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The highlight of tonight was Airsoft Fatty singing the national anthem, but fucking it up and restarting twice #creatorclash.

Great fight, great night. Best fight of the night was Airsoft Fatty vs. The National Anthem #creatorclash.

Airsoft fatty singing the national anthem is something for the History books #creatorclash.

Airsoft Fatty Photo,Airsoft Fatty Photo by Lil Sheo,Lil Sheo on twitter tweets Airsoft Fatty Photo

can’t believe airsoft fatty went 3 rounds with the national anthem at creator clash and the national anthem won.

#creatorclash is now honestly the best youtube event that’s been done. all done for charity, quality entertainment, great memes, critikal commentary, absolute wars from that level of experience and airsoft fatty national anthem. please make this an annual thing.

airsoft fatty singing the national anthem was so wholesome,, KEEP TRYING,, KEEP TRYING UNTIL YOU GET IT! NEVER FUCKING GIVE UP #creatorclash.

Airsoft Fatty did more for America tonight than any president in our nation’s history.

Airsoft Fatty forgetting the anthem has me laughing to tears on the floor..

Incredibly entertaining though, super fun to watch. Airsoft Fatty restarting the national anthem twice was great.

I still can not believe airsoft fatty had to sing the national anthem THREE TIMES what a guy..

Quelle est la meilleure lampe tactique airsoft en 2021 ? #Airsoft Fatty.

Airsoft Fatty Photo,Airsoft Fatty Photo by 24H Sante,24H Sante on twitter tweets Airsoft Fatty Photo
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