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Les russes ont détruit leur propre pipeline à presque 15 milliards d’euros. L’Irak avait des armes de destruction massive. Les États-Unis ont gagné la guerre d’Afghanistan. L’inoculat Pfizer est efficace à 96% en deux doses..

More lies from @JRMajewskil. He claimed he was demoted for a brawl. Turns out he was demoted for driving drunk..

Majewski, a Republican House candidate in northern Ohio, has frequently claimed to be a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11 attacks — but the Air Force has no record that he served there..

A Navy Veteran just blasted MAGA Republican House candidate Majewski for lying about being a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan with the perfect takedown. Have a watch..

@SR_Afghanistan و این باید ها چی زمانی جامه عمل می پوشند؟.

D- Couple NATO airpower with insurgents to break Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, Islamic world, India and third-world shitholes into tiny countries too poor to sponsor terror, too illiterate to build nukes, and too disorganized and anarchic to field large armies..

@RonFilipkowski There’s no universe where Majewski can publicly say he served in Afghanistan and ALSO he can’t provide any evidence because it’s super secret. It’s one or the other. And the attempt to claim both is just further proof of the lie..

@AmbassadorJawad For the past 20 years of America and nato occupation in Afghanistan what was the situation?? Stop manipulate the afghan citizens know who are you.

Memorandum on Presidential Determination Terminating the Designation of Afghanistan as a Major Non-NATO Ally.

@real_lselkirk @seanhannity Hmmm no USA deaths in Afghanistan the final 18 month of Trump. I’d say he is believed. Biden says he won’t leave Americans and 13 days later he leave my brother and sisters and men and women in arms are killed. Fuck you and everyone you know who “voted” Biden.

@MarshaBlackburn Now do Afghanistan! The country the Trump administration SURRENDERED to the TALIBAN enemy!!.

Afghanistan Photo,Afghanistan Photo by PRM (aka, Kermudgeon),PRM (aka, Kermudgeon) on twitter tweets Afghanistan Photo

@ABC I wish these rights experts were as active in Iraq and Afghanistan after US invasion of those places.

@sxrsar Sorry but some people have been protesting the treatment of women in Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi for a long time. Iran is killing women and treating them as second class citizens and I am delighted to see them being called out of it at last..

@JRMajewski We ask for an apology. You lied about being in Afghanistan. By the way, I lost my mother and couldn’t get off work to fly to her funeral..

@caitoz Poisoned and bombed Vietnam and Cambodia when they were no threat to them. Ruined Afghanistan on a series of lies, lied about the whole Middle East, lied about Central America, But, But, now they tell us the truth about Russia. OMG how stupid are US citizens..

@ABlinken Don’t really care. You’re a failure working for a sham Administration. No honor at all. Backing the innocent men and women we lost in Afghanistan, pushing stupid climate agendas. Nonsense all of it. Man up and be better..

@RonFilipkowski Trump-endorsed congressional candidate JR Majewski says that the military has no record whatsoever of him “serving in combat” because his service record in Afghanistan is “classified.” Obviously, his Dear Leader magically classified the record by just thinking about it. Right?.

Afghanistan Photo,Afghanistan Photo by Dr. Raul Hernandez,Dr. Raul Hernandez on twitter tweets Afghanistan Photo

@Hollywood1114 @iluminatibot Sure we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of democracy… And how did that work out 🤔exactly .. it’s all a show mate and deep down you know it , just too afraid to admit your entire life has been scripted 😮‍💨.

@JamesSACorey Guy started work same time as me. Claimed to be ex-military firefighter. We have a bunch of ex-military. They checked: turns out the guy was well known & it was a lie. He was military though. Just not a firefighter. Ex-special forces, spent years in Afghanistan..

@RonFilipkowski Wait…wasn’t he the one advertising his service in Afghanistan? Is there a punishment for disclosing classified information?.

@lothar0757 Wenn das so weiter geht sind die Deutschen in der Minderheit dann geht dieses Land den Bach runter ist dann wie Syrien oder Afghanistan darum AFD Wählen 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙.

Today on The Gist. @profgalloway returns to discuss taxes, regulations, French vacations, and his new book. Plus, a Republican nominee under fire for not being under fire in Afghanistan, and DeSantis and Abbott have won the immigration issue..

@therecount Well maybe he thought about his operation in Afghanistan. Seems to work now a days..

@StevenB20738357 @BDavidWeiss Actually, he died in Afghanistan serving our country. And he was more of a liberal than I am or probably ever will be. You’re truly a disgusting, hateful individual and I actually feel sorry for you. You’ll be in my prayers..

@RonFilipkowski Baffles my mind he doesn’t know there are zero troops in Afghanistan. These people are sad.

@JRMajewski Dude, the military is saying you are lying. You have nowhere to turn, your lies have buried you. Plan for a new career and APOLOGIZE to the military men and women who risked their lives in Afghanistan. You are a low life. #MajewskiApologizeNow.

@RonFilipkowski Obviously this guy is not intelligence enough to understand the situation. If it’s an impeachable offence, do you think the Republican will let it go without making hullabaloo about the situation. Trump wanted the troops out of Afghanistan by March but no preparation for it..

@perbowo @ex_AnakLolina Emang segala sesuatu hrs ketempatnya langsung gitu ? Dasar manusia kuno,.. media televisi, koran, medsos dll beritanya tentang afghanistan itu bukan rahasia lagi..


#earthquake Magnitudo - Afghanistan-Tajikistan-Pakistan region (31 minutes 52 seconds ago).

#earthquake Magnitudo - 40 km SSE of Jurm, Afghanistan (31 minutes 52 seconds ago).

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