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Hey @bkwestbrookpro sit down with me and especially @S_ATL_Wrestling sometime tonight and we can tell you about the significance of Norko and why the name behind that medal was a really special person #ACTIONFutures.

Wrestle Westbrook 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼@bkwestbrookpro is that guy. #ACTIONFutures.

BK Westbrook will challenge AC Mack for the IWTV World Title later tonight at SCI Night 2! Gonna be a good one #ACTIONFutures.

#ACTIONFutures Photo,#ACTIONFutures Photo by I Gif All The Wrestling,I Gif All The Wrestling on twitter tweets #ACTIONFutures Photo

The winner of the 2022 #ACTIONFutures Showcase is BK Westbrook! He now has the 2022 Norko Kipte Memorial Medal.

#ACTIONFutures Photo,#ACTIONFutures Photo by Armadillo Dave: SAW DC,Armadillo Dave: SAW DC on twitter tweets #ACTIONFutures Photo

All respect to Norko Medal winners. HELL MF’N YEAH. #ACTIONFutures.

#ACTIONFutures Photo,#ACTIONFutures Photo by Eric Crowder,Eric Crowder on twitter tweets #ACTIONFutures Photo

Congrats to the 2022 #ACTIONFutures Showcase winner, @bkwestbrookpro !!!.

#ACTIONFutures Photo,#ACTIONFutures Photo by TWE Saturday Night 8/13/22,TWE Saturday Night 8/13/22 on twitter tweets #ACTIONFutures Photo

I’m so conflicted, I want all of them to win #ACTIONFutures.

ACTION/Scenic City Futures Showcase Tournament 2022 8/6/22 Results #ACTIONFUTURES.

ACTION Futures Showcase 2022 winner BK Westbrook and IWTV World Champion AC Mack #ACTIONFutures.

#ACTIONFutures Photo,#ACTIONFutures Photo by Armadillo Dave: SAW DC,Armadillo Dave: SAW DC on twitter tweets #ACTIONFutures Photo

BK vs. AC is gonna be a blast when we see it, I feel it already #ACTIONFutures.

#ACTIONFutures Photo,#ACTIONFutures Photo by Reagan H 💜🏳️‍⚧️,Reagan H 💜🏳️‍⚧️ on twitter tweets #ACTIONFutures Photo

Time for our finals! Three great young riding stars, only one medal. Who will claim it this year? #ActionFutures @bighoss1916.

#ACTIONFutures Photo,#ACTIONFutures Photo by 🩸 Ash 🩸,🩸 Ash 🩸 on twitter tweets #ACTIONFutures Photo

BK Westbrook wins #ACTIONFutures and will face AC Mack later tonight for the IWTV World Championship!.

#ACTIONFutures Photo,#ACTIONFutures Photo by 🫧Ashley J. Leckwold🫧,🫧Ashley J. Leckwold🫧 on twitter tweets #ACTIONFutures Photo

Happy to hear Norko’s name honored with #ACTIONFutures showcase. I still hate that I never got to have that long sit down conversation with Norko about my days with Live like we always wanted to do. He and I had a share passion about their music. May he always be remembered..

#ACTIONFutures BK reminds me of Sexton Hardcastle from about 25 years ago, wonder whatever happened to that guy?.

#ACTIONFutures Photo,#ACTIONFutures Photo by nathan hickey,nathan hickey on twitter tweets #ACTIONFutures Photo

That @bkwestbrookpro x @AC_Mack match (which at least from the records one can find quickly is a first time) should be baller. #ACTIONFutures #SCI2022.

BK Westbrook wins the Action Futures Tournament! Martyr presents the Medal to BK Westbrook the 2022 Winner! He will face the IWTV World Heavyweight Championship later tonight! #ActionFutures.

Does @bighoss1916 come out to “Pints of Guinness Make You Stronger”?!? #ACTIONFUTURES.

Main Event Time Triple Threat Tournament finals Match! BK Westbrook vs Noah Hossman vs Rico Gonzalez! The winner gets a medal and faces the IWTV World Heavyweight Champion AC Mack later tonight! #ActionFutures.

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