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Adley Rutschman has raised his batting average from .143 to .190 in less than 24 hours 🔥🔥🔥.

Great seeing Adley get the 3 hit game today. Has been getting solid contact with nothing to show for it. He was always going to be fine. Just needed more opportunities to see the new standard of pitching #Orioles #Birdland.

Two stand up doubles and a single for Adley. A little shush from #Orioles Twitter would be appreciated..

Adley is learning to hit in The major league is the equivalent of watching Pokémon evolve on your Gameboy..

@smashed_o I understand the frustration with a prospect of that magnitude, but you gotta give him time. Baseball is a game of timing, and Adley needed a breakout game.


Of course Dillon Tate decided to ruin Adley’s masterclass performance. Pls DFA Tate already.

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