledge which leads to wisdom. In this progression know where you are before you go public!

  • New at the 2018 #AAASmtg: Unconference sessions! We are still accepting submissions: https://t.co/BaupickvED https://t.co/7j7vLBhDCQ

  • #L3pilot a #H2020 #EUfunded project is testing 100 automated vehicles, drived by 1000 different drivers, in public roads of 10 countries. #EUatAAAS #AAASmtg

  • Some great advice from #AAASmtg panel on “Data vs. Anecdotes in Science Storytelling” with @DrJoeHanson @MichaelEWebber Karen Akerlof et al. Summary: "Never underestimate the intelligence of your audience, but never overestimate their knowledge.” https://t.co/N754sZZfUI

    #AAASmtg twitter.