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  • It’s Official: Welcome to the #Redskins, Alex Smith! #HTTR https://t.co/cQWBwBBjkW.

  • #Redskins QB Alex Smith puts pen to paper on contract extension. #HTTR 📰: https://t.co/tnOcN1RwNN https://t.co/lU1A7pL1w7.

    Alex Smith twitter.
  • The Alex Smith era starts now. #HTTR https://t.co/jaqwijuuRX.

  • Welcome to the squad @prichiejr & Alex Smith! #HTTR https://t.co/FiiwUVCzUy.

    Alex Smith twitter.
  • Everyone I personally talked to from Kansas City media to Doug Williams said that Alex Smith’s leadership skills jump out immediately. The #Redskins are banking on that making their team better in close game situations. Only time will tell..

  • From @john_keim : Jay Gruden: “It became about how, going into free agency, are we going to chase Kirk around or go after Teddy Bridgewater." On Alex Smith & who else they were interested in. https://t.co/cVhhy0Yv7I.

  • @ldlapinski I’m veggie but milk gives me the most insane migraines so I’ve discovered Koko Coconut milk AND IT TRUELY SENT FROM NON DAIRY HEAVEN ❤️.

  • Fellas I know it hurts but give it up for Bruce Allen... If Alex Smith would have hit the open market he would be on a plane to Minnesota right now and Kirk would be with the Jets.. Bruce stole Alex in the middle of the night and got him cheap. #HailBruce.

  • Alex Smith Reunited With Vernon Davis On The Redskins #Redskins https://t.co/baIXBdDwkv.

  • Welcome to Washington Alex Smith.

  • @LakeLewis My Kansas City fan of fifty plus years friend says what you see is what you get with Alex Smith. He thinks Smith is an upgrade over Cousins for what Gruden likes to do offensively..

  • Alex Smith doing some live tv as new @Redskins QB @nbcwashington @NBC4Sports https://t.co/g0TugIGTMM.

    Alex Smith twitter.
  • Re-upping my thoughts on the Alex Smith trade. https://t.co/wRuPCG65GN.

  • Jay Gruden: “No-brainer” to trade for Alex Smith https://t.co/d24Y0MPQJS.

  • Why does the signing of Alex Smith remind me of George Allen and the Over-The-Hill Gang... @NFL.

  • Jay Gruden: “No-brainer” to trade for Alex Smith – ProFootballTalk https://t.co/m4keWPkeDn.

  • @Alex_T_Smith @ldlapinski My mum swears by Koko!.

  • @tuviapollack @bestsellerxp Oh this is so lovely. My grandad would have been overwhelmed with happiness that this news :).

  • Jay Gruden: "No-brainer" to trade for Alex Smith https://t.co/NJy40f5czY via @ProFootballTalk.

  • The Alex Smith deal happened months ago. What are the @Redskins doing NOW??? #HTTR.

  • Chiefs make Smith and Peters trades, Watkins and Hitchens signings official https://t.co/UBwGDhIJzz.

  • So excited you’re excited, Alex Smith. Refreshing. #HTTR.

  • Niggas excited for an Alex Smith era.

  • Main difference between Kirk And Alex and possibly my favorite difference? Alex Smith wins games, Kirk always came up short.

  • Having such a versatile QB like Alex Smith means we have so many more options to work with..

  • Me la juego mucho con Alex Smith, fui un azote de Cousins, como me tenga que tragar mi bilis (cosa improbable)....

  • @_akamike Don’t have a ton of cash left after the stupid Alex smith contract.

  • @TheNerdamania @LaurinMoser @Adrian_27_04 @TMZ_Sports Redskins took Alex Smith instead of Kaepernick. Go figure..

  • CAN WE PLEASE MOVE ON!!! Enough Kirk reports as Alex Smith is now our QB. #MoveOn https://t.co/2XmJiXZJL7.

  • Cuando los Redskins traen a Alex Smith y renuevan a Zach Brown 😊😊😊😊 https://t.co/P3PwCCATre.

  • Alex Smith still an athlete man https://t.co/5rxL5Mkjdh.

  • @EmptySeatsPics @UKWildcatFan96 Empty media seats at Redskins with Alex Smith https://t.co/EK5pXU0I1V.

    Alex Smith twitter.
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