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Charlie Cameron shows great sportsmanship as Ryan Burton injures himself mid-chase. #AFLPowerLions.

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🗳 Here are the @AFLCoaches votes from #AFLPowerLions 10 Jarrod Lyons (BL) 8 Dayne Zorko (BL 6 Charlie Cameron (BL) 2 Lachie Neale (BL) 2 Daniel Rich (BL) 2 Mitch Robinson (BL) Not pretty reading, but do you agree with these votes @PAFC fans?.

So their best footy had them 7 goals down after 20 minutes. Have a spell, Ken. #aflpowerlions.

💬 Things I learnt from #AFLPowerLions -The inconsistency is becoming beyond a joke 🤬 -Attacking the ball wins games, not players -The Sutcliffe plan horribly! -It was an all round stinker of a performance 🤦‍♂️ -The mood of the @PAFC faithful is the worst I have seen.

Protesters are now gathering in opposition to the poor treatment of @lachieneale #AFLPowerLions.

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Agree - its a terrible blight on the game. Where are you #AFL? #AFLPowerLions.

Disgusting the way PA were allowed to go at Lachie Neale - including this treatment on anyone in general. High time the umpires and officials did something to deal with this low-life treatment. #AFLPowerLions #AFL.

Is the same club that let Jarryd Lyons go for nothing asking for a priority pick hmm interesting #AFLPowerLions.

Don’t feel sorry for GC suns losing they delist good ones and then cry poor! #lyonsthelion #AFLPowerLions.

I would love to know what Fagan shouted at Sutcliffe as he came off. #AFLPowerLions.

It amazes me that Ken Hinkley’s tunnel vision led him to believe that Brisbane were essentially a 1 Man team #AFLPowerLions.

The most pleasing result was Brisbane’s win over Port. Even with a FK count of 33-19 in favour of the Power. What a terribly overrated club they are. #AFLPowerLions.

We live in Adelaide bubble so much focus will be on Power failure ... but, gee, Lions were very impressive. So clean and had clear game plan without stars in Hipwood and McCluggage. Love what they’re doing #AFLPowerLions.

Is seeing Chris Fagan turn around Brisbane even more proof he was the true mastermind of Hawthorns success between 2008-2015?? #AFLPowerLions.

The @brisbanelions sit at the third spot on the table. #AFLPowerLions.

Is it just me or did the @brisbanelions get the rough end of the umps today? #AFLPowerLions #uncaged.

Great coaching from ken Hinkley today - wasn’t exactly an “if it bleeds we can kill it’ moment - what a fool #uncaged #aflpowerlions @brisbanelions.

🦁 The @brisbanelions have moved into 3rd on the ladder off the back of their first win at Adelaide Oval against the inconsistent @PAFC #AFL #AFLPowerLions.

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FT: @brisbanelions (97) defeat @PAFC (49). #AFLPowerLions.

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Charlie Cameron shows great sportsmanship as Ryan Burton injures himself mid-chase. #AFLPowerLions.

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