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News on Michigan State. Malik Hall is out for this week’s PK80 with a foot injury, per a source. Likely to miss multiple weeks. Serious blow for a roster lacking depth. MSU could now be down 2 starters vs Alabama tomorrow. Jaden Akins (ankle) is sounding doubtful..

Tom Izzo just talked to ESPN during a break in UConn-Oregon. Certainly sounded like Akins won’t be playing tonight.

This team easily cruises by Alabama with Hall and Akins playing. Not worried. Just get valuable playing time for the freshmen..

Hard to really be mad about anything tonight. Some encouraging moments and some disappointing ones. The frustrating thing is we know this team is good when healthy and this was the perfect game for Hall/Akins. Big game vs Oregon tomorrow. They’re banged up too. Need a W..


Anyone who enjoys free money should bet the fucking house (responsibly) on UConn tomorrow vs Alabama… Score won’t show it but that was a horrid performance from bama while playing Vs. 2 walk ons and 2 in-experienced freshman most of the game, not to mention no Hall or Akins..

Akins would have provided much needed perimeter defensive help. I thought Alabama got anything they wanted in the second half. Akins helps to shore that up a bit. Here’s to their health and healing over the next few weeks.

This was always gonna be a tough one to get. Hard to lose two offensive creators like Hall and Akins and match the talent Alabama has..

Bama is a team the Spartans need two athletic players to match up with. Hall and Akins. Especially Hall on Miller..

Obviously, this is a game where Hall and Akins make a huge difference. Hall not only impacts the way MSU plays Brandon Miller, but he’s also one of the most important guys for MSU’s fastbreak. Noticeable difference in pace tonight.

@MSU_Basketball Without 2 of our best players. Played to the end and played competitively against a top team in the nation. We are gonna be unbelievable this year and I can’t wait. Hopefully Malik and Akins come back strong as ever but let’s go kick some Donald Duck Ass.

Tonight has shown me that we are a Final Four contender with a healthy Malik Hall and Jaden Akins. I said what I said..

@SpartanHoops_DK This will be a blessing in the long run. Hall and Akins are huge losses. Develop the young players and get ready for a lush when they come back.

FINAL‼️ MSU falls to the Alabama Crimson Tide in the first round of the PK80 tournament. Not having Hall and Akins really killed us in this one. With both I think we win this one pretty handedly. Glad we didn’t quit at the end like we would have for the past 2 seasons..

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Without Akins and Hall I’m surprised it wasn’t worse. Houser is either very good or very bad. There is no in between with him..

@SpartanHoops_DK This reminds me of that Baylor game last year in The Bahamas. A lot can be learned about playing a full game. Akins and Hall are sorely missed..

@SpartanHoops_DK Miss Joey Hauser shooting 3 s from the top and corner as in previous games ? Need Halls experience and Akins shooting and D - might be in for a couple of frustrating weeks.


@gwizzy12 Tonight he was definitely a bit of the problem. With Hall/Akins out he can’t just disappear every other game. Is he top of the list, no. (1) PNR defense (2) AJ sleepwalking first half (3) Hauser stinking (4) Brooks not good..

Also hauser had one of his off games which I think was partially due to some of the falls he took. Good Hauser + Malik + Akins = double digit win.

@MSU_Basketball we had hall and akins out, and hauser was banged up, i wasn’t expecting to win this, but izzo needs to hit the transfer portal.

@gwizzy12 @ACumbow It’s a bad Joey matchup even if Hall and Akins are playing - just not his game - he hasn’t played well but none of this is on him really.

At least when Akins and Hall are back to 100% our bench guys should have enough minutes to be reliable.

We beat this team with Hall and Akins. Understand what we’re throwing out there before judging..

This is a type of game that hurts for the night, but these 50-60 minutes that hall and Akins will take up 4 weeks from now, are going to make this team a real tournament threat.


Malik Hall & Jaden Akins out, 10:40 tip-off, and Bill Walton rambling about I’m cool with forgetting this game ever happened. Sucks though because I think MSU wins by a decent margin if healthy..

MSU just doesn’t have enough tonight No Hall or Akins is too much gone offensively.

@SpartyOn70 This could really rough few weeks if Hall and Akins aren’t available to play.

@Mike4KT_ Akins/Hall hurt, not saying we’d win with them but would’ve been a much closer game.

@tomkippen It’s alright Kip. Tough go without Hall and Akins. Team looks solid this year though and has some fight unlike the last couple years..

@MSU_Basketball Missing Hall and Akins. We have them, this game would’ve went differently..

Alabama takes down Michigan State 81-70. Brandon Miller continues to show out for the Crimson Tide. The star freshman went for 24 pts, 9 rebs and 2 blks. Michigan State plays with great toughness, but the Spartans don’t have the requisite depth without Malik Hall and Jaden Akins..

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