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every texan at the alamo died. Perhaps not the most compelling metaphor for covid-19 response

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Javi42195 ()

Vuelta al cole, vuelta al coche, vuelta al atasco, con miedo sinceramente, pero vuelta a la bendita rutina. Hay que seguir adelante. Vamos a por ello 💪💪💪

Alex ()

The Alamo is trending because a man only knows the cliffnotes of Texas history and thought Texas won at the Alamo. We did not. It did spur volunteers amd eventually mark the beginning of the end of the War of Independence, but the Alamo was a historically one-sided massacre.

This Is Texas Freedom Force
This Is Texas Freedom Force ()

Texans, your voice is needed to save the Alamo Cenotaph! Scan the QR Code in the video below with your phone camera and it will redirect you to the Texas Historical Commission’s sign up page where you can either sign up to speak or vote to not move the #AlamoCenotaph

Amelia Bloody Rose
Amelia Bloody Rose ()

@BienCarloDes @greg_doucette As folks have said, the Battle of the Alamo was a SOUND defeat for Texians, but I should add that Remember the Alamo! was a rallying cry during the rematch Battle of San Jacinto

Uzoulu ()

“Wow this is a great answer. Didn’t know you’re an Alamo fanatic” I couldn’t careless. I just need an A

Raven ()

怎么不关注啊?德州的identity就是跟墨西哥打仗打出来的。Remember the Alamo

Kael Hammond
Kael Hammond ()

@kmoney380 @jonjones Nah man. I gotta boot up Total War and go win the Alamo again. The French must be pushed back!

Mac ()

@dustin 2016 hole in the wall, north beach 2017 beacon, north beach 2018 bluestone, fidi 2019 lady falcon, alamo square 2020 andytown, at home (& lady falcon still)

kazuhira miller liker 💌
Kazuhira miller liker 💌 ()

how does this rep forget we lost the alamo?????? you go inside the alamo once and BOOM you figure that out instantly

Dungeonmaster11 ()

@RiseFallNick Watching it on Christmas night of 2011 with my older brother Grayson is a memory I cherish, especially because it was the first time I saw something at an Alamo Drafthouse theater. X33

Groovy ⚜️スティーブン✊🏽
Groovy ⚜️スティーブン✊🏽 ()

@DieLigt @sweetbabyjays onG there’s a movie theater in LA called the alamo, shit basically a restaurant in a move theater. i got a burger and a milk stout, that would definitely be the move post rona😭

RadioUmbral ()

El día 17 de septiembre de 1973 son detenidos por carabineros de El Alamo 4 trabajadores de la Hacienda Las Canteras Nelson Cristian ALMENDRAS ALMENDRAS 22 años obrero agrícola Juan de la Cruz BRIONES PEREZ 28 años obrero agrícola Victoriano LAGOS LAGOS 35 años obrero agrícola y

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Sheyenne Humphreys
Sheyenne Humphreys ()

Damn fired and hired on the same day. Alamo is closing again and it’s dumb but I cried. I love the Drafthouse but at least I got hired at chuy’s today.

Rod M
Rod M ()

#BobcatFire Live youtube feed of the HPWREN camera. Nail biting time. Save the Alamo!

Lifelong Dragić fan
Lifelong Dragić fan ()

The governor of Texas literally forgetting the Alamo. Great look!

Matthew Salomon
Matthew Salomon ()

Hi 👋🏾. I’m from San Antonio. Just an FYI that the battle of the Alamo was LOST and everybody died. That’s why we say “Remember the Alamo”.

PurpleGimp ()

@Gmac726 @dokta_e Wow the last seven months has really taken its toll because I read his tweet a dozen times and it said Alamo but clearly it says San Jacinto so I guess that makes me the crazy person. 😖

Alan Moore stan account
Alan Moore stan account ()

A highlight of my life was taking a picture with a musket on the ACTUAL battlegrounds of the Alamo. Shout out to the homie for letting me hold ol reliable. Texas history is literally one for the books.

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Art ()

For the people yes I’m I been single for 3 Alamo’s 4 years now 🤍🤞🏽

PurpleGimp ()

@dokta_e Yeah the bullshit meter is buried today within the GOP because apparently the Battle of the Alamo was how the west was won. o_O

Alamo Photo não quero sorrir nunca mais não quero sorrir nunca mais ()

@tcmpacheco Mas, se até Turma da Mônica já tá começando a mexer com esse era meu Álamo tá ligado?

Eric Feigl-Ding
Eric Feigl-Ding ()

@CT_Bergstrom It’s like a Pickett’s Charge & Kamikazi at the except not. This guy fighting off two cops would have gotten him tazed long ago if he wasn’t white.

𝚏𝚕𝚘𝚛 ❁
𝚏𝚕𝚘𝚛 ❁ ()

Mi amiga sube una foto de un budín, se la respondo y me dice: estaba riquísimo, era de harina de álamo. Harina de álamo-----> harina de algarroba

Patrick Lockerby
Patrick Lockerby ()

Idiot forgets the Alamo, gets roasted, replaces tweet but forgets American history, gets roasted.

Karl Jacoby
Karl Jacoby ()

Forget the Alamo! And remember instead the underground railroad that brought African Americans to freedom in Mexico.

Carley Maher Esq Make Good Trouble!
Carley Maher Esq Make Good Trouble! ()

@shinnick_g @James_E_White And, we are winning against COVID in Texas in the same damn way Davy won the West at the Alamo. They sure know how to inspire confidence. For once, I believe these politicians. We will all die and they will claim victory. Winning!

Footnote. Girl.
Footnote. Girl. ()

@James_E_White do you somehow not know who won at the Alamo? WTF. My 8 year old knows who won at the Alamo.

Jason Stanford
Jason Stanford ()

The number of Texans who do not know who won the Battle of the Alamo would shock you.

💀 tbone 💀
💀 tbone 💀 ()

every texan at the alamo died. Perhaps not the most compelling metaphor for covid-19 response

Sarah Spivey
Sarah Spivey ()

🌦️Wednesday 2PM Radar 🌦️ A few isolated storms have popped up west of San Antonio. Throughout the afternoon, isolated showers and storms will be possible around The Alamo City. #KSATweather Follow along with live radar here:

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