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Look at what happens when Mac has some time and a good passing script out there. Great job finding Agholor on the backside read. Full field progression stuff. #Patriots.

Moe Moton
Moe Moton

I mean look at Nelson Agholor 2 years ago. Mack Hollins already has career highs in catches (36) and yards (468). I’m not trying to have a #CarrWars debate on Thanksgiving, but it’s obvious Derek Carr can elevate talent around him..

Mac Jones ➡️ DeVante Parker for 16 yards Mac Jones ➡️ DeVante Parker for 14 yards Mac Jones ➡️ Nelson Agholor for 13 yards to set up a game-tying FG before halftime! Mac Jones: 12-15, 148 yards, 1 TD, rating #Patriots.

HALFTIME Patriots 16 Vikings 16 JONES: 12/15, 148 yards, TD STEVENSON: 3 carries, 21 yards AGHOLOR: 3 catches, 52 yards, TD PARKER: 2 catches, 30 yards DUGGER: 5 tackles PHILLIPS: 4 tackles, TFL JON JONES: 3 tackles, 2 PBU, INT.

END 1 Patriots 10 Vikings 7 JONES: 5/6, 71 yards, TD HARRIS: 3 carries, 13 yards AGHOLOR: 2 catches, 39 yards, TD DUGGER: 3 tackles PHILLIPS: 2 tackles, TFL JON JONES: 2 tackles, 2 PBUs, INT.

Esta secuencia de Mac Jones: ➡️ DeVante Parker para 16 yardas ➡️ DeVante Parker para 14 yardas ➡️ Nelson Agholor para 13 yardas Stats de la 1a mitad: 12/15, 148 YDS, 1 TD, de rating..

Belichick ajusta a la lesión de Meyers con Agholor jugando por dentro. Le da velocidad a Patriots por el interior, pero a Mac le mata no tener un receptor claro de posesión. Llevan todo el año muy mal de manos..

Patriots offensive snaps vs. Vikings: 🏈 WR Jakobi Meyers (16) limited by shoulder injury; RB Damien Harris (11) knocked out by thigh injury 🏈 Another quiet day for WR Tyquan Thornton (20) as Nelson Agholor (43) cuts into his time 🏈 55 snaps second lowest of year (52/Bears).

Agholor Photo,Agholor Photo by Mike Reiss,Mike Reiss on twitter tweets Agholor Photo

Patriots WR snap count after 3 drives Nelson Agholor 10 Tyquan Thornton 9 DeVante Parker 8 Kendrick Bourne 5 Jakobi Meyers 1 Out of 11 plays.

Dan Roche
Dan Roche

Tied 16-16 at the half #NEvsMIN 🏈Mac 12/14, 148 yards, TD 🏈Agholor 3 rec, 52, yds, TD 🏈Cousins 17/21, 181 yards, 2 TD, INT 🏈 Jefferson 6 rev, 94 yards, TD 2nd half should be fun.

Patriots WR snap count after 2 drives Tyquan Thornton 8 Nelson Agholor 7 DeVante Parker 5 Kendrick Bourne 3 Jakobi Meyers 1 Out of 8 plays.

TOUCHDOWN DOS PATRIOTS NA NFL🔥🏈 No Thanksgiving, Mac Jones solta o braço contra os Vikings e faz ótima conexão com Nelson Agholor - VEJA #NFLnaESPN #ESPNnoStarPlus.

@lawlornfl Watching Agholor get so many targets and Mills getting burned did remind me of another Patriots game on that field..

Nggas have Kendrick bourne but keep playing Nelson agholor… I don’t fucking understand bro..

@DubbleT18 @ColeyMick Have to think Jefferson would be making that catch over *checks roster* Nelson Agholor.

Mac Jones Did not play great. Played way better than he has looked since late July. At times elite. Very good numbers. Maybe could’ve gotten help from Agholor on 4th down. Played “great” means better decision-making in winnable gm. Something to build on? Hopefully. Stay tuned..

@ColinTBurke @jerrythornton1 Robbed of a 3rd TD and a W, and still almost pulled a potential W out of his ass if Agholor stopped sucking for once..

@PhillyTradesman I am not gonna lie I forgot Agholor was still on the Patriots until they said his name tonight. 😅.

Second time’s the charm 💰 Agholor ✅ (+350) Henry ✅ (+350).

Agholor Photo,Agholor Photo by JayGotPlays,JayGotPlays on twitter tweets Agholor Photo


@TheBg_12 Biggest play is something that Dan has emphasized. The 3rd down before the failed Agholor play. Parker can run a 5 yard slant. Instead runs an 11-12 yard slant. Ended up being a jones sack.

@DougKyed Oh like the missed face mask call and Agholor being a straight dumbass and stopping?.

@IanMBrowne Go back and watch the film. He got no time from his O Line. The pass to Agholor was shaky but it still should have been a catch.

Nelson Agholor my dawg but he might never beat these allegations 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@ToddJClausen I thought Agholor should have caught that but after the replay Jones just missed him. Go Bills..

@ThorntonBetter i’ve been screaming racial slurs at agholor for 30 minutes straight.

@NestPgs Final play in the game ! We need to get this in…let’s throw it to …ahgholor. I hope he’s ok he looked shook up. But agholor when we have players who don’t have brick hands half the time. Anyone else..

@Patskrieg Would’ve been first and goal at the 3. Very catchable ball. Agholor is too inconsistent to be on the field for that play..

@LuckSide We need to waive Occasional Hands Agholor from the team man. Why in the world would you stop mid route?.

Does anyone else think Nelson Agholor could have run his route a little crisper on that 4th down play. He was also clearly contacted with when he made cut on is route - which costed him the half second needed to get under the ball..

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